Animal SOS


Leah and Amy may be total opposites, but when it comes to helping animals in danger they make the perfect team!

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The Mystery of the Cliff-top Dog

The Mystery of the Cliff-top Dog

When Amy moves to White Horse Bay she can't wait to start her riding lessons at the local stables. There she meets fiery Leah, and soon the girls are caught up in their first adventure. Amy has spotted an injured dog stranded on a cliff and the owners are nowhere to be seen. With a terrible storm coming the girls need a plan, and fast - It's Animal S.O.S. to the rescue!

Stripes Publishing / ISBN 978-1847152404 / £4.99

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The Haunted House Kittens

The Haunted House Kittens

When the girls discover a litter of kittens whilst exploring a spooky manor house, they know their next adventure has begun! It seems someone has been feeding the kittens, but the house has been empty for years. As Leah and Amy start to unravel the manor's secrets, they find themselves in terrible danger. Who are the sinister visitors creeping around the gardens and what are they up to? Animal S.O.S. is on the case!

Stripes Publishing / ISBN 978-1847152411 / £4.99

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The Case of the Secret Pony

The Case of the Secret Pony

When things start to go missing at White Horse Stables, Amy and Leah realize they have another adventure on their hands. It's only when they discover the culprit behind the thefts that the hidden pony is revealed. But just what is the pony's secret? The girls need to find out, before it's too late...

Stripes Publishing / ISBN 978-1847152473 / £4.99

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The Hidden Puppy Rescue

The Hidden Puppy Rescue

The girls can’t wait to meet their friend’s new puppy. But when they get to her house, it’s clear that the puppy is very sick. As Leah and Amy uncover the truth about where the puppy came from, they soon find themselves up to their necks in a daring rescue. More puppies are in danger and the girls have to act fast. But will it be too late?

Stripes Publishing / ISBN 978-1-84715-256-5 / £4.99

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  2. Judy says:

    My 7-year old daughter LOVES your books. Is there any way to get the SOS series in the US?

  3. khunsha says:

    hi Kelly
    i really love your book series but i wanted to ask if you are going to write any more animal SOS books because i really enjoy reading them

  4. Stephen says:

    My 7 year old daughter loves The Mystery of The Cliff Top Dog. We have had a bit of difficulty getting her engaged with books recently but with TMOTCTD she was absorbed from beginning to end. We live in Dublin and are going on holiday to Cornwall soon. I think she will be a bit disappointed not to see Amy or Leah ;-) Thank you.

  5. Jessica Hiscott says:

    I so want to read them Kelly.Also what your address I want to write you a letter!!

  6. Orla says:

    Although I have only read the hidden puppy rescue I think all your other books will be brilliant!

  7. evie says:

    I sooooooooooooooooooooo love animal s.o.s and the other books aswell but I like animal s.o.s most!

  8. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Al, thanks so much for your message on my site about Animal S.O.S. It’s great to hear that you enjoy the series, and I agree that it’s difficult when publishers brand the books very strongly for either boys or girls (I don’t get much say in that, and none at all in the German covers, which I feel is OK as I don’t know the market there). As you can see, the UK covers aren’t pink at all. I think the more that people, especially your age, start reading on Kindles and iPads, the more this issue will be lessened – I hope so anyway! Thanks so much again, and happy reading! All best wishes, Kelly
    PS. I have replied on the message board too for you.

  9. Al says:

    Hi Kelly!
    This is coming from a great 8-year-old (male) fan of your Animal S.O.S. books in German translation :-) Just wonderful, adventurous stories, nicely written (or translated), BUT WHY EVERYTHING IN PINK?!? This series (i.e. adventurous animal stories) appeals to BOTH girls AND BOYS, but my friends won`t touch them because the covers (of the German version) are so “girlish”. What a pity. I wish there wasn`t so much prejudice, many boys love horses and ponies, too, and your S.O.S. series is very different to all the other “pony” series, which do appeal mainly to girls (which is ok, of course).
    Can`t wait for new titles to appear, but it needs courage to leave these pink books around for everyone to see…
    Kind regards, Al

  10. Kelly McKain says:

    Thanks, Alunia! xx

  11. Alunia says:

    Love your books Kelly!

  12. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Ana, Chipper and Alicia! Hi Agnes! Of course I remeber your school it was one of the most fun days of my life! I loved meeting you all. xx
    Geetanjali – fab to hear! I hope you enjoyed it!

    Hi Abbey,
    Thanks so much for your lovely message on the Animal S.O.S. board on my site. I hope you enjoyed the other books in the series if you have had a chance to read them! Have a great end of term and Christmas!
    Love, Kellyxx

    Hi Afifah!
    Thanks for your fab messages on the Animal S.O.S. board – It’s great to hear that you enjoyed the books and I hope you enjoy the other ones too. I had a great time writing about Leah and Amy – I like the way they are so different and yet are really good friends! Have a lovely end of term and holidays, lots of love, Kellyx

  13. afifah says:

    hi Kelly i love your books another awsome book to be proud of. Even though i havent read all of them yet they sound true!

  14. afifah says:

    i love animal s.o.s its so intresting i cant stop reading

  15. Abbey says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Just read ‘The Mystery of the Cliff-top Dog’ and loved it can’t wait to read the rest of your books!!!!!!

    Love your biggest fan ever Abbey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. geetanjali says:

    oh wov a new bok i saw it today i will soon try to read it

  17. Agnes from school 321 in Poland says:

    Do you remember school 321?
    You dancing with me and my friends

  18. Agnes from school 321 in Poland says:

    Hi Kelly. You were in my school at a meeting of Copyright and my class sang a song for you. Do you remember?

  19. chipperandalicia says:

    they were great kelly :->

  20. Ana says:

    Hi Kelly,
    tommorow we have a meeting with you and I hope it will be good! Ok(it must be good)!
    Ana from Poland

  21. Kelly McKain says:

    Wow, Amy, that was fast! Great to meet you! xx

  22. Amy says:

    Hi Kelly,
    You came to my school yesterday (Friday 15) I have already read your book and it is amazing!

  23. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls!
    thanks for your lovely messages! I’m so glad you enjoyed them, Geetanjali! Hi Niamh and Charlie!
    Hi Klari, it’s great you loved the books!
    Enjoy, Alicia!
    MWAH! Love, Kellyxx

  24. geetanjali says:

    I have read all the books acept for the third one will read it soon

  25. chipperandalicia says:

    can’t wait to read your animal sos books because i am a fan of your pony books

  26. Klari says:

    hey kelly
    I love you’re books Ponyhof Liliengrün and I love ponies too .

  27. Charlie says:

    Kelly, my hero, you’ve done it again! Saved me from boredem! I shall check amazon… and beg my parents…


  28. Niamh says:

    I havent read these books yet but I really want too!!

  29. geetanjali says:

    i have read both
    they are awsome

  30. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi I love ponies! They all feature ponies, but look out for book 3 The Case of the Secret Pony, which is all about a very special pony!
    Thanks, Ivana, you’re fab!
    Alana, sounds like you’ll love them! Happy reading!
    THanks, Hafsah, your message made me so happy!
    xxxxxxbig hugz to you allxxxxxxxxxxx

  31. Hafsah says:

    I love your books because they describe very well how people are feeling and I love Jessica and Jewel because you describe how Tegan was feeling so well.

  32. Alana says:

    I love your books so I can’t wait to read the cos, not only do I love horses but I love animals as well!

  33. Ivana Spiric says:

    Hi Kely,how are you ? :)
    You book is beautiful. :D
    You is beautiful and nice.
    Bayy. :D

    Ivana. <3

  34. I love ponies says:

    these books sound great! my favourate animal is PONIES!i love them is there one about ponies? lots of love
    i <3 ponies

  35. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! I hope you love this fab new page… and Amy and Leah’s adventures! Don’t forget to let me know what you think of Animal S.O.S.! Love, Kellyx

  36. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hey Kelly,
    These sound SOOOO good! Another master piece to be proud of Kelly!
    I hope I win the contest:-D
    Much Love xxx

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