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“Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration!”

Hi everyone!

I’ve been having fun recently collaborating on a creative project with my lovely friend and fellow children’s and YA author Jill Marshall, of Jane Blonde fame. We’re writing a screenplay (movie script) of her book Fanmail. We get crazily excited about it and keep suddenly going ‘Kat could say this…’ or ‘Hey, imagine if Dolores did that…’


Of course, a screenplay works differently from a book, which means we get to take the book apart, lose bits, adapt bits, add new bits and put it back together again for the screen. And that’s where collaboration is so great, because two heads (or, two ways of thinking) are much better than one. As the lovely Linda Chapman put it to me once, about her fiction collaborations with the equally lovely Lee Weatherly, ‘Lee would say, “well, of course to get out of this situation, the character would do a,b and c” and I would say, “a, b and c, are you crazy? Surely the character would do x,y,z in that situation?”‘ It’s the melting and melding of the two different approaches (i.e. perhaps you’ll get a,y,z,b or a,y,b,z!) that make the finished work so rich, and the process of creating it so much fun.

So, now it’s autumn, let’s get cosy and bring on the tea, biccies and collaborative writing sessions! Maybe you could write a play, blog or story with a friend, or even a song (as my daughter Holly and her friend Sophia like to do!). Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration!

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