Fairy House

Fairy House

Do you believe in fairies?

When Katie accidentally leaves her dolls' house in the almost-meadow overnight, she is amazed to find that four fairies have moved in. The fairies are cool, kind and fun - and they're on a mission to save their dell from ruthless builders. Katie helps Snowdrop, Daisy, Rosehip and Bluebell to gather the ingredients for a magic spell to save their home - but can they find everything in time?

The Fairy House books are now out in paperback, and are still available as hardbacks too, with real silky petal skirts.

Fairy Flying Lessons

Fairy Flying Lessons

When the fairies find a lost baby bird they know they need to return it to its mother. But first they have to teach it how to fly!

Scholastic / ISBN 978-1407108896 / £4.99

Buy from Amazon now! Sneak a peek!
Fairy Party

Fairy Party

It's Katie's birthday and the fairies decide to throw her a very special party!

Scholastic / ISBN 978-1-407106-40-3 / £4.99

Buy from Amazon now! Sneak a peek!
Fairy Jewels

Fairy Jewels

Katie and the fairies join in a treasure hunt! Can they solve the clues and win the precious jewel?

Scholastic / ISBN 978-1-84715-057-8 / £4.99

Buy from Amazon now! <Sneak a peek!
Fairy Sleepover

Fairy Sleepover

Everyone's having lots of fun at the sleepover, but then they hear a spooky noise...

Scholastic / ISBN 978-1407108902 / £4.99

Buy from Amazon now! Sneak a peek!
Fairy Riding School

Fairy Riding School

Katie's in a real fix! Can Rosehip and her tiny magic ponies save the day?

Scholastic / ISBN 9780439944328 / £4.99

Buy from Amazon now! Sneak a peek!
Fairies to the Rescue

Fairies to the Rescue

Daisy is in BIG trouble! It's up to Katie and her fairy friends to come to the rescue - but how?

Scholastic / ISBN 978-1407108889 / £4.99

Buy from Amazon now! Sneak a peek!
Fairy for a Day

Fairy for a Day

Katie can't wait to swap places with one of her fairy friends for a day - but how will Bluebell manage at school?

Scholastic / ISBN 978-1407108872 / £4.99

Buy from Amazon now! Sneak a peek!
Fairy Friends

Fairy Friends

When Katie gets a new dolls' house, the last thing she expects is for real fairies to move in!

Scholastic / ISBN 978-1407108865 / £4.99

Buy from Amazon now! Sneak a peek!

Unfortunately only 8 of the 12 planned Fairy House books are currently available. Please see my blog for more information.


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  1. Mollie says:

    I have two of your books and they are amazing! Can you write more because I want to know if the fairy’s collect all twelve birthstones

  2. Mia says:

    I am 7 years old and I am just reading fairy flying lessons and lts amazing so far.Thank you

  3. nicole says:

    I love the fairy house. Because i love books of them. My name is Nicole and I’m 8 year’s old .I am reading fairies to the rescue it is the best book i had read ever

  4. sophie says:


  5. sophie says:

    I love snowdrop, blueball, rosehip and daisy. I have read the fairy house twice and I want to read them all.

  6. elsa says:

    I love fairy house.I even dressed up as rosehip once

  7. jess says:


  8. jess says:


  9. liam says:

    could you tell me what the last 4 fairy house book

  10. nafia says:

    I have read one of the fairy house book s with out even knowing you wrote the book.
    It was nice.

  11. Leah says:

    I think that your books are really cool. Get on with your new books, PLEASE!!!! I can’t wait to read them. I love Fairy Jewels because my birthstone is in it.

  12. mikaela says:

    I really like these books. they are full of adventure and imagination. I just really want to find out what happens at the end.

  13. Kelly McKain says:

    Great to hear you enjoyed them, Ayesha! xxx

  14. Ayesha Anne Lobo says:

    I like it because it is full of adventure.

  15. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! Thanks for your lovely Fairy House messages! See the link above for the latest news on the series. Lots of love, Kelly xx
    Hi Ashleigh! xx
    Hi Phoebe,
    Thank you so much for your lovely message on my Fairy House board. You are quite right, the blog hadn’t been updated for aaaages. I have just updated it now, and the good news is that I’m going to start writing the final stories right after Christmas. You can read more on the blog but I wanted to let you know personally and thank you for your support for and interest in the series.
    Have a lovely end of term and Christmas holidays, love, Kellyx

    Hi Rebecca and Daisy,
    Thanks so much for your lovely message on the Fairy House board. I’ve updated the info about what’s happening with the end of the series now, so go to the page if you want to find out! Have a fantastic end of term and holidays! Love, Kellyx
    PS I forgot to say, the fairies are as tall as they’d have to be to ride on My Little Ponies, which is the measure I used when I was writing the books – I had one on my desk! Kellyxxx

    Hi Chloe,
    Thanks so much for your lovely message on my Fairy House board. I have just updated the info on that series if you want to look at the page. I hope you have a really fab end of term and Christmas holidays! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Zaynab,
    Thanks so much for your lovely message on my Fairy House board. I’ve updated the info about this series if you want to have a read! Have a great end of term and holidays!
    Love, Kellyxx

    Hi Belinda!
    Thanks so much for your lovely messages on my Fairy House page. I have updated the info now so you can see what’s going on with the end of the series. I’ve got the final four books planned out, but just hadn’t been able to write them as without a publisher I couldn’t get the time or money to do them. But now I have a break so I’m going to finish them after Christmas – yay! Thanks for your fab ideas, though – they are great and if I end up doing any more I will definitely remember those! Have a great Christmas holidays! Kellyxxx

    Hi Anna,
    Thank you so much for your lovely message on my Fairy House page. I have updated the info about the end of the series now so you can have a read if you like. I’m really excited that I’ll be able to start writing the final books after Christmas! I hope you have a brilliant Christmas and end of term!
    Love, Kellyx

  16. Victoria says:

    Your books are SUPER GOOD.Can you write more fairy books?

  17. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! Thanks so much for your gorgeous comments! I will write back to you one by one in the next few days so watch this space! Kellyx

  18. Anna says:

    I love your books! my favorite book so far is fairy jewels. Are you going to write more? Again I love your books

  19. Belinda says:

    I know I said how I love your books but I saw that you where kind of stuck so I brain stormed some ideas you can use. Fairy disco, fairy picnic, fairy play date, fairy shopping

  20. Belinda says:

    Dear Kelly my name is Belinda and I live in Australia I love your fairy house series and I’d love to read how it ends. I read every fairy house books that have came out. Please write what happens and please right back

  21. Ashleigh says:


  22. Zaynab says:

    I absolutely love Katie. My favourite is Snowdrop

  23. chloe hanger says:

    I love your fairy house dolls too.By the way i am your biggest fan!!!!!

  24. Rebecca and Daisy says:

    Hi Kelly,
    We’re your biggest fans!!!
    How tall are fairies?
    We love all of your books!!!

  25. Phoebe says:

    Hi love your fairy house books. I have been waiting for a long time to see how the story ends. I can see that lots of girls keep asking you for an update but as your blog hasn’t been updated for a while I was wondering if you have any more news .when

  26. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Vivienne, wow, how lovely of you! xxbig hugsxx
    Hi Grace, great to hear you love the fairy house stories so much!! MWAH!!

  27. Grace says:

    I LOVE THE FAIRY HOUSE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$$$!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Grace says:


  29. vivienne says:

    OMG your books are so specail to me and your the best im your biggest fan

  30. Kelly McKain says:

    Wow, thanks, Aileen!
    Hi Melina, great to hear from you!
    Thanks, Gem! Hi Shahad!
    Madi, wow, how amazing to have your own Fairy House. I’m glad it got you through such a difficult time of being bullied, that must have been awful. And what a lovely dad you have!
    Loads of love to you all, Kellyxxx

  31. Madi says:

    When I was in year three my Dad made me my own Fairy House. I had six fairy friends. I made my own furniture and everything. I was getting bullied at the time so it was nice to have some friends.

  32. Madi says:

    When I was little my Dad made me my own Fairy House. I had 6 fairy friends. I was getting bullied at the time so having imaginary fairy friends was awesome :)

  33. shahad says:

    hallo ik doe mijn boekbespreking over maartje meermin durft alles en ik heb2 boeken dus ik vraag of jij mijn ouders naare edrisi70@ymail.com een bericht stuurt wat jij graag zou willen hebben p.s je hebt en schrijft mooi en leuke boeken

  34. Gem says:

    hi Kelly you are my favourite author of all time , the best book you have written in my opinion is Fairy Rescue !!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Melina says:

    Hi Kelly, I love these fairy books. My mommy has read 3 of them to me so far. hopefully by the end of kindergarten I will be reading them to her! we can’t wait to find the other books!! (USA)

  36. aileen says:

    i read fairy rescue about 10 times it was the best book i ever read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Kelly McKain says:

    Thanks, Angle! xx
    Hi Sarah, it’s great to hear that you enjoyed Fairy Party so much! Katie left the Fairy House out just by accident, and then she got a big surprise the next day when the four fairies had moved in!
    Lots of love and big hugs, Kellyx

  38. Sarah says:

    Dear Kelly

    My Name is Sarah and i have read fairy party soooooooooooooooooooooooo many times it is not funny. It is about that it is Katie birthday and Katie thinks that she is not going to have a lovely/cool one.But she goes visiting Tiffany and fails because she sees a lot of cars. because it was her birthday when her teacher asked what is her birth she said the day before Katie’s then Katie’s mum said that she is going to have a lovely day. Then she wakes up and wakes her mum she gets heaps of things.

  39. Sarah says:

    hey Kelly my favorite book is Fairy Party.

    By:Sarah p:s my favorite fairy is Bluebell why did Katie leave her dolls house outside the reason why i am asking is coz i have never read
    Fairy Flying Lessons
    Fairy Sleepover
    Fairy for a day
    Fairy Jewels(30 page got up to)

  40. angle says:

    ;) these are amazing books i have read all

  41. Kelly McKain says:

    Thanks, Teigan, Mya and Ashlyn! xxx

  42. Ashlyn says:

    Hey just got done ready a book of yours!

  43. Ashlyn says:

    Hi Kelly,I really enjoyed your book of Bluebell, Fairy for a Day. It was super awsome.I wrote a review on it for school. I hope I get to send it to you soon. Love, Ashlyn

  44. Mya says:

    great books
    ur the best author in the world!!

    thank u soooo much for making these books!! lol

  45. Teigan says:

    heyyyy kelly i love your books so much i really love the fairy house serise couse of the magic and my best fairy is Snowdrop.xxxxx love them all.xx

  46. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Kelly my comments are not coming up someone help!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Kelly McKain says:

    Thanks Naomi, Teigan, Luca, Alia, Cheesyhorsegirl, Anwesha, Jenna (are you related to Freddie Flintoff??) and Zarrosha! I love reading your comments, thanks Alia for your lovely message about Katie and the fairies, it’s wonderful to hear they mean so much to you!
    Lots of love to you all, Kellyx

  48. zarrosha says:

    hi i just love ur books cause there so much better than daisy meadows books. I am writing a review on it right now.

  49. Jenna Flintoff says:

    These books are a thrill to read.They have good imagination.I love them. they have very cute characters.

  50. anwesha says:

    i liked reading the books very much. thanks kelly.

  51. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hi it’s me LOL just to say I read theese books to and there good but I still like Pony camp better

  52. Alia says:

    hi Kelly how are you are my Favorite. i love the fairy house book they are fab!!!!
    i love daisy, rosehip,snowdrop and bluebell thay are so nice and katie she is so nice.
    hey its Alia again i love fairys
    and i belive in fairy please can you wrote some more books about them they are awosome i love then and i love your handwritting its so nice wrote some more books please

  53. Alia says:

    hi Kelly how are you are my Favorite. i love the fairy house book they are fab!!!!
    i love daisy, rosehip,snowdrop and bluebell thay are so nice and katie she is so nice.

  54. Luca says:

    Hi I have just started read them.I was looking for some Totally Lucy books at the local library but they didn’t have any so I was looking for another book and I found a fairy House book.By all the other comments they sound really cool well better get reading. Cya

  55. teigan says:

    hello kelly i loved the fairy house books i got my first one from xmas i love magic,fairies,oh and i have 4 horses so i most loved fairy riding school thank you soo much for writing them i love you your cool thank you.xxxx

  56. Naomi says:

    Kelly’s books are great!Once you have read them you want to read them again!

  57. Kelly McKain says:

    Thanks Iqra, Vanessa and Adam! xx

  58. Iqra says:

    hey kelly
    its me again.. =)

    just want to stop by and say
    your awesome =D

  59. VANESSA says:


  60. Adam Blade says:

    it is a really good book

  61. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Jane, Mailee, Priya, Keely, Lacey, Rihana, Jessica, Hikma and Erica!
    thanks so much for your lovely comments about Fairy House. You can read what’s happened about the final four books if you click on the link just above the comments. I’m afraid I don’t have any control over them not being published and at the moment I can’t afford the time or money to write them without a publishing deal, although believe me I would love to, and maybe one day I will! Lots of love to you all, Kellyxx

  62. erica says:

    i really think that all the books should be available
    good characters MAKE MORE!

  63. Hikma says:

    Personally I love fairies and these ones are well cool!!!!!!!!! (A phrase I picked up from one of my weird assortment of friends)

  64. Jessica says:

    I used to like these books when I was younger. :) I really liked the old cover, with the skirts made out of real materia. :)

  65. Rihanna says:

    These are waonderful 2 because they have fabulous faries in it

  66. Lacey says:

    Hi Kelly
    I have been reading these books since 3rd grade and now I am in 6th. I recently just recived the 4 other books in the seris. I read them all in just 2 days. I really want to know what happens!! I was wondering when the other books will be released.

  67. Lacey says:

    Hi Kelly
    I have been reading these books since 3rd grade and now I am in 6th. I recently just recived the 4 other books in the seris. I read them all in just 2 days. I really want to know what happens!!

  68. keely :) says:

    why arent they going to publish the finall four

  69. Priya says:

    Hey Kelly what are doing for the other books??
    i just love them and i am a
    big fan of you

  70. Priya says:

    Hey Kelly i just love you fairy house books.Can you write all the other four books please cause i am curious i just wanna find out what happens next!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. Mailee says:

    I luv those and I’m 12. I started reading them spring of Grade 2. Am i weird because I read fairy boooks in middle school. I mean I should b reading PLL.

  72. Jane says:

    Just wanted to say I have read Fairies to the rescue and would love to read another you are honostly my fave autherss! LUV! LUV! LUV! YOUR! BOOKS!

  73. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Lara! Thanks so much for your message. Click on the link just above the messages to read all about what’s happened to the last four fairy books. Hope that explains it for you.
    And thanks Ummi too for your lovely comments – sorry I can’t post books but maybe a friend can for you, or try Amazon?

  74. Ummi says:

    Hi, kelly

    I’m from Malaysia just to know that i’m your no.#1. I’m just love to read your book….

    loadsoflove Ummixxx

  75. Ummi Sorfina says:

    Hi, Kelly
    I’m in Malaysia..
    I’m love to read your book..
    Can you post some of your books to Malaysia..
    I’m just your #1 reader of fairy house…

  76. Iqra says:

    Hi Kelly!
    i really loved reading
    the fairy house it was by far the most AMAZING fantasy fairy books i have ever read…
    i was wondering when you are going to release the last 4 fairy house books so that they can get all 12 birthstones.
    Also my favorite fairy is Snowdrop because i love her name personality and the clothes she wears :)

    Thank you

  77. Kelly McKain says:

    Thanks for your mails, Lauren and Ashley – you sound like really cool girls! xx

  78. Beth says:

    I really like The Fairy house! Its so fun and awesome! So is the pony camp diaries!

  79. Marissa says:


  80. Laurenxx says:

    Hi kelly ive read 4 of these books and there great my fave is fairy flying lessons x!x

  81. Ashley says:

    you re cool.

  82. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Charity, Lillylou and Lucy, thanks for your fab comments! I enjoy writing all the series for diff reasons, but i think in the Fairy House series my fave book to write was fairy Party as I loved it when the cake exploded! It was amazing when the illustrations came through from Nicola too and I got to see them for the first time, she is brilliant!

  83. charly says:

    i really love the fairy house fairy for a day i am really glad that i brought this book thanks

  84. lillylou says:

    such a great story and very intresting here is a question what is ur fav book u wrote?

  85. lucy again! says:

    hi kelly!
    UMMM….I love these books and so does my sister and i was wondering what are your favrioute series you wrote?

  86. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! It’s great to hear that you enjoy the Fairy House books. Emma, believe me i would love to write the final four books but Scholastic aren’t going to publish them (see link to blog entry for more details, above) so it’s a bit tricky. I’ll let you know if anything changes, though! Thanks for being such fab fans, love Kellyx

  87. Emma says:

    Hey can write more books of these cause I want to find out if the faires collect all 12 birthstones

  88. lucy says:

    these are wonderful cute charecters and have fabulous personalitys

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