The Journal

“Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration!”

October 12th, 2016

Hi everyone!

I’ve been having fun recently collaborating on a creative project with my lovely friend and fellow children’s and YA author Jill Marshall, of Jane Blonde fame. We’re writing a screenplay (movie script) of her book Fanmail. We get crazily excited about it and keep suddenly going ‘Kat could say this…’ or ‘Hey, imagine if Dolores did that…’


Of course, a screenplay works differently from a book, which means we get to take the book apart, lose bits, adapt bits, add new bits and put it back together again for the screen. And that’s where collaboration is so great, because two heads (or, two ways of thinking) are much better than one. As the lovely Linda Chapman put it to me once, about her fiction collaborations with the equally lovely Lee Weatherly, ‘Lee would say, “well, of course to get out of this situation, the character would do a,b and c” and I would say, “a, b and c, are you crazy? Surely the character would do x,y,z in that situation?”‘ It’s the melting and melding of the two different approaches (i.e. perhaps you’ll get a,y,z,b or a,y,b,z!) that make the finished work so rich, and the process of creating it so much fun.

So, now it’s autumn, let’s get cosy and bring on the tea, biccies and collaborative writing sessions! Maybe you could write a play, blog or story with a friend, or even a song (as my daughter Holly and her friend Sophia like to do!). Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration!


‘This summer I…’

September 9th, 2016

Hi all!

I hope you had a great summer. I really, really, really did – once of my best ever! So, this summer I…

Had a go at paddle boarding in Lesvos, Greece. Which was amazing fun. I would have had more goes but it got really windy and a sign appeared saying that we shouldn’t paddle board unless we wanted to end up in Turkey!


No, that is not me – no one was there to take pix – but I’ve chosen this one because of course I was totally this cool and non-wobbly at it (*coughs*).

Rediscovered that I love mountain biking. And bikes in general. But not big hills. Matt and I did loads of biking, including going all the way up to this amazing monastery, and there were lots of lovely gardens to have a good nose into along the way – heaven!


Did yoga on the beach with some nudie people. No, I don’t have a picture of that either! The beach on either side of our bit was a nakie area, so I got the strange honour of watching a man doing nudie handstands, presumably to celebrate the joy of being alive!!

Totally failed to learn about Quantum Physics. At the start of the holidays I got all keen and took this book out of the library:


It’s really interesting but I only got half way through Chapter 1 before all of the paddle boarding, mountain biking and trying not to look at nudie people doing joy of life handstands took over. Oh well, I guess that’s summer for you… I will put it on my autumn reading list!

I hope you all had a fab summer too! Love, Kelly xxx


Freedom is Delicious!

June 19th, 2016

Hi all you lovely people,

I was in the New Forest this week, and I found this fantastic place to sit and meditate:


And guess who I had for company – these gorgeous wild ponies (as well as about thirty more who were out of the picture).


I know, beautiful, right? But more than that – they were FREE. Free to wander all over the forest in their natural herd, doing what horses do when they’re just being horses. I felt so free just being there with them, in that wide open place, feeling clear space above me and all around me… It was magical, it was inspiring, and it was DELICIOUS!

We can all take a moment to get that feeling of freedom, any time, anywhere. We just have to remember to reach for it. Anytime you find yourself lost in the thoughts in your mind, or in the hustle of a busy day, just take a deep breath, look up and around you, feel your feet on the ground, throw your arms out wide if you like, and think or say, ‘I am free’.

I’m not even going to write anymore. Instead here is a moment of freedom for you, right here, right now. So breathe it in…



…and have a wonderful day!

Love, Kellyx


Two facts even I found fascinating!

April 26th, 2016

This might surprise some of you lovely peeps, but I don’t actually find ‘fascinating facts’ all that fascinating. Or in fact, very fascinating at all. Usually.

But recently I’ve been reading, well, listening to (I love audiobooks), a book which has finally managed to fascinate me. Twice. The whole thing was fascinating actually, but two facts stuck with me, and probably will for all time. The book is called Gut, by a German doctor called Giulia Enders, and it’s all about the digestive system, and what goes on in there (yes, even the you-know-what bit, in fact especially the you-know-what bit) and how it works and why it’s smooth functioning is so utterly vital to our health.


I found out lots of incredible things from the book, but these are the two that left me completely in gobsmackification:

1. There is a sea creature called a sea squirt which moves around until it finds a really nice place where it wants to settle down, and then it does the settling down, and then what does it do? Go to Ikea and stock up on colanders, cushions and 1000 tea lights? No. It eats its own brain. Seriously. Apparently, the whole reason for a brain is to enable movement, and as it’s not moving around anymore, it would rather enjoy it as a delicious snack (ketchup?!) and use the empty space as more surface area to filter food from the water instead. I’m sorry, but that is just absolutely gross. And yet soooo fascinating. Here’s one of the little blighters – to be fair to it, I have to say I don’t know if this one is the brain-munching kind or not.

sea squirt

2. We’re only actually 10% human. ‘What?!’ I hear you shriek. ‘Last time I looked I was at least, say, 95%. 96% on a good hair day!’ So what’s happened? Did we all get turned into cyborgs in the night and had our brains reset so we wouldn’t notice?! No, don’t worry, it’s WAY more amazing/disturbing than that. When I say 10% human I mean that only 10% of our cells are human. The rest of us, the 90%, is made up of, well, bacteria mainly, and a few viruses, moulds (yup, you read that right) and other bits and pieces. The reason we don’t blob around like a great pile of seething sludge is that our human cells are far bigger. Most of this other 90% is contained neatly in our gut. Erm, well that’s lucky then…

So there you go. Go forth and fascinate your mates today with my vile factlets. And don’t forget to share any astonishing info of your own!

Kelly xxx


December 22nd, 2015

Hi everyone!

If there’s one thing I love as much as looking after horses and ponies and riding them (well, almost as much!), it’s reading about them!

I’ve been really lucky this month, because I’ve had chance to read some fantastic pony books!


I read about Jenny’s quest to keep a wild stallion safe in A Stallion Called Midnight in a gripping story by super-horsey author Victoria Eveleigh (she also wrote the brilliant Joe pony books, which I have loved reading too!).

Then, in Sheena’s Wilkinson’s pacy and moving Too Many Ponies, I found out whether Lucy can save her beloved horse and pony sanctuary, Rosevale, by winning prize money in a cross country comp against some tough (and snobby!) competition.

I hope you enjoy whatever you’re reading this hols!

Happy holidays, everyone!