Kelly's Journal



  1. isabelle says:

    I like writing and wanting to be a author what does it feel like? I like the fairy house I’ve got two both with Rosehip on the front

    from Isabelle

  2. Mary Torrance says:

    Hi Kelly Mckain I am 9 years old I read some of your books they are awsome thanks so much I still on the 1st book because they are really long but I like that there long because I like your books and some times there kind of funny to and I like page 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6v OH I like all of the pages I’m exited to read all of your books they must going to be exiting like the 1st thank you for all the books!!!!! From mary torrance

  3. Amie says:

    Hey Kelly, I LOVE your books Especialy Tottaly Lucy ! I’m on book 4 at the moment and I have been zooming through them. I can hardly put them down!

    P.S Love your drawings you inspire me so much because I love to design and my ambition is to be a Real Famous Fashion Designer xx

  4. heekmat says:

    Please I really Want to read your books but can’t you make it available online than we ordering it. Please try something for us.

  5. charina tamayo says:

    I love your books. and your the best.your fantastic.

  6. Daisy says:

    Hi Kelly, I am a massive fan of your rainbow beauty books, I have read them all! Please write another rainbow beauty book when they are older, that would be, like, the best thing EVER!!!! Thank you, from Daisy

  7. Easha Haroon says:

    Hi Kelly! Im Easha- from Birmingham, England. Im 11 years old.
    I am SUCH a big fan of your books- especially Half a Sister. I just love how it is full of detail, suspense and drama. I bit my nails down reading it! But ALL of your books are fantastic and creates an impeccable image in your head. I wonder how you come up with these things! Never stop- Easha Haroon

  8. Olivia W says:

    hi i was just wondering where the over to you section is many thank olivia

  9. lucia says:

    hi kelly Merry chirtmas and happy new year

  10. jezzer says:

    Hey Kelly! Happy Christmas.great to meet up with you again after all these years at the dinner. What a lovely website. Full of happy vibes. Hope you and your family have an amazing 2016 xxx

  11. Dzuls says:

    Hi Kelly me again I have already registered for your competition at DGGS about the imagining 3 things in the bag. I would love a copy of your book. I hope I get to see you soon. Also I have added you with your email so Can I send you emails? – See more at:

  12. Sue says:

    Hi Kelly I made a poem which is about a butterfly and I hope u really like it! There was once a butterfly which couldn’t fly so she asked some birds who can fly very high.

    The robin said I am busy right now getting food for my wife and child.

    The woodpecker said stop wasting my time go and ask someone of your size.

    The swallow said sorry I’m very busy,I can’t teach little insects like you now. However why don’t you ask the wisest bird. The owl might be able to help you now.

    The owl said hello butterfly I’ve heard that you can’t even fly. I won’t teach you how to fly I want to see you at least try. The butterfly said ok I will even though I never really tried. When the butterfly jumped of a really big branch she flew even higher then a house.

    Then the butterfly learnt a really important lesson that before you ask you must try everything yourself!!!! Hope you like my poem Kelly I made it by myself!!!!

  13. Marta says:

    hi kelly i love your books they are amazing you are my favourite author even my brother likes some of your are a really good author plz reply xx
    P.S rainbow beauty are my favourites :)

  14. Claudia says:

    Hey Kelly,
    This week I went to my local library and I came across your rainbow beauty books and I just want to ask did you have to experience this to give such a detailed description.
    P.S. I’m from New Zealand so leave your answer on this page if you can please!

  15. KatieSpade says:

    Hi Kelly McKain

    I have every one of your books because in Poundland in Brixton there is this shelf of books and I always see them there so I ask my mum and she says ”Yes!” Because she knows I am a fan of your books!My teacher says I can bring them to school to read with my friends as well!We can’t really decide which one we like best cause they like your books as well.
    Katie and Kate Spade.

  16. karen says:

    hey kelly i just want to say your half sister book is amazing if u could make a series that would be amazing

  17. Ruzaika says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I wrote a poem for you here it is: The Duck
    There was once a duck
    Who wanted a buck
    To buy a little surprise
    For kelly mckain but didn’t know her shoe size
    So to have a think
    He went for a drink
    So he went for a walk
    And soon came upon a beanstalk
    He did a little hop
    To get to the top
    He found a huge house
    With big hairy mouse
    The mouse went squeak
    The duck looked at his beak
    The mouse had a flower
    Does it have any power
    I’ll buy it for a buck
    Said the duck
    For Kelly Mckain
    Also Kelly my sister says she also loves your books

  18. Şule says:

    Kelly? Is this you? Really?
    Greetings from Turkey! I read Totally Lucy book one when I was 12 years old! I’m very like it.Kelly, i love you, Lucy so all books!

  19. Emilie Barnett says:

    Hi kelly I love pony camp diaries as I’m obsessed with horses
    but I want to know what happened to Tally at the end of Millie and Magic? I love all the pony camp diaries.

  20. Emilie Barnett says:

    Hi kelly I love pony camp diaries as I’m obsessed with horses
    but I want to know what happened to Tally at the end of Millie and Magic? I love all the pony camp diaries but could u maybe make one called Emilie and Bailey Because that’s my pony and we love jumping and riding on the beach many thanks

  21. libby edwards says:

    hey Kelly!
    you my biggest inspiration ever! my fave books of yours is totes totally lucy! m just like lucy im into fashion I have a LOAD of crushes, I wanna create a NEW uniform, even tho I AM moving to spain in September!, and I wanna just be like her. Youur totally lucy series told me who exactly I wanna be! I wanna be just like lucy, although I wanna be an actress!
    ps when will the next totally lucy series come out?
    thanks babez your so amazing!
    —libby xoxo

  22. Libby and Sarah says:

    We LOVE your Fairy House series!! We can’t wait for the last 4 books to be available!! Do you have any idea when that might be? Thank you.

  23. Jessica says:

    Hello Kelly!
    Long time no write. Haven’t popped in since what… 2013?
    Just wanted to say hi and I hope you are keeping well. I’m turning 15 in a couple of days so I’m a bit old for Totally Lucy I think but I still love it LOADS.
    Thanks for writing such awesome books and keeping me reading.
    I would read loads more if exams weren’t in the way *dramatic sighs*
    I will still forever hope for a friendship like Lucy, Tilda and Jules. You’ve set the standards pretty high.
    PS do you recommend I read the Goddess Society books? I think they look pretty interesting.
    All the love as always,
    Long time reader (and improving writer… :D)
    Jessica xx

  24. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Shannon!

    Thanks so much for your lovely message on my website. I’m so glad the Fairy House gave you that message – that is definitely how I feel about life! I hope you are having a wonderful time with your friends, family, activities etc and really enjoying yourself!

    I am actually writing the final four books now. Scholastic didn’t publish the end of the series so I have to find a different way to get the stories out – maybe as audiobooks! I’ll post on the site as soon as have any more info. Thanks so much for your interest in the series.

    Thanks again, Kellyx

  25. Shannon says:

    Omg kelly! I’m 14 years old and I’m still in love with your fairy house books! They have inspired me so much by teaching me that if you believe in something, you can do it.
    I was wondering if/when any other books in this series will come out? Thank you!

  26. fiona laing says:

    We are struggling to buy these books where are they sold x

  27. Natalka from Poland says:

    Dear Kelly,
    I am 7 years old and I read your book about pony and about puppy. I would like to tell you that they are fantastic. I will read others for sure. Thank you and best regards. Natalia

  28. Maria Grazia Pizzicaro says:

    Dear Kelly,
    I’m an Italian girl who try to learn French and English. I have read Fairy House, Fairy for a Day in French. I have loved this book (can I say to you that you are a superb writer?), but I missed one thing of the story (sorry, I have read the book in a foreign language): Katie (Lucie in French) and the fairies have found the grenat and the topaz. What about the other ten stones of birth?
    Thank you very much,
    Mary Grace

  29. Maria Grazia Pizzicaro says:

    Dear Kelly,
    I’m an Italian girl who try to learn French and English.
    I read Fairy House, Fairy for a Day in French. I have loved this book (can I say to you that you are a superb writer?), but I missed one thing of the book (sorry, I read the book in a foreign language): Katie (in French Lucie) and the fairies have two stones of birth: the garnet and the topaz. When do they find the other ten stones of birth?
    Thank you very much, :)
    Mary Grace

  30. Neda says:

    Dear Mrs McKain,

    I am a student in a bilingual school in Bulgaria. My teacher has asked my class to write a biography about our favourite authors. You’re my favourite author but I can’t find much information about your past. I would like to know a little about your school life and your experiences before you became a writer and what inspired you.

    Please help me, I love you!

  31. Ella says:

    Hello Kelly, I love the Fairy House books and my mum has managed to get all 8 of them for me with the hard backs and real petal skirts. When will the last four stories be ready? I’m nearly seven and I would love to be able to turn into a fairy sometimes. Love Ella

  32. Naa says:

    Hi Kelly,
    love ur storybook; half a sister. I live in Ghana in Africa. pls all ur storybooks apart from “half a sister” is not in Ghana.

  33. Ladina says:

    Dear mrs McKain!
    I usually speak german, so I hope, there aren’t much mistakes. I’m 14 years old and when I was younger (but now too) I loved the “Pony camp diaries”. I dont know the englisch titels of the books, because I read them in german. In german they called: “Ponyhof Liliengrün”. Thank you for this nice books!
    ps: sorry for any mistakes I did in this english text :)

  34. Daisy says:

    Hi kelly,
    I was wondering and hoping that you could write another rainbow beauty book. I love Abbie and Marco also the fact that Summer and Ben finally became bf and gf. I just love the books and they are sooo interesting i could just read them all day.
    I hope you read my message and write a rainbow beauty book.!!!!!❤️❤️

  35. SAMAH says:

    Hey Kelly,
    After a long long tym….
    I’m still waiting for 11th Lucy book btw!!

  36. Emily says:

    I love your books so much Kelly. my favourite books are the rainbow beauty series. Please write some more.
    Emily x

  37. Lily Buckley says:

    I absolutely love your Fairy House books and have read 5 so far. I really like the cheeky fairies and the adventures they have. The descriptions are wonderful and it makes mr feel I’m actually in the story.

  38. Azra says:

    Hi Kelly,
    You are an amazing writer.Me and my BFF love your Totally Lucy books. They are simply MINDBLOWING AND FUNNY.
    My favourite books are Planet Fashion and Best Friends Forever.I want to read the Half a Sister series soooooooooooo bad. Because of your books I have the ambition to be a fashion designer and an author. I love the illustrations in your awesome books.
    Azra Mariyam

  39. admin says:

    Hi Anne,

    Thank you for your message. I’m sorry to hear you are feeling this way at the moment, but remember, you are not alone, even if it feels like it right now. Everyone has felt like this at some time or another (me included) and it will get better. What I would do is find things that make you feel good – a nice movie, baking something, taking up a new hobby you’ve wanted to try, and focus on those things and the enjoyment you get from them. You’ll soon shift into a happier place and everything else will follow. Those around you love you very much, although obviously they have their own stuff going on – that must be hard for you, but remember how much they love you and when they are there, just give them big hugs for no reason! And you can always write to me. Loads of love and hugs and smiles, Kelly xxx

  40. Aamilah says:

    hi Kelly!

    I absolutely love your series rainbow beauty, I think they so cool and ive recommended them to all my BFF’s who adore them too.

    P.S. my baby cuz really likes your fairy house ones!

    See Ya Soon Kelly x

  41. Penny yeomans says:

    But I still have about 2 or 3 more to read my faviourte is Lauren and lucky cause its like me you should write some more horse books and maybe animal rescue ones xx

  42. Anne F. Anis says:

    Hi Kelly mcKain!

    Wish you luck and all the best!

    Love from Anne F. Anis from Malaysia.

  43. Anne F. Anis says:

    Hi Kelly Mckain!!!! Your Totally Lucy books have inspired me to appreciate my best friends more! But sadly, I don’t have any. I wish I could be like Lucy who has everybody by her side and always there for her. I don’t have anyone to talk to because my mom is sooooo busy working while my dad passed away 4 years ago when I was 13(currently 16). My brother and sister are working which they don’t have much time for me. I don’t have much friends at school since I was in primary. I just don’t get why I’ve never been given an opportunity to appreciate best friends like everyone else did. I am so lonely and depressed. I really want to be Lucy who can always ask for advices from her dad and her supportive mom and her two truly best friends forever ; Jules and Tilda. I really wish I could have a best friend to be spending time with and doing crazy stuffs.

    Anyway, thank you for giving an opportunity for a girl like me to speak out for myself.

    Bye Kelly mcKain!

    Love from Anne F. Anis from Malaysia.

  44. danielle says:

    hello, again Kelly, what’s up, how has your day been, being an busy author, it’s still the same girl for the other comment

  45. danielle says:

    hello Kelly,

    your books are just phenomenal, personally I think they are just splendid, I can tell that your fans appreciate you a lot, I do wish to be an author like you, but hardly think I will be as great as you, so I started of my interest in writing by this website called storybird, you chat to people across the world, and speak to actual authors the website is great, and it would be very recommended if you take a peak at how it looks like, if you could join than that would be marvellous, and quite extreme, please reply to this comment as you would never forget the day when you sign up for storybird, it would be very good to enlarge your fan status, as well make a little girl very happy


  46. lois says:

    Thank you so much for the letter you gave me today .(First day in yr3)once Miss Miles came in she passed something to Miss Mansi. This was me in the head who on earth is that for then Miss Mansi came over to me and put it on the table. It said my name and your name. I opened it AND IT WAS FOR ME!!!!!!! I read it slowly and put on a smile.

    That’s why I like you as a author

  47. Lois says:

    I have read lots of your book like half a sister ,peppermint kiss , blueberry wishes and loads more I really like Rainbow Beauty and the Fairy House story I was just wishing if you can write more Rainbow Beauty books like different titles.

  48. Tijana:) says:

    Hi, Kelly. First, I wont to apologize for my bad english, i’m from Serbia and I don’t know the language so well. I love you books , but I can’t find all of them, beicuse Serbia is not mucy developed country. I love your book so much that I’m willing to read them on english if I find them. In your books I like the most is that they are funy and never boring, also you discribed all teenage problems in these fascinating novels. I want to be a writer, really, and your book helped me to develop my own way of writing. Your way of writing is very unique and interesting, I sometimes wonder how you come to these excellent ideas. You are my favourite. You are my favorite writer from other countries and I really appreciate you as a writer, because you’re one of the best writers of our time. I really want to meet you, I honestly do not believe it’s possible, but I really hope that, when I grow up, became a good and strong writer, and then to meet you.
    Heartily, Tijana Nikolić

    P.S. One more thing that I love in your books are illusrations

  49. Lois says:

    I gave you a message from book day and you still did not reply and I want you to reply and give me one of your most special books that you made but if you think that all your books are special give me the book Charlie and Charm.

  50. louisa says:

    are you going to write more books because i would like some help to write my own long book

    many thanks

    from lou

  51. Ailun Peng says:

    Hi, I am Ailun. I absolutely love books especially yours. Call me the book worm, I’ve read more books than anyone in school(I’m very like Grace).I want to be an author when I’m older. I really like your books and have been chasing them like a hound, I can’t wait to get stuck into your third book from the Rainbow Beauty series, I hope to hear from you and I most sincerely hope you continue to write more books about Abbie and her family, her friends, her problems and especially Marco. Happy writing and I will write back when I next get to go on the computer again (probably next week) Bye (for now)!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Teniola says:

    Hey Kelly,
    My name is Teniola Shittu.
    I am going to be 10 in September.
    I live in Clara,co.Offaly, Ireland.
    You are my favourite author, I think that you are very realistic when writing “Totally Lucy” books.
    I got everything right in the “Totally Lucy ” quiz .
    My friend Ciara Dolan and I are absolutely crazy about your books and find them like a girls guide .
    I know you wrote them quite a while ago but please write more “Totally Lucy” books as they are ” a cool and quirky read as Cathy Cassidy says!!!!

  53. teniola says:

    Hey Kelly I am an absolute fan of your totally Lucy books they are so in inspiring because of them I am writing my own book called totally me modelling mayhem .Pllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee write more of them. I love them so much I`ve read every book 4 times keep writing love your no 1 fan teniola

  54. Janhavi says:

    I love the rainbow beauty books! Are you writing more? Rainbow Beauty inspired me to push thorough hard times. I love Abbie and Marco! Keep up the spectacular work, Kelly! :D

  55. Hana Swelam says:

    I really like you so much I read a lot of books but I like yours

  56. Iva i Jovana :D says:

    My friend and I love so much your “Totally Lucy” books,in Serbia there are not many of your books,only now we have learned that there are more,using your books we have become best friends a lots would love to read all the parts! your b.f.f Jovana and Iva,want a quick answer!!! :D

  57. Jovana Milivojevic says:

    Helo,I love your books so much.but I live i Serbia ,in Serbia does not have lot of your books,in finally realize that you have many of theze books,I would read all of them,your John :D

  58. Cherry says:

    Your books are so awesome.I really love books about Lucy Jessica Hartly and her friends.

  59. claudia says:

    To Kelly,

    I really love ALL of your books but my favorite has to be totally Lucy books :-) They are great! I especially like best friends forever! It would be great to get a reply…

    From Claudia xxx

  60. Emily says:

    hi Kelly,
    will you write some more rainbow beauty books I love them so much.
    Emily x

  61. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Mikaela, thank you so much for your lovely message about Fairy House. I’m so thrilled that you enjoyed them so much! I’m just about to start writing the next one, book 9, when I have finished my website replies, so later this week or next week! I don’t know how it will be published yet but I am just really excited to be finishing the series, and I will get them out to you lovely Fairy House readers somehow – I know the Fairies of the Universe are working on the details! Happy reading and have a great summer! Kellyxxx

    Hi Arooj, big hugs! I hope your BFFs Khansa and Shewanna and you are having a great time and laughing so much your sides almost actually split! Thanks so much for your lovely messages – I love reading them! I hope you girls have a great summer of sleepovers and getting outdoors and fun and reading! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hello, Mysterious H, and your sister too! I am just about to carry on writing the last books in the Fairy House series – I didn’t get to finish the series as the final four weren’t going to be published, but I just really want to write them and I’m sure there will be a way to publish them somehow, and bring out the first eight again! I’m working on three new young fiction ideas at the moment, and really enjoying that too. Have a great summer and happy reading! Kellyxxx

    Hi Fabulous Fashionista! I wish Lucy was real too! I sooooo wish I could go to a café with her and chat about fashion and boys and hear all her cringes! There might be some exciting news about Totally Lucy soon – I’ll keep you posted! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi again Samah! I don’t know anything yet but I will post on my site as soon as I have any info on Totally Lucy excitement!!! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Chloe! It’s fab to hear that you enjoy the Totally Lucy books so much! I am actually planning to write another one – I don’t have any details yet, but like Samah I will keep you posted – promise! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Selena, thanks for your fab post! I am sorry I don’t know Ariana, but I’m sure you will meet somewhere, somehow because you really, really want it to happen! How amazing to have seven best friends – that must be fun, and chaos! Have a great summer! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Easha! Xxx

    Hi Ellie’s lovely Grandma! Thank you so much for your message. It’s wonderful to hear that you enjoyed the Fairy House books so much. You can read more about what happened with this series and its original publisher on the Fairy House page of this site. The good news is that I am just about (as in now this week!) to start writing the final four books, 9-12, because I just really want to finish Katie and her friends’ story. I don’t know if they will be published or not, or in what way, at the moment, but they will definitely be available for you to read, and I’ll keep you posted about this on the Fairy House page. Thank you so much again, Kellyxxx

    Hi Shreya! Yes, I think you were the second one! I don’t have the details yet but I’ll keep you posted! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Amy,
    What an amazing, brilliant storyline! You should be a writer – you probably are already, actually! I always felt like one, even when I was about 7! There are no plans for more Rainbow Beauty books at this very moment, but you never know. The best way to get more books is to make sure everyone knows about the ones that are out so feel free to post reviews on Amazon and Goodreads (and iBooks if you use it!) if you like – that would be fab and may indeed lead to more books! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Katina,
    Great to hear that you love the Totally Lucy books so much, that’s fab! You might like Rainbow Beauty too if you haven’t tried them yet – they are the most similar. Have a great summer and happy writing! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Emily! Thanks so much for your message! I’m so thrilled to be your fave author! I just LOVE all you fab girls on here! Happy reading and have a great summer! Kellyxxx

    Hi Maddie! Thanks so much for your message! I’m so thrilled you loved the Rainbow Beauty books so much! The way to get more is to make these ones really popular, so please feel free to tell everyone about them and review on Amazon and Goodreads! Thanks, hon! xxx

  62. Maddie says:

    Hey don’t stop writing the rainbow beauty books.I love hear about the products and Abbie and Marcos love life.

  63. Emily Butler says:

    HI kelly,
    I absolutely love your totally Lucy books my fav one is Best Friends Forever. Also I think your rainbow bueaty books are amazing to . Btw you are my fav author kelly mckain♡

    btw your my fav author.

  64. Katina j says:

    Hi Kelly
    OMG I love totally Lucy they r my fav books btw. I wish I could write like u coz I’m so bad!

  65. Amy loves u says:

    To Kelly I love your books especially the rainbow beauty ones please write another I think it could be called baby beauty and the mum has another baby called Holly and because mum is not able to work the business dos not have as many customers when the mum gets back to working they invent a new range called baby beauty
    yours with love
    Amy xxx

  66. samah mc says:

    hey kelly! shreya is my frnd n its me hu told her abt lucy bx!!! plssss tell me d name of d 11th buk!!!!!
    XOXOXO!!!!!!!!!!! :0

  67. Shreya says:

    Kelly I love you and lucy and your books
    and tell me which lucy book r u writing next please…

  68. Shreya says:

    hi Kelly,
    louvre your lucy books….please tell me im the second one to know that youre writing an 11th lucy book after samah mc……a whole house of hugs and kisses!
    loooove you,

  69. Ellie's Grandma says:

    Dear Kelly,
    I have been reading your fairy series to my granddaughter, Ellie. We finished the 4 that were published in the US, and I have bought and read the 4 from the UK as well. Naturally, my question concerns when we can look for the remaining 4 books in the series. Ellie (and I) are anxious to find out what happens to the fairies and their tree. Thanks for writing such wonderful fanciful stories for little girls to read with their grandmas. Grandma Westbrooks.

  70. easha haroon says:

    hi :)

  71. SAMAH says:

    I am pleased that you are writing more Lucy BUKS. But u said u r planning soo………I guess I’ll be more pleased if u tell me for sure and tell the name of the new buk! :D sorry for disturbing and eating your head sooo much :P

  72. Selena says:

    Hi Kelly i am a very big Ariana Grande Fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you help me Ariana to meet? She is a dream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Selena looooooove Ariana Grande!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you bye Kelly bye bye!?!
    My best friend is Giovanna she has Ariana Grande meet!!!!!!!! My 2 best friend is Miley and Jil! Miley likes Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande! Jil like Taylor Swift and Carly Rae Jepsen! Ariana Grande to! I have 7 Best fiend thats is…
    Kate, Jil , Miley, Sarah, Gina (Giovanna) and Rosie! Rosie is my beeest friend for ever I looooove Rosie and Ariana Grande!!!!!!!!!!
    BYE BYE I LOVE YOU KELLY BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Selena Allison Los Angeles
    Biggest Ariana Grande fan!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Arooj aslam says:

    Are there any more rainbow beauty series cuz im not sure?

  74. Arooj aslam says:

    Are there any more rainbow beauty series cuz im not sure

  75. Arooj aslam says:

    hello kelly
    u havent replied yet!
    do u,like,only reply to ure fans once and then after go to new ones!? LOL
    R u like on a holiday or something like that ???????? :0 :) :) :)
    PS. Please PLease Reply!!!
    and my friends know about u and they have read all of ure Rainbow Beauty Series- Peppermint Kiss, Stawberry Summer and Blueberry Wishes (they totally LURRRV them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (and i do too!!!)

  76. Chloe Beth Sharp says:

    HI Kelly!
    I LOVE Totally Lucy and there really the only books I read. I never get board of reading them over and over again, but, pleaseeeeeee write some more! There fantastic to read and I would defiantly buy them if you wrote more! Pleaseee!!

  77. SAMAH MC again says:

    Oh ma god! Oh ma god! Oh ma god! I luv you Kelly! Thnx! A bucket of hugs from me! Eagerly waiting!!!

  78. SAMAH MC again says:

    YAAAAAAY! Yeeeeeeeek! Yes I’m really pleased you informed me thnx a lot ! Eagerly waiting
    I luv you kelly

  79. fabulous fashionita says:

    Hey y’all in luv totally Lucy I am a fashion freak just like Lucy and wish she was a real person

  80. Mysterious Hxxxx says:

    Thanks Kelly for your lovely message!!! My sister likes meeting authors in her school too!! Are you working on any books in any series???
    From mysterious Hxxxx

  81. Arooj aslam says:

    PS Please Reply

  82. Arooj aslam says:

    Please please can u send me a letter with ure signature and a makeover magic book with ure signature in and everyone will go mental and ill be dead popular!!!!!
    Pleeeeeaassseee Dooo!!!

    i know u wud never ever give a free book and a letter to me!!
    :) :) I hope u wud but still joking!!
    R u thinki ng of writhing any new books
    If u are can it be a new series of Totally Lucy???
    Love Aroojxx

  83. mikaela says:

    I really, really like your fairy house books. they have so much life. it was a really close answer when one of my friends asked me which one was my favourite so far. I decided on fairy riding school because it doesn’t just tell a story it has a part of good and bad and a big challenge with smaller problems forming to one big problem that Katie solves without knowing that she can.

  84. Arooj aslam says:

    and dont worry for me they are as good as Jacky!!!!

  85. Arooj aslam says:

    hiya kelly
    yes i will tell my friends and teacher about all u sed and btw id LUV it if u came to my school!!!But it may be far to stoke on trent
    im soooooo happy u replied!!!!!!!!!! aargh!!!! finally wait till i tell my bff Khansa and Shewanna. btw Khansa and Shewanna are cousins!!!!
    love from ure happiest fan, Aroojxx`

  86. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Carly, Thanks so much for your lovely message. You can get all my books on Amazon – if you like Totally Lucy, I think you can get the whole set of 10 for ten pounds or something crazy at the moment! And you can order any books from libraries for free if you live in the UK. Happy reading and collecting! Love, Kellyx

    Thanks, Lara! xx

    Thanks, Orla, for your lovely message! Xx

    Hi Sophia! Thanks so much for your lovely message about Animal S.O.S.! I really enjoyed writing the books and it’s great to hear that you enjoy reading them! I hope you liked the new one, too. Happy reading and enjoy the sunshine! Kellyx

    Hi Ayanah! Thank you so much for your lovely message on my website! It was great to read that you and your BFFs did yourselves up as Lucy, Jules and Tilda! I bet you had loads of fun! Next time you do that, send a pic into the website and I’ll put it up on the Over To You page! It’s brilliant to hear that you enjoy the books so much – I hope you’ve had chance to read them all. I’m actually even thinking of writing another one… But I can’t say any more about that yet! Have a lovely time in the sunshine and happy reading – also big hugs to you and your BFFs! Love, Kellyxx

    Hi mysterious H!! Thanks so much for your lovely message about Rainbow Beauty! I’m thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the books so much! I don’t know if there will be any more than the three yet… What really helps with a new series is if readers like you can spread the word about the books to your friends and school librarian (and let them know I visit schools too!) so anything like that you can do would be AMAZING!!! Lots of love, Kellyx

    Hi Grace! It was so lovely to read your message on my website! I’m delighted to hear that you’re enjoying the Animal S.O.S books, and that reading the pony one gave you confidence in your riding. You might also like Poppy and Prince, which is one of my pony camp diaries books about a girl who needs to build up her confidence, or Emily and Emerald, about a girl who helps a rescued pony to gain confidence. I hope you enjoy them if you get to read them! Happy reading and riding! Love, Kellyxx

    Hi Arooj! I love your message on my website! You sound like such a cool girl – the way you write is brilliant! Please give a great big thank you from me to your teacher for telling you to buy my books (and tell him/her I do school visits!), and now you must tell all your friends to get them too, so they can become as well-known as Jacky’s books! That is your special mission, hee hee! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO massively thrilled you enjoyed them and I hope you get to read all ten! Loads of love, newest fan! Kellyx

  87. Arooj aslam says:

    hiya kelly
    i wonder why u havent replied to my msg that i sent earlier!!!!
    , love aroojxx
    ps. please please reply i hav never had a write whose replied

  88. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Esther! I hope you had a fab birthday! It’s great to hear that you enjoyed Charlie and Charm – I hope you get to read some more of the Pony Camp books soon!

    Hi Scarlett! Big hugs! X

    Hi Lauren, I’m sooooo pleased to hear that you enjoyed the Rainbow Beauty series so much. I’m not planning to write any more at the moment but you never know! The most fab thing you could do for me to spread the word about the series is tell all your friends about the series and get them to sign up to my mailing list, and maybe even write a nice review on Amazon – that’s the besy way for an author to get the publisher to commission more books in a series – make them really popular! I also do talks to girls in schools so maybe tell your librarian or English teacher about the books too!
    Have a fab day and thanks so much again for your lovely comments!

    Hi Chantal! Great that you enjoyed the recipes in the back of the books, too!
    I’m so thrilled that you enjoy my books so much! The most fab thing you could do for me to spread the word about the series is tell all your friends about the series and get them to sign up to my mailing list, and maybe even write a nice review on Amazon. I also do talks to girls in schools so maybe tell your librarian or English teacher about the books too!
    Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Julia!
    Thanks so much for your lovely message – it’s great to hear that you are enjoying the Rainbow Beauty series so much! I hope you got Blueberry Wishes at your book fair and got to read that too!
    Authors really rely on their readers to get a new series off the ground, so it would be amazing if you could spread the word about the books to your friends, and maybe even write a review on Amazon. I also do talks to girls in schools so maybe tell your librarian or English teacher about the books too! Big thanks and hugs! Kellyxxx

    Hi Layla, Thanks so much for your message! It’s great to hear that you enjoyed Rainbow Beauty so much! Authors really rely on their readers to get a new series off the ground, so it would be amazing if you could spread the word about the books to your friends, and maybe even write a review on Amazon. If you’re looking for something new to read you might like my stand-alone book Half A Sister and my Totally Lucy series, and also I bet you like Cathy Cassidy! I am just reading Coco Caramel at the moment! I also do talks to girls in schools so maybe tell your librarian or English teacher about the books too! Big thanks and hugs! Love, Kellyx

    Hi Lola! Thanks so much for your fab message about Rainbow Beauty! It’s brilliant that you love the books so much! Amazing girls like you can help me sell millions (which would be very nice!) by spreading the word about the books to your friends, telling your English teacher or librarian (and let them know I do visits to speak to girls in schools too!) and leaving reviews on Amazon and reading sites. Thanks and big, big hugs for anything you can do!
    Happy reading and enjoy the spring!
    Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Ashleigh!
    Thanks so much for your fab message on my site. Well done for writing a book! You have to get a publisher and they sort out all the stuff about getting books into shops, but I wouldn’t worry about that yet. I would just read loads and enjoy writing and entering comps and getting your work on writing sites, things like that. You can even have your story up on my website if you mail it to me!
    Lots of love, Kellyx

    Hi Trishita, Thank you so much for your lovely message on my site. I’m really touched to hear that my books meant a lot to you and helped you feel connected to things. That really is lovely. I hope you’re having fun and getting to read and write lots! Lots of love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Samah! Thanks so much for your lovely messages on my site! It’s fab to hear that you enjoyed the Totally Lucy books so much. Well… if I had replied to this a week ago I would have said no more Lucy books, but guess what? I am thinking of doing an other one!!! So watch this space! You are the very first girl to know this, so I hope you are pleased!!! Lots of love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Yllka, Thanks so much for your lovely message! It’s great to hear that you enjoyed the Pony Camp books so much, and a big hello to all your friends too! I’m planning to write another pony series for Germany soon, so watch this space! Happy riding and reading! Love, Kellyx

    Hi Nicki! Thanks for your message, I have e-mailed you. xx

    Hi Jayden! Thanks so much for your lovely message on my site! I hope you’re having a great spring, and getting to write and read loads! It’s great to hear that you’re loving Rainbow Beauty! Fab girls like you can really help the series by spreading the word about the books to your friends, telling your English teacher or librarian (and let them know I do visits to speak to girls in schools too!) and leaving reviews on Amazon and reading sites. Thanks and big, big hugs for anything you can do to spread the Rainbow Beauty love! Kellyx

    Hi Anne-Lore,
    Thanks so much for your lovely message – I’m delighted to hear that your daughter enjoyed The Fairy House books so much. I’ve had some problems with this series because Scholastic didn’t publish the final four books, and therefore the French publisher didn’t buy/translate them. I’m actually writing them at the moment now that I’m lucky enough to afford to spend the time without payment because I really want to finish the series. So, they may not have a print publisher, and may only be available on my website or as e-books. I’m not sure yet, but I’ll put any updates in my journal and on the Fairy House page, which I updated today, actually. Thanks so much again, and big hugs to your daughter, All the best, Kelly

    Wow, that’s great, Sandy! Now please could you tell all your friends about them for me, you total star! Love, Kellyxx

  89. Arooj Aslam says:

    Hiya Kelly
    Ive read two series of Totally Lucy and guess wat!
    I totes love ‘em!
    I normally go for Jacqueline Wilsons books but there was this book fair in school and my teacher recommended me to buy Star Struck and Fantasy Fashion-(my first book) and I was like, “I only luv jackys books”, but I got them anyway and I got reeeeaaaaallllyyyy crazy after fantasy fashion
    its soooo like lucy is real. the way u talk about bff and boy problems makes it feel like the V-N-T lucy is totally a real girl. her life is soooooo fascinating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! once again I luuv ure books and I am looking forward to buy more of totally lucy series on the next book sale!! :) :) :) :P
    love from ure newest reader,
    PS> URE BOOKS R THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. ayanah says:

    (please reply)

    Once I had birthday party and I was Lucy since I have straight brown hair.My friend was jules since she has black hair but we curled her hair with a other friend Maryam was tilde as she has blonde hair and wavy hair.

    Thank you!

    Ayanah xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  91. Grace Wyatt says:

    I really like your animal S.O.S books I have read two of them I really like animals as well and I go horse riding and the secret pony one boosted my confidence. Xx

  92. Hxxxx says:

    Hi Kelly,
    i really enjoyed the rainbow beauty books and was wondering if there would be any more of them???

  93. ayanah says:

    god I love your books.i REALLY REALLY love your totally lucy books.

  94. sophia says:

    I love animal s.o.s haunted house kittens Kelly I love it Im getting my new one soon

  95. Órla says:

    Dear Kelly,i dont know how you write so many books.
    P.S. your awesome

  96. lara lobo says:

    i love your books

  97. Carly says:

    Love your books pls tell a website where we can read all books completely

  98. Sandy says:

    Hi Kelly

    I just love Rainbow Beauty and I read all of it.

  99. samah mc says:

    please please please please please please please please please please please! tell me if there are any more books in totally lucy

  100. Anne-Lore says:

    Hi, my daughter has read the french version of “Fairy House” books. The last book was “Fairy Flying lessons” or in french “l’oiseau tombé du nid”. We are waiting for the rest of the story. Do you intend to publish soon a new book (and perhaps also the french traduction).

  101. Jayden says:

    Hi Kelly , I am currently reading your rainbow beauty series anx I LOVE them!! I have read most of your books! Xx

  102. Nicki Wisniewski says:

    I am one of the librarians at our school and have a large number of girls interested in your totally lucy series. What age would you put these books at please. Thank you

  103. yllka says:

    hi kelly. i love horses and all what you write i like it !!!!!!!!!write more!!all the girls in my class love you. bye from germany

  104. samah mc says:

    any totally lucy books

  105. Anthony C. Rodney says:

    Hi Kelly McKain
    Thank for article and website. Beauty be with you

  106. Ashleigh says:

    This means <3 love

  107. Ashleigh says:

    Hi Kelly Mckain I hope you have fab Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with your family and friends <3 p.s Are you make NEW books like a winter book of rainbow Beauty xxxoooo <3

  108. samah mc says:

    i really love totally lucy books. im dieing ti read the 11th book.waiting. hope you are writting the 11th book

  109. SAMAH mc says:

    I’m DIEING to read the11th buk. Please

  110. SAMAH mc says:

    I’m DIEING to read more totlally Lucy books.
    A sweet please topped with sugar and butter , write totally Lucy more. Dieing to read the 11th book.please

  111. SAMAH mc says:

    I’m a great fan of totally Lucy
    Are you writing any totally Lucy series after best friends forever. Please don’t say no.

  112. Sabrina says:

    You’re books made up my childhood and I just wanted you to thank for that! :D Will you be definitely not be writing any more books in the Totally Lucy series?

  113. trishita guha says:

    its been a long time that i haven’t read ur books . ur books makes me feel special and flushes away my lonely ness thank u keep going

  114. Ashleigh says:

    How do you make your books go to the shops PLEASE TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW

  115. Ashleigh says:

    I have made a new book it is great.How you make your books go to the shops so people can read it PLEASE TELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW

  116. lola heart says:

    how are u such a good writer i loved all of your books their fabb

  117. lola heart says:

    hi i loved all of your books they were fab i espically loved peppermint kiss and my sister is called abbie to hope your books sells millons it so goood it desrves to

  118. Layla says:

    Hi Kelly! Just wanted to make a quick shout out to you. I really enjoyed reading blueberry kiss. I found it ver intriguing. The drama and romance all rolled up into one fairy tale like book. I spent ages trying to find a book as good as the rainbow beauty series, one I could relate to. Now that I have found that book I can’t wait for another! P.S. My little sister absolutely loved reading mermaid rock whale rescue at her school! She could’ve wait to read another!

  119. Julia says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I really love the Rainbow Beauty series and own the first 2 and I really enjoy reading them and hopefully at a school book fair, I will get the last book, Blueberry Wishes!

    Love Julia xx

  120. chantal says:

    i love those delicious recipes at the back of each book

  121. Lauren xx says:

    Hi Kelly xx
    I love your books so much, especially the Rainbow Beauty series! In my school library I reserved Blueberry Wishes before it even came out so I was the very first person from my school to get it. Its awesome that I actually got it on the day it came out! Please write more books so I can keep reading (especially in the Rainbow Beauty series!) You are a real inspiration to me and I hope to be an author when I grow up too xx! Where can we email our stories to? The link doesn’t work for me !
    Loads of love Laurenxx

  122. Esther says:

    It’s Esther again. I just want to tell you that I will turn 7 on the 23rd Nov :)

  123. Esther says:

    Hello Kelly! I really like the book Charlie and Charm. I’m Esther from Poland and I really like horses. I learn to ride. Good bye!

  124. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Mia!
    It’s great to hear that you enjoyed Peppermint kiss so much, and I hope you got to read Strawberry Summer too! Blueberry Wishes, the third book, has just come out, so i hope you enjoy that when you get to read it! It’s strange for me to have finished writing about Abbie and the fab Rainbow Beauty girls (well, for now anyway!), but I know I’m going to have just as much fun on my next book!
    Have a great autumn, and happy reading!
    Love, Kellyx

    Hi India!
    It made me so happy to read that you enjoy my books so much! I hope you’re having a brilliant autumn, and reading lots!
    Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Dearbhail!
    Thanks for telling me about your pony, Smartie! I used to ride a horse called Captain who was gorgeous, a really gentle Arab x bay. he was blind in one eye so he would get jumpy sometimes if he heard something he couldn’t see, so I know how you feel! I’m sure you’re great at keeping Smartie calm and being reassuring. I’d love to put a pic of him in the gallery if you want to send me one! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Ashleigh!
    I hope you found the Rainbow Beauty books in the end – sometimes not all shops have them and the best thing you can do is ask about them as then they think ‘oh maybe we should get those books in!’ which is fab for me! Abbie’s final adventure, Blueberry Wishes, is just out (you can see all the details and read the first chapter on my website) which is v v exciting but does mean I’ve finished writing the series (well, for the moment anyway!) so I do miss Abbie and the girls (and Marco, of course!).
    Have a lovely autumn and happy reading! Kellyx

    Hi Natalie!
    Thanks so much for your lovely message – I’m so pleased you liked my book!
    Happy reading! Love, Kellyx

    Hi Jana!
    I love your name too! I’m not doing any more pony books at the moment, but if you love ponies and adventue, you will like my new series, Animal S.O.S too! You can find out all about it on the website and read the first chapters – I hope you enjoy them if you have a read! Thanks also for the pony and rider suggestions – you never know, one day we may do more pony camp books!

    Hi Chantal!
    It’s great to hear that you enjoyed Strawberry Summer and I hope you liked Blueberry Wishes too!Have a fab autumn and happy reading!
    Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Kaffia,
    It’s great to hear that you enjoyed Half a Sister so much! I really loved writing it, although it took ages to get all the twists and turns in it to work and it really bent my brain! As you liked that book you might enjoy my new series, Rainbow Beauty, which is about Abbie and her two sisters – you can find out about it on my website and read the first chapters – I hope you enjoy them if you have a read!
    Have a great autumn! Lots of love, Kellyxx

    Hi Sophie!
    It’s great to hear that you are enjoying the Pony Camp Diaries books! I loved writing them, and my new series with riding and ponies in, Animal S.O.S. I have finished them all now so I will have to think up a new animal series!
    Have a great autumn! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Connie!
    I would love it if someone made a movie of Totally Lucy – maybe you could become a director and do it when you’re older! There aren’t plans for more books at the moment, but you never know – I really do love Lucy and all her friends and family, so maybe one day…
    Happy reading! Love, Kellyxx

    Hi you Miss Princess!
    It’s great to hear that you enjoyed Half a Sister so much! Working out all the twists and turns on the plot took ages and really bent my brain!! As you liked that book, I hope you;ll like my new series Rainbow Beauty, which is about Abbie and her two sisters – you can check out the first chapters on the RB pages!
    Happy reading! Love, Kellyxx

    Hi Susan,
    I hope your writing has been going well – of course you can use Lucy as inspiration and her world! If you write something like that you could send it into the gallery on my site and we’ll put it up for you! Have fun reading and writing!
    Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Mana,
    It’s great to hear that you enjoyed the Fairy House books so much! As you may know, Scholastic won’t finish publishing the series, but I am planning to write the final four now that I have got a break and publish them somehow! Kepp an eye on the Fairy House page for more news, as I decide what to do! Love, Kellyxx

    Hi Liz,
    Thanks so much for your lovely message – it was such a pleasure to come to your school and meet the girls!
    Keep in touch, all best, Kellyx

  125. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi again Monique! I don’t have a pic, but maybe you could create one! there are some cool Totally Lucy avatars in the gallery to inspire you!

    Fab idea, Esme!Happy riding and reading!xxx

    Hi PPP! Thanks for stopping by!

  126. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Daisy! Maybe try some Alex Ryder books for more excitement!! xx
    Medhavini, you never know – there may be more Totally Lucy books in the future!
    Thanks, Georgina, mwah!
    Thanks, Amber – check out Animal S.O.S too!

  127. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Jaimie,
    Thanks so much for your lovely message – and sorry it’s taken AGES to reply – I got swamped with messages recently! I had a great time at Holly Lodge, you are all so lovely! I hope you enjoyed Peppermint Kiss – Strawberry Summer and Blueberry Wishes are out now if you’d like to read the rest of Abbie’s Rainbow Beauty adventure!
    Lots of love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Enesh,
    Thanks so much for your lovely message! Sorry it’s taken AGES to reply, I got swamped – but I’m back in control now!!! GREAT to hear you enjoyed Peppermint Kiss so much (I know – I love to put my characters in embarrassing situations!). If you want to read more of Abbie’s adventures, the other two books, Strawberry Summer and Blueberry Wishes are out now, all the details and the first chapters are up on my site!
    Have a fab autumn! Lots of love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Samirah,
    Thanks for your message! As it’s taken AGES to reply (sorry, got swamped!!) I’m e-mailing too, to make sure you get your reply! I hope you enjoyed the rest of Peppermint Kiss – if you did, you can now get Strawberry Summer and Blueberry Wishes, the other two Rainbow Beauty books too! I hope you have loads of fun this autumn and it was lovely to meet you!
    Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Monique!
    Thanks so much for your lovely message and sorry it’s taken ages to reply! That’s why I’m e-mailing too, to make sure you get your message back! I’m so thrilled that you enjoyed Peppermint Kiss so much and I’m thinking you have probably read Strawberry Summer by now and perhaps even Blueberry Wishes, which came out last month. I really hope you enjoyed them if you did! You might also like my Totally Lucy series if you haven’t read those yet, and Cathy Cassidy’s books, and Susie Day’s Pea books (there are three of those now, and I’m about to start the second one!). I hope you like them and have loads of happy reading time! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Chloe!
    Thanks so much for your lovely message on my site about Totally Lucy! it’s fab to hear you enjoyed them so much, and I hope you got chance to read the final two you were missing! You might also like my new series, Rainbow Beauty, which is for Totally Lucy readers – all three books are out now and you can read the first chapters on my site. I’ll put this message up on the board for you but wanted to mail too to make sure you got it, as I have taken AGES to reply – v. v. sorry about that!!
    Lots of love and happy reading! Kellyx

    Hi Hayley, Thanks so much for your lovely message on my site and the advice about Fan Fiction – I’m looking into all the options at the moment so that might be quite useful!

    Hi Amber,
    Thanks so much for your fab messages on my website! I hope you got to read the other pony camp books – it’s great to hear that you were enjoying them so much! I will post this message on my board for you but wanted to mail too in case you didn’t see it! Lots of love, Kellyx

    Hi Easha, Thanks so much for your lovely message on my website! It really made me laugh! I’m sure you don’t have a half sister (I have two! and two half brothers! but not a real sister!). So great to hear you enjoyed the book – you might like my new series Rainbow Beauty too, which you can see on the site, as there is lots of sisterish drama in that too! Hope you enjoy them if you have a read! Kellyxxx

    Hi Mia, Thanks for your lovely message on my site! I’m really delighted to hear that you enjoyed the books. I hope you’re like my new Rainbow Beauty series too – it’s really exciting because all three books are out now. I hope you’re having a lovely autumn hanging out with your friends and having a great time at school. I will put this message up on the board for you too but wanted to mail so you didn’t miss it!
    Lots of love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Maddie, Thanks for your lovely message on my site! I’m really pleased to hear that you enjoyed the Pony Camp books you’ve read, and I hope you’ve managed to read a few more by now! Thanks for saying I am a good author, that’s very nice! I guess I would say that if you want to be an author you should read a lot, write a lot and be very, very nosy about everything!!
    Have a great time riding and reading! Kellyxxx

    Hi Ella, Thanks so much for your lovely message on my site. It’s wonderful to hear that you and your little cousins enjoyed the Fairy House so much! I am very excited because I’m finally going to be able to have a break and write the last four Fairy House. I’m not sure if they’ll be e-books or printed or just free from my site but they will definitely BE somehow! Keep an eye on the Fairy House page and sign up for my mailing list for more news as soon as I know what I’m doing with them!
    Lots of love to you all, Kellyxxxx

    Hi Ariana, Thanks for your lovely message on my site! Sorry it’s taken me ages to reply – I got swamped! There’s no way to ‘join’ the site, but you can sign up for my mailing list and then get mails from me a few times a year, with news and comps! Have a fab autumn! Lots of love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Becca, Thanks so much for your fabulous message! How amazing that you read my books twice and probably more times by now! I hope you enjoy the new one, Blueberry Wishes, and have a brilliant autumn with your BFF!

    Hi Miss PPP! Thanks for your lovely message on my site! To answer your question, I get ideas from everywhere – things I’ve seen, read, watched, my life and being very very nosy. i think it all boils down in my head and the idea pops out! I bet you’re fab at coming up with ideas, too!
    Love, Kellyx

  128. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Alyssa – I’d love to come and meet you one day!
    Lauryn, great to hear you had a fab sleepover – def time for another one by now!
    Towana and Sherrona – I am going to finish the series – yay! they may be as e-books, though, I’m not sure what’s possible yet… I’ll post on the Fairy House page as soon as I know! Thanks so much for your lovely messages! Kellyx

  129. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Emily! I hope you’re having a fab autumn! Thanks so much for your lovely e-mail – I’m SOOOO delighted to hear that you enjoyed Peppermint Kiss! The other two books are out now and you can read the first chapters on my site! I would love to send you an autograph! Sorry to take forever to reply to you, I got a bit snowed under with messages!Kellyxxx

  130. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Anu,

    Thanks so much for your lovely message on my site! I’m e-mailing you too, in case you don’t see your message back on the site, as I have taken AGES to reply (SO sorry about that, just got swamped with messages! BTW me and everyone I know LOVES Indian people and Indian food is the favourite in my house with everyone! When I was pregnant with Freddie it was all I fancied eating for 6 months so mu husband was very happy! I get my ideas from everything – memories, things that happen, reading and watching things, and it all swirls up together to create new ideas. I bet you have loads of good ideas too!

    Have a lovely autumn! Kellyxxx

  131. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Anthony! I LOVED coming to your school it was amazing and one of my very very favourite! I’m so glad you found the tips useful, and I loved how we all sat round (eating Crunchies!) and discussing our projects, ideas and favourite films, books, TV series etc at the end – it was brilliant, just like a writer’s group. Your librarian is inspirational too! Kellyx

  132. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Sophie G! I would love to come to your school – it’s probably your new one now of course which is fine too! Your teacher or librarian can look up details in my site under the Author Visits section. To answer your question, the first Totally Lucy book is Makeover Magic. they have a thing on Amazon at the moment where you can get all ten in the series for £10, so £1 each, which is pretty amazing! You might also like my new series Rainbow Beauty, and you can find out about that (and enter a comp to win signed copies!) on my site too!xx

  133. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Jaden and Rhianna! Big hugs to you both!
    Hi Kara, I’m not sure where Abbie came from, she just seemed to spring to life in my mind, but I’m sure there’s a lot of me when I was that age in her! It’s great to hear that you enjoyed the book so much, as I hope you’ve had a chance to read Strawberry Summer and Blueberry Wishes, the other two in the trilogy, which are out now!K xxx

  134. saskia says:

    hey Kelly love your books Saskia here you are one of my favorite authors!

  135. Liz Marriott says:

    Hi Kelly
    Thank you so much for the time you gave to the girls at Manor House today. The feedback has been great and you have inspired the next generation! Best Wishes, Liz Marriott/Librarian

  136. Mana from Japan says:

    I LOVE the Fairy House books. I’d love to have fairy friends too, just like Katie. Please write the rest of the books soon!

  137. Ashleigh says:

    Hi Kelly love your books so much. love. p.s have a good day

  138. Susan says:

    Hi Kelly I love your totally Lucy books and I am writing a book myself (I really want to be an author like you) and I was wondering if I could use tainbridge high as my school. And if Lucy and her friends could be my characters role model . I would love it if you said yes but I don’t want to be a copy cat as your books are so good thanks Susan Dunn age 11 and a half

  139. diva says:

    hi kelly it was really very gud 2 read totally lucy…. i luved bff n just wanted 2 know dat when r u writing d next book????

  140. lipglossprincess says:

    Hi Kelly!
    I read one of your books called” Half a sister” and I LOVED it!!! It is such a great book ,full of suspense and you never know what happens next! I love your writing skills and your creative ideas ! I wish I had an imagination like you!
    thank you again for being the BEST author ever!!! :)

  141. connie says:

    I love your tottaly Lucy books! You should make a movie or more books!

  142. Sophie says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I love your pony camp diaries my favourite at the minute is Sophie and shine hope you will write more
    From your biggest fan!

  143. Khaffia latif says:

    Plz kelly make another half a sister book about Ellie and Hannah plz

  144. Khaffia latif says:

    Love your half a sister book about Hannah and Ellie it made me cry it’s a really touching story

  145. Chantal says:

    Hi Kelly
    I just read strawberry summer and its soooo good I’m starting to read blueberry kiss :) xxxx

  146. Jana says:

    Dear Kelly
    Kelly is a very cool Name!!!!!!!!!!
    I like the Name kelly!!!!
    Can you tell me when the next Pony book is coming out.
    I love the Pony books!!!!!
    Please Name it Fiona and Flame our Susy and Sancho our Mira and Miro. If you want!!!!

  147. Natalie says:

    Hi my names is Natalie.I read your book and I’m really happy.

  148. Ashleigh says:

    Please write back Kelly

  149. Ashleigh says:

    Hi Kelly when are Rainbow beauty coming to london Whsmith. Please make books love you you are the best writer bye bye

  150. dearbhail cassidy says:

    hi kelly im turnig tweleve tomorrow its the 15/08/13 right now i have a welsh pony called smartie and he’s VERY jittery.I am learning to ride and love your books have u got any tips for me and my pony thanks!!!!

    dearbhail cassidy

  151. india :) says:

    OMG Kelly i cant BELIEVE i am actually mesaging you!!! i swear i am your NUMBER 1 FAN!!! for always and forever xxxxxxx
    p.s: please email me in 1-2 weeks as my tablet is currently being fixed!!!

  152. Mia Hanson says:

    hi Kelly!
    I cant belive im actually messaging you!!
    I love your books and I have just finished reading rainbow beautys peppermint kiss and want to get the strawberry one PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GET OUT MORE SEQUALS!!!
    love mia hanson
    p.s: it would be absaloutly amazing if you would email me I am your NUMBER 1 FAN!!! and you are my idol!!!!

  153. ppp says:

    how did you get the idea for your books??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????:)

  154. becca says:

    hi kelly
    your books are amazing read it twice already and going to keep on reading it
    you are a inpiration

  155. Ariana says:

    Hi Kelly, You are so fantabulous! I love your books especially the Totally Lucy and Rainbow beauty. Is there a way to have an account on here? I would definitely sign up if there was!

  156. Monique says:

    Hi Kelly! I’m reading the rainbow beauty books right now and I really want to see how Ben, summer, and marco look like. If its possible, could post a pic of them on the website! That would be cool. Only if u can though. Thanx bye Kelly! :)

  157. Esme says:

    I love the pony camp diaries you should make a Esme and Suger book PLEASE!!!!!!

  158. ella says:

    I love the fairy house! but there is 12 birthstones and u have only written about 8, I hope u write some more soon because I have read the all of them 3 times! I read it 2 my little cousins, they r age 4 and 6! they love it 2! xxx

  159. Maddie loves ponies says:

    hi Kelly,
    I’ve got 4 of your pony camp books and they’re the best books ever I’m halfway through a book I started in december 2012 thank you

    .P.S. how do you be an author as good as you?

  160. Monique says:

    Hi Kelly! It’s monique again. I just wanted to ask if your working on any other books that are meant for 12 year olds or somthing. Cause in 12, as u would have noticed. Anyway…;) LOVE ur books!!! You are my FAVOURITE authour Eva!!! Bye:)

  161. mia says:

    hi kelly i am a huge fan of your books i aspecially love totally lucy books i hope we can chat can you send me some emails?id love to be friends!
    gotta go! bye

  162. easha haroon says:

    i LLLLLLLOVE your book called half a sister still reading it but it is really inspiring.I hope i do not have a half sister but i have a real one!!bye kelly

  163. amber says:

    MY NAME IS amber
    I AM 10
    I LIVE IN England
    I LOVE ponies
    i love ponies and i read no.2 and no.3 of pony camp diaries and i really want to read the rest

  164. amber dent says:

    hi kelly
    I LOVE your books!especially the pony camp diaries
    love amber XX

  165. Emily says:

    Hi kelly! I have read peppermint kiss and strawberry summer but I cannot wait unti blueberry wishes come out!! I live in Scotland and I was wondering if I could maybe get an autograph?! I am a MEGA FAN!!!!!

  166. Hayley Rubie says:

    Hey Kelly. I’m Hayley, and I just love your Fairy House books! They are so cool. By the way, if Scholastic is still not publishing, you can(If you want) publish them on a free website called FanFiction. Best of luck for the future,
    P.S. I really don’t like Tiffany, but then again, who does?

  167. georgina says:

    hello love your pony camp books and rainbow beauty books.

  168. chloe hanger says:

    hi kelly!!! I am a big fan of tottally lucy i have nearly read all of them.I have nealy read all of them i just need to read star struck and planet fashion.
    Chloe hanger the illustrationns and the writing.

  169. monique says:

    HI kelly!!!!!! im monique from new zealand. i am such a big fan! i LOVE your books! especially Rainbow Beauty. im reading peppermint kiss right now! can’t wait to read strawberry summer!!! i wanted to ask you if you could write more great stories like rainbow beauty. i’m only on the first book, and im already worrying about what series i should read after! i really like you kinda style of books, it’s really interesting and fun to read. so in the future i would really LOVE to read more books like rainbow beauty. sorry this is a long message, this is my first time talking to you! I’m such a MASSIVE fan. thank you! love from Monique:P
    btw your really pretty!

  170. medhavini says:

    hi i just anted to say pls carry on the totally lucy books pls pls

  171. Hi Kelly ! says:

    Thank you for visit in Warsaw! :)
    (18.05.13)!!! :)

  172. samirah udddin says:

    hi kellyim from holly lodge ive read the first 4 chapters of your book and so far im loving it.At first i thought its for babys and small kids but when i started to read it i found it very very interesting hope i can get your next book

  173. daisy says:

    hi Kelly I sortof like youre books but it doen’t kave much exitment init

  174. enesh says:

    hi Kelly I love youre book peppermint kisss especially when you can see abbies’s bra in front of marco it well funny xxxx

  175. Jaimie Murphy says:

    Hi Kelly!
    You were really great today at Holly Lodge it was nice to talk to you and get things signed, I love your impression of your daughter singing taylor swift!
    I am going to by peppermint kiss soon!

  176. Anu says:

    Hi Kelly
    My name is Anu. I am from India most people doesn’t like indian peoples. But I am sure you don’t mind. Because I really think you are a really nice person I love all your books well I only read one of then the cat walk crazy one and I knew t was gonna be good I read the back. I have a question to ask. Were do you get all these great ideas. I hope you will reply me soon I hope at least before Friday I love all your books bye kelly

  177. anthony scott says:

    hi kelly
    you visited our school today. you have really had made me be inspired. all my friends are all talking about how much they liked your tips and i think our english teacher will be very happy we can now make books. i have orded attack of the killer sharks and csnt wait to read it!!!
    thanks so much for coming
    anthony scott
    P.S thanks for the crunchie!!!

  178. Sophie says:

    Hi I really love your totally Lucy books you should to stalky make more i would love it if you could come to my school I’m in year six. I have only read a couple of your totally Lucy books and wonders what is the first to totally Lucy book!!!!! :-)
    Sophie Gittings

  179. Towana says:

    i love your books so please can you do some mor fairy books for us please!!

  180. Towana+Sherrona says:

    we love your books

    love from Towana+sherrona

  181. Towana+Sherrona says:

    we love your books we would like you to do some more fairy house books for people to read. I have almost read all your books so please do some more fairy house books.

  182. lauryn says:

    thank you so much for answering. We had an amazin sleepover , with lots of poporn and sweets !!!! Good luck with all your writing xx

  183. Alyssa says:

    Please come to my school it would be sooooo cool to meet you
    I go to Cadarackque P.S

  184. Kara says:

    Thank you Kelly!
    It means a lot to me that you took the time to write back! :-)
    I do have another question:
    How did you think of the character Abbie in peppermint kiss?
    I think she’s amazing!
    From Kara
    P.S It would be so cool to have a purple monkey dressed in a curly wurly outfit! :-D

  185. Rhianna says:

    Hi Kelly me again I have already registered for your competition at DGGS about the imagining 3 things in the bag. I would love a copy of your book. I hope I get to see you soon. Also I have added you with your email so Can I send you emails?

  186. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Rihanna, lovely to meet you! – I’ll mail you some info, no probs!
    Hello cheeky Aysha! Thanks, I needed the luck as I’m about to get back on with my edit after this break!
    Hiya Tilly and Lauryn!SOOO glad u like it! Have a fab sleepover on Saturday with lots of crazy dancing!
    Hi Skye! I’m SO excited to get your message! I’m glad you found it all so helpful and good luck with your writing – don’t forget to send in anything you want displayed on the site to
    Loads of love girls! xxx

  187. Kelly McKain says:

    Claudia and Athikah – oh, that would be lovely! they’d have to fly me out there, though!
    Katrina, FAB to hear how much you enjoyed Totally Lucy and Pony Camp Diaries!
    Hi Sarah and Maren! Maren, I have e-mailed you back. xx
    Hi Zoe! Strawberry Summer is out on the 1st June, so not long to wait now!
    Thanks, Suditi! It was a bit brain-bending to plot all the twists and turns in Half a Sister, but I loved the challenge! I’m SOOO pleased you enjoyed it so much, and thanks for taking the time to tell me so!
    Wow, Kara! That’s loads! Keep them all because you never know when it might be the perfect moment to develop one of your ideas! To answer your questions, it probably takes about 3 months to write something like a Totally Lucy book, and everything inspires me, and my fave things are curly wurlys and swimming and yoga and cherries and roast dinners 9and loads more, go to Kelly’s Place to read about them!)

  188. Claudia says:

    Can you pleeeeaaaase come to my school.I really want ur autograph and books.

    xoxo Claudia

  189. Skye says:

    you visited my school today and I was really inspired. I have wanted to be an author or at least write a book from a very young age. I have always enjoyed reading and writing. your talk made me realise what it is like to be an author but it also helped be realise that that is what I want to do. I want people to read my stories! I have short stories before and I am currently working on a FanFiction that is going to be long. I know it sounds so teenage but I’m a teenager so I guess that’s okay. I like writing about things I like so I thought a FanFiction was the best way to go. thank you for making me realise that I am able to write if I plan and that writing is something I would like to do. also, thank you for helping me find new ways to create characters and get inspired!

  190. lauryn says:

    Hey kelly,

    its lauryn from dover girls grammer school, we had such a good time today, thank you so much for signing my rainbow beuty book xx

  191. Tilly p says:

    Hi, I’m Tilly from DGGS I interviewed you today, I have started to read the rainbow Beaty book it’s AMAZING! I can’t put it down! Xxx

  192. Aysha says:

    Hey Kelly it’s the ” cheeky” girl you met a DGGS you said to wish you good luck so the very best wishes love aysha xxxx

  193. Rhianna says:

    I also have read your books peppermint kiss and half a sister and I loved them. xxxxx

  194. Rhianna says:

    Hi Kelly I really liked your visit today at grammar in Dover I was there and I got your autograph :) Don’t worry if you can’t get the package for me I will get ideas. Can I get your email address so I can send you messages on your email.

  195. Kara says:

    Hi Kelly!
    I love your book Peppermint kiss! I especially love the characters!

    I’m eleven years old, and I already know that I want to be an author just like you. I love writing stories all the time, I have over 30 notebooks with stories and ideas in them!
    So I just have a few questions:
    What inspires you when you write?
    How long does it take you to write a book?
    Where do you like to write your books?
    My fave things are writing, reading, dogs, and drawing.
    From Kara

  196. Suditi mukherjee says:

    Hi Kelly
    I just really like the book half a sister. It’s really good.You’re a great writer. How did you come up with such a great writer. How did you come up with such a great book? BEST BOOK EVER
    Bye Kelly from suditi

  197. Zoë says:

    Hi again! Roughly when is ‘Strawberry Summer’ going to come out?
    With love from Zoë

  198. Maren says:

    Hello Kelly
    We are writing from Germany. My 7 year old daughter, her name is Maren has to do a book presentation for school. She had to read the book “Amy and Bella“ (that is the name in German). It will be great if you write some words for my daughter so she can bring them to school.
    Thank you very much

  199. Sarah says:

    Hello Kelly
    Here are more ideas
    You are sooooooo cool

  200. Claudia says:

    I love all your books !Espeacially your Totally Lucy Books! Can you come to my school even though its at Singapore,Pasir Ris Primary please come9even though I lie my age,actually its my sister’s age. So Please Come!!!

  201. Katrina says:

    I love,love,love your Totally Lucy books!I have the whole series(which I got for xmas)I also have some pony camp diaries books too.My fave Totally Lucy book is Makeover Magic!

    Katrina xxx

  202. Claudia and Athikah says:

    Can you please come to our school even though my school is at Singapore,Pasir Ris.And my school is Pasir Ris Primary School.Please come,we beg you!We love the Tatally Lucy books,they are so AWESOME!We will be a fashion designer like Lucy when we grow up.So please come to our school!

  203. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Zoe! Great to meet you at Norwich High! I’m so happy you love Peppermint Kiss! Wow, you have loads of fab hobbies – i’d love to come and hang out with you for a day! Thanks for spreading the Rainbow Beauty lurve!! Kellyxx
    Thanks, Phoebe! Fab to meet you too!
    Hi Ellena! Wow, thanks so much! Fab to meet u too – I remember you because of the 2 l’s in your name!xx

  204. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Lauren! Maybe I will one day, hee hee!
    Ira – good luck with your writing!
    Katie – I’m not sure where ideas come from. They just pop into my head when I’m doing something repetitive like walking or ironing! Make sure you have something with you to write them down on, though!
    Subirna – if that’s what you want to do, I’d say just keep going. But if you get any personal feedback, try to take it on board and use it to improve your work.Good luck!
    Thanks, Louisa!
    Hi Bev! I hope your operation went well and you got all the other TL books! Happy reading!
    XXXXXXhugs to you allxxxxxxxx

  205. ellena riches says:

    kelly, just started to read you latest book peppermint kiss its brilliant and i cant seem to put it down its the first book i’ve had that i love and i will proberbly read it agian when i am finished, i love wrigting and i hope that one day i will be as good as you and right a serious of books, thank you for coming in to long stratton high school and talking to us, p.s love that book its epic x

  206. Phoebe says:

    Hi Kelly
    I saw you today at a book author visit to my school i really liked meeting you and i can’t wait to read your book
    Phoebe :)xox

  207. Zoë says:

    Hi Kelly!
    You recently came to my school, (Norwich High School for Girls). I was so excited and I have to say that you are just WOW at writing! I love your book ‘Peppermint Kiss’ and I can’t wait to read the next books! I’M SO EXCITED!!!
    I think I’m going to end up as your no.1 fan! In fact I probably already am!
    A bit about myself:
    I live in Norwich and am 11yrs old.
    I love making creams, lip balm, perfumes and I like makeup that looks natural.My hobbies are swimming, rounders, netball, cooking, sewing, knitting, reading, creative writing (writing books), cycling, going to the theatre, acting, music and singing. I have loads of family and friends.
    You’ve really inspired me and I hope that one day I’ll be able to write books like you do!
    I’ll try to spread the word of your new books and website.
    Love Zoë

  208. Beverley Wood says:

    Hey i TOTALLY love the totally lucy books, ive got 5 more to read but i will read them next week as i am having a opperation and have 2 weeks off when my school library were out off the books i puy in a request form and the might be getting the books in pls pls pls pls write more they are AMAZING
    love Bev xoxoxoxo

  209. louisa says:

    how do you make those books so amazing?they are totaly fabbb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  210. Subirna says:

    Hi Kelly! I’ve spoken to you before but I really wanted to know how you can publish a book. I’m 14 but I don’t want to self publish my book as it is quite expensive. I just want to give it to a publisher and see if they like it and if they don’t then move on. I have been looking for a publisher for ages and can’t seem to find one! Please help Kelly!!! Thnxxxxxxx


  211. Aleks says:

    Hi im from poland.And i want to know if u are making a new book cause i have some ideas.So u could put the title as The fairy house and a new fairy.U could,if u want to the fairy queen could come and its her Birthday and katie has a new friend and in secret sie is a fairy and its the queens sister,and on the end the queens sister gets a present and its the last birthstone and they save the tree!!!!!!

  212. Katie says:

    Hi Kelly Mckain,

    I am Katie I really like your book : The fairy house and mermaid rock. You are the fabulous author.
    Bye. Katie xxx

  213. sudishma says:

    Hi Kelly Mckain,

    I am Sudishma.
    I like your book very very very much!

  214. Pritu says:

    Hi Kelly Mckain,

    This is me Pritu.
    I am from Nepal.
    You are an amazing author and I really like your book for real.

  215. Katie says:

    Hi Kelly Mckain,

    I really like The fairy house and mermaid rock is one of my favorite book in the world I wonder where did you got the idea of the brilliant stories to read. I like it.

  216. Ira Yadav says:

    I love reading your books…and I want to become an author like you.
    i love writing stories..
    your first book which i read was the the fairy house -fairy friends and then i read the mermaid rock series..this list is unfinishing….

  217. Lauren says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I loved your totally lucy books!! They were the best books in the world!! Totally Lucy books are my favourite of all time and i have read all of them at least 5 times. Pleas please please write some more totally lucy books!!!! :)


  218. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girlies! Thanks so much for all your fab messages!
    Hello to Louise, Ella, Phoebe (Warrior sounds gorge!), Annie, Jessica, Lauren Kate, Rebecca (try Animal S.O.S next!), Lexus, Niamh and Roxy!
    Isabel – wow, what an amazing reader! I’m so glad the books helped you hon. Lots of hugz to youxxx
    Jana, thanks for all the great title ideas! And Sarah, Luna, Lucy, Kelly!
    Alma, fab to hear you loved Half a Sister!
    Amy, no I’m not Scottish, but my stepfather is, does that count?!
    Lorna, I think they pulled the pic from Facebook, try leaving your facebook open at the same time.
    Preslava, it’s great to hear that you relate to Lucy so much! xxx
    Hi Charlie!
    Ellie, there was a lovely piebald called Prince at the stables where i used to work in the holidays and Prince is based on him!
    Mahnoor – fab to hear your fave Lucy is Catwalk Crazy!
    Hi Emily and Jenna!
    Wow, thank you Keosha! I LOVED meeting you all, you’re an amazing bunch of girls!
    Kanya, there are no plans for this at the moment, but never say never!
    Subirna, Peppermint Kiss is for about 11+ I’d say, as a guide. Hope you enjoy it!
    Isabel, thank you SO much – it means so much to me that Lucy means so much to YOU!
    Hi Laura, happy birthday and I hope you get more of the books! Happy reading!
    Thanks, Aidee, and wow, you read fast!!
    Great titles, Shannon – you should def write one of those!
    Loads to love to you all, MWAH!!! Kellyxx

  219. Shannon Smith says:

    You asked if I could help you get some ideas for some new books. So I thought about it and you should write some books like.. id tell you I love you but then ill have to kill you, don’t judge a girl by her cover, out of sight out of time, cross my heart and hope to spy and only the good die young by ally carter they are funny awesome and great for teenagers like me. I hope you had fun at flixton girls and write some books like these!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Shannon

  220. Aidee says:

    Hi kelly i ur totally lucy books ive read 4 books in 1 week i wish wish there was more than ten:)

  221. laura says:

    hi i love the toatally lucy books i love the illastrations they are the type you can try yourself i want to be a musical fastion designer so i find the boks extra intersting i am asking for the books for my birthday! i have only got makeover magic!

  222. Isabel says:

    Hi Kelly ! went through the totally lucy series again . I was wondering if you knew what happened to lucy, jules, and tilda after best friends forever. I got all my friends reading the totally lucys. I remeber I was at the library and this girl asked her mom if the librarian had planet fashion but she didnt so they left. After they were gone i looked through your books and i rented style school out. It was then I got into them. I was so sad when i read the last page of best friends forever because i knew it was your last book. When I was young i read mermaid rock. I didnt know you wrote them till recently. They were so good.

  223. Subirna says:

    Hey, you are one of my faviest authors and i was wondering what age group Peppermint Kiss would be for. Also you MUST write more of Totally Lucy book ‘cos i want to know more about disasters that might have happened to Lucy when she got her Q!!

  224. Kanya says:

    Are you going to be writing any more totally Lucy books? I love them it would be cool if there were more!

  225. keosha says:

    Hi Kelly Mckain i was at flixton girls school when you came it was a great pleasure you books are like wow outstanding i have never read a book with so much enthusiasm you are a great role model to me and can never thankyou for coming to my school and to share what you got THANKYOU xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  226. taffee says:

    hi my real name is jenna and i’m 11 years!!! old i love your totally Lucy books and i am trying 2 get my parents 2 buy me more !!! my dream is 2 become a profesional artist or author like u :D :D :D

  227. Emily says:

    Hi Kelly McKain
    I love Pony Camp example:
    Megan and Mischief
    Poppy and Prince
    Chloe and Cracker
    I really want to be an Author like you. I am 7 years old.
    From Emily

  228. mahnoor says:

    Heyya OMG kelly i luv ya My Fave Book From You Is ”Catwalk Crazy” I Keep Readin It Lol Luv Ya Again xxxx ~Mahnoor :)xxxx

  229. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hey Kelly! I know it’s a bit early but MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope you have a fabtastic christmas day and a wonderful end to 2012! Also, a happy new year!:-D
    Much Love xxx

  230. Laura says:

    Dear Kelly
    Here are ideas
    Lena and Landa
    Miriam and Milson
    Maya and Moonlight
    Sabrina and Star
    Jessica and Jessy

  231. Laura says:

    Dear Kelly Mckain
    Here are more ideas
    Jemina and Jemin
    Jasmin and Janielea
    Lia and Ludmilla
    Milla and Miria
    Mira and Mirilia
    Katie and Kateline
    Hannah and Hans
    Charlene and Jalissia
    Elisabeth and Elbis
    Charllotte and Charlie
    Henriette and Henry
    Arissia and Amirlin
    Susanna and Sarin
    Susan and Sarinne
    Irenka and Irank
    Angelika and Annil
    Betty and Barin
    Lara and Lirin
    Stephanie and Sitan
    Isabel and Isabelchen

  232. Kelly says:

    Dear Kelly
    Here are more ideas
    Julie and Jool
    Mila and Mils
    Elena and Elin
    Emilia and Emil
    Emilie and Emillien
    Franziska ( Franzie) and Franzil
    Melissia ( Millie) Milschen
    Amelie and Amil
    Diana and Danias
    Anita and Arine
    Magda and Marin
    Leonie and Leo
    Alyssia and Arisil
    Olivia and Ovilia
    Andrea and Andreas
    Issy and Isilnen
    Janina and Jarin
    Tameka and Tamil
    Tamara and Tarin
    Ruby and Rubiria

  233. Kelly says:

    Dear Kelly
    Here are more ideas
    Julie and Jool
    Mila and Mils
    Elena and Elin
    Emilia and Emil
    Emilie and Sophie
    $äöldk[}[} }[€df}üqewkdföoiawj t5ibv

  234. Kelly says:

    Dear Kelly
    Here are more ideas

  235. Kelly says:

    Dear Kelly
    Here are more ideas
    Miriam and Milson
    Lena and Landa
    Maya and Moonlight
    Sabrina and Star
    Jessica and Jessy
    Melanie and Molly
    Britta and Browny
    Billie and Beller
    Sissi and Seraline
    Nina and Nestor
    Marlene and Mike
    Grace and Gwenny
    Dora and Diana
    Pauline and Pilla
    Pia and Pallia
    Kate and Kaytlin
    Rebecca and Rebel
    Selena and Silia
    Luise and Loulillia
    Xenia and Xaran
    Syllia and Silson
    Ylvy and Yves
    Saliaia and Sugar
    Louise and Lüris/Luras
    Bibi and Birias
    Trixi and Traxin
    Penelope and Penny
    Lola and Lelerchen
    Sumi and Selly
    Alina and Alianna
    Danii and Daria
    Linda and Lanja
    Amita and Amillia
    Sally and Sellia
    Von Kelly

  236. Sarah says:

    Dear Kelly
    Here are more ideas
    Miriam and Milson
    Lena and Landa
    Maya and Moonlight
    Sabrina and Star
    Jessica and Jessy
    Melanie and Molly
    Britta and Browny
    Billie and Beller
    Sissi and Seraline
    Nina and Nestor
    Marlene and Mike
    Grace and Gwenny
    Doraand Diana
    Selena and Silianja
    Louise and Louillia
    Kate and Kaytia
    Rebcca and Rebel
    Xenia and Xaran
    Syllia and Silson
    Ylvy and Yves
    Salia and Sugar
    Louise and Lüris/Luras
    Bibi and Birias
    Trixi and Traxin
    Penelope and Penny
    Lola and Lelerchen
    Sumi and Selly
    Alina and Alianna
    Danii and Daria
    Linda and Lanja
    Amita and Amilia
    Sally and Sellia

  237. Ellie says:

    Hi kelly

    i love your pony camp books, i also saw on your website thant you like horse riding i love HORSES and horse riding so so so much and i have dreamed for a horse like poppys prince and he would be called price :)

  238. Charlie says:

    It’s Charlie, again!
    I luv ya! Luv ya books too!

  239. preslava says:

    i love your books

  240. preslava says:

    oooooo i love your book totally lucy. maybe this sentences is wrong, but i’m from Bulgariq and….. you now i really love your book. i have 2 friends that are just like juls and tilda and i’m like lucy. we think that the book is written for us. it is amaizing>3

  241. Lorna says:

    HIHIHI how do get them picture beside your name?

  242. Jana / Sarah / Luna / Lucy says:

    Dear Kelly
    Here are more ideas
    Isein and Iselinchen
    Svenya and Silwan
    Alexandra and Alexis
    Lucia and Lucky
    Salome and Selchen
    Alin and Alan
    Frery and Felchen
    Fredericke and Florina
    Manja and Marian
    Amanda and Abba
    Elana and Elsa
    Enja and Erschen
    Jennifer and Jenna
    Jenny and Jelena
    Anne and Änerchen
    Polly and Pelerchen
    Meira and Möserschen
    Genya and Glänzerchen
    Sarah Luna Lucy Victoria Laura

  243. Jana / Sarah / Luna / Lucy says:

    Dear Kelly
    Here are more ideas
    Nora and Nicky
    Anna and Amir
    Alana and Alas
    Kira and Karan
    Irene and Iran

  244. Jana / Sarah. says:

    Dear Kelly
    Here are more ideas
    Fila and Filou
    Ronja and Romana
    Lisa and Lisander
    Oda and Odin
    Lucy and Lucystar
    Anja and Amber
    Tanja and Tally
    Lea and Luana
    Zoe and Zafira
    Rosi and Rosela
    Jana and Janias
    Aniela and Änchen
    Fenya and Fee
    Gira and Girlanda
    Sira and Sonny
    Bea and Bonny
    Laura annd Lischen
    Luna and Luan
    Kaisa and Kainer
    Sarah and Starrain
    Jana / Sarah

  245. Amy MacDonald says:

    Hi, i love all your books. Right now i am reading your totally Lucy books and they are fabulus. For school i need to find out what authers are Scottish and i was just wondering if you are? Please reply to me because i am a BIG fan XxXxX

  246. alma says:

    the story half a sister is veryyyyy cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  247. Jana says:

    Dear Kelly
    I am a 9 year old girl from Switzerland and I love all your pony books. I have 10 ideas for the title of additional pony books that you could write:
    Susi and Sultan
    Evi and Elvis
    Dana and Darx
    Jolly and Jewel
    Georgia and Goldie
    Mira and Miro
    Fiona and Flame
    Sonja and Sancho
    Tina and Tamino
    Mia and Morning Star
    I look forward to these boosk

  248. Isabel says:

    Hi Kelly ! It’s Isabel here. Over the past year
    I have read your books front to cover over 10 times. I canr relate to those books so much it’s freaky. Your books have also helped me get over of the seperation of my parents. Me and my three bff are just like lucy, jules, and tilda. I will aalways, no matter what age I am love your books.

  249. Roxy says:

    Thanks again Kelly :D You are my role model I’d love to meet you one day! :)
    Roxy xxx

  250. Niamh says:

    Hi Kelly!! I love your Totally Lucy books they are amazing! I think you are an amazing writer!!
    Lots of love Niamh x

  251. Lexus Heremaia says:

    Hi Kelly, I’m a 8yr old girl and i love reading your FAIRY HOUSE BOOKS there so amazing. in the future i hope you make some more. Love you lots Lexus

  252. rebecca says:

    i love ponie camp dairys but after 12 can you write another seirys about ponies ?

  253. Lauren Kate Reid says:

    Hello! I love reading Totally Lucy books there awesome!!!

  254. Jessica says:

    hi kelly!! i have read all the totaly lucy seiries and i HOPE you will make some more…

  255. Annie says:

    I have read all the Totally Lucy books at least 18 times! Because I love them!

  256. Phoebe Dickens says:

    Hi Kelly!
    I am mad about your books! I am going to get all of them!
    Oh can you do a book about my pony Warrior and me. Warrior is a palamino and he has a star and a stripe on his head!
    thank you!
    Phoebe x

  257. Ella says:

    Hi guys, i ride at mayfair riding stables, my fav horses are James & Treacle.
    see ya Ellaxx

  258. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hey Kelly, oh it’s fine, just take your time! It’s a wonder you reply to me at all never mind read my stories, most authors wouldn’t do it so I really appreciate it and respect it’ll take you time:) Don’t rush yourself! Work on your stories and when you WANT to then maybe give my stuff a read through, the last thing I want is for you to find it a chore to read my things:) So have fun and take your time!
    Hope you’re okay and maybe we could have an update on Freddie?
    Much love and goodluck with the book!xxx

  259. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! Wow, what a lot of fab messages! I’m so excited about how much you love the books – it really inspires me when I’m writing!
    Louise, what a great question!I guess I was like you and worried a lot – I did giggle a lot too and have fun, but perhaps I could have had more!! Oh, I know, I would tell myself at your age, ‘don’t worry, everyone’s not looking at you, they’re too busy worrying about themselves!’ Oh, and sorry I haven’t got to your stories yet – as you can see I’m only just catching up with my website! I will try and get to them soon but it might be over the Christmas break at this rate! xx
    Fab to hear you liked Pony Camp, Amy!I used to work at a pony camp so that gave me loads of inspiration!
    Thanks, Amelia, and I hope you enjoyed Jessica and Jewel!
    Saloni, sorry I can’t send books out but please do enter my next comp – someone from Gujarat won a prize last time so you never know!
    Kate and Elizabeth – it’s not that I don’t want to write more Lucy!! I know it’s hard for you to understand but writers aren’t really in control of these things, as our publishers have to want to do more too! Maybe there’ll be a new Lucy special one day! And thanks so much to you both for being such fab fans!
    And Lulu thanks for wanting more too!
    And Lily, yes I AM reading this!! Hi!! xxx
    Thanks, Abbi! I think Style School is my fave too so SNAP!
    Thanks ksd and mim! And Alma and Kiki and Aamline and Lois! Amazing cool names, girls!
    It’s great to hear you love the books so much, Lia! And what a cool mum to buy you four more! Thanks for being such a fab fan!
    Louise, thanks for your book tips! Maybe I’ll start a chat on that!
    Thanks so, so, sooooo much Alison! MWAH!!
    Katie, wow, quel coincidence! How cool!
    Hi Jemima, wow thanks for reading all those books! Sending you loads of hugz!
    LOVE YA GIRLS!!! Kellyxxx

  260. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! Thanks so much for all your fab comments! I’m about to grab a Crunchie and have a read through – so watch this space for replies this week! Love, Kellyxx

  261. Jemima says:

    Hi Kelly,
    Wow! In the last couple of years, I have read all of the Totally Lucy books, Mermaid Rock and Fairy House. I am also really excited to try reading the Goddess books! Thank you for being such a fantastic author and writing interesting, cool books. I really appreciate it!

    Jemima x

  262. Katie says:

    hi kelly
    my last name is hartley so when i got my first totally lucy book i was amazed that lucys last name was hartley i love them !! x

  263. Lois says:

    hi kelly
    i LOVE your totally lucy books, they have inspired me to read a lot more! I haven’t read them all yet but i’m exited to! bye!

  264. marline says:

    hey kelly i love all of your books that so asome goog job good luk an your job do je best ga zo door

  265. alison salter says:

    we love you kelly!!!
    keep on writing your brilliant books!!!
    the animal SOS books look great and are on my list!!!!!
    i adore your pony camp diaries!!!i’ve got them all!!!
    your my no. 1 author!!!

    keep on writing

  266. KikiP says:

    Hi Kelly! I think your Totally Lucy books are awesome!You are a great writer and you just keep on going!And i think your books are very inspiring to everyone,very artistic and fun too!So best wishes from Kiki :)))))

  267. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hey Kelly! Woah this summer has flown by! Not looking forward to going back to school, too many maths lessons for my liking (you may guess I despise maths) however I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again and getting back into certain lessons like English and art!
    I’ve read three books these holidays and am 2 and a half thirds through one more book, the books I’ve read are: ‘out of sight of of time’ by ally carter, I’ve also read the other books in the series – ‘a bad boy can be good for a girl’ which I got from a magazine and didn’t really enjoy it – spoiled by two female authors which is also very good and I’m currently reading heist society by ally carter. I recomend all these books except a bad boy can be good for a girl, I didn’t really like it. But I’ve enjoyed sitting by the pond in my garden (only when it’s sunny, otherwise I’m in my room) and reading for hours!
    Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed summer Kelly! Don’t forget to email me when you have a minute about the stories I sent you, if you can:)
    Thank you!
    Love always xxx

  268. Lia Gray says:

    Hi I’m Lia,i love your amazing book about Tilda
    Jules and go green Lucy.your book has convinced me more to becoming a fashion designer!THANK U:)(I was reading planet fashion)my friend got me this book for my 9th birthday,and was just sitting there on the shelf and now im 11 and i cant get my eyes of it thankfully my mum ordered 4 more of your totally Lucy books(u r my no:1 author)

  269. Alma says:

    You are so great author i love your books

  270. mim says:

    iloooooove totally Lucy books. I sometimes take fashion tips from it. U r a great,fabulisious author. i love Ur books!!!!!!!!!!

  271. ksd says:

    you r a great author………….. i luv ya books so…..much…. they r all so great!!!!!

  272. Abbi Flynn says:

    Hi Kelly Mckain

    Just to say I LOVE all of your Totally Lucy books they are very interesting as soon as you pick it up you cant put it down until you have read it cover to cover! I am going to read all the other series. KEEP ON WRITING!

    Abbi Flynn

    P.S. Especially love Style School

  273. Lily says:

    Dear Kelly,
    I know you probably won’t read this, but I just wanted to say your Totally Lucy books are the best books EVER! I have read them all, and so does my friend. Thank you so much for writing them! Please, please, please, can you write another book, because I want to find out if Lucy and Simon are bf/gf! Millions of other girls around the world want to you to as well, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Thank you!
    Your biggest fan
    ~Lily! xx

  274. lulu says:

    hey kelly i absouloutly love your totattly lucy books there amazing i was just wondering if u would make some more plz

  275. Kate&Elizabeth says:

    Hi Kelly!
    I don’t speak english very well, but I hope that you will understand. I am a big fan of Lucy’s stories, and I am very sad that you don’t want to write more books about her. I looove totally lucy series, and I hope that maybe you write about her more books. It would be amazing. In my country ( I am not from GB) I can buy only books about Lucy, so If can write sth more I would be grateful.
    P.S. Me and my friend have fun club for your worship. :)

  276. saloni jain says:

    hi kelly Mckain i m saloni jain fro india! ur this book totally luvy is very interesting ! its my favss book! so i wnt 2 buy this book in india it cannot be found nd we hv not so much of money 2 buy this book! so plz send me a book of totally lucy the fantasy fashion ! plzzzzzzzz!
    and i m requesting u!

  277. Sid Dunnebacke says:

    Hi Kelly -
    Your post on the Girls Heart Books blog has me all kinds of intrigued about your Animal SOS stories for my daughter. I fear I’m in the wrong part of the world, though – nothing on Amazon/the Kindle, Barnes & Noble, or my local library. You have secret info about how I might yet be able to buy them? Thanks so much –

  278. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hey Kelly!
    Hope your well, I see you’ve been busy writing some new books! There a mix of my fave things! I hope I win the competition to get them signed:D
    Anyway, have you had time to read the stories I sent you a while ago? If so can you email me back with what you think please?
    Thankyou, and congrats about the books:)xxx

  279. Gen and Maddie says:

    Hi Kelly!
    We love your pony camp diary books!!! We are writing a book report (for school) about your poppy and prince book and were just wondering what kind of writing techniques you like to use? please reply! thank you!!!!

    Gen and Maddie

    ps please write more books so we can enjoy reading them!!! x

  280. Olivia says:

    hi Kelly my daughter is doing a project at school about you and she would like to know…How you became a author?

  281. amelia wilson says:

    anybody like pony camp ?

  282. amelia wilson says:

    to kelly i’m about to read ‘jessica and jewel’
    and i’m gonna tellmy bffs about u

  283. Amy says:

    I have just finshed reading poppy and prince i loved it and how poppy was so good with prince what made you write pony camp books

  284. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hey Kelly,
    Aw that’s cute! Hehe:)
    I’ve been thinking alot about how fast life goes recently…I never really noticed until recently. It feels like just yesterday I was doing SAT’s and finding them so nerve-racking and going out every afternoon with a bunch of friends after a ‘hard’ day at primary school. I wish I could go back to those days:’( But now I’m sitting here in high school uniform, being lazy and being so scared about future GCSE’s! Soon enough I’ll be in college etc…I REALLY need to start doing some things and…LIVING!
    Do you have anything to recommend that I do before I start growing up even more?
    What do you wish you’d done?
    Thanks, much love:-)xxx

  285. jackie McGuinness says:

    My daughter totally loves all things fairy and I have just ordered her he first 4 Fairy House books. Have books 9-12 been published?
    Many kind regards
    Jackie McGuinness

  286. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls!
    thanks so much for all your fab comments, I love reading them all!
    Louise, you are very sensible about boys! Matt is lovely – I met him in the pub where he worked!
    Thanks for the going out info, Roxy, CHG and Heidi!
    Hi Manasi! How cool!
    Thanks, Nor and thanks to Rahma too, love the word thing!
    Amy, Poppy and Char, it’s fab to hear that you love Pony Camp. Amy, yes I worked on a real pony camp myself!
    Anya and Megan, great to hear you enjoyed Half a Sister!
    And Evie, Adabel, Ece and Emma, that you loved Totally Lucy!
    And Fairy House, Tiffany, Sophie and Eliana.
    Wow, what a lot of lovely comments on the books, I’m going to be walking on air all day!
    Ella, Totally Lucy isn’t on Kindle at the moment, but my new series will be – keep an eye on this site for details!
    Riane, you can find them all on Amazon, but let me know if there’s any problem!
    Rox, you’re very welcome, big hugs hon!
    Love to you all girls, xxxx

  287. rahma says:

    i love your books to bit they are so go u are my Favorited author i have nearly read all your book and the ones i have read so far very good .i could not put them down they are so interesting.
    ilove k
    ilove ke
    ilove kel
    ilove kell
    ilove kelly m
    ilove kelly mc
    ilove kelly mck
    ilove kelly mcka
    ilove kelly mckai
    ilove kelly mckain !
    ilove kelly mckain !!

  288. char 13 says:

    Hi please please can you write more and more of your pony camp books i love them so much that i have dedicated my life to horse riding and my mum is finding pony camps so please write more pony camp books

    from pony lover

  289. Roxy says:

    Thank you Kelly!
    You don’t know how much you’ve helped me :D
    Roxy xxxxxxx

  290. Rianne .z.m says:

    Hi kelly! i was just woundering if you are going to do another Totally Lucy book thay are amazing!:’) i hav just read the last one in 1 day !i have got all 18 quetions right in every book but i need help i can not find Summer Starts, Catalk Crazy and Planet Fshion.i realy hope u are sill answering comments.i was just like tilda but now ihav reay grown up in other words they hav helped me alot !!! please reaply soon

  291. Emma Lin says:

    hey! your books are AWESOME~! ^.^ I own Half a Sister, and its absolutely mind blowing!! <3

  292. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Jodi Raditz, you can get them on Amazon. See the Fairy house page to get more info and get the link for each book onto amazon:) Hope this helps:-D

  293. Jodi Raditz says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I recently found 3 of the fairy house books (#2, 3, 4) in a bookstore that was going out of business. My daughter loved them and I have been on a hunt to find the rest. They are really hard to find. I ordered the first from Barnes and Nobles and apparently has 5 -8 for 10.99 each plus shipping, any ideas of how to get the rest???? Help…thanks

    JOdi from NJ in the USA

  294. eliana says:

    hi,i love fairies and everything about them i wish i had a fairy friend who will always be there for me

  295. ece ( from turkey ) says:

    Hi Kelly,
    ı really enjoy reading the totally lucy books.They even inspired me to make my own totally secret diary.I don’t know if you thought about this before but can you write the diaries of Tilda & Jules’s as well.thanks for reading:)
    Ece Hamuloğlu
    I especially like best friends forever and style school!

  296. Ella says:

    Hi Kelly!

    I absolutely love the first Totally Lucy book in the series – it’s great! I have recently got a kindle and tried to search for the second book on it but found they were not on the kindle store. Have you ever thought about making your books available on the kindle? Thanks so much for writing brilliantly entertaining books! Ella :)

  297. Tiffany & sophie says:

    Hey kelly we have 2 books and we are trying to get more and more.
    WE LOVE your books so much we can’t stop reading it.
    Thank u for making these books. We Hope u make more . we like your writing. Please send back.
    BY THE FARY HOUSE LOVERS:):(:):):):) were so happy!!!!

  298. Adabel says:

    hi kelly, I really love your books(BTW, I borrowed BFF totally lucy from the library)
    Will you write more awsome books for people like me to read?
    from your primary 3 fan,
    (studying in Henry Park Primary School)

  299. evie says:

    hi kelly
    i’ve just started reading your totally lucy books and they are great i like lucy and her ideas especially please please please can you write more totally lucy books for me and my friends to enjoy!!!

  300. Anya + Megan says:

    Hey Kelly! We’ve read Half-a-sister and we both loved it. I think Ellie must have been a very interesting sister to have- liking Hannah first, then hating her, then loving her!!

  301. poppy clark vinetree crewe says:

    hey kelly like your pony camp daries specilaly jessica and jewl

  302. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hey Kelly and Everyone, Yesturday I had a chat with my friend about her leaving me out of the party(see my last post) and I sort of understand now. I suppose it’s still a little hurtful and I do still feel left out but it feels so much better to talk it out:) I advice you to do it when you have troubles!
    Much love xxx

  303. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Dear Kelly and Anyone else who reads this, I’m very upset. I cried today because it’s one of my 4 best friends birthday on Sunday and she has only just started organizing her party. We were super close in the start of last year and now we arn’t because she hangs with other people. Anyway, my 4 bestfriends are her and these other girls that I’m still best best best friends with. And she has invited all of them to her party (which is a meal) and she hasn’t invited me. She got two of my best friends to tell me that it was because she doesn’t talk to me anymore. (I’m crying now just thinking about it). So now there will be pictures all over facebook and she has left me out and I’m so upset I can’t even tell you because this means that she isn’t my best friend anymore. Because best friends go to each others parties. I haven’t said anything to anyone except my mum about how upset I am but you have no idea how sad I am right now. Do you, Kelly, or anyone have any advice on how to deal with this? Some comfort or help would be super appreciated:)
    Thankyou Kelly and All
    much love xxx

  304. Manasi says:

    i ment it is such a coincidence that mine and your birthday is on the same day and that our fave olour is also purple!!

  305. Amy says:

    hey kelly my name is amy i just read one of your pony camp books it was book seven i loved it now i am getting more of the pony camp book what inspired you to write the pony camp books

  306. Roxy says:

    Hey Kelly this is Roxy again. You might have read my other message about the disco. Well now I’m going with my new boyfriend!!! I’m so happy! His name is Josh xxx Roxy

  307. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hey Kelly! How are you with ready my stories? Cannot wait for your email back on what you think:-D! So excited! Also I entered the latest contest to win a book. Have you got my entry? I hope you have:)
    I’ve had so much stress lately, with the changing set’s/classes that I was telling you about and my friends had a couple of fall outs, they’re okay now thankfully:)
    So I’ve been so tired lately, I really need to relax but I can’t find the time:( See I have tons of homework and tests to revise for, and I have new friends to make and I volunteer at something called ‘messy church’ near me. It’s basically a craft workshop that mostly elderly people help with. It’s for under 11′s and I really enjoy helping the children and going to organisation meetings because it makes me feel needed and it’s good for my CV. It takes a few hours off me which I could have for doing things with friends ect.
    Anyway, I have an RE test to revise for:( Lucky me!:P
    Much love xxx

  308. NOOR ul ain ansar says:

    TO dear Author Kelly:
    I really enjoy your books.I am from Pakistan.Your book are Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!.P.S please write some more series.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  309. heidi says:

    hi kelly
    thanks for reading my comment. i find it can vary a lot depending on which school you go to as well. my school is a west midlands, staffordshire school so our area is about the same.

  310. Manasi says:

    Hi kelly,

    It is suh airthday and your coincidence that my birthday and yours are on the same day 3rd Jan!!

    To top it up my fave colour is also purple!!

  311. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Also Kelly,

    We dont say dumped. in our school we say ‘breaked’ or ‘I’m going to break up.’ or ‘ i broke up’ we dont really say ‘dumped’

    We say it cause it’s like breaking there heart i dont know if that helped but i hope it did xxx :)

  312. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Basically going out can mean different things for people. For example ‘do you wanna go out’ means do you want to be my boyfrined/girlfriend. This is because people say ‘i got asked out’ means to us Scot’s someone asked me to be there boyfriend/girlefriend. It can be confusing if you know what i mean.

    When i got ‘asked out’ this cute buy said to me… Do you want to go out i knew this ment boyfriend/girlfriend sort of way. but once my friend said to me. Do you wanna go out. I knew this ment like to the cinema/swimming/bowling etc. It depends i dont know if that helped. :)

  313. Roxy says:

    Heyy Kelly!
    I read your message about asking out and being dumped. Well, we have a school Prom coming up and some of the boys asked girls. So they were like, dating. And then one of the girls broke up with one of the boys (by letter!) and so he was dropped. She thought he liked someone more than her so she chucked him. So thats what we’re doing!!!! :)
    Roxy xxx

  314. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hey Kelly,
    Your welcome, anytime you need a question answering well…you know were to find me:)
    Aw, I bet whoever sent you that note is going around saying “I asked our Kelly McKain!” Hehee, I never really have had a proper romance. A boy in primary had fansied me since year 1 but I didn’t like him back then a bout a month before the end of year 6 TWO boys wanted to go out with me! The first was a nice-ish boy, and I was being ‘messanger’ for him and my friend and he said he liked me. Then after this shocking news another boy asked me out and I was like…”GUYS WHY NOW, WHY NOT LAST YEAR?!”
    SO I suppose the right guy hasn’t come a long. I know I’m not gonna fall in love with someone at my age but I’d like to fall-in-like with someone. I DECENT BOY! It’s unbelievable how rubbish all boys are now :(
    How about your husband Kelly what’s he like? How did you meet?
    Much love xxx

  315. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Heidi, Louise and Any!
    Thanks for your comments about the going out thing! It’s amazing that it’s exactly the same as when I was your age, in the dim and distant past! I also remember once finding a note in my desk saying ‘will you go out with me?’ but it wasn’t very helpful as I never found out who it was from! Thanks again, girls! MWAH! xxx

  316. any says:

    I don’t think that helped or if i made things more complicated Whoops :P

  317. any says:

    Idon’t know about everyone elses school but in my school we ask our friends to ask who you want to go out with and then they say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Then if they say yes people spread rumours and your now GF & BF. And when some1 dumps u or u dump them we usually call it dump or ‘walked over’ when someones dumpes you and mean hearted when you dump them. It is hard but you get over it soon exspetily when its me ( WHY ME!!!!!!!!) Bye Kelly

  318. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hey Kelly,
    Hahaa only just read about the dumped thing.
    Well: A boy might say too his mates ‘I finished her’ which means dumped. You know so words for dumped that I hear used are…finished, dumped, through, ended it (that’s what girls might say eg “He ended it”) and thats all I can think of really :)
    Hope that helped xxx

  319. heidi says:

    hi kelly. if someone asks you out you are officialy boyf and girlf until they (or you) say “sorry i don’t want to go out with you any more” then you are dumped. well it’s like that at my school anyway and it’s high school so it should be pretty much the same anywhere else. also you never actullay “go out” as such you more just hang round each other at school and buy each other prezzies for birthdays and christmas. hope this helps :)
    p.s also it’s useually the boys who do the asking out and the girls do the smiling and they know if a girl really likes them cos girls mostly will go a bit clumbsy around them and panic a bit or blush like mad or accidently have a giggling fit (i.e my friend does that a lot)

  320. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hi Kelly, well it can be both it depends in what context. If a girl was telling her friends “He asked me out.” Just like that it would be the bf and gf way also if a boy said to a girl ‘will you go out with me’ that would probably mean in a dating type bf and gf way. I think unless its VERY clear you mean on a date, then it usually means will you be my boyfriend/girlfriend:)
    So I’d say it means be my boyfriend/girlfriend:D
    Hope that helped xxx

  321. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls!
    Can you do me a favour? I want to find out what you call ‘going out’ at your school / round your way. I mean when people are boyfriend and girlfriend. And if someone ‘asks you out’, does that mean to be boyf and girlf or does that mean to go somewhere on a date and then you might become an item later on?
    Also, when you dump someone, or someone dumps you (sob sob!) do you call it being dumped or something else? We used to call it chucked, which made it sound like they were actually throwing you in a skip!
    Thanks, girls, you are stars! Kelly xxx

  322. Mia says:

    Thanks for your support Kelly! It would have been really cool if there was a one-off Jules sort of thing! And of course I will send you the story when I’ve finished it! xxx

  323. Cheesyhorsegirl xox says:

    Hi guys I am sorry I havent spoke in ages its just my horse Pepsi has been ill latly so just saying hi and i will start spaeking often cause I am missing out on all the fun hahahah :)

  324. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    I finished book 1 that I told you about in my last post this morning and started book 2 a few hours ago. Already love it!xxx

  325. Alaina says:

    Thanks 4 your reply kelly and yes I did x

  326. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hey Kelly, don’t worry about taking awhile with my stories I understand your busy:-) But don’t forget to email me what you think when your done. I’ll send you the one I recently wrote once you’ve finished:D
    I’ve read up to chapter 21 out of 29 today because ‘I’d tell you that I love you, but then I’d have to kill you’ is such a good book. So far I really recommend this book and I’m sure the series will be just as exciting!
    I’m dreading going back to school at the end of this week:( You see, I recently moved up a set at my school which means they obviously think I’m clever but, well, let me explain why this is bad… The sets at my school go like this:
    CLEVER- A1 A2 A3 – H1 H2 H3 H4 -NOT CLEVER
    My friends are all in the ‘H band’ and I was in H1 with 3 of my 4 best friends. But now I moved into a whole knew ‘band’ and am in A3. This isn’t good because 80% of the popular people are in A3 as well:( I feel out of place, I make friends easily and do know some people, but still…I suppose I will have to get used to it:) I’m sure it’ll still be fine by the end of school, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right;D
    Much love xxx

  327. Jessica Walmsley says:

    Hi kelly
    I am definely sure that i am your biggest fan!!!! I have read all your Totally Lucy books housends of times and i love them all but if i had to pick my favourites then they would be Catwalk Crazy,Best Friends and Style School. I also really enjoyed reading Half A Sister ( i have also read that dozens of times!!!)because…. well i really don’t know i just really really enjoyed reading it!!!
    My mum works for Usborne so i alays have alot to read and i am going to say that your books just have to be the best of the lot!!!!
    Can’t wait to read the next book you write!!
    Lots of love
    (In Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria)
    P.S please could you write a sequal to Half a sister or another series to Totally lucy. I would really love it!!!
    PP.S I think you are awesome and you are my idol

  328. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! Thanks so much for all your fab messages!Thanks for the book tip, Louise, I will check it out when I next get chance to read a book. I agree that How I Live Now is amazing, BTW!I hope you enjoyed the new series’ you got and I bet your mum loved the coupons! It will take me a while to read your stories as I always have so much work to do, sorry about that!
    Hi Ellie! I hope you had a fab time at pony camp and met loads of new friends and cool ponies!
    Jemima, wow, that’s really amazing, I am blown away and honoured!
    Hi Angelina, my Lucy does get in trouble, but not on purpose!
    Hi Lillie, I’m not sure where Ideas come from – people, places memories and imagination all mashed together probably! Mia, that sounds great. We did have an idea for a Just Jules spin off series but it didn’t happen in the end. Don’t forget to send in your stories when they’re finished and I’ll put them up on the site.
    Wow, thanks, Laura! And Emily! And Supa! And Mim! And Annie!
    Katie, how cool for you! Great to hear you love the books!
    Alaina, did you dress up as Jules in the end? Anything goth rocky would do, and don’t forget big black boots are essential!
    Thanks for your lovely comments on Half a Sister, S!
    Hi Ysabel! I’m sure you’ll have adventures like Lauren and the rest of the Pony Camp girls soon! I really think horses are going to be a huge part of your life!x
    Thanks, Sasha, great to meet you too!
    Hi Holly, fab to meet you too! You can find a pic of my Holly in my journal!
    Katie, that sounds like an amazing title I say, go for it!
    Wow, thanks, Liyan! It’s great to hear that you love the books so much!
    Rachel, there’s plenty of time, so keep writing, reading and believe in yourself!
    Wow, thanks, Mia! Now I have a really big head as well!
    Yasmin, on the Totally Lucy World page here you can find all the books in order. Best Friends Forever is no10 and Makeover Magic is no1, so the order is going upwards from the bottom of the page.
    LOADSA LOVE to all you girls! MWAH!!! Kellyx

  329. Yasmin says:

    Hey Kelly
    My friend is reading the totally lucy books at school but shes reading them in a weird order like 4 and then 10 nd hen 7 and so on. As she isnt reading them in the correct order I dont know which one comes first. Ive tried to look on all sorts of websites but I cant find one that states whih one is frst seconed third and so on. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  330. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hey Kelly,
    You’ve not been on in a while, is everything alright?
    Have you read my stories yet, I’m so excited to hear what you think!:-D I’ve finished another one, it’s quite short but I’m proud. I’ll wait until you’ve replied to my emails and have read the stories before I send you this new one. That is, if you want to read it? Oh, aaaaaaaand……
    Much love xxx

  331. Mia says:

    Hi kelly I think you are amazing I love you book Sophie and shine I absolutely love ponies I go riding!!! You have a amazing mind and you are so cool

  332. ROCKYPRINCE says:


  333. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hey Kelly, have you read the stories I emailed you yet? Can’t wait for your reply to see if you like them!:-D
    I have just read a book called ‘how I live now’ by Meg Rosoff. At first I didn’t like it but then it ended up so good. It’s unusually moving and it gives so much excitement, I really enjoyed it. I recommend it too you, kelly, and anyone who’s reading this. Probably a tad rude and confusing for younger people though:-) Give it a try!:-D
    See you soon!
    Much love xxx

  334. Katie says:

    hi kelly,

    Im from Byfleet Primary School. you did a workshop with us on the 27th march (it was really fun) now im thinking of writing a story called “The 10 Reasons Why I Hate My Sister” what do u think?

  335. Liyan says:

    Hello Kelly! I really love your books like mad because they’re sort of girly stuff. You are really lucky to be a writer because you’re so famous. You are my best best best author ever. Please write back. It will be cool to get a message of such a great author. Bye!

  336. Rachel says:

    I love your books and I write my own people say im mad and they say that my stories are great but I think their rubbish I want to be a writer when im older but I know if I dont get noticed now I never will so please email me and do somthing about it please.

  337. holly poole says:

    hi kelly
    its me holly the one at byfleet primary you are the same age as my mum
    best wishes holly xxx

  338. Sasha Campbell says:

    thank you for coming into my school. (byfleet primary)you are now my fav author. i WILL give you the cheque for totally lucy summer stars.p.s. i love all your books

  339. Ysabel says:

    Hi Kelly

    I have just finished reading Lauren and Lucky in the car on the way home after meeting you today in the Library.

    I wish me and my friends could have adventures and do stuff like Lauren.

  340. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hey Kelly!
    How are you? I was just wondering, awhile ago I sent you an email with some stories attached I wondered if you got them?
    It’s my birthday on 29th March and I don’t really want anything except a series of books, is that lame? I might ask for some mint green nail polish as well. When’s your birthday Kelly?
    Much love, have a good week!xxx

  341. annie says:

    Hi i love your books at the moment im reading plannet fashion it is SO AWSOME !!!!!
    BTW,Im asking my mom to get all the totally lucy books cos im borowing plannet fashion from my BFF!!!!!

  342. mim says:

    I totally lurve ur books!
    u r fabbity-fab-fab!
    I espessily like ur totally lucy books!
    they are exeptionordinarily good.
    From ur no.1 fan-

  343. s says:

    hey kelly your books are amazing i want there to be half a sisster 2. because i have read half a sister and i love it. your an amazing book writer and i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  344. Supa says:

    Hey you are my favorite author I love your series totally lucy

  345. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hey Kelly! It’s my birthday on 29th March, I’ve asked for the whole Gallagher Girls series and I might ask for Heist Society as well, both are by Ally Carter. Have you read them?
    Mothers day is coming up, and so I’ve decided along with a bought present I would make my mum some special coupons. Home made ones that say things like ’1 night off cooking’ and ‘hoover the house’ and stuff that I know my mum doesn’t really like doing. Is it a good idea? I really want to show her how much I love her because I really do but I don’t know if she knows it. As a mother yourself do you know your children love you even if they don’t say it? Thanks:-)
    Talk soon!
    Much love xxx

  346. umayra says:

    hi u r my fav auther your bookes r fab my fav book is best friends forever <3 xxxxx

  347. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hey Kelly,
    I went on holiday to Northumberland in the half term and there was this really cool book shop. I got 3 books and had finished 2 off them by the end of the week:P I’m currently reading, ‘How I live now’ and ‘My worst best friend’
    Have you read any of the Gallagher girls books because I’m thinking off getting them next and would really like to know if there good:-)
    See you soon,
    Love always xxxx

  348. Brilliant blog , I am trying to learn how to make my site this good looking !

  349. Alaina says:

    Hi kelly! I’m a HUGE fan of the totally lucy books! My school are having a world book day day and we have to dress up as our fave character from our fave book. I want to dress up like Jules but what do I need to wear and be like to be Jules?
    From your dearest fan
    P.S. How many pancakes did you eat on pancake day? xxxxxxxx

  350. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hey Kelly!
    How are you?
    I sent you 2 of my new stories on email, have you got them? Can’t wait for your reply! :D Your always so supportive! Thank you Kelly:-)
    Love always xxx

  351. Emily aka Emandgorge4ever!!! says:

    Hi Kelly
    I love your books they r GREAT!!!
    All my horses ❤ u!!! there names r Heidi ,peggi, gorge, Casper and blue.they have read all your books!!!
    Plz reply!!!

  352. Katie says:

    Hi I LOVE your Totally Lucy books plus my last name is Hartley

  353. Emily aka Emandgorge4ever!!! says:

    Hi Kelly
    I love your books they r GREAT!!!
    All my horses ❤ u!!! there names r Heidi ,peggi, gorge, Casper and blue.

  354. Emily aka Emandgorge4ever!!! says:

    Hi Kelly
    I ❤all your pony club books
    I think u r the best writer in the world I have read all your books I think they r REALLY awsum!!!!!
    U r great❕❕❕
    P.S all my horses Heidi, gorge, blue, casper and peggi love u

  355. Laura says:

    dear kelly
    i love u and ur books,
    u r such an inspiration 2 me!
    keep up the awesome work.
    thx heaps,
    love laura

  356. Mia says:

    Heyy Kelly!
    You might have heard from my big sister Onyx. I just wanted to tell you that I am in the middle of writing you a story about Jules like her diary instead of Lucy’s so it’s like a different point of view. I just thought it might be fun and it could go anywhere! Then after that I’m going to write Tilda’s diary. This could be really fun! What do you think?

  357. Horse o holic says:

    Love u kelly

  358. Horse o holic says:

    Hey Kelly u r fab where do all your ideas come from

  359. Horse o holic says:

    Hey Kelly u r fab where do all your ideas come from
    Love u lillie

  360. Angelina says:

    3llo there Mrs Kain!
    Where do you get all your idea’s from and how did you get your first book Mrs Kain? Which age were you when you DID get your first book? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your totally Lucy Books. In school one girl LASO called Lucy is VERY naughty she gets MANY detentions!! I hope Your lucy isn’t!!
    From Angelina

  361. Jemima says:

    Hi Kelly,

    You are a fab author…I really love your Totally Lucy books, and the Pony Diaries and Half a Sister are cool too. I remember when I first read Totally Lucy (Catwalk Crazy) and then read it again and again until I knew it off by heart, honestly. I begged and begged my parents to let me get a new one, and devoured that too. So basically I have all of them! Keep writing!! :-)

    P.S You are a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

  362. Ellie says:

    hi kelly i absolutley LOVE ur pony camp diaries! Im going to pony camp in april and i have read ALL of ur diaries!! i am re reading them all again and thats making me even more excited!! :)

  363. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hey Kelly!
    I’ll defo check for the publishers address for the fan mail, thankyou!
    I’m honoured by the compliment, glad that you find me funny:-D I supose I get my self into a whole lot of funny situations that’s why.
    I’ll email you right away with my latest story!
    I’ve just read ‘Before I die’, it is such a great book! Not for young eyes though because there are some rude descriptions and swearing but it really is amazing. And the ending is to die for, I nearly cried! Have you read it?
    Much Love always! xxx

  364. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! Thanks so much for all your fab messages – I so love reading them!
    Louise, I hope your stories are going well 0 don’t forget to send them in when you’re done! BTW about author letters, if you send them to the author c/o the publisher (address in the copyright page at the front of the book) they will always pass them on.
    Ainna – wow, thanks! xx
    Onyx – I hope you enjoyed Half a Sister!
    Thanks, Mai! xx
    Hello to the other Kelly! You can read my Girls Heart Books blog to find out more about me growing up!
    Hi Tashi! I have written over 30 books. Wow, have I really? I’m officially awarding myself a Curly Wurly!
    Hi Roshni, thanks for your lovely message. I think, tell your friends how you feel, they might not have realised how hurtful they’re being. and if they don’t change… maybe try to meet some new mates…
    Hi Rachel. I hope things improve with the girl. If she’s mean I’d just steer clear!
    Hi Clare!
    Sarah, I hope your friend problem is better now. I would say, follow your gut feelings.
    Hi Laura, thanks for the tip, I will check out Lauren Conrad.
    Ella – wow, what a prolific reader! So I’m extra happy that you love Totally Lucy, because you have read like MOST books!
    Kim-Lisa, thanks! It’s great to have a German fan writing on here – welkommen!
    Lauren and CHG, there are no more Pony Camp Diaries at the moment. Sorry! We’re all well here thanks, hope you’re good and having lots of fun too!
    Ellie Jelly – wow, amazing!
    Thanks, Brittany!
    Isabel – sorry you’ve been having a hard time. I really hope things are getting better now. Lots of love from me and all of us on here. xxx
    Thanks, Tamz and Alicia and Hannah!
    Hi Blare and welcome to the site!
    Hi Louise, you’re so funny. And I love the holiday images. You paint a good picture! I’m there!
    Hi Victoria! xx

    Nat, wow, thanks for your lovely comment.
    Hi Amara, welcome to the site! xx
    Kellester, I don’t know. I used to write one all the time, but now I only reach for it when I really feel the need to write something down, and I guess you only get the interesting bits that way!
    Cliona, thanks so much for your fab review. It’s great that you enjoyed BFF so much, I really appreciate you giving it a whirl. I tried to leave you a message on the blog but it wouldn’t work so hope you read
    LOVE you girls, MWAH xx

  365. Cliona says:

    Hi Kelly!

    I’m Cliona, and I recently read your book, Totally Lucy: Best Friends Forever. It was so good! It was really funny! You are such a great author :) I have a book blog, where I review books, and I reviewed your book! I would love if you could look at my blog, I left a link to the review below :)


  366. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hey Kelly!
    I am soooo tired! School is so boring. How much homework do they give us?…Too much! Some lessons are so yawn-o-matic I actually almost fall asleep!:/
    I need a holiday in the sun! Long days, evenings in restaurants, beaches, pools, sun cream, sand, rubber rings, snorkeling, ice cream, flip-flops, deck-chairs and all the things that I love! Never mind. Summer is only a few months away. Not like the British summer is much good anyway but whatever.
    Hope your okay!
    Love always xxx

    P.S I am now reading ‘To kill a mocking bird’ it’s so good! Have you read it Kelly? I love Atticus, he is s wise!

  367. kellester says:

    kelly how do i stat my own journal i try but i always turn up writing 1 week later and i really want to start one none stop by kellester

  368. Amara says:

    At school every friday we go to the libary and last week when we went to the libary I took out a book and it was by Kelly Mckain and I have only just started reading it and it was so intresting I needed to find out whether was a website or not
    And now I`ve found this!!!!

  369. Nat says:

    Hey Kelly!
    I recently found out about your site whilst looking for the next pony camp diaries. I loved them and got the first 6 books when I was younger. I still have them and read them and I am now 12!! I love the pony adventures as I am horsecrazy!! Keep writing them! xx

  370. victoria says:

    oh ok i got Picture Perfect and it was SO awesome so I hope i will get more books written by you.Good luck!

  371. heidi says:

    hi louise i know how you feel about the uniform. i have to wear a blazer with shoulder pads as well. and the jumpers are really stiff so you cant move your arms propperly.

  372. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Oh no, back to school now and I forgot how bad early mornings are:/ Plus my stiff, ugly, stupid uniform is already getting on my nerves. It’s hard to enjoy yourself as the female class clown when you’re blazer has shoulder pads in it and bunches up whenever you raise your arms!:( Annoying!
    But it’s great to see all my friends after a long 2 weeks without them:-D Me and my best friends are already getting ourselves into trouble. Silly us;D For example, in PE today we were doing basket ball. Occasionally I was getting involved but the rest of the time I was just dancing around the court making the team’s not playing (including all my friends) giggle like crazy!
    Homework is another down side of course, and tests and strick-o-teachers. The only good thing is seeing my friends and getting to mess around with them!:D
    Love always Kelly! xxx

  373. Blare Harmony Cartman says:

    Hi Kelly! How are you? Its nice for you to have a site like this! I am looking forward to reading your fantastic book!LOL! I love the SUMMER STARS and BEST FRIENDS FOREVER! <3
    Pleaze reply with a HUGE hi!!!

  374. Helen says:

    lol heidi

    happy new yr

    wot did every1 get 4 xmas?????????

  375. Hannah says:

    Happy new year . well hope you have one .

  376. heidi says:


  377. alicia says:

    hey again kelly your totally lucy books are awsome. im you number one i have read all your lucy books at least twice .how are you and your fammily? may i ask how do you think of all your ideas that go in the book
    lots of love alicia xx

  378. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    I’m writting on my fabtastic new laptop a hp pavilion dm4:-D
    Hope everyone has got what they want and has had a great day!
    Much love Kelly xxx

  379. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hope you get the presents you want and have a great time with your family and friends and pets at Christmas!
    Love always
    Louise xxx

  380. tamz says:

    I really love the book half a sister. And i wanna say you are the best author in da world!!

  381. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hey Kelly!
    Woohoo! It’s nearly christmas!:-D Yay, I’m super excited I’ve given all my friends there prezzies for under the tree and I have all my family’s prezzies sorted. I LOVE LOVE LOVE given people presents because they always look super happy! I’m just like the little boy on the John Lewis advert:P Only not as young and a girl obvs;D
    Do you have all your crimbo decorations up! I do, we have a few tiny touches left but other than that nothing:-D
    It’s not snowing where. I wish it was, it makes it so much more festive and I adore snowball fights, snowman making, snow angels and walking around in the snow with my bestest mates!:-D
    Love always Kelly!xxx

  382. heidi says:

    oh and if it does work then you will know becasue they will sort of shut up cos they know your not in the mood for being teased

  383. heidi says:

    roshi the death stear is where you purse your lips just a tiny bit and narrow your eyes but try not to blink and keep eye contact till you want to stop. well thats how i do it anyway. my bff does the same but without the lips part so wichever works for you. merry christmas too :)

  384. Isabel says:

    dear Kelly its so strange thinking that you read my message I am 10 and I love your totally Lucy books you are such a role model I want to be a forensic antherpoligist \writer my dad left sort of so its been hard but just knowing that you take time to read my message is so touching seeing my name on something KELLY MCKAIN wrote is so fantastic from your biggest fan Isabel xxxxxooooo

  385. Britteny A.K.A Your No#1 fan! says:

    i just wanted to say that you are one of my favourite authors ever!!!! (and thats saying a lot – considering I read around 10 books a week – in other words – I’m a bookaholic!!!)

    I ADORE THE TOTALLY LUCY SERIES!!! I’m always excited to re read the books I’ve read tousands of times and re enter Lucy’s amazing world!!!


    love from Britteny

  386. Roshni Baybie says:

    Hey Heidi. I do so think I will have to practice the death stare though Lolz! How does it GO exactly? And I know you know this by now Kelly, but you are sooooo my favourite author hee hee!! I will never he old from your books babes! Lol btw my friend has a little bro and I am quite learning how to properly look after him hee hee!! Can I just ask Kelly…who did u get your inspiration from to write books? And is it a talent just to like… Write or is it just he fact hat you are good at english classes and hat? And are one of he people who listen carefully? Thanks for reading HEIDI and I am sooo wishing u a very merry Christmas tho I don’t celebrate it hee hee byeeekelly x

  387. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hey Kelly!
    Is it snowing where you are? It’s not here:( Hopefully it will soon! I mean, if it’s going to be cold it might as well snow so we can enjoy it a bit more! Snow makes the mood soooooo much better as well! How Christmasy!:-D
    I’m trying to find a laptop for Christmas and I need to find one soon! Can you, Kelly, or ANYONE(!) Recomend laptop? I would like a 14″ laptop. All surgestions welcome!
    What do you want for Christmas Kelly? What are you getting Freddie and Holly? I bet there super excited!
    I hope Finn is doing okay! He’s such a cutie!
    Bye for now, love always, Louise xxx

  388. Ellie jellyxx cupcake says:

    hay kelly i luv u soooooooooooooooooooo much i dont no how many times i have read planet fashoion i lost count after about10000000000000000000 keep writin the a mazing books and have a merry chritmas i no i will!!!!!!

  389. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hey guys just moved to a farm and is sooo scary.

    Hey Kelly how are you I hope you are ok and Freddie? Whats new I HAVE NOT WROTE FOR AGES ( I suppose I gave u a little break of my boring lectures on weird stuff LOL)

  390. Laurenxx says:

    hi kelly havent wrote in agesss,hope you&your baby are well,just wonderd if you where going to write any more pony camp diary books love them.Whats your fave thing about being an author??LOADSS OF LOVE!XXXXXXXXXX

  391. Kim-Lisa says:

    Hi Kelly McKain

    you have a good
    book written i come from germany and my english is not so good you are so good.I love your books and i harvest it thats verry nice

  392. Ella Garai-Ebner says:

    Hi Kelly!!!

    i just wanted to say that you are one of my favourite authors ever!!!! (and thats saying a lot – considering I read around 10 books a week – in other words – I’m a bookaholic!!!)

    I ADORE THE TOTALLY LUCY SERIES!!! I’m always excited to re read the books I’ve read tousands of times and re enter Lucy’s amazing world!!!


    Ella Garai-Ebner

  393. Helen says:

    hiya guys i am helen and i have a massive crush on this boy i used to go out with.

    we hav had a few snogs but then we broke up and i want to get back 2gether anyy advice?


  394. heidi says:

    i also have a very good death stare which i used quite a bit and it worked cos the were silesio when i did it (btw a death stare is when you look at someone like “stop that now” kind of way.)

  395. heidi says:

    btw she helped a lot cos she was so popular so you could find someone like that who has been your BFF for ages then they will stick up for you.

  396. heidi says:

    hey roshni
    im in year 9 but in year 7 i got teased. a lot, but not about fashion, it was because i was so much smaller then everyone else. i was 147cm when they were all like 160cm or something like that. i was treated like a baby. eventeualy they got used to the fact that in was not going to get any bigger that fast so they stopped. just sort of tell them this is what you are like and if they are not happy about it tough. it helped me though to have the most beautiful girl in school as my BFF she had been since we were 3. so when she was around i was ok.

  397. Laura-loves-reading says:

    Hey Kelly!
    I am really inspired by you and your books, I’d love to hear from you!
    Keep up your ah-mazing stories!
    Laura xox
    PS. Do like Lauren Conrad? I do, she is one of my inspirations! You are also on my inspirational people list! he-he! LOL :)

  398. sarah says:

    i duguised my name incase any one knew me so im gona tell the truth!:l my freind is trying 2 take my other freind what do i do?? :(
    please post back

  399. clare de-angelo says:

    omg like heya kells omg i cnt belive im writing 2 u!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

  400. rachel says:

    hi kelly theres this girl in my class shes kind of diffrent and mean what should i do??

  401. Roshni Baybie says:

    Heyy Kelly…x Please Read This BTW. You Know ive started high school but im only in yr 7 the YOUNGEST and all the boys TEASE me for wearing latest fashions. Help!! But It’s not the boys in my classes, its the boys in the above year!!! And its my brothers FRIENDS and they are massivo tres lushh cuteee… :) :) :) i Swear Its annoying though. Would you give me some advice?

    And I also like you, Cathy Cassidy, Jacqueline Wilson, Karen McCombie and J.K.Rowling.

    My bookshelf are full of themm (but its not literally a BOOKSHELF because its just books stacked upon each other on top of a computer base beside the computer,SoOoOO Yeahh…x)

    Plsz Reply..x but i love my friends, they’re nice and not geeky just like Jules and Tilda but i mostly hang out with 3 Friends.

    But they tease me in the corridors on the way to classes EVERY DAY. I havent told any1. Should I? Pleeaseee Help.

    From Roshni Baybie

  402. Natasha says:

    Hey Kelly,
    I’m doing this author study 4 school and I really want 2 know how many books that you have roughly written so could you please tell me?
    Natasha or just call me Tashi or Tashi Washi

  403. kelly says:

    hi kelly,
    we have the same name lol.
    at school we are doing projects and i am doing mine all about u so please could you tell me about totally lucy and your early life please just stuff about you thanks.
    bye bye love u xxxxxx
    p.s i love the books u write!!!!!!!!!!

  404. Mai says:

    Hi! I love your stories! Its always hard to put your book down once its in my hands! <3

  405. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Howdy Kelly!
    I was wondering if you know any websites that give you fan mail addresses for authors? Or any other way of getting it? Some info on that would be gratly apreciated! Thanks:D
    What have you been doing lately? I’m going to Cadbury’s world on Thursday with school! Mmmm, yumilisous choccy samples! Delish:D
    Much love as per usual!xxx

  406. Onyx says:

    Hiya Kelly!
    I’m back again! Thank you so much for replying to my message and I am so pleased you are writing a brand new series. Next on my agenda is to read half a sister. All my friends say its really good! I bet they’re right. Anyway, like Jules, I really want to be an actress when I’m older and I know this sounds really nosy but what is your most embarrassing moment ever? Mine was when I fell of the stage when I was in a play and landing right in my crush’s lap!!! Cringe – a – rama!!!

  407. Natasha says:

    Your Books are so Awesome

  408. Ainna says:

    Hi Kelly Mckain! How r u? I luv reading your books evn though i hv jst read some of the TOTALLY LUCY books. I hvn’t finished reading all of them yet so…yea n i really really want you reply me ASAP ‘cuz im jst tooo xited! I wish one day u’ll come to my school to visit..!
    Bye 4 nw
    Ainna-ur biggest fannnnn

  409. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hey Kelly, so happy you like my story:D I hope you’ll manage to get some sleep and Freddie will be a good boy for you;D You have to upload a new picture of him! I bet he’s super cute!
    Hehee, I’m currently working on 2 stories! One is a diary by a young girl in WW2 that gets evacuated to a farm and she goes through little adventures. I decided to write it because I have a strange love for WW2! Not the fighting and death of course! But the good british spirit and evacuations and things that happened at home! How exciting!:D My 2nd one is about a girl and her friend in America that get kidnapped and she has to use her skills to get out!
    Hope they turn out okay! I’ll send you them when there finish if you want?
    Big huggs!xxx

  410. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Onyx! Wow, that is an amazing amount of times to read Totally Lucy! You must be one of the most number one fans ever! There won’t be a new Lucy book at the moment, but I am writing a fab new series for Usborne which I just know you’re going to love! Will reveal more soon… Lots of love, Kellyx

  411. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Maria, what a great idea about a sequel. Have to see what the future holds…
    there are some writing tips on the Over To You page but for publishing tips you could try some young writers’ websites. Let me know if you find any good ones and i’ll link to them from here! xx

  412. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Dana, No more Pony Camp i’m afraid (sob sob!) but I’m writing a new series for Stripes which involves ponies! Will tell you more soon! xxx

  413. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Jade! It’s brilliant that you enjoyed Megan and Mischief and read it loads! I find lots of good horsey tips in Pony magazine actually! xx

  414. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Louise, Oh how cool that you loved I Capture The Castle! And BTW I think your story is fab! And Olivia thanks so much for your lovely comments about Half a Sister! CHG just follow the instructions on the over to you page and we’ll get your story up. x

  415. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls, thanks for all your fab messages! Big hugs to you all – Shannon, Cheyenne, Connie, Heidi, Louise, Olivia, CHG, Rosalind, Roshni, Jade, Millie and Georgina, Dana, Savannah, Jody, Jenny, Hollie, Natasha, Maria, Onyx and Hayley! Thanks for all your messages, I just love reading them, it really makes my day! Hopefully now Freddie has decided to sleep some nights I will be able to reply more often, so keep writing to me! Lots of love, Kellyxxx

  416. Hayley Rubie says:

    Dear Kelly, I really love the fairy house series, and I honestly think that the UK publishers are being stubborn. Why on earth won’t they publish them? I hope they do.
    With Sympathy for you, and your fans

  417. Onyx says:

    Hey Kelly!
    I was just wondering if you were going to write any more books for theTotally Lucy series? I’ve read that series over and over again, at least 17 times and counting! I LOVE totally Lucy and if you write another one, can you put my sisters name in it? She’s read it over 23 times and her name is Mia. Thank you for reading my message! I love your name by the way. Mine is so unusual! I love the drawings too!

  418. Maria says:

    Will there be a seque to Half a sister? I really want to know what happens after, maybe if Celeste gets out of hospital and demands ELlie back? O.o

  419. Mariaaaa says:

    Heyy Kelly big fan :] I have written a novella andy advice on how and where to get it published? Thanks and I’m a biiig fan!!

  420. Natasha Melissa Vujevic says:

    Hey Kelly,
    At School we have this author study thing and you have to pick an author and I picked U!
    (Cos’ I love your books!
    There are AWESOME!!!)

  421. patrizia lucchetti says:


    Mrs Kelly McKain

    My name is Patrizia Lucchetti, I’m Italian (with Swedish origins),

    I’m 41 years old and fairly well-educated.

    As I intend to come to London in order to improve my English and test the waters of job market in your country, I ask you if you know someone who could help me.

    I have no problem to move abroad and I think that the best solution

    would be to offer my services to an English family/single

    composed of persons who work in the same areas where I had my working experience

    and did my studies, i.e. children’s industry, publishing, psychology, religion etc.

    I would like to work with people who cultivate my same passions because in this way

    I could grow up and broaden my horizons and at the same time count on people

    who firmly believe in the continuous improvement of psychophysical well-being.

    I spent the last 15 years working as a freelancer and an employee and

    based on my experience I’ve gathered that the best years (those more creative, exciting and during which I had a lot to do and to learn) have been those that I spent working in the children’s industry -publishing, clothing, cosmetics- and

    with psychologists who dealt with scientific/philosophic matters

    -obviously besides their field of expertise-.

    I hope that my request will not go unnoticed and will have a positive feedback.

    I would like to express my most sincere thanks and send you kind regards.

    Patrizia Lucchetti Torresan

  422. hollie says:

    hi my name is hollie im new to the sight im 9 and im 10 on the 3 of november wich is next week just gon to middle school in my new school we have a big libirey with some pony camp diaries so i red one and it was brill now im adiced to your books keep up the good work with your diaries.

  423. Jenny says:

    Hi Kelly McKain

    Have you got any friends? I love your hair style.

    From Jenny

  424. Savannah Jade says:

    my name is savannah, i am 9 years old
    i love your books so much, my big sister had two of the fairy house books and i read them and i loved them so i
    got them all out of my school library :)
    and i read them and they are amazing,

  425. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan says:

    Hi Jodi, on the side of the lucy books there are numbers:)

    Heya Kelly, not heard from you in awhile, hope your okay:) I just thought of a new topic for the cringe blog…Ice attacts! Since it’s getting wintery people could hsare stories about times theye’ve sliped on ice got a face full of snow or anything like that. What do you think?Hope freddie’s okay, post some pictures?!
    Love always, Louise!xxx

  426. Jodi says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I love the totally Lucy books! But I’m not sure what order they go in?cna you tell me?

  427. Savannah Lee says:

    Hi Kelly Mckain!
    My name is Savannah and I am eight years old.
    I just went on the websit for the fairy house because one of my friends gave one of thoose books to me… and then I relized that you wrote the Totally Lucy books too!!!! I read thoose from school!!! I love your book and now I am collecting “The fairy House ” books!!! bye for now! Savvvy.

  428. XxXDanaXxX says:

    I love your books and I hope to read half a sister soon.
    Will there be a Pony Camp for a week Next year in the summer holidays? xxx

  429. Millie and Georgina says:

    Hi Kelly McKain,

    We have read all your Totally Lucy books! They are awesome. Please kwwp writing great books!

    Love Millie and Georgina

  430. Jade.I love says:

    I love your books and i also love to horse ride.I love your pony diary books aspecially meagn and mischeif i love that.I had to do a book reveiw on that and the amount of times i have read it i flew though it.I was wondering if you you could give me some tips on lessons,on how to stand out on your horse.

  431. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan says:

    Cheesyhorsegirlxox, once you’ve finished your story send it to the email address at the top of the over to you page and tell kelly on this blog and then it will soon get put up:)
    Goodluck with your story, have you read mine? :) x

  432. Roshni Baybie says:

    Heyy…x I have started high school and i can tell u it is gr88

  433. rosalind says:

    hi i love this

  434. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Louise or Kelly how can you put your storys on the OVER TO YOU page. My Mum and My english teacher are trying to help me get it published please give me a hand and let it come to life a little. I am only just finished the second chapter but so far I think it is so good, please help. thanks :D x

  435. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan says:

    Hey Kelly,
    Thankyou very much for putting my story ‘Air Fashion’ on the website. I’m excited to see what people think of it!
    It’s my first time showing my story to more than my mum! I can’t wait to see what people think of it:-D
    What do you think of it Kelly?:)
    Love Always,
    Louise xxx

  436. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Kelly I am so worried my comments are not coming up on any of the Kelly Mckain sites please can you help me pretty please.

  437. Olivia says:

    Hi Kelly McKain

    I really love your book half a sister, I’ve just finished it and it’s a great book, I couls read it all over again, I also love Ellie!!!

  438. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan says:

    I finished I captured the castle. What a FAB book that was! I’m now reading a book called ‘Knife’ and I’ve read all the summer camp secrets books I own.
    Today is my sister’s birthday! She is 16 now:O!
    Hope you are okay:-Dxxx

  439. heidi says:

    when is the new series like the totlay lucy series coming out. i would love to know what its like. btw hows holly and freddie? i love the lucy books and the pony camp diaries. please keep writing and when are the last 4 fairy house books coming out in england?

  440. connie says:

    dear kelly mckain i really like your books but the only thing is i’ve only read three wich is:megan and mischief the first one, sohpie and shine the 4th one and hannah and hope the ninth one and infact i’ve got a cousin up the road called hannah. your books are great i wish i had read all of them! lots of love connie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  441. Cheyenne says:

    Hi! My name is Cheyenne and I love your books! I am from Singapore. Please reply me.

  442. Shannon Barber says:

    Hi Kelly love your books exspecially totally Lucy books read 2 of them on page 40 on the 3 onexxx

  443. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! Thanks for all your fab messages, I love reading them!
    Hi Lauren!
    Isabel, I’m so glad to hear the books helped you.xx
    Thanks, Mya and Jemima xx
    Thanks for your lovely mail and cool short story, Shauna!
    Nice story, Heidi! Ps. You can get the other Lucy titles from Amazon – happy reading!
    Thanks so much for your lovely message, Natalie!
    Zainab, it’s great to hear you liked Picture Perfect, it’s one of my faves too!
    Zarrosha – Hi! There are no more Fairy House books planned, I’m afraid, but I’ll try to use your cool name in something, somewhere!
    Thanks, Emily!
    Louise, I LOVE i capture the castle, it’s one of my favourite books! I lent it to someone the other day actually and I was very envious that she hadn’t read it yet!
    Cheesyhorsegirl, wow fab! Congratulations on winning the comp! Remember to send the story in and i’ll put it up on the Over to You page!
    Hannah, Fredster is Freddie, my little baby boy – well, not so little now actually, he is massive! he is really smily and cheeky all the time and he loves hearing your messages! In fact he’s here right now!
    thanks, Laura! I hope your writing is going well!
    Hi Zoey the mystery girl! Sorry I can’t help with story ideas – i bet the other girls on here can help you out, though! Freddie is sitting here right now so I have said hello from you! xx
    Hannah, it’s great to hear how much you liked the Totally Lucy books and Half a Sister – now do me a massive favour and tell all your friends about them too!
    Starflame, wow what lovely comments. It’s fab to hear that Totally Lucy means so much to you. Right, I am going to award myself one Curly Wurly for that!
    Hi Roshni, hope you’re OK! Sorry hon I couldn’t put up your comments as they have a lot of a certain word in (you can probably guess what!!) and lots of younger girls read this! But please can you resend them without that word and I’ll put them up! Thanks, babes!
    Lots of love to you all, MWAH!!! Kellyxxx

  444. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Charley, I did reply to your message, in the post before yours! xx

  445. Roshni Baybie says:

    My name is really Roshni Baybie. And i like Zoeyrocks. shez very kind…xx love you sexy up zoey

  446. Roshni Baybie says:

    Heyy girls!!!!! I love Jacqueline Wilson Cathy Cassidy Karen McCombie and you Kelly Mckain you guyz r my four favourite authors not forgetting Fransseca Simon and J.K.Rowling!!!!! I love Harry Potter books don’t you dalring babes???

    Roshni Baybie Darling

  447. Starflame27 says:

    Heeeeeeloooooo!!!! Kelly McKain, you are my IDOL! The Totally lucy books are such an inspiration for me!! I always read them afterschool plus it has so many LOL moments! Pleasssssseeeeee write more totally lucy books! I can’t live without them! Byeeeee!!!

  448. zoeyrocks says:

    Im goig to write a letter to you kelly and linda chapman love you

  449. zoeyrocks says:

    Dear Kelly The person called Charlie is me! Im so amazed that you said my name! My real name is Zoey though! Say Hi to Freddie! Ahhh so cute!

  450. Hannah says:

    Hi Kelly love the the Totally Lucy Books! I have all of them apart from Starstruck and Planet Fashion. I have recomended u to 2 of my friends! P.S I LOVED Half a Sister it was great! Love Hannah XxXx

  451. zoey and comet says:

    To kelly mckain Im a huge fan! Im sure everyone on here is! And I need some idears for writting my own pony cmp diaries book.(Like what the book gonna be about.) And title names. to! Yes I havent even thought of that yet! Please help

  452. Emily:) says:

    Hello,Ive Just Started reading your totally lucy book number 1,and i love it by the way,its awsome:) loveyour books

  453. Laura says:

    Hello Kelly!
    You (and Cathy Cassidy) have really inspired me and I’m now writing my own books! I wrote a picture story book for my brother. It is going to be a seres and I’m also writing novels! I love, love, love you! PLEASE write back!
    Laura XOXOX
    PS I’ve written here before but you haven’t replied!

  454. Laura says:

    I love the Totally Lucy series and I also love Half a Sister. You and your books ROCK!!!!
    I love your books and you are one of my favourite authors and you really inspire me!
    Keep up the great work!
    Love, Laura xoxoxox

  455. hannah noonan says:

    hey kelly i just got the e-mail about the summer dance thing and who is fredster?!?

  456. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:


  457. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hello No 1 writer it’s your No 1 fan here just wanted to say that a couple of weeks ago at school I was talking about you and your amazing books I and got an A+ Told you ‘m your nomber I fan I luv you Kelly

  458. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Please egnore the P.S bit on my last message. I feel so rude saying that!

  459. Isabel says:

    hi kelly you never responded to my last message. id like to hear from because i such a big fan and it would be awesome to know im actually talking to. i really like this website thanks and i really hope you write

  460. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    I haven’t written on this page in ages, so ofcourse being the loyal fan I am I decided to update my writting to you.
    You know I love the Lucy books because of the piccy I sent you! They are so funny, I found myself re-reading a few pages of them a couple of days ago. I have been buisy with other books like the books you advertise at the back of Lucy’s stories ‘Summer Camp Secrets’ I’m on number 8 I think. I have most of them.
    I have also been reading ‘I captured the castle’ It’s an adult book but it’s apropret. My mum read it first and then gave it to me to read. It’s about a girl that lives in an old astle with her family, she has to encourage her dad to write again after he stopped doing it and they got into poverty. Then they meet a rich family and so many things happen! It’s wonderful, I don’t want to tell you to much but I recomend you read it!
    Well I don’t want to say anything about the comp yet, I will wait until you post about it. But I have replied to your email if you want to read it. I would like to add to my email:
    P.S= I don’t supose you could write a letter as well? Only if you want to make it more special!
    Well I best go, but have a good summer! And I hope Freddy is perfectly settled. You MUST post another picture of him, he is so cute!
    Bye for now!xxx

  461. zarrosha says:

    hey kelly love ur books and just wondering if u ever have time could u just write back also i wanted to see if u could just include me in any way in ur books of fairy house please. thanks.

  462. zainab says:

    Hi Kelly Im Zainab i live in birmingham

    I totally love totally lucy im like your biggest fan im always checking them out of the library and reading them over and over,but the best book is picture perfect,i absolutely loooove it!! I one day intend to be a writer as good as you hopefully..
    I hope you publish more.

    Your books are great because its about fashion every girl loves fashion,it a gr8 book for girls. : )

  463. Natalie,9 says:

    my name is Natalie
    and I’m chinese
    I live in Swinton

    Just to tell u i am ur
    no.1 fan,Here is alist of the series i love written by u!…

    1.Totally Lucy
    2.The Fairy House
    3.Sunnyside stables

    I really wish that Sunnyside Stables is real.I would love to stay at the stables espescially as u make Jody,Johnny,James and Milly sound so real!

    I really love Totally Lucy,it is fun-filled,fashion crazy,halerious and just fab-tastic!

    I love The Fairy House because it has given me the courage to believe in fairies and i think u have a lot of imagination!

    Gotta Go

  464. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    Hiya Kelly!
    Finally It’s the summer holidays! Eeep, SO excited to have lots of sleepovers and fun in the sun!
    Are you going on holiday anywhere Kelly?
    Was just writting to say Hi, so…Hi;-D
    If you read my post before you’ll see about the contest and how I entered and things. Have you had it yet?
    I’m so nervous to find out about who won! I’m not sure wheather I will win because of how many people will have entered. But I spent a lot of time and effort on it! Hope you like my entry:) Have you got it yet?
    Hope everythings okaay with you. Post some more pictures of Freddie! He’s so adorable!
    Much Love, as always:Dxxx

  465. heidi says:

    hey kelly
    i got a small story that i made up in english. hope you like it
    ‘”maisy, lola’s at the door.” mum yells at me. i slide off my bed and run to the front door. lola was there looking extatic. “hey lola” i said as she let herself in, “waz up”
    “omg maisy i got it” lola said with such a hight piched note i was suprised that dogs didnt start barking. i shut the door. lola was talking about how we both asked to be extras in harry potter and the deathly hallows.”oh lola thats grate. i havent got my reply yet.” i said
    “you will and you will get in, you’ll see” somehow i doubt it, im mad about harry potter and acting but im not part of a drama club or anything but lola is.’
    and that was as far as i got. i didnt have much time and it was straight off the top of my head so its not the best i can do. luv totally lucy btw but for some reason whsmiths only sell 1,2,3,5 and 7 so iv only got those ones but i hope to get more

  466. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    hi kelly I’m really excited cause iv’e entered a writing last year I came 1st lets do it again xox LOL

  467. Jemima says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I am very very very glad you decided to create a website. I am so eager to do more! I especially love your Totally Lucy books, Lucy is so witty and fun to read about.

    You make life ROCK!

  468. ShaunaCorrigan says:

    Hi! Me again, Shauna Corrigan… la la la la!!! And I want to say to humans who look at this now, pleas etell me what you thought of that last post. I will continue the story from there.

    “Mum..” I said. “At school today Jade told me that Holly had pups.You know.. could I..” I stopped. “No way” Mum said. “You know that I am allergic to Jade’s dog..” But I swear I saw a little shiny glint in her eye when they looked away from the stove and into mine. I’LL SAY MORE SOON!! XXX Shauna

  469. ShaunaCorrigan says:

    Arrrgh! I cannnot believe you, the BEW (best ever writer BTW,)
    Could be reading this right now! So, Kelly I am you biggest fan. I have read, Fairy House Bluebell, Mermaid Rock the second book and first, Catwalk Crazy, Picture Perfect, Boy Band Blues, Makeover Magic, Fantasy Fashion and Style School. Only a few more to go!!! Love you lots too. I love Totally Lucy and no matter where in the world there will never be another fan that loves your books like i do. XXX P.S CHECK THIS OUT!!!! my story, (Ha hem!)
    by Shauna K. Corrigan

    “Oh my goodness me!” Mum exclaimed as I walked through the door. Oh no, i thought. She must have noticed that mascara I forget to take off like, maybe an hour ago. “I guess you’ve seen my erm.. eyes then.” I spluttered out with half of a Twix. “Hmm” Mum said. I was pretty sure that was a yes. “I’ll be off to Jade’s then.” I told her and I expected her just to go “Whatever” or that but she stopped me in my very own trails. “Aaah! Stop right there Shirley Burke!” She said.
    “Take it offf first.” Great. I thought, she hadn’t eaten my head off.

  470. Mya says:

    Half a sister is amazing I never knew it was so good!!!!!!!!!!! I really want to start reading more of your books!!!!!!!!!:]

  471. Louise Aka Your no#1 fan says:

    Hey Kelly! As you saw in my other messages I entered the contest via post to the polliner address have you got it yet can’t wait to here what you think about it!;)
    How’s Freddie?xxxxxx

  472. Isabel says:

    Dear Kelly. Your totally lucy books help me in such different ways. first they are fantastic in all ways. second they helped me with my parents seperation. I was so upset but when I read your books it made me see I can still be happy. i have already read best friends forever, planet fashion,catwalk crazy,summer stars and style school. thank you so much for all youre help.

  473. Laurenxx says:

    hey kelly riding is AMAZING at moment just recently entered a competition hope your baby is ok and your family best wishes xxxxx

  474. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan says:

    I posted it to the Polliner address as well!xxxx

  475. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan says:

    Okaay:-D I HAVE ENTERED btw! I entered quite a while ago actually. Have you got it? I hope you have, I put ALOT of effort into it!
    Please tell me as soon as you get it! Thankyou!
    Much Love xxxxx

  476. charley mccormack says:

    hayya kelly u diddnt repliy to my message. well u must be busy. by the way ur hair is lovely.xxxxxxxxxxxxxcharley mccormack.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  477. Kelly McKain says:

    Oh Leah, and I meant to say you can find loads of answers to writing questions on the Got A Question page too! xx

  478. Kelly McKain says:

    Olivia, wow thanks for such a lovely message! Hope you enjoy the rest of the series! You can find out about all the books and read the first chapters on the Lucy page on this site AND link through to Amazon to buy them!
    Louise I don’t think I had any entries for the comp but I’ll check with Pollinger. I will make the date on the Dress Up Lucy page the end of August now, though, so you can enter if you haven’t already! please do let me know if you sent an entry in as maybe they have got lost and I can look into it.
    Thanks, Shannon! There aren’t any more Totally Lucy books planned but I am writing a new series for your age, which I’m sure you’ll love if you like Lucy.
    Hi to Angel, Leah, Georgia and Amy from Highsted! Leah, see the Over to You page for writing tips! Georgia, Diary of a Wimpy Kid is really funny so far! Amy, of course I remember you! Let me know if you can get the book, and I’ll try and get one for you via the Japanese publishers as well.
    Angel, it was so lovely to meet you and good luck with your writing! Make sure you keep in touch and let me know how it’s going!
    Isla, wow you sound SO like Lucy! You can find all the books on Amazon if you can’t get them in the shops (and you can order them from the shop too if you ask at the desk, and they will get it for you). You can also go on the Lucy page of this site, read the first chapters, pick which book you want next and then link through to order it from Amazon! Easy!
    Hi Rowena! I agree with you about Simon Driscott!
    Loads of love to you all girls! xxxKellyxxx

  479. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Chrissie! Thanks for all your fab questions! I will answer them on the Got A Question page next week, so check back there soon!
    Hi Ola! Sorry I can’t read Polish, could you write in English? A big hug to you anyway, in whatever language!
    Wow, cool! Thanks, Aliya!
    Tamara, sorry to hear you’ve had trouble getting hold of the books. Can you get them through Amazon UK? they aren’t available to download at the moment (they should be and I’ll talk to my publishers about this next week!)so if you can’t get them from Amazon send me a private e-mail at and I can organise something for you from here – means you’ll get them signed too!
    Charley, you can find writing tips on the Over To You page and when you’ve got a story together, send it in to the page and I’ll put it up in the gallery for everyone to read!
    Same to you, Anisha. I really hope I get to read you girls’ stories soon!
    Hi again Jace!
    Loads of love to all you girls, MWAH!!!

  480. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Skicycle!
    Wow, what a superfab fan! It’s brilliant to hear that you love the Fairy House books and that you’ve read them so many times. In the US you can also get the Quentin Quirk’s books (Attack of the Butt-Biting Sharks / The Purple Sluggy Worry Warts) which are by me but written under the name Matt Kain, or you could get the Totally Lucy books from the UK via Amazon UK. I think you’d love them too! I’ll put your questions and the answers up on the Any Questions page next week, so look out for them there!You can find out all about what’s happening with the Fairy House series on the Fairy House page of this site and see why I can’t do any more at the moment (boo hoo!) but thanks for your fab title ideas. Thanks for writing in and happy reading!

  481. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Louise,
    Sorry if you got missed out last time! Hello to you!! Did you send one in, and if you did, was it scanned and e-mailed or sent by post to the Pollinger address? Let me know and I’ll check it hasn’t got lost somewhere as I don’t remember seeing one from you. xxx

  482. Rowena says:

    I <3 your books! and the illustrations! i reckon that simon driscot has fancied lucy forever!

  483. Amy says:

    hey, I’m not sure if you’ll remember me, but I was the girl at the grammar school who wants to get your Totally Lucy book in Japanese? I had a lot of fun, learning your techniques on writing and all that. I was hoping that I might be able to send you a story sometime *once I’ve written one* ? I’m still trying to find a Japanese copy of the book :L
    anyway, I hope things are good for you in the future
    –Amy xx

  484. Isla:) says:

    Heey Kelly Mckain.

    I am in L-O-V-E with your “Totally Lucy” books. I have read, Makeover magic,Style School and boy band blues. I am in the middle of Fantasy Fashion and it is REALLY good so far!
    I would love to read some more of your books but i just can’t find them in the book shop, but i will keep on looking.
    I had already started on a diary like Lucy’s before I stared reading hers,and I think that our life are ALOT the same, like in Fantasy Fashion “Dog Boy” is like a boy I like and “Jules” is like my best mate and i want to be a fashion designer when i’m older and I am all ready in a Fashion school Kinda thing so I am on my way. I love the Totally Lucy Books Because they are about fashion and about what every girl goes through on a normal school day (or not normal)
    WOW i have typed a lot,so….

    Love your books,

    Isla x

  485. Georgia Mantle says:

    Dear Kelly,
    I hope you enjoy reading ‘diary of a wimpy kid’! I have read most of the 1st book of totally Lucy, its great! So glad you came to my school today and i love the site.

  486. leah Vigar (aka your no1# fan!) says:

    i am your biggest fan and wondered how to become a great auther like you

  487. angel says:

    great!! meeting you tomorrow!(: xx

  488. shannon says:

    i love your books your my fave writter i think you are really pretty and can you make more totally lucy books those are my fave’s i found them at my school libary and read them and i loved them please write more totally lucy!!!! And i am your 1 fan and i am not joking your my modle i want to be a writter and a singer when i grow up and i hope i am as godd at writting as you

  489. Louise Aka Your no#1 fan says:

    I haven’t heard from you in ages! Is everything okay?
    Who won the Lucy contest?! I’m dying with anticipation!
    Please contact soon! Love always xxx

  490. Olivia says:

    I love reading diary entries and stuff so i really like your books! your an awesome writer so i think you should really keep writing because your amazing. xx So far I’ve only read fantasy fashion but im definitely looking forward to the rest!! Keep up the good work .


  491. Anisha says:

    hiya kelly

    gotta say ur books ROCK! :D

    statin d obvious

    i would love love love 2 b an author and pls reply 2 dis message sayin where i can write or email u

    ur-best-ever-ever-ever-fan-in-the-world (otherwise known 2 man kind as anisha xxx ;) )

  492. jace says:

    hi,i love ur books i could read them all day.make more books for me to read please.

  493. charley mccormack says:

    hello my name is charley and i love your books. my favrite book is
    best friends forever. i love it loads. could you give me some top tips because i would love to be a writer when i am older. how are you and do you have any new books coming out. i really addmier you and roald dahl but you are my most favrit writer ever. pleasr email me back i am your bigest fan. thank you
    love from
    charley mccormack xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  494. Tamara says:

    Can we read any of your books online?I can’t download or buy them on the Internet,and in my country i found only 3 books :Makeover Magic,BoyBand Blues and Fantasy Fashion.I’m from Montenegro and i’d really LOVE to read all of your books.Please answer.BTW,i can’t believe i’m really sending a msg to KELLY MCKAIN!< 3

  495. Tamara says:

    Can we read any of your books online?I can’t download or buy them on the Internet,and in my country i found only 3 books :Makeover Magic,BoyBand Blues and Fantasy Fashion.I’m from Montenegro and i’d really LOVE to read all of your books.Please answer.BTW,i can’t believe i’m really sending a msg to KELLY MCKAIN!< 3 x.o.

  496. Aliya Csunyoscka says:

    Hi,Kelly!I love your books! I read each Mermaid Rock book like 100 times!!!!!!!!!

  497. ola says:

    Hej, Kelly!
    Kiedy napiszesz następną część książki “To ja Lucy”?

    Ola xxx

  498. chrissie says:

    Hi kelly,
    Im doing a readers champion contest at my school and one of the challenges is to write to an author and i thaught of you! I was thinking of some questions to ask you and thaught of these. 1) Did you know you always wanted to be a writer? 2) where do you get your ideas from especially Totally Lucy there my fave will there be any more? 3)How long did it take you to write the first of the TL series and why did you choose the storyline you did? thanks from chrissie x

  499. Skicycle says:

    Hi Mrs. McKain,
    I love your books, especially Fairy house. Snowbell, Rosehip, Bluebell and Daisy are my favorite characters in the book, but Katie too! I have a question. I want to be a writer when I grow up but I don’t know what to do first. Any ideas? What inspires you? And why did you decide to write about fairies? I lived in England but I moved to America. PLease please please, write a new fairy house book. How about: Fairy Trouble, Fairy Magic, Magic Mixup, Fairy Wings, Fairy Fun, Fairy Faculty, Fairy School. Like any of those titles? Maybe they could meet a mean horrid fairy in a book. I’m on the second book in fairy house. Fairy for a day! What is your language? Every day I read your book during school: Independent reading, partner reading, recess, free time, sometimes lunch. Home: Breakfast, snack, dinner, before bedtime, weekends, Upstairs in my bedroom. I am embarrassed to announce but I read out loud your books. I’ve read them 100 times. What is your fav book you’ve wrote? I love love love fairy house books. Do you believe in them? I sort of do. Well, love the website about you and your books! How do you become a author?
    Best Wishes
    Write more books soon!
    Love Skicycle xxx

  500. Louise a.k.a no#1 fan says:

    Hiyya Kelly, you didn’t reply to me on here last time?
    Anyway, I was just wondering when we find out about who won the lucy contest?
    Thanks, hope your well:Dxxx

  501. Kelly McKain says:

    Thanks, Gaby, Marnie, Joyce and Ashlynn! It would be fab if i could write more Totally Lucy but it’s not happening at the mo – but there is going to be a cool new series which I’m sure you’ll love just as much! I’ll give you some more info on that as soon as I can!
    Hi Eva! Yes, it’s me! I’m so pleased the books are in Slovenia and that you are enjoying them so much!
    Melony – I’d love to write a new pony series – I have a few ideas so you never know!
    Georgia – good luck with your dream of being an illustrator. I’m sure you’ll make it! Don’t forget to send me one of your drawings and I’ll put it up on the site.xx
    Hi Sarah! Course I remember you! I hope you and the family are well. Lottie is under my desk right now eating biscuit crumbs off the floor (handy!) We can’t imagine not having her now, she’s part of the family and brilliant with Holly and Freddie. Thanks so much for the fab job you did in looking after her! xxx

  502. Louise Aka Your no#1 fan says:

    Hiya Kelly, me again! I have sent my entry to the Lucy contest and I am soooo excited for you to read it:D
    My dance show went so well! The grows loved it almost as much as I did!:D
    Hope your okay:)xxxxxx

  503. Hello! says:

    Hi, Mrs. Kelly!
    It was not until I started reading your book and I really like it! I gotta go!
    Please let the lady write to me.
    Marta Kaczor from Poland

  504. Ashlynn says:

    Oh my…how I lurve all your books! Half a sister totally rocks! Are you going to write more books? I’m looking out for them! What are your fav books?

    Love your fan,

  505. Sarah Thorn says:

    Hey Kelly!! i don’t know if you remember me or not but my mum and i fostered your dog before you adopted her from us at prodogsdirect???

  506. Louise a.k.a no#1 fan says:

    Heyya Kelly. Glad all is well with Freddie and yourself! I’m super dooper excited at the moment because tomorrow my school is having a dance show and I’m in it:O!! Having a Totally fabaroon time in the practices, hopefully all will be good in the actual show:D!
    Also, I’m entering the Lucy dress up contest! I hope you like my outfit! I spent 2 days and 2 hours on it (I was counting!) so I really hoe you’ll love it!
    Much love as always!xoxoxox

  507. Joyce says:

    I really, really like your books that I borrowed them all the time from the library!

  508. Georgia Tomlyn Phelan-Ross says:

    Hi.For some reason i have always wanted to be a illustator like vici leyhane.I think its because i have always loved scetching out weird creatcures.Aswell as being a model!From Georgia!

  509. melonyxx says:

    hi kelly ive now read all of the pony camp diaries except daisy and dancer and absolutely LOVED all of so sad that your ending the series. are you writing another? from melonyxx

  510. Eva Vidmar says:

    Hey ! I am Eva from Slovenia ( i hope you know where is Slovenia :( any way ),so I want to make sure are these all books your Kelly McKain ?? And just one question more : Are these books all ready in Slovenia and in Slovenian language – I hope you will know that ! Thank you , you are really my best writer! :)

  511. marnie says:

    Hi this is marnie i live in Australia. I’m 9 years old and I love all the Totally Lucy books. I’ve read each one about 10 times. My fave is Catwalk Crazy. PS.- can’t wait for your new one

  512. gaby says:

    love your books !!!

  513. gaby says:

    wow i love your books they are SUPERB i am aspesially into the Totally lucy books they are amazing!!!

    i am writing this on probably behalf of all your fans to BEG you to write some more Totally lucy book as they are brilliant!!!

    my favourite is style school and best friends forever. but the others are eqaully as good!!!

    thank you fro writing brilliant books and i love the illustrations!!!

    gaby x

  514. Kelly McKain says:

    Thanks, Louise! Hope you’re having a fab bank hols!
    Thanks, Kiara – what kind of stuff do you write?
    Berrypop – OMG congrats and also EEEEKKK! How exciting!
    Kayleigh, HI!! I am here answering you – soz if I missed you out before – blame lack of sleep!
    Subirna – Cool! And how fab that you really liked Half a Sister. I loved writing it!
    Megan – Tilly and Tiny is actually Chloe and Cracker! I had to change the title in the end to something the booksellers preferred! Hope you enjoyed seeing all the horses in the royal wedding today. They were stunning!
    Laura – Good questions! I’ll put the first two up on ‘got a question’. To answer the third one, no i didn’t think of being famous, and I don’t feel famous now at all (but its nice that you think I am!). As you’ll know,if you love writing, it’s one of those things you just have to do, whether you ever get anything published or not. I feel very very lucky that girls like you get to read by books, and i LOVE being an author! Good luck with your writing too – hope it’s going really well!
    Laurenlee – hope the book report is going OK!
    Love, Kellyx

  515. Tina says:

    At first, when my friends told me about Kelly McKain, I was like who is she, but now……I know Kelly is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  516. ilkim says:

    kelly Q :))

  517. laurenlee :) says:

    i love ur book style skool think its cul have to do a book report on over the easter holidays :)

  518. laura says:

    hiya kelly
    i really want to be a writer when i grow up but how did you get to be a famous writer and get noticed? did you always want to be a writer. oh and one more thing when you were a kid like 6 or something did you ever wonder what it would be like to be famous and then you would go in to the future and then you actually are famous. from laura xx

  519. Megan Loves Ponies! says:

    Hiiyaah Kelly, I absolutley love reading your Pony Camp Diary books seen as i dont really like much other books these are the best! Im really sad that you have stopped writing them now but is Tilly and Tiny out yet? Pleeaasee Keep writing Pony Camp Diaries i will miss them loads if not! :( Xx

  520. Subirna says:

    Heeeey. Kelly you are definitely the best author ever and I finished Reading half a sister and it is the bestttt.also your totally lucy books have inspired me and my friends to write our own .I have got every single book of yours Kelly….U RuLE……

  521. Kayleigh says:

    HI KELLY….
    I just wanted to say you never answer my messages!!!
    LOVE JA.

  522. berrypop says:

    Hi, I LOVE totally lucy and I got my period yesterday eeek!

  523. Kiara says:

    Hello! I totally lurveeeee Totally Lucy! Your writing has inspired me sooooo much!!!

  524. Louise Lennnon no#1 fan says:

    Glad everything went well with the reicent birth of you adorable baby:) Now I understand why you weren’t on in awhile:) Hope you are catching up on sleep and you baby is settling in to his new home;D Can’t imagien how happy you must be!
    As always it has brightened up my day to know you have read my comments and that you are replying to them all:) Hope everything is good with you. Much love to you both:Dxxx

  525. Kelly McKain says:

    And here are a few extra bits! Hannah, I’m an OK rider, not amazing! Now I’m not massively pregnant I’m looking forward to getting back in the saddle this summer!
    Katie – Fab! Hope you enjoyed the end of Half a Sister!
    Roshini, wow what a fab reader! I’d better get writing!
    Poppy, thanks for your cool list! I’m sure you’ll be a famous writer – you’re so funny with your cringe stories you should write comedy!
    Billie-Ann, thanks for asking about my fave book! I’ll put the answer up in Got a Question soon!
    Megan, SOOO great to hear you lurved Half a Sister so much!
    Alicia, wow thanks! Yes I am writing a new series – will spill the beans about it soon!
    Ella, what a great idea. I have finished writing the Pony Camp Diaries now, though (I know, sob sob!)
    Amy, yes it’s true you must always have paper with you, or at least an iphone with notes page if you forget your notebook!
    TJ that is amazing! You sound like such a cool girl!
    Roshini – Vici Leyhane does the fab Totally Lucy pix. Lucky you to be able to write AND draw. Sadly, I can’t draw for toffee, in fact I can’t even draw A toffee!xxx

  526. Alya says:

    I love all your tottaly lucy books!
    And at the moment im reading style school, im just getting worried that you’ll stop writing them! Please dont stop writing totally lucy! Theyre th best!!! I dont know what I would do without them, theyre the only boooks I actually read!!! Theyre the only book I actually like!!
    xoxox Your NUMBER 1 fan

  527. libby says:

    OMG the other day i was in my lounge singing really badly i didnt relise that 2 boys from my school were looking at me through the window i went bright red and ran a way!!!

  528. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Girls!
    Thanks to all you fabulous, gorgeous girls for your lovely comments. Sorry it’s taken me FOREVER to get back on here, but I have been a bit busy, like, giving birth and stuff!! And not sleeping very much!! But here I am, back again, and I will try from now on to reply to comments every week, so when you check back you should find a reply!
    So BIG HUGS to you all – Roshini, Jessie, Fatin, Iza, Ana, Amy, T.J., Sarah, Maysa, Tahlia, Angelckae, Aaliyah, Louise, Lauren, Lina, Cally, Imogen, Summah, Amy, Shamila, Hannah, Allanna, Keely, Tilly, Jennifer, Jessica, Ella, Horselover, Ponylover, Chloe, Alicia, Megan, Orlaith, Kelly, Billie-Ann, Holly, Maria, Poppy, Jean, Katie T, Nicky, Charlie, Hannah and Lorna. I have just read all your messages and really enjoyed them! I know I’ve never met most of you but i feel like I know you – I hope you feel like that about me too!
    Loads of love to you all, and don’t forget to sign up to the mailing list if you haven’t already as I’m about to do another book giveaway! MWAH! Love, Kellyx

  529. MAGIC my pony says:

    hello i ride horses and love you pony camp diaries how much are they each in australia i got my one through bookclub

  530. Lorna says:

    i ;ove ponys everyone should so had an idea that people that read toatly lucy should start reading pony camp diarys I LOVE THEM

  531. Hannah says:

    Hi Kelly

    Ilove ponies and I’m a great jumper are you a good rider

  532. Charlie says:

    Dear HorseLover Chloe you sound awesome wanna be mates?We could start Pony camp club what do ya say reply please

  533. Charlie says:

    I write some stories
    I was so happy when you used my name Charlie.My friend was so shocked too.Now she calls me Kellys book worm.Ha Ha Ha

  534. nicky says:

    i love your books.
    i mostly like the pony camp diaries,because…

  535. Katie T says:

    Hi Kelly, thank you so much for the books you gave my mum (your health visiter).They are so fab and totally cringeworthy, I love them I started ‘Half a Sister’ earlier this week and i’ve nearly finished it.
    Thanx soo much

  536. jean says:

    i love your books!i just read catwalk crazy and it was amazing
    i hope you write more books

  537. Roshini says:

    I looove your Totally Lucy,ive finished all of them and all the ones of pony camp diaries,please please write more!!!

  538. YOUR BIGGEST FAN EVER!!!!!!! says:

    Dear kelly!

    ambition: be a famous writer like you!

    Dreams: to be a famous writer!

    thought: my favorite books are YOURS!
    faves: totally lucy…dogs…books…green and pink…finally pizza!

    love ur biggest fan! (poppy!)
    p.s MHAW!!!!!

  539. maria says:

    your books rock i love them i got them from the libary i don’t have them and can you please send me the book caled toattly lucy thankyou from
    maria omalley

  540. Holly says:

    I love half a sister the best book ever

  541. Billie-Ann says:

    hi my friend Beth she got me started could you tell me whats your fave book?

    P.S what football team do you support

  542. Billie-Ann says:

    hi my friend Beth she got me started could you tell me whats your fave book?

    P.S what football team do you supprot

  543. kelly says:

    hi, i LLOOVVEE your totally lucy books and i’m up to number 7 and my fave one is style school. please write more like up to 20 haha thank you! <3 love kelly!x

  544. orlaith says:

    hi kelly i love your book half a sister i have a friend called hannah think you so mush hope u get this

  545. megan says:

    heyy kelly McKain

    Half a sister is a really good book and full of excitment. I love the idea and it made me want to read on.Its so cool because theres some many twists

    Its amazing i love the book. I cant wait for the next book


    p.s love the ilustrations

  546. alicia says:

    Your comment will appear here soon!

    February 22, 2011 at 8:50 pm
    i am soo intrested in your books your such a good writer i treasure your books.i no this is really rude but i want to ask you if you can write another book or if you are writing another book i will be really happy.
    from aliciaxxx
    p.s you are one of my fave author
    pp.s i love your books
    ppp.s please write back

  547. alicia says:

    i am soo intrested in your books your such a good writer i treasure your books.i no this is really rude but i want to ask you if you can write another book or if you are writing another book i will be really happy.
    from aliciaxxx
    p.s you are one of my fave author
    pp.s i love your books

  548. Chloe says:

    Hi i adore your books I only have three books but ive read them like 1000 times thanx Chloe

  549. ponyluver222 says:

    hi kelly
    i asaloutly luv the pony camp diaries seires where do you get your insperation from?? are you into horsriding i am horses are my world and i go ridng to! thank yo so much ponyluver222 xxx

  550. HorseLover Chloe says:

    Hiya Kelly um i just wanted to ask were can i get more of your pony camp Diaries, they have got me into reading a lot of books and i wanted more, so when you can please get back to me thanks bye xXxXxXxXxXxXxX

  551. Ella says:

    Heya Kelly I love your pony camp books they are so good plaese can you write on about a girl called ella and Crazy love you xxxx Ella xxx

  552. Jessica013 says:

    Hey Kelly.
    I have read a Totally Lucy book ‘Picture Perfect’ and I think that it is amazing. I like the idea that you made it into Lucy’s journal. The illustrations are fab 2 and i can’t wait to read ‘Best Friends Forever’ and your new book thats coming out!
    love Jessica

  553. Jennifer Hinitt says:

    Hi there I love your totally lucy books I am in the middle of reading Best Friends Forever its great! I love Lucys dress its gorgoes oh and I am so excited about reading the bit when they are at the prom.

  554. tilly says:

    Hi Kelly McKain,
    My nameis Tilly and i really love your books especially totally lucy. I love this series partly because i’m known as tilda in my school and also one of my best friends is lucy. I too am in a three group, my other bff is called margaux and as a three we have read all the totally lucy books more than three times each!! I love your books there my favorites particulally totally lucy and i really hope you intend on writing more totally ucy books as i love reading them and cant put the book down until i have finised!! I love your books and i think your a fantastic author!!!!!
    p.s. My two bff’s and i sometimes pretend we are lucy,tilda and jules as were quite popular and look up to you as an inspiration!

    Bye bye!!!

  555. keely :) says:

    hi kelly
    i was just reading about the fairy house book and was woderring why they won’t let u publish the rest of them ?
    im in the middle of the riding school and loving it :) <3

  556. Alanna says:

    hi Kelly,
    i love your Totally Lucy books. i have read every one of them in the series. my favorite is the firsM book, Makeover Magic, went the girls form the grope of three that they are. i love your style of writing and can’t wait for you new book :)

    bye for now,

  557. hannah says:

    i luv u kelly!!!!!!

  558. Shamila Akhtar says:

    Hi, I’m campaigning to save my local library and have a small request for you to sign our author petition. Please -mail me if you can help.
    Many Thanks

  559. Amy Davidson says:

    Hi Kelly,

    My name is Amy and I live in London, England. When i’m older I REALLY want to be a writer… I looks soooo much fun you can spend all your time in your own world dreaming up new characters, places and well anything you want really!
    The only bad thing would be not being able to think of any new ideas or thinking of a fab idea but not being able to put it to paper! That must be annoying

    Amy xxx

  560. summah says:

    hi again ur story is alsome

  561. Imogen Ashoka says:

    Hey Kelly! :)
    I love your books; they are great! I want to be a fashion designer,one day, just like Lucy!
    Imogen A :)

  562. Louise A.K.A your no#1 fan! says:

    LINA!!!! Congratulations about the baby:) I bet you’re really exited!!! I would be I’ve always wanted a little sister!!! I know that usually you use this blog to write to Kelly but I saw you’re post and thought I’d just say congratz. I also know that it’s alittle weird scince I don’t know you but I just wanted to say hi and stuff:)
    Also hiyya Kelly, I’m reading ‘Blogging buddies’ in the camp secrets series!!! I’ve got most of them just not the last few but I’m enjoying it alot!!!! See you xo

  563. cally says:

    hi im cally. i love ponies.i love pony camp diaries. see u soon
    your sierency

    callyward age 8

  564. cally says:

    hi im cally im 8. I love pony camp diaries. i hope u love ponies cos i do.
    your sirency
    cally ward

  565. Lina says:

    Your having a baby congratz. ( my mom gave birth on 29 December 2010 and her birthday is on 30 December. Is ‘nt that great!
    Love Lina

  566. Aaliyah says:

    Hiya Kelly
    I am 11 years old and I absolutely LOVE your Totally Lucy books!
    They totally ROCK!!!
    Where can I download the books for free?I’ve only read two Totally Lucy books but I LOVE them and want to read the rest.

  567. Louise A.K.A your no#1 fan says:

    OMG!!!! You’re having a baby?! That’s so cool(if you are) congrats Kelly :) Love you goodluck oxoxo

  568. laurenxx says:

    hi kelly im sure i will have some more hacks xx charlotte told me that your having a baby so good luck to you lots of love xxxxxxx

  569. ANGELCAKE says:

    can i have all of the books you make

  570. Paul Jutras says:

    Love Fairy House series. Hope the next group of books come soon.

  571. Tahlia says:

    Hi! I’ve recently picked up totally Lucy and I love them.

  572. Maysa says:

    Hiyya Kelly,
    Im super upset to find out that Bff ( best friends forever) is going to be the very last totally lucy book ( *sobb*

  573. sarah mawson says:

    hey i will start this, as most do, by saying i love your books. i have only read the totally lucy series but that was enough to know that your an excellent author. i also love anything to do with twilight and cathy cassidy books even though i have only read cherry crush and shine on daizy star. xoxo sarah

  574. Louise A.K.A your no#1 fan says:

    Hiyya Kelly! I submitted an entry to the ‘over to you’ page via email but it isn’t up there yet:( Did you get it? Hope you did and hope you like:) Love you x

  575. T.J says:

    To Kelly
    You give me so much inspiration.I love the Totally Lucy books the most and make special tips to gladstone library to get them. I have already done a fashion show, gotten a fashion advice column in the school magazine and hold and eco club. Last week we made clothes and teddy bears for children in third world countries with our own old clothes! Please writemore Totally Lucy books or more like it, maybe you could write a similar series because so many girls love them. Please believe i’m your number one fan ever since my sister bought me Makeover Magic for my Birthday and i need more!!! ;)

  576. Amy Davidson says:

    Dear Kelly,
    When i’m older I really want to be an author. I’d do anything! In the whole world at the moment i’m using a old school exercise book for all my ideas and plans and stuff!
    And i’m glad I did it, I’ve now got some brilliant ideas! Kelly do you mind telling us all what the five best things are about being an author!?

    Thanks kelly
    amy xx

  577. ana says:

    hey there.ilove the sets of totally lucy and i have read all of them and also i did the quiz and i had 18/18 yay.

  578. Iza says:

    Hi Kelly McKain!
    I like your books! I come from Poland and I’m 10. I love reading books about Lucy (I’ve read all parts). Could you write next story? I like illustrations at this books! Lucy inspirated to be designer dresses!

  579. Fatin says:

    Hi Kelly!! I LOVE totally Lucy! Espiecially Style school..I Borrowed it from my school library but its so sad bcoz they only have Style School, Fantasy Fashion,Makover Magic and Star Struck..I wish they had ALL the books on Totaly Lucy..

    Sign Fatin Adlyn…

    P.S Cool imagination and illustration..But one question is she like u??

  580. Jessie says:

    Hi Kelly Mckain
    I really love the Totaly Lucy books. I’ve only read one but it was great! I like them because there about fashion and I just love them! :)
    Lots and lots of love Jessie!

  581. Roshni Patel says:

    Heya Kelly,

    I have read the whole series of Totally Lucy series, and I enjoyed it so much!

    I love how you make a problem then she gets really worried, I even get worried too… that it won’t end right. Then it’ll get stuck in my head forever (well…until I finish the book)!!!

    My favourite is Summer Stars and Best Friends Forever!

    I love the illustrations, how about sending me a few tips maybe, because if I don’t achieve my writing business, I’ll definitely become an artist!!!

    Many fluffy and warm regards, Love Roshni Patelxx

    P.S. I’d appreciate some writing tips too!!!

  582. Louise A.K.A No#1 fan!!! says:

    You desurve to be honered as the greatest writer in the world! I finished half sister a few minuets ago and it is fabtastic! I can’t wait to hear about the lucy app:) Also what is you’re email address? I get them of the internet but I don’t think there right because you never reply:( But anyway love you lots:) :) xxx

  583. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls,
    Thanks for all your fab comments!
    Lina, good luck with your writing!
    Louise, great to hear that you love Half a Sister! thanks for being such a fab fan!
    Louise and Lina, the Lucy app won’t be out for quite a while, as it’s only just being developed now, but i’ll let yo know the second it is!!
    Thanks, Holly! MWAH!
    Fairy Morgan – Fab to hear you love the Fairy House books – I think Rosehip is my fave fairy too!
    Lauren – hope you’ve got some more hacks in since the snow melted!
    Thanks, Chloe!
    Jane, as for tips, I think, just remember that every girl goes through it and feels shy and worried about it too sometimes. If you have any worries, chat to your mum or a teacher you trust. xxx
    Sophie – wow, it really means a lot to me that Totally Lucy has got you into reading! Now try Cathy Cassidy and Karen McCombie’s books as well!
    Thanks to Lauren, Jessica, Sarah and Louise for the lovely XMas wishes. Happy new year to you and all you girls!
    Zanelli – writing AND drawing! Lucky you, i wish i could draw. Vici’s illustrations are FAB, aren’t they?!
    Lorna, see Got a Question and the Over to You pages for writing tips and inside info on being an author. I agree it would be fab to have a TV series of Pony Camp, let’s hope a TV company buys it!
    Love to all you girls! Kellyxx

  584. Tahlia says:

    I love the Totally Lucy books i came across them in the Libary and cant put them down! Lucy reminds me of me!

  585. Casely says:

    Kelly, please when is the dress up Lucy game coming?, I’m eager to know about that!!

  586. freya says:

    i love your totally lucy books. i got 8,9 and 10 for christmas.

  587. Louise A.K.A No#1 fan!!! says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR KELLY!!!!! Hope you had a wonderfull christmas and all the best for the new year!!! 2011- Eeeep allready!!! :)

  588. Lorna says:

    hi happy day before your brithday do you think you could make a film or a TV serise of the pony camp books!?!

  589. Lorna says:

    Hi i love the pony camp books. My fav now is Hannah and Hope!!! my fav pony is mischief cos i ride a pony called Mischief too! i would like to write books then i’m older can you please give me some tips?!? i have many ideas for books but i can’t seem to be able to put them on paper!?!!?!

    from Lorna

  590. Sarah645342 says:

    Hi Kelly I love the Pony Camp Diaries I got all of them for Christmas well I hope you had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year

  591. Zaneli says:

    Hi. I love your books. Right now i have 5 of your books. When grow up i want to be an author and director. I’ve already started writing books. At school my friends are always saying that i am good at writing books and drawing. BTW I love the illustrations. My fav book is Syle School, Catwalk Crazy and Best Friends Forever.

    Love From Zaneli

  592. jessica says:

    hi, I love your totally Lucy books Merry Xmas

  593. Laurenxx says:

    hello kelly merry christmas hope you get lots of presents !

  594. sophie says:

    hi kelly
    i’d love to meet you and i’ve read 4 of your totally lucy books! which were totally awrsome!!! and just like lucy i really want to be a fashoin designer. oh by the way i did’nt like reading untill i raed your books!!!!!

  595. Jane says:

    Hi Kelly,
    just wanted to say even though I only read Totally Lucy’s Makeover Magic I loved it! I would like to read Style School,Best Friends Forever,Picture Perfect and Fantasy Fashion. P.S.Any tips on going through periods? P.P.S. Jessica is my mom!

  596. CHLOE says:


  597. Lina says:

    h tell me what is the totally lucy iPad( I meant app not iPad ) sorry

  598. Lina says:

    hi,I love your books, I only read one book which is Fantasy Fashion. I think all your books are amazing. What is your faviroute book you wrote.I have an Ipad can you tell me what is the totally lucy iPad because I read one comment that said there is a totally Lucy app. Please tell me it .I would love to download it. I love writting so maybe in future I will be a famous author like you Wish you a great day

  599. Laurenxx says:

    thanks kelly i relly want the cold weather to go i cant wait untill summer were i can go on long hacks what do u like doing in ur spear time !!

  600. Louise A.K.A no#1 fan says:

    Sorry about the last P.S thing I meant:
    Hope you and your cute dog and adorable baby girl.

  601. Louise A.K.A no#1 fan says:

    OMG!! I’m gonna get an Iphone for my birthday just so I can get the new lucy app!!! You will have to tell me what is on it!!!! Love your books so much love the idea to make an eco friendly room for tilda!!! My friend wanted that so I helped her do it using idea’s in the book EG. The curtains, flower photo frames with us as friends in it!!!!!!! LOVE YOU LOADS!!! :):):):) XOXOXOXO
    P.S Hope your cute dog and adorable son have fun in the snow!!!!xxx

  602. Fairy Morgan says:

    I am 5 years old. I really love the fairy books. My grandma and I just finished The Fairy Party. I liked the story about the bird best so far. Rosehip is my favorite fairy.

  603. holly xx says:

    hey kelly luv the toally lucy books they are the best books i have ever read! i think i have read each one about 5 times! xoxoxo

  604. Louise A.K.A no#1 fan says:

    OMG KELLY!!! I don’t belive you read my messages!xoxoxo I really do love you that muchxxxooo I hope you know how true the things I say about you are you are AMAZING:):):):):) I’ve tried emailing you about 3 times but never got a reply:’):’( But the fact you read my messages make’s me honered. Oh and yes Louise Lennon is the same person but I changed my name to show the truth about me!!! Love your work!!! Half way through the new half sister book… LOVE IT LOADS!!!!! When I read your books my friends and family might aswell just leave me because they wont get a word till I finish it!!! Hope that one day you will email me…(dreaming about a futer email from you)…Love you lots!!!
    From Louise xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  605. Lina says:

    HI I am the biggest fan of you. I only read one book that is called Fantasy Fashion I will buy all of them Soon. I hope I meet you , YOU ARE AWSOME. One of favourite hobby is to write and be famous. I am smaller than Lucy with a bit. YOU ARE GREAT

  606. Kelly McKain says:

    Kaitlyn, there’s a glam party at the end of Star Struck, so you might find some ideas there. I went to a fab x-mas one once given by Scholastic the publisher where there were two big tables heaped with gorgeously-wrapped presents and you could just choose one! that was pretty cool! there was also one I went to where the brought out sushi on frozen metal trays so they had to wear gloves – also cool (literally!) hope that helps! xx

  607. Kelly McKain says:

    Zlatina (cool name, BTW!) the next question in ‘got a question’ will be about how to start writing a book so look out for that – and there are writing tips on the Over To You page too. Hope that helps! xx
    Hi Lauren and Charlotte, well done to you both in the dressage – you go girls!xx
    Kaitlyn and Isabel, thanks for sending/telling me about your writing, sounds fab! I’ll have a look soon when I get a mo, am just catching up with everything right now so won’t be long! xxx

  608. Kelly McKain says:

    Chloe, Georgia, Keely, Lucy, Tanya and Haseena, you girls were all asking about whether there will be any more Lucy books, or new books in general. It looks like no more Lucy at the moment I’m afraid, but I’ll let you know if that changes. As for new series, there is something in the pipeline which is secret at the mo but I’ll let you know the info as soon as I can, promise!!!
    PS. PS means post script – and no, i don’t get what that is either! xxxx

  609. Kelly McKain says:

    Thanks to Erin, Lucy, Abbie, Jessica, Chloe and Georgia, Angelce, Belinda and Naveli for your lovely comments. they mean so much to me and really inspire me. Mwah!!!xxx
    Haseena – Style School is my fave too!
    Lucy, what a fab idea for a Christmas book. I’ll run it by my editor at Usborne – maybe we could do something in time for next year! xx
    Ummi, sorry you’re having trouble finding books in Malaysia – maybe Amazon can send them. I don’t have book stocks to send out, I’m afraid – let me know if you do find a way to get hold of them as i know other girls in your situation would love to know. xxx
    Wow, Louise, after reading your message (and are you also Louise Lennon or are there two extremely nice Louises??) I might treat myself to a Curly Wurly, although it is honestly true that I’ve alaredy had three today (whoops! i blame the cold weather!). that’s if i can get my head out of my study door after all your nice comments!

  610. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! Thanks for all your fab messages! Sorry I haven’t written for a while, I have had a revolting lurgacious coldy-type thing which wouldn’t go for ages and then I’ve been catching up on all the work I got behind on! But i’m here now (yes, Erin, this is really me my actual self!) so get ready for all the replies…

  611. Isabel says:

    Dear Kelly,
    Me and one of my friends are very passionate about writing and have started a blog: “The Secret Life of the Bels”. If you can, would you be able to read our blog from the 1st blog and perhaps tell us what you think of it? The recent posts are better so you might like to just read the posts of your interest! The URL is:
    Thank you so much for your time! xxx Isabel

  612. tanya says:

    Will there be anymore Totally Lucy books?

  613. jessica says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOO I love totelly Lusy the new books i just have to read them!

    P.S Love the illustrations!

  614. jessica says:

    OOOOOOO I love totelly lusy it’s like my fav books.Ihope the books get evenmore fab and cool.

    P.S love the illustrations!

  615. Casely says:

    Hi kelly

  616. Ummi says:

    Kelly i’ve sign up for news… Can you post some of your book to our bookshop in Malaysia. Because it’s very hard to find your books in Malaysia. If you could please e-mail to me..

  617. Erin says:

    Do you reply or are these just fakes :)
    i Really , really REALLY love toatlly lucy , as i said earlier ! lol scroll down!
    I Think you ROCK
    ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Erin McDwyer
    P.P.S:rock on :D ;)

  618. lucy says:

    after the book BEST FRIENDS FOREVER is there any more?

  619. kaitlynn says:

    hi kelly!
    i have sent you a story called the sweetie pie adventures! its about a little girl how lives a totally normal life until she found out who her father was!

  620. kaitlynn says:

    hi kelly!
    im just wondering how you would describe a really glam party? you see im gonna be an author when im older and i need ideas for stories! my mum keeps saying that i need to delete some of my stories that iv done on my computer after iv printed them!!! but still i want them to be memories!!!!!:):):):):)

  621. naveli says:

    hiiii’ kelly’ i relly love ur book …….. and ya
    my name is naveli jain
    iam study in class 4
    my school name is dps
    iam 10 years old
    and ya i love a matter that u write it is ‘hey girl’

  622. naveli says:

    i love ur books best friends forever was very nice

  623. Belinda Williams says:

    Hello Kelly McKain! I’m 17, and I LOVE reading the Totally Lucy books. I used to live in England, but moved to the U.S. about 3 years ago. We don’t have any of your books here, so I have not read them since I left England! I’m really glad I discovered your books, because I can really relate to Lucy, and she’s so hilarious! Thank you for writing such awesome books !

  624. haseena says:

    hii please may u make a new totally lucy book it is so useful

  625. keely mclavin says:

    i just want to say your a fab writer and i would love it if you could make another totally lucy book there my fave im in the middle of the forth one. and i love your fairy house books 2 there some of my fav books i love to read. im ten years old by the way and i would love it if you could reply to my message and write more toatlly lucy book. sorry if any thing is put or spelled wrong

    from keely
    p.s did you like to read when you were little
    p.p.s remingyou tilda
    p.p.p.s thanks for beging such a good writer.
    p.p.p.p.s what does p.s even mean?
    thanks bye

  626. Angelce says:

    Hello Kelly!
    I love your Totally Lucy books! I read them on Serbian only the first three parts and I think they’re amazing! :)


  627. Laurenxx says:

    hi kelly we did the dressage and they were 6 places out 25 people and i came 6th :D charlotte i think came below me but we both really enjoyed it it was really fun !!!

  628. Zlatina says:

    Hi Kelly! I love your books. My favourite is Totaly Lucy, but I’m in Bulgaria, so I know only the first four books of Totaly lucy ;(,now I know every book of yours, but I can’t read them ‘cuz I’m from Bulgaria and these books aren’t arrived here. I’m whriting a book now becouse you inspire me. Sooo i want to ask you for a favor, please send me on my e-mail some advices for ,,How to whrite a book”. My dream is to be a famous whriter. But I’m only 11 and I can’t whrite a perfect book, but my mom everytimes when I say that she tolds me that everything in this world is possible then I smile and say ,,That’s right mom, I can do it! I will follow my dreams!” Thank you! :)

    With Love: Zlatina

    P.S. Love your books!
    PPS. Love everything in the site
    PPPS. Your my example for whriting books and ideas
    PPPPS. Please whrite me!

  629. Louise A.K.A your no#1 fan says:

    I LURVE the books SOOO much I own them all!!!! I don’t really have a fave coz I think there all SUPER great!!!! I love the illustrations in style school and that they have to hide from Mr.Kain coz all my friends allways sneak into the loos and do there hair and makeup!!! I can’t wait till I’m 13 on March 29th coz then I’ll be even more like lucy… Well actully I’m more like Jules you wouldn’t catch me dead in a skirt or dress! I can’t wait for your new book to come out!! I’m gonna be the 1st to get it!!!!!! I DREAM to be in a book like totally Lucy!!!

  630. Chloe says:

    Hi! Kelly Mckain

    I really love your Totally Lucy Books. No wonder your more famous than Jacqueline Wilson or Cathy Cassidy. Are You going 2 wright a new book or series?? Me and my friends love the Illistrations


  631. Chloe Seeto + Georgia says:

    Hi! Kelly Mckain

    I really love your Totally Lucy Books. No wonder your more famous than Jacqueline Wilson or Cathy Cassidy. Are You going 2 wright a new book or series??

  632. shahed says:

    hey kelly!
    kelly i love your books especially totaly lucy books. i would really like you to give me some info about you.

  633. Louise says:

    I LOVE all of your fabtastic books about the glamourous LUCY.J.HARTLEY !
    I own every one of them and have read them all to! When I read them they make me ‘skip through the tulips’ with happieness!!!!!! I dream of being as wonderfull as she is!!! PLEASE write more about her adventures because thay inspire me, they are stories that I can relate to and I can’t get enough of them!
    I LOVE YOUR WORK (and would be honered even if you just read this message!

  634. Lucy says:

    Please can you make another Totally Lucy book !!! It could be about christmas and Lucy can make tilda a funky coat cos she has a boring one . PLease please!! Its Your Idea
    Love Lucy (thats my name)

  635. Jessica says:

    Hi Kelly I really want to say how much I love totally lucy. My favourite book is Picture Perfect. Also you are such a great writer and all your books are really funny.


  636. haseena says:

    love your totally lucy books just read style school it was so cool!!!

  637. abbie says:

    i love love love love love the totally lucy books! i was sad when you said the series was gonna end! love abzx

  638. Lucy says:

    Please PLEASE make another Totally Lucy book i love them !!!!!

  639. Erin says:

    Dear Kelly
    Your A fab writer
    and one day i’d love to be as succesfull as you
    your toatlly lucy books are FAB!
    It is a wonder why You and cathy cassidy aren’t more popular than jaqualine wilson
    You make it seeem so REAL
    i feel like im sitting in the room next to lucy tilda and jules
    Lucy is a lot like me One day i would like to succeed my dream of being either a Fahion Designer or auther

  640. admin says:

    Hi Paula,

    Thanks so much for your comment! Could you get someone to help you send it in English so I can put it up? Thanks! Kellyx

  641. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your message about the Fairy House books. Unfortunately there are problems getting hold of these books, and you can read the full update and info on the Fairy House page of this site. I’m not sure where you live but you should be able to get hold of books 5-8 via so I guess that’s something. As you’ll see from the full info page, this is completely out of my hands and I’m very sorry you can’t get hold of all the books. Kellyx

  642. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi everyone!
    Thanks for all your fab new messages! Sol, only Makeover Magic and Fantasy Fashion are available in Spanish at the mo I’m afraid! Irum, I hope your talk went well! Thanks for choosing me as your author!
    Megan – Cool hope you liked the ending!
    Lauren and Charlotte – good luck for your dressage test, and hope it went well if you’ve already done it!

  643. Eli says:

    wow kelly i love your books so much i have read all the totally lucy’s because they are sooooooo good

  644. Laurenxx says:

    hi kelly me and charlotte are douing a dressage test together on our ponies cant wait !

  645. Megan Sharman says:

    Hello Kelly , I am half way through your amazing half a sister book i just can’t get enough of it . :) P.s I Buy All Your New Books

  646. Paul Jutras says:

    I like the first 4 FAIRY HOUSE books. When ever I go to the book store or check I’m always told it out of stock and can’t be ordered. Will Fairy Sleep over and the other titles ever get a re-release from Scholastic?

  647. Irum says:


  648. abbie and fran says:

    hi kelly its abbie-leigh again! i got your email, thanx, i went strait onto your website its amazing!!!!!
    i bet u r wondering who fran is, she is my other best friend!


  649. Laurenxx says:

    hi kelly it was great riding in the summer ive just entered the sighned book contest i really hope i get a chance (fingers crossed)x

  650. debby says:


  651. prexa says:

    hi kelly i love your totally lucy bookes and i just started reading the first one (MAKEOVER MAGIC)

    do you write any outher books because i think i would really be intrested. bye mwauh!!!

  652. Sol says:


  653. Kelly McKain says:

    And hi to Heather too! See my reply to Tanya just below about new books. xx

  654. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girlies!
    Thanks for all your fab new messages!
    Amy – I am thrilled to be an author, it’s what i always wanted to be (as well as a trapeze artist!) so it really is my dream come true!
    June – How cool that we have the same birth date? Are you organised and practical like a Capricorn is supposed to be? I am… but only sometimes!
    Holly – my fave that I’ve written is probably Style School, but I have a few faves for different reasons. What’s YOUR fave?
    Hi Lauren! I think I just wrote back to Charlotte today! How cool that you are BFF and get to ride together! Hope you enjoyed Charlie and Charm!
    Lily – good luck with your writing! You can find a whole load of writing tips in the OVER TO YOU bit of the site.
    Lucylou – thanks for your fab ideas! Totally Jules would be WILD wouldn’t it?!
    Tanya, it doesn’t look like there’ll be any more at the mo, but I am developing a new comedy journal series so i’ll let you know when there’s any news on that!
    LOVE you girls! MWAH!!!

  655. heather newlands says:

    I totally love your books and i have read them all so i was wondering are you going to write anymore?! They are my favourite books especially make-over magic and summer stars!
    love from Heather! xxx
    Reply back plzz! :D

  656. aimee paris wheeler says:

    hi what do you have to say about your work and success as an author :)

  657. aimee paris wheeler says:

    hi what do have to say about your work and success as an author:*

  658. June says:

    I totally love… your books! And guess what, I was reading about you in Kelly’s Place and I found out that we share the same birthday date!

  659. Georgia says:

    Hi kelly have you got my book yet?? Please reply

  660. Katie Smyth says:

    i love ur totally lucy books i love em soo much ive read de, loads r u goin to write anymore

  661. Holly says:

    what is your favourite book that you have written

  662. Laurenxx says:

    hi kelly i just wrote you a message and thought i write you another so i wondering if you remember writing to a girl called charlotte and she has trevor we are best friends and go to the same stables!!im just reading charlie and charm better get reading xx

  663. Laurenxx says:

    Hi kelly its so great to hear from you i was so excited when you replied.Thank you very much.Chance is is a real cutey but he can be cheeky ive read some more of your books they are amazing your so talented id love to have more time to write but i hanve chance to get to but i do love itt!!!!xx

  664. lilly says:

    i really like books and i want to be a writer when i grow up and because ur so good i want to know some tips!

  665. Kelly says:

    Hi Kelly Mckain my name is Kelly i am 10 and love your todally lucy books and i want to be author to when i grow up and a fashion designer like todally lucy

  666. lucylou says:

    Hi Kelly Mcakin!
    My name is Lucy I am 10 years and my fav books are totally lucy they are SO funny i also like fairy house and i can’t wait to read your hot new series “half a sister” it sounds really fab i really like this cool new site and i LOVE the chats. I think you should try making a “Totally Tilda” and “Totally Julez” that would me call!
    A bundle of hugs
    from Lucy

  667. Tanya says:

    I LOOOOOOOVE the Totally Lucy books will there be anymore???

  668. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girlies!
    Thanks so much for your messages – I love reading them! Lauren you are SOOOOO lucky to have your own pony, and Chance is such a gorge name! Hope you had lots of fun riding this summer and check out the cool downloads on the Pony Camp page! Love to you all girls! Kellyx

  669. Laurenxx says:

    hi kelly your books are amazing i love pony camp diaries there great i have my own pony called chance and he is beatiful my favourite book is LaureN AND lUCKY !!!

  670. CCZM says:

    Oh wow!!!
    Kelly inspires me soo much! I just cannot live without Totally Lucy books!

  671. Hannah says:

    Hiya Kelly, I really love the Kelly McKain books, I wish there was more!! Love the new website BTW!!

  672. Katie says:

    Hi Kelly,
    Totally lucy is soo funny and soo good i love it too bits i am buying the whole series!

  673. Ashton lynn says:

    Hi, Just wanted to say I loved your fab books. I especially love totally lucy, cos i have a passion for clothes, especially jewelry. I have made a few pieces already and I get inspiration from your books. Thanks!

  674. erda says:

    hey kelly!
    i have join you on facebook!
    thanks kelly for sending me the email!
    i just can’t WAIT till half a sister is in singaporeeeeeeeeee! <3

  675. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls!
    Thanks for all your fab messages! Thanks for the book Georgia, I’ll let you know when it gets here. And hi to Annabelle and Georgina – fab that you lurve Lucy so much! Mio – there is no real Sunnyside Stables, I’m afraid, but there are plenty of riding holidays like it – I hope you get to go on one soon! Lucy you are SO funny, and your dream is fab – it’s great being a published writer, I love it! I hope it comes true for you! (And your ambition too – hee hee!!!) Hi to Chloe too! Kellyx

  676. Chloe says:

    Totally lucy rocks!

  677. Lucy says:

    Hi Kelly!!

    I am Lucy, and I am 13 (nearly 14; October 2nd!!). I love the Totally Lucy series; best books EVER!!!!

    Thoughts and dreams? Hmmm . . . . let me see . . .

    Thoughts: I love cats, and I think about them a lot. I also love the colour pink, and I think about how pink I could make my dream house.

    Dreams: I dream about publishing my first book in secret, and how I tell my parents and friends about it! It’s sad, I know, but it’s a great dream.

    Faves: I love the colour pink, cats . . . erm . . . and TOTALLY LUCY!!

    Ambition: To be a published author who illustrates her books, and live in a pink mansion with 30 cats and suuuuuuper fit boyfriend :)

  678. Georgia says:

    Hello Kelly,
    I have sent a book to you and I hope you enjoy it! It is called the confusing life of emily and i hope you get it in the post!! I love your totally lucy books sooo much and i wish i could write books like you, i like number 4 STAR STRUCK!
    Seya L8er

  679. Mio Kitaura says:

    My name is Mio.
    I’m 8 years old.
    I’m Japanese, living in Berlin.

    I love to ride –
    I really would like to join a pony camp in Sunnyside Stables!
    Is it a real one?

    My mother is a translator.
    She has already published a few books,
    and I want her to translate this pony camp series into Japanese.
    These diaries are the first books that I read throughly in English!
    I started learning English when I moved to Berlin, one year ago!


  680. Annabelle + Georgina Goldsmith says:

    Hi Kelly McKain

    Just to say that we really, really, REALLY like your Totally Lucy books. We have both read all of them and Georgina also has read and likes Mermaid Rock and Fairy House.
    We really like the Totally Lucy books because they are about fashion and about what every girl goes through at school.
    We especially like Catwalk Crazy and Best Friends Forever.

    Annabelle and Georgina Goldsmith

    P.S. Love the illustrations!

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