Pony Camp Diaries

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Saddle up for a week in pony paradise!

Welcome to Sunnyside Stables, and the pony holiday of your dreams! In each girl's diary, she tells us what it's like to get her own pony for a week, about her new friends, and the fun and challenges they experience together. Packed with adventure, excitement and horsy info, Pony Camp Diaries are perfect for pony-mad girls everywhere!

Daisy and Dancer

Daisy and Dancer

Daisy is thrilled to be at Pony Camp, where she teams up with gorgeous pony Dancer and quickly makes friends with her room-mates, twins Rosie and Isabel. When their instructor Sally takes them to see her friend perform a daring riding display, the girls are inspired to create their own. Rosie and Isabel are keen gymnasts and the three girls come up with a cool riding display to perform at Friday's barbecue party. Daisy is desperate not to let her friends down, but she struggles with the tricky moves, and poor Dancer spooks at everything too! Can Daisy and Dancer make a brilliant partnership in time to wow the crowd?

Stripes Publishing / ISBN 978-1847157965 / £4.99
Also available as an e-book!

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Amy and Amber

Amy and Amber

When Amy is asked to make a film about Pony Camp to go on the Sunnyside Stables website, she is so excited. But with gorgeous pony Amber to look after and all the girls keen to help with the film, Amy doesn't have much time to spend with her best friend, Kayla. Could their friendship be in danger?

Stripes Publishing / ISBN 978-1-84715-159-9 / £4.99
Also available as an e-book!

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Millie and Magic

Millie and Magic

Millie's mum wants her to become a pony camp girl for a week and try out a new pony - Magic. But Millie's not ready to give up Tally just yet, and she hatches a risky plan to keep him.

Stripes Publishing / ISBN 978-1-84715-135-3 / £4.99
Also available as an e-book!

Buy from Amazon now! Sneak a peek!
Hannah and Hope

Hannah and Hope

Rescue pony Hope needs someone to give her lots of love and care, and Hannah is just the girl for the job. And she's got plans to raise money for the rescue centre too!

Stripes Publishing / ISBN 978-1-84715-116-2 / £4.99
Also available as an e-book!

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Jessica and Jewel

Jessica and Jewel

Jessica can't wait to go on the trail ride and cowboy camp out with her new Pony Camp friends. If only her little sister would stop hanging around.

Stripes Publishing / ISBN 978-1-84715-075-2 / £4.99
Also available as an e-book!

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Lauren and Lucky

Lauren and Lucky

Lauren loves learning dressage to music at Pony Camp - it's just like dancing with her pony! But can she come up with a special routine for the display on Friday?

Stripes Publishing / ISBN 978-1-84715-074-5 / £4.99
Also available as an e-book!

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Emily and Emerald

Emily and Emerald

When Emily meets Emerald it's love at first sight. Emily must rebuild the flighty pony's confidence but first she has to tackle her own nerves...

Stripes Publishing / ISBN 978-1-84715-057-8 / £4.99
Also available as an e-book!

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Charlie and Charm

Charlie and Charm

Charlie really misses her old pony, Apple. She hopes coming to Pony Camp will cheer her up, especially as there's a chance to ride the cross country course!

Stripes Publishing / ISBN 9781847150448 / £4.99
Also available as an e-book!

Buy from Amazon now! Sneak a peek!
Sophie and Shine

Sophie and Shine

Sophie hasn't been riding for ages, and can't wait for her horsy holiday. But something strange is going on on the yard - could there really be a thief at Pony Camp?

Stripes Publishing / ISBN 978-1-84715-020-2 / £4.99
Also available as an e-book!

Buy from Amazon now! Sneak a peek!
Chloe and Cracker

Chloe and Cracker

Chloe's promised her dad she'll get a clear round in the jumping comp, but when she gets paired up with cheeky Cracker it seems impossible!

Stripes Publishing / ISBN 978-1-84715-014-1 / £4.99
Also available as an e-book!

Buy from Amazon now! Sneak a peek!
Poppy and Prince

Poppy and Prince

After a bad fall at her local riding school, Poppy is terrified of getting back in the saddle. Can her gorgeous, kind pony, Prince, help get her confidence back?

Stripes Publishing / ISBN 1-84715-007-1 / £4.99
Also available as an e-book!

Buy from Amazon now! Sneak a peek!
Megan and Mischief

Megan and Mischief

When Megan arrives at Pony Camp she asks for a challenge, and she certainly gets one. She loves speedy, cheeky Mischief, but can she handle the pace?

Stripes Publishing / ISBN 1-84715-006-3 / £4.99
Also available as an e-book!

Buy from Amazon now! Sneak a peek!

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  1. tally says:

    hi Kelly i have a new title for a book Summer and Scholar.

  2. Alex says:

    hi kelly me again I have some titles for you
    Diana and dawn
    ciara and Casisy
    molly and mossy

  3. Wilhemina says:

    great blog I no longer read The Sun news paper at work

  4. Alex says:

    hi kelly I would love to hear what your ideas are for your next pony camp book i love all your books. My favourite pony camp book is Milly and magic

  5. Amy says:

    Hi, your books sound awesome! Please make paperbacks available on Takealot because I can only order from there, I love reading and riding and I have alot of pony books! :)

  6. Hannah Evans says:

    Hi, i love your books please could you do some more?! alsoi have some name ideas: ronnie and ross, beth and bramble, danielle and dan and lily and lloyed!!!

    Thank You xxx
    ps. your work is amazing im thing of doing my own books just like yours (but with diffrent names and story :p)

  7. Miranda says:

    I am sorry I can’t give you an email, because I don’t have one. I love your books, but my questions are:
    1.) How many books will you write?
    2.) Can you write a book with my name on it. I do ride horses, so could you do Miranda(Me) & Eleanor(horse). Eleanor is a brown horse with white birth mark on her but & hates getting wet. Thank You Kelly McKain for writing these incredible stories!!!

  8. Emilie Barnett says:

    Hi kelly I love your pony camp diaries but I want to know what happened to Tally in Millie and Magic also in ur next pony diary book can u call it Emilie and Bailey plz thx Xx

  9. Jessica Hiscott says:

    Your the best person in the world!!!!

  10. Jessica Hiscott says:

    Hi Kelly
    I ride sadly I do not have my own pony.I love your books so much I wish sunnyside was real!!
    So my Mum booked me a pony camp in the summer hoildays for 1 week.I can just not wait preety please write a comment on web soon.Your books are the best in the world.So please write more.Iam going to write you a letter in the post please sented one back-preety please.Ok finish now bye bye Love Jessxxxxx

  11. Hannah Grange-Hall says:

    although i have only read two i relay think they are relay good and i can not wait to read the next one.

  12. Ellen blue roan pony lover says:

    Hi Kelly,I love Millie and magic because I love all the feelings for Millie about losing tally. Have you got a another pony beginning with e because there could Ellen and…

  13. Ellie your supper fan says:

    I love your books kelly and I love sofie and shine its my favourite so far and when will you write your next pony camp diarys and what will it be called love Ellie your supper fan

  14. Amber Leigh says:

    I got my own pony like last year. She’s called Viola and she’s an an Appaloosa.

  15. heidi says:

    Also, time, it is not gone 1am in the morning, Not sure why the time is being registered as an hour ahead of the real time, but ho hum :))

  16. heidi says:

    Hello again everyone. Long time no speak :-)
    Strange how last time I was on here I was just finishing my GCSE’s and now my AS Levels are looming over me. Time just seems to be against me. I’ve tried to message before, but I’ve always been too tired to think what to put.
    PPL – Wow, hello! Missed you too :-)
    Kelly – Thank you, they did. I passed everything! C in Science, A in English Literature, A* in ICT and B in everything else. Prom was wonderful, I ran around the hall screaming when Dancing Queen started playing (We had Prom where they filmed Pride and Prejudice with Colin Firth. No one else was quite as excited about that as I was). I did have a lovely long break thank you. We went on holiday to Efteling, the most wonderful theme park in Holland. It’s really beautiful, and I think both Holly Bee and Freddie would really enjoy it. Link here if you want to know more –> http://www.efteling.co.uk/
    After that came A-Levels. I took English language, Drama, English literature and IT. My friends think I’m mad, which I probably am, for taking two English subjects. I have 5 hours of English every other Monday, and I’m a bit giggly by the end of it. I wrote a children’s story based on “The tailor of Gloucester” (My favourite Beatrix Potter story ever) for Language. I might send it to you one day, but not yet just in case they think I plagiarised.
    Sorry for the length (I’m too used to essays). Thanks for everything! 6 years on, I still think of Totally Lucy as the first non Harry Potter / written after the 40′s book I liked. When I eventually get round to coming back, I might even be driving :-) – Love Heidi! x

  17. Ruby mae black says:

    I really like your books. I think you should do little videos about them. The books I have read so far are: Millie and Magic,and Hannah and Hope. I’ve only just started Millie and Magic, so far it is really good. Thanks for writing them. Ruby

  18. Charlie says:

    I remember when this was filled with activity. And an 11 year old Charlie spent everyday on here. Good times.

  19. Sarah says:

    Kelly McKain you are such great good writer.

  20. Sarah says:

    I love Pony Camp Diares
    They are all briallant

  21. Sarah says:

    Iread them all they are all brilliant and McKainyou are such an excellent writer

  22. Sarah says:

    I read them all and they are all brilliant and McKain you are such an excellent writer!!!!!!

  23. Munchkin1 says:

    hi guys my pony is called maisy dartmoor pony 13.2hh pro with leg at mo only found out last friday and got lesson tomorrow
    don’t no what to do won’t lunge either falls in or follows you man it,s annoying!!!

  24. Munchkin1 says:

    hiya everyone i am new my pony is called maisy she is a dartmoor pony just 13.2hhshe has a stiff muscle in her leg at the moment so can’t ride only found out last friday and got a lesson tomorrow no idea what to do maybe just lunge but she lunge she just falls in and follows you ohhh nnooo!!!!!!!!

  25. Leah says:

    I love how you write all of these exellent books for kids.

  26. Lily says:

    My pony is called May!
    She is a welsh pony.
    My riding school teacher says she is an amazing pony!

  27. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hi everyone
    Wow, I can’t believe the last time I wrote something is almost a year and a half ago.
    I’ve missed talking to everyone and I’m sorry I haven’t been on. The farm closed down almost a year ago because of financial problems and all the horses had to go, which was really sad. I still ride, but yeah…
    I found my old horse books that I read a few years ago and finding my copy of Millie and Magic reminded me of everyone here.
    I hope all your riding has been going amazing guys.
    I hope you’re well Kelly. You’ve been such an inspiration to me.


    I miss you too Charlie (and Lottie and Heidi). I’m sorry

  28. Abby Wilson says:

    Oh is it ok if I write on of my ideas?? Just wanna make sure cos it is a pony camp diaries idea just want to make sure….

  29. Abby Wilson says:

    Woo hoo I’ve turned 11!!! Also, I’m starting pony club AND getting a loan pony! Don’t know what he/she’s called thigh, havnt even met pony! But OMG I’m so excited!!!

    Also another 2 idea if your interested-

    1. Pony profile:
    Name: Star
    Breed: Cob
    Height: 14.2hh
    Age: 15
    Gender: Mare
    Colour: Bay with a white star
    Temperament: Gentle and a bit of a plodder

    Girl profile:
    Name: Sarah
    Age: 11
    Description: Light brown skin with black hair.
    Height: 4 foot 11
    Personality: gentle and sensitive and kind and caring

    2. Pony profile:
    Name: Flame
    Breed: Arab
    Height: 14hh
    Colour: chestnut
    Age: 7
    Gender: Mare
    Temperament: Sweet but has a fiery nature

    Girl profile:
    Name: Freya
    Age: 11
    Description: average height with ginger hair and green eyes
    Height: 4 foot 7
    Personality: Quiet but has a way with horses. Isn’t good at making friends or joining in. Very shy.

    Hope you write more pony camp diaries books!

  30. Stacey says:

    I just want to say that I remember reading these as a kid and absolutely loving it. It reminds me a bit of canterwood crest but for ‘younger readers’ Both great series though! Going to miss them. x

  31. kira says:

    when will the next book be done xx if u r your are my fav author

  32. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Devna! I hope you’re having a great time riding and reading! I’m so pleased to hear that you enjoy the Pony Camp books so much – and especially Daisy and Dancer. I really enjoyed researching that one! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Charlie! Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my Pony Camp Diaries page! It really does mean so much to me that these book were and are so loved by you girls. Honestly, it is the most wonderful feeling to know that you have enjoyed them so much! Have a great summer and I hope you’re having a great time and really enjoying lots of fun stuff! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Elli! Thanks so much for your lovely message on my Pony Camp page! I hope you have a fab summer riding and reading loads, and having lots of fun with your friends. Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Abby,
    Thanks so much for your great story ideas! I love them, and I really like your names – Rachel and Rascal, Olivia and Oreo and Abby and Aztec (and Becky and Beauty, and the new one, Ebony and Ella). When I worked on the actual Pony Camp in real life there was a horse there called Captain, a beautiful bay Arab X who was blind in one eye. I just saw him and loved him and knew we had a connection – just like your Rachel character. It was extra-fun jumping him as he would turn his head at the last minute to look at the jump with his good eye – which you had to be prepared for! There aren’t any plans for more Pony Camp books at the moment but I do think your ideas are fab – if you end up writing any of your stories, I would love to put them up in the gallery for other girls to read. Have a great summer! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Sylvia,
    Thanks for your lovely message – I think Abby has great ideas too! Yes, Daisy and Dancer is the last Pony Camp (sob! sob!). You can find all 12 on Amazon or order them from the library for free, but if you’ve finished them all you will probably like my Animal S.O.S. series as Amy and Leah ride a lot, and get to rescue animals too. Have a lovely summer! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Heidi,
    I hope your exams all went really well – are you finished now? And the prom, of course! It’s lovely of you to stop by and let us know what you’re doing now. Glad it’s not me trying to do trigonometry! I remember being your age and just being soooooo tired because of everything going on, and you want to do hobbies and see friends too, and read and get outside, and… there’s just so much! I would be so excited to see my boyfriend after a few days when we were so busy like this and then we would just fall asleep on the sofa together! I hope you get a good rest and refresh yourself over the summer, and that you get the results you are hoping for. Lots of love and happy reading this summer! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Kira,
    Thanks so much for your lovely message. I am THRILLED to hear that you have read these books so many times – honestly that makes me so happy! If yo have read all 12 and are looking for something else now, you would like my Animal S.O.S. series, as there is lots of riding in that too! I love the idea of Bella and Buck – a pony called Buck… does that mean she’ll be ending up on the ground a lot?! Have a great summer, love Kellyxxx

    Hi Sarah, thanks so much for your message, and thanks for telling your teacher about my book! I hope you have a great summer, and get to read lots and ride lots too. Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Lottie, great to see you pop up on my Pony Camp board! I hope your exams are going really well – maybe you are even finished by now? Have a wonderful summer relaxing after all that! I’d love to know what you’re doing next – and I wish you lots of fun, happiness and adventure with it! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Jess! Thanks for your message! Which book did you read? I’m glad you enjoyed it! You can find all the 12 Pony Camp titles on my site and sneak peeks of the first chapters, and you’ll probably like Animal S.O.S. too! Have a great summer, love, Kellyxxx

  33. Heidi says:

    Hey Lottie
    I’m not too brilliant at giving advice but I’ll do my best. Firstly on not going to the Novice and Nervous, I think you should try again if there is another chance. I’m a worrier, I worry about everything. I overcome this if I know all the facts. Ask someone about exactly what will happen at the Novice and Nervous, and then prepare for it. The more prepared you are, the less likely you are to bail out again :-)
    I think the same may apply to when you just do jumping. How long has this been going on for? Is there anything in perticular you might be afraid of? If you find these things out, it’s easier to address. I think it would be a good idea to speak to a friend or someone who you know knows a lot about this sort of thing.
    Good luck, I hope I helped even a little bit. Good luck with A levels, I’m sure you will do brilliantly :-)

  34. Abby Wilson says:

    Plz d a book like this-
    Pony profile:
    Name- Ebony
    Height- 13.2hh
    Breed- Connemara
    Age- 7
    Colour- jet black with white blaze
    Temperament- gentle, loving
    Name: Ella
    Age- 10
    Height- 4ft 7
    Temperament- king, sensitive, loving, caring

  35. jess says:

    I JUST FOUND THIS BOOK I love IT I WONDER WHATS NEXT ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….LOVE JESS THANCKS KELLY……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………/

  36. Lottie Loves You says:

    Hi Heidi, I’m ok bit stressed as I start my a levels tomorrow!! The biggest problem I’ve got at the moment is my confidence with jumping- it’s totally through the floor. I was meant to be going to a novice and nervous on Sunday and I bailed at the last second after the trailer was on the yard!! :( any tips I really need help!!

  37. sarah says:

    i love this books and i bought all of them and i read it all and explane
    for the teacher

  38. kira says:

    plz do a new book with a pony like this

    name: buck
    colour: grey
    markings: none

    a girl called bella and shes 10

  39. kira says:

    I read all these books 20 times I love them so much! iv always wanted to know are these books real?

  40. Abby Wilson says:

    It’s OK you don’t need to give me names for my model horse I named him Mischief after the book Megan and Mischief

  41. Abby Wilson says:

    Hey haven’t been on in a while but I need names for a new model horse, he’s a bay blanket spot appaloosa with black points..
    Also another book idea…….
    Becky and Beauty!!
    Becky is a 10 year old girl with waist length blonde hair.
    Beauty is a 16.3hh fleabitten grey thoroughbred mare.

  42. Heidi says:

    Heya everyone. How are you all? I’ve not been on in such a long time. It’s been over a year since I posted something here.
    I can’t believe it’s nearing the end of year 11 already, and exams are just 6 weeks away. I’m on here now, having my 10 minute brake before it’s back to triganomatory. I’m so tired, I almost fell asleep in my PSE mock last week, not good.
    We did a production at my school. Oliver! It was brilliant, and there were a few tears when it was over. Especially from the people who are leaving this year. Sob sob, I’ll miss them all.
    We’ve got prom after our exams, and everyone has been panicking about dresses and shoes (the girls, not the boys, they just take it in their stride). I feel like the only one who’s actually been worried mroe about the exams than the prom. :).
    I’ll hopefully get round to speaking to you all after the GCSE exams are finally over. (I’ll be 16 then, time does fly by) PPl + Lottie, how are you both doing?
    Heidi :) xx

  43. Sylvia says:

    Is Daisy and Dance te last book?

  44. Sylvia says:

    I think that Abby has great ideas!

  45. Abby Wilson says:

    Hi Kelly! If you need any ideas for your next book I have three for you.
    1.The girl is called Rachel and she has waist length honey blonde hair and she is quite tall.
    The horse is a gorgeous 17hh liver chestnut thoroughbred gelding called Rascal and he is always getting into trouble with his mischievous tricks.
    When Rachel comes to pony camp she gazes out at the fields which are dotted with ponies and wonders which one will be hers she hears hoof eats behind her. She turns around and see’s a big liver chestnut horse cantering towards her. The horse comes to a halt in front if her. Rachel grass the geldings lead rope and waits until somebody gets him. One of the instructors comes running up and says thanks to her and walks away with the gelding and Rachel feels a strong sensation that she had to have that horse.

    2. The girl is called Olivia- she has black shoulder length hair and tan skin. She us average height.
    The horse is a jet black 14.2hh black gelding with a white blaze called Oreo.
    When Olivia arrives at pony camp, a women called Jody showed her up to her room and then she and the other girls headed down to the yard to get their ponies and Olivia is paired up with Oreo. Her Mum and Dad said if she won the gymkhana on Friday, she could get a pony of her own but can she stand a chance when Oreo refuses the jumps?

    3. The girl is called Abby and she has caramel brown hair and she is really shy.
    The horse is called Aztec- a 13.2hh skewbald gelding who is quite lively.
    But can Abby handle the pace on the cross country course?

  46. Elli says:

    Thank you so much and its ok that you Write New Bocks now
    ;)) :))
    Your Elli

  47. Charlie says:

    It’s amazing to think that such an amazing series was part of my life.

  48. Devna says:

    I love Pony camp diaries!I can’t put my book down!It’s so awesome that you made these books,Since no one has ever wrote anything cool like this!

    My favourite book is Daisy and Dancer and their adventures!

    You are my most favouritest author ever

    XOXO Devna

  49. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Lottie! Sounds like you’re having fun with Kez! I hope you did well in your shows. xx

    Hi Charli!xx

    Amanda, we’re not planning any more at the moment but thanks so much for the ideas – sounds really interesting!

    Kaeli – you should be able to find the books on Amazon or as e-books, or order them from your library for free! xx

    Hi Elli!Thanks so much for your lovely messages on my website! I’m delighted that you enjoy the Pony Camp Diaries books! We aren’t planning any more at the moment, but I really love your pony profile for Dreamer! I might be writing a new pony series soon which will be published in Germany, and I also write the Ponyclub Seestern books, which you might like too.If you go into Kelly’s Place on the site and then into ‘The Gallery’ you will find some writing tips there. Have fun with your stories!Happy riding and reading!Kellyx

    Hi Charlie! All grown up, I can’t believe it! I am honored to have been a tiny part of your growing up! xx

    Horselover, thanks for the ideas! xx

    Thanks, Eryn, big hugs. xx

  50. Eryn chapman says:

    Your books are the best books ever

  51. Horselover says:

    Hi kelly,
    i absoulutely love your pony camp diaries series espiecially as i love horses so much. I hope you’ll write more books. If you do write a new book could you name it Nadia and Nilo. you are an amazing writer

  52. Charlie says:

    Yep, all grown up. I was 9 when I first read these books, now I’m a teenager. :D

  53. Elli says:

    to Kelly ,
    Can you give me some tipps for whriting a books I) want to write one please .

  54. Elli says:

    Dear Kelly ,
    I´m from Germany but I love your Pony camp diaries . Please ,please ,please write more . when you write mor I have got an idea for a new pony

    Name :Dreamer
    Height: 1,42
    Age :8 years old
    Breed : Welsh section C
    Colour :Black
    Markings: Blaze
    Fave Food : Gras
    Personality : He´s pig-headed and cheeky and he´s fast but also very sweet .He love jumping and because he is impatient he don´t like dressage .

    When you make a new book whis him please give him a girl that is 13 years old .

    Love Elli

  55. KAELI says:


  56. Amanda says:

    Hi, if you’re going to write more books could the title be Ursula and Utopia or Kay and Kashmire? Both after my friends, it would mean a lot to us.And the fact we come from Indonesia might make your book interesting as we have slightly different customs (like how some of the horses we ride are ex cavalry horses)
    Thank you

  57. Charli says:

    PPL Hasn’t been on in a long while, I miss her posts.

  58. Lottie Loves You says:

    Hey everyone!!
    I’m really enjoying having Kez all to my self and I know he loves the attention!! It’s defiantly dropping colder now so he’s coming in at night next Friday.
    We’re off showing again at the end of January and hopefully we’ll come back with a couple of rosettes we’ve already got about 20 from the summer and winter seasons. I’m hoping to get out and do a bit more with him next year, I’m thinking about having a go at dressage with him- you never know it might be our forte!
    Lottie xXx

  59. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls!

    I hope you’re having a fab end of term, and getting to read and ride lots. I have just made a big cup of tea and read every single one of your messages on the Pony Camp Diaries board – I really enjoyed catching up with what you girls are up to! And I decided to write to you all at once, just this one group, as I know you love chatting to each other, and wow, some of you have been friends for probably years now on this board!

    We are fine here – looking forward to Christmas! I have had a bit of time off writing, just for a break after so many books, and you can read about what I’ve been up to here! http://girlsheartbooks.com/2013/12/11/all-those-little-things/

    Charlie – I hope you’re enjoying your lessons and riding. You can e-mail me at this address or my web one, kelly@kellymckain.co.uk, which just diverts to this address. I will reply even though it may take a while! So, are you all grown up now? Wow! One of my Totally Lucy readers now works for my husband in his pub as she’s 18 now – she didn’t believe him when he said he was married to me at first! Good luck in whatever you’re doing now, and thanks for being such a loyal reader and general fab girl and good friend to others on the board all this time!

    Abbey/Paige (not sure which is your name, maybe you have both?), and Mimi and Jana and Eleni – hi girls, and thanks so much for your messages. you all asked about more Pony Camp Diaries. There are no plans for any more of the books at the moment – it’s the publisher who decides when a series is going to come to an end, and I have to say, after 12 books I did need a little break from writing them. But I have had a break now so who knows, in the future maybe… Meanwhile, you might enjoy my new Animal S.O.S. series (you can read the first chapters on my website) which is still set in a stables and has ponies in, although it’s about other kinds of animals too. I hope you enjoy them if you get the chance to have a read!

    A big hello to you PPL, and fabulous to catch up with your news, and you too, Lottie Loves You – thanks you two for always coming back to the board every now and then and making everyone feel really welcome – you girls are awesome!

    Hi Chipper and Alicia, I hope you’re having loads of fun together and that you have a great holidays!

    Hi Tori – It’s fab that you’ve read all those Pony Camps, and I hope you get the chance to read the final three, and enjoy them just as much!

    Isabel Alice – Wow, I am soooooo happy you read Chloe and Cracker when you don’t even like reading! That’s amazing and I feel very honoured that you enjoyed my book and it was the one that got you hooked. There are 12 of the Pony Camp Diaries (they are e-books now too) so that’s loads of reading you can do!

    Chloe – Hello!! It’s so great to hear that you are enjoying the books, and I hope you get to read all 12 like Isabel, too!

    Eloise – It’s lovely to hear that you really enjoyed Lauren and Lucky – I hope you’ve managed to collect some more now too. I’m not sure which one is my fave, but I do really especially like Emily and Emerald and Hannah and Hope.

    Hi Sophia – thanks for your lovely message and say hi to your friends from me, they sound very very nice!

    Have a brilliant holidays girls and thanks again so much for all your lovely comments – they really do mean so much to me!
    Lots and lots of love, Kellyxxx

  60. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! Wow, what a lot of messages! I am going to write some personal replies now, but wanted to say a big HELLO to you all and send you big HUGS first! Hope you’re all having loads of fun riding and reading! Looks out for your message in the next few days and I will e-mail them too!
    Love, Kellyxxx

  61. Sophia says:

    My freind has all the books, I borrow them all the time I read the series many times but I still enjoy them!

  62. Eloise says:

    my fave book out of the ones ive got is most defo larurn and lucky no.7(p.s.i dont have 4,6,8,9,10 though)

  63. Lottie Loves You says:

    Hey! So long since I posted anything, I really miss talking to you guys! :(

  64. Chloe says:

    Hi Kelly I really like your books I am up to Hannah and Hope. I find them really interesting since I found the pony camp diaries in the library at school I am addicted to them. Can you write some more pretty please – Chloe 9 Australia

  65. Charlie says:

    I have grown up so much since my last messages. I am not between the ages of 12-18 and still enjoying these books

  66. isabel alice says:

    hi kelly
    first of all i hate reading i dont think i have ever read a book to the end in my whole life and a do seriously mean that anyway i started i started reading your book chloe the cracker and well i read the whole thing in two days i aboulotly loved it i am getting my dad to bye the next one out

    i love how the book was layed out in a dairy about the week in pony camp

    the reason i read this book is because i am pony lover as well as horse but you have all so made want to be writer thank you so so so much xxxxxxxxxxx smile hope you do more books on pony camp xxx

  67. Eleni says:

    Hi Kelly!

    I have got all of these pony camp diaries and I love them! But I’ve had them for a long while now, and I was wondering if you could stop focusing on making loads of new books and sort of kinda keep on doing these a little bit because I wanna have a big collection and read all of them again!


  68. Jana says:

    Dear Kelly
    Fiona and Flame
    Susy and Sancho
    Mira and Miro

  69. Mimi says:

    I love your series Pony Camp diaries Kelly!!! I’ve read all of them and I would love to read more of them. Could you write another?

  70. Charli says:

    My Charlie and charm book has been… destroyed…
    Coffee and books don’t mix believe it or not. Looks like someones buying a new one! I had it since I was 8

  71. Charli says:

    I made an international account: Charli

  72. Charli says:

    Lottie Loves you!!!!
    Foaling season at our stables is great!
    A mare is pregnant!!! :D

  73. Tori says:

    kelly i’ve read almost all the pony camp diarie books (i’m up to sophie and shine) i love the pony profile and the best pony and rider, my fave book is poppy and price because my horse 7-up looks just like price ok got to go by. p.s this is how i feel about pony camp:D. I <3 pony camp diaries.

  74. Lottie Loves You says:

    My parents bought me Kez!!!!! I can’t believe it!!!!

  75. Lottie Loves You says:

    Hey how is everyone? We’ve all been really quiet lately, I’m guessing that’s because of exams. I miss us all taking. How was the foaling season PPL?
    Love Lottie

  76. chipperandalicia says:

    are you going to be at horse of the year show london

  77. Lottie Loves You says:

    Riding club season officially starts tomorrow, but I think the weather might put a stop to that, but it won’t be putting a stop to my biology unit 3 and pe exams!
    Yay for GCSE’s!:(
    On the plus side i finish school on 17th June.
    How is everyone??

  78. Charlie says:

    Hey PPL!
    I deleted my account due to boredom! yeh, it just got boring and old, and not fun, I might start and interntional account soon anyway.

  79. Lottie Loves You says:

    OMG!!! We’re having a pony camp at my stables! It’s for the older helpers and it means a week sleeping in a ten man tent in the field (but if it rains we’re going in the pony club room) and using a camping shower and washing our hair in a bucket! It’s going to be so much fun! Roll on the summer holidays!
    On another note I’ve got my official finish date for high school- as of around 11am on the 17th June 2013 I no longer have to go to high school!!!!

  80. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey guys!

    Man, it’s getting pretty cold here in Australia. Well, yeah. Jade and I did a bit of jumping today, so that was really fun, but at one point, I almost fell of and I had to grab the neck strap, but stayed on. Phew.
    Hey, Charlie! I know its really bumming! Its all deleted no matter how hard I try to get it back. *sigh* nevermind. Good luck with your account! It’s actually heaps of fun! I’ll see if I can get another account and I’ll add you to be my friend. :D

    The breeding season is finished at the moment, and we’re going to rest our mares for maybe a year or two. It’s pretty busy, because we still have to train up some of the yearlings.

    Also, has anyone read the ‘Thoroughbred series’? I love them, but I can never find the books anywhere. Anyways, we’re on holidays at the moment, so it’s pretty relaxing. Oh! And you can call me ‘PPL’ its shorter and less annoying to type!

    Hope everyone is having a good time!

    Love, PPL

  81. ilovemyponyabbeyxx says:

    Hi will there be any more pony camp books? They r gr8! Xx

  82. Charlie says:


  83. Charlie says:

    Well, lesson got cancelled due to bad weather! :( Yep! Again!
    But I think next week (or the week after that) is my pony day and I will be there with My best friend so it won’t matter

    Kelly, thanks I will e mail you soon

  84. Charlie says:

    Hey Kelly, when is the best time to E mail you??? And will you reply???
    Thanks so much


  85. Charlie says:

    It was wet and windy and I wasn’t allowed to ride this time. :( But they said I could feed them and next week I will have a full hour lesson and get this me and my mate are doing a pony day together woo hoo

  86. Kelly McKain says:

    Happy Birthday for last week, Lottie! Have a fab year and may all your dreams come true!!

    Well done on your riding, Charlie – sounds like you’re doing brilliantly! Go girl!! xxx

  87. Charlie says:

    Thanks Kelly!

  88. Charlie says:

    I would be tots bummed too! Princess pony lover

    Hi guys
    I rode Princey this time and he was amazing, I learned a lot in that one hour! Doing trotting circles! So cool

  89. Lottie Loves You says:

    I’m 16 next Wednesday, I can’t wait!

  90. Kelly McKain says:

    Big hello and hugz to Amy and Alana!
    Thanks, Megan xx
    Scarlet and ChipperandAlicia, there aren’t any more pony camp books planned at the mo, but you never know! xxx

  91. Kelly McKain says:

    Hmm, that was supposed to be Melina, forgive my rubbish typing!
    Madi, wow, how amazing that you made your own Fairy House, I’m glad it helped you get through such a difficult time – and what a lovely dad you have!
    Love to you all, Kellyxxxx

  92. Kelly McKain says:

    It’s working now – yay!
    Thanks, Genevieve xx
    Thanks Becky and Roxy!
    Wow, thanks Aileen!
    Hi mlina, it’s gr8 to hear you enjoyed them so much!
    Thanks, Gem!
    Hi Shahad!

  93. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! I have had some tech probs getting my comments to you up but let’s give it another try!
    Rebecca, we decided 12 was enough for the moment, but you never know!
    Wow, thanks, SuperPONYPAL!
    Charlie, sure, my e-mail is kelly@kellymckain.co.uk

  94. Megan Walston says:

    LOVE ur books but ive only read 3 Pony Camp Diaries that are Megan and Mischief(my fav) Poppy and Prince and Chloe and Craker. Love them all and REALLY want to read more

  95. Lottie Loves You says:

    I have a poorly pony!
    My little Kezzy pony has mud fever and a water infection! He’s feeling very sorry for himself.
    To make matters worse the riding school is now down to 3 ponies and 2 horses of our own in work and two working liveries so 7 in work out of 28! Not good, we’ve got ponies dropping like files with bad backs and lameness

  96. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey Charlie!

    I can’t believe you mentioned howrse.com! I was a member and I was a unicorn breeder, along with elite horses and I was so proud until I didn’t go on it for too long, so my account got deleted! I’m so bummed! And sad :(

    Love, PPL

  97. Kelly McKain says:

    Heidi, well done on your drama! PPL, it was lovely to read about the foals!
    Thanks, Amy! I’m glad P&P helped and well done on the cantering – Amy in Animal S.O.S faces cantering in book 2, i think, so you might enjoy that too!
    Loads of love, Kellyx

  98. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls, I hope you’re getting to ride and read loads! It’s fab that you’re all writing to each other on here!

  99. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi LottieLovesYou! I’ve checked and the rest of the kindle editions will be out very soon! I’ll post on here when they are! xx

  100. Charlie says:

    Ever heard of Howrse.co.uk? I’m on there I’m called Astra, but only on the UK one

  101. Mom Bellfy says:

    Could you possibly give me a reading level for this series?

  102. Roxy says:

    Kelly Mckain
    I love your books
    lots of love

  103. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey guys,

    Not the best day at the stables today because I fell of Jade, so now, I’ve not a huge, ugly bruise of my hip because I landed on my side. Oh well, never mind, my instructor Molly says she’s had her share of falling off. What does suck, it that the bruise kills everytime I touch it, but mum says it was a miracle I didn’t break a leg or something. You see, Jade gets scared really easily. In the riding arena, another horse accidentally rammed into her, really hard and she shot straight up. Then went skittering and bolting across the arena, half tripping on the poles. Thankfully she didn’t get hurt, it was only me who got ditched off. Oh well, never mind! :D

    Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

    Love, PPL :D

  104. Lottie Loves You says:

    I’m sick to death of the snow now! I haven’t been able to get to see my pony in two weeks, poor little Kez has been stood in a field and he’s probably really cold, I wish he was tucked up in a stable nice and warm!

  105. Kand becky says:

    Hello how are you kelly did you have a nice christmas

  106. charlie says:

    update! :)
    (sorry the caps aren’t working for some reason!) me and my friend are hopfully (fingers crossed) getting a pony! woo hoo! and i am riding fort nightly instead of once a month, and thanks for all your advice, it worked! me and rusty are like best friends, two peas in a pod! it’s amazing we were trotting over poles i was on another new pony (clive) it was great!


  107. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey guys!

    Phew! It is boiling here in Australia! Trust me, Lottie, you don’t want to be here. It’s about forty something degrees everyday!

    Even the holidays are exhausting! I still go to the stables, look after Jade and practice on my basketball team, as the season’s about to start again. Just wondering how you all were. Charlie, I hope things have gotten better for you!
    Lottie, I’m about the opposit of you! I’m craving for ice right now and go swimming almost everyday to help cope with the heat! It sucks cos there are flies around as well! :D

    Anyways, happy holidays to everyone!

    Hugs to everyone!

  108. Scarlet Hartley says:

    Hi Kelly
    Are there anymore pony camp diaries coming out soon…… I love them!!!!!!!

  109. Becky says:

    Hi Kelly
    Did you gave a good Christmas and New year

  110. chipperandalicia says:

    dear kelly
    our there any more pony club diares books coming out.

  111. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey guys!

    I’m sorry I haven’t been replying lately! it’s chaos at the stables lately! Well three more foals have arrived and things are extremely busy as we start to train the ones from last time who are almost yearlings now! We had one colt who is so cheeky it’s not funny! He’s a pure Thoroughbred chestnut with this white face that looks like a mask. He is one frisky thing! He nudges his momma around and tosses the straw of the bed around. Out in the mini paddock, he skitters and runs into the others deliberately. We’ve named him Tiger Prince. We might use him for eventing when he’s old enough.
    We’ve also got a little black warmblood filly that is unamed for now, I’m fully open to suggestions! She’s rather close to her mother and is rather shy.
    And we have another colt. He’s a dark bay and got a hind sock. He’s a crossbreed and we’ll name him Victory. Well, we’ve still got two to go, so it’s not over yet. After this batch, we’re going to take a rest and wait for a few of our mares to recover first.

    Hey Charlie!
    I know how you feel. I felt like that as well when I started riding Jade. She and I both have a mind of our own, so it was very hard to get used to a horse who won’t always listen to you. But just give it time. New ponies will react like that. Maybe you need to give more commanding aids because you’re so used to a pony who will follow everything you say. I was like that with Jade. I once had a huge fight with her in the arena. It was like a macho display, she was bucking, kicking, rearing fighting the reins, and I was yanking, trying to push her back down, and kicking. But I’ve gotten used to the fact that her fights and bucks are a sign of playfulness. I’m sure Rusty will be okay as soon as you get used to each other. And congrats! If people are congratulating you, it must mean you’ve gotten better! Good luck and let me know what happens!

    Love, PPL (merry late christmas!).

  112. K and B says:

    Keep writing more of your fantastic books

  113. K and B says:

    Hi Kelly i love your books

  114. Charlie says:

    Thanks guys!
    PPL, Keep upadating! I’m intrested in all you adventures

  115. Kand becky says:

    Hiya I love Your Books

  116. Lottie Loves You says:

    Well i officially hate ice! I’m stuck in form untill they make an anouncement cos 30 staff havent been able to get in, but at least i escape from maths so thats a postitive.
    i don’t think i’m going to be riding Kez tomorrow, if the ice is still here i don’t really want to hurt him and if the schools frozen as well i’m deffinatly not riding him!
    I wish i was in Australia with you PPL, at least it’s summer there, i hate riding in winter!

  117. heidi says:

    Hi again everyone. When i came back on i saw my comment hadn’t got through so i tried every day afetr and it still wasn’t there until today. I saw the new book as well, it looks so good! Well Chemistary is over, i have failed it i’m sure i have. We had a suply to supervise us on the last day and what a mistake that was. I tried super hard to concentrate but he would not shut up. I guessed most of it because i couldn’t think. How are you all anyway? Speak to you soon Heidi :)
    P.S, it’s winter right? Snow and ice and all that. So then why does it insist on raining? Where are the thick white blankets and the pure glistning ice? lol.

  118. Lottie Loves You says:

    Heya Kelly! I was happy to see you’ve made 2 of the pony camp diaries available on kindle, but can you please make the rest cos I have a kindle and I find it easier to get hold of books on it and I still don’t have Daisy and Dancer so getting it on my kindle would be a lot easier.

  119. Charlie says:

    Hey guys

  120. heidi says:

    I have finished my Romeo and Juliet assesment (YAY!!!) and i have started on my poetry ( sob sob) and i had a whole day of just english today. I felt ready to drop off a cliff by the end. 6 hours of reading two (not even very good) poems by Thomas Hardy. he is supposed to famous but after analysing both poems for 6 hours each one looked like pain on paper. lol. On the pluss side i have handed in my Drama essay and i am finnishing my Chemistary in this week. (YAY!!!!) On the down side i start history and P.S.E soon as well. I feel like i need a day off but (apart from P.S.E maybe) this is all really crutial work and a day off will effect everything.
    Hi Lottie. I hope your friend is ok, is it an epileptic fit? good luck in your German History and Geography. I’m trying to get my friend with someone at the moment, but she does really like him so that’s ok.
    Hi Charlie, if people are congratulating you then that must be good, they wouldn’t do it otherwise. Who knows, you may be told you can go onto harder skills.

    good luck all of you, Hi PPL, hows riding going and how are the foals?

    (See i managed to come on at last :) ) speak to you all next weekend ( i have actualy put it on my calander otherwise i will forget)
    heidi xxx :)

  121. Alana says:

    Sorry girls my last comment had a mistake in it, I mist out a word!

  122. Alana says:

    Hi, my name’s Alana and I’m in Love with Horses! I go horse riding but I have a few problems, every time I go horse riding I alway’s get the bad behaved ponies, the ones who try to bite you and kick u, I almost never do well on them, and I always find it hard to get my cantering going because I find it hard to sit-trot and kick to get the horse to canter, the ponies riding school ponies so they are a bit lazy which makes it worse! I’ve been riding for 2 years and I feel really embaresst what can I do? HELP ME

  123. Charlie says:

    Thanks for ur message

  124. Charlie says:

    I’ve been riding and man what a disapointment!!!
    Rusty kept yanking and it was so irritating, I wish I could ride Megan again, *sigh* It seems like years ago me and a chestnut silky pony were riding sooo freely without any probs. Rusty keeps yanking and when My instructor comes to help all Rusty does is headbut her. :( Not good
    Any tips? Love to here em

  125. Charlie says:

    I’m from the UK, I really wanna ride every week instead of every month but my parents won’t let me. Even though my mum wishes I can go more often.8(
    It’s slightly confusing,I want to ask if I can help out round the stables but I’m a bit nervous to do so.

    I have another prob
    Random people congratulate my riding skills, what does this mean?
    I would love to chat more!


  126. Lottie Loves You says:

    Don’t worry Heidi, I feel your pain. I’m currently doing controlled assessments for geography, history and German, then I’ve got revision and god knows what else, plus my geography teacher enjoys showing me up.
    And then just to add insult to injury, I’m the school nurses personal assistant because of my friend Sarah having seizures. And I’ve got my friends Rosie and Lucy trying to get me back with Glenn.
    So you know good month for me.

  127. heidi says:

    Hi PPL congrats on Cleo, i love that name BTW, and i haven’t been on in ages myself. I am halfway through a controled assesment (they last about 4 lessons each) for Chemistary and i’m going to start my english one on Wednessday. I am so tired, the teacher can’t teach so i’m having to teach myself at home. I must say i got further in a day at home over half term holidays than i did in the whole of the first half term. I am doing German revision as well. I need sleep really badly. Plus the boy i’m crushing on has started to actually notice me. That means i am paranoid about my looks at the moment. My hair is always a mess etc… So at the moment i’m full of stress and ready for a nice long Christmas brake. Exept i will be doing more revision then as well so i might just sleep until school starts again. It’s onlt a week into this term as well so i have about 6 weeks to go. Anyway i have to go and i might not be back for a while yet, i still need to revise for English. *yawn* good luck PPL with the foals, keep me informed, i’ll read back on what i have missed, hi Lottie, how are you?
    Speak to you all soon (i hope)
    heidi xxx

  128. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey, Charlie!

    Yes, I do live in Australia and I don’t own a horse. I go to my local stables every day and my parents work at a small horse breeding centre. I’m leasing a horse right now, called Jade and she’s amazing :D I can lease her for free in exchange for helping to clean the stables and being completely responsible for her, such as feed, excersicse, etc.
    Jade is heaps of fun and I especially like cross country with her, because she is extremely bold and tackles any jump! :D
    Please tell me about your favourite horse!

    Hey heidi and Lottie!

    Our first filly arrived a week ago, sorry I forgot to tell you guys! She’s very shy and is a chestnut with four white stockings. We were a bit worried for her mama, because her mum, Kimya was already fifteen. Thankfully, it all went okay. We’ve named her Cleopatra, nickname Cleo. It just sounded cute. We think she’ll go nice in the show ring!

    Love, PPL

    (Charlie, you can call me PPL, like everyone else does! Princess Pony Lover is a waste of time to type on the CPU) :D

  129. Charlie says:

    Hey guys!
    More pony camp diaries on my christmas wish list!!!

  130. Genevieve says:

    I LOVE your books! They tell a story of a girls adventures at Pony Camp with their pony. Keep writing Kelly!

  131. Charlie says:

    Riding this week! And I’ll fill u all in, on the details!

  132. Megan Walston says:

    Love your books. They are so fun to read:)

  133. Charlie says:

    Princess Pony Lover, You live in Australia? Do you own horses out there?

  134. Charlie says:

    Hi guys!
    Last time I went riding it went okay-ish.
    Prince kept pulling to the middle instead of staying on the tracks, and he was trying to avoid the massive puddle that is impossible to avoid! So he stops dead infront of the puddle without flinching. I was kicking and kicking (looking like a idiot while doing it) and going nowhere. I normally ride Rusty so I was suprised to be on Prince.

    And guys? Feel free to say ‘hi’ once and a while I’d love to here from you guys


  135. Charlie says:

    Hiya! Charlie’s back!
    Kelly, how r things
    Lorna-Glad u like my name sorry I didn’t reply. I’ve been riding so much recently and got caught up

  136. Charlie says:

    Kelly is there any way I can contact you through E mail? If yes may I have your Email address and I’ll get to you soon.


  137. Lottie Loves You says:

    Hey PPL, I can think of a few names for foals if you’re interested.
    Shooting Star- for a grey.
    Sundancer- palomino/chestnut.
    Mahogany Flame- bay.
    Storm Surge- like a black or grey

  138. superponypal says:

    oh I love pony camp dairies it is awesome I cant stop reading it when I start it is just amazing! Kelly’s a superstar I love her books though I have only read one.

  139. heidi says:

    Hi sorry it’s so late, i have been revising my German for my first GCSE exam after half term.
    Hi PPL thanks and yes it is hardish work. Most people find it exausting after a while but i enjoy it loads (even if i’m panting at the end).
    You’re really lucky, it’s freezing here. It’s fairly warm in the afternoon but i walk to school in the morning and at 7:45 there’s still frost on the ground. I have some winter boots so i should be ok when the snow comes but right now i’m wondering whether i need a thicker coat.
    It is October now so your foals should be on their way soon. How many foals do you think you might have this year. If you need names then there are a few from last time on this page so you can have a look at them. Also I have been looking for manes for kittens and i have been looking in cake books and some cake names (such as brownie)can be used for animal names quite well. If you do won a cook book and if you like those sort of names then i would advise you to have a look. :) Also i have a few that i don’t think i put up last time which is
    Epona (Celtic Goddess of horses)
    Also just as something extra i love the Swedish language so here is their word for horses:
    Häster (pronounced Hest):) good luck (BTW i started this about an hour ago but had to go and do something.)

  140. rebecca says:

    hi kelly
    i LOVE pony camp dairys but will you tell me why you are not wrighting them anymore ?

  141. Lottie Loves You says:

    Heya guys!
    I’ve chosen a name for the pony and drum roll please….
    Royal Emerald!
    I decided on this cos it reminded me of Emerald in Emily and Emerald and I thought it sounded right for the pony, that and chestnuts look cool in green

  142. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey heidi!

    Sorry, I was just able to read the other messages! Huge congratulations to you on getting the narrator part! It must be a lot of fun, as well as a lot of hard work. Yes, Jade is very tempermental and I once had a huge fight with her in the arena, but I’m not about to go into that :D . It is Spring here in Australia, so it gets warmer. We have a new batch of foals coming in late October to early November, so I’m researching websites for names, once again! Hehe! There aren’t as many foals as there were last time, but I think we chose good stallions this year, so that makes up for it. Once again, we are busy, cleaning the foaling stalls, and trimming the paddocks and securing the fences to make sure not a tiny hoof can get past :D! I am quite excited, I love foaling season and the mares seem healthy. Also, the warm weather is quite welcoming and that makes me happy.
    Good luck with everything!

    hey Lottie!
    I think I like Royal Lace or Royal Emerald! Good luck!


    PPL! :D

  143. heidi says:

    Hi PPL
    i don’t know who to choose???? Name wise (sorry Marble) i think it would be Mystic Dream. I really can’t pick just one. I know myself that if i ever did have a horse it would be dapple grey or a sand or chestnut (or somewhere in between)coloured one. :)
    Have you had a look at the link i put up yet? When you do tell me what you think, i really want to know if it really is good or if that’s just me :D

  144. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey heidi!
    Yes, Marble is a lot bigger now and she’s quite an independant foal. I guess it runs in her bloodlines! She is one fast little thing, too, being a full thoroughbred. She’s turning out to be a lovely little horse, fit and nicely toned. Well, first, we’re going to try and halter them and lead them around. Fingers crossed!
    Also, pick your favourite foal! Mine is Marble or Angel (aww, I feel mean now. I love them all! :D !)

    Your friend’s horse sounds pretty!

    Love, PPL :D

  145. heidi says:

    Hi PPL thanks so much for mentioning me, it was not a problem. :D how is Dark Marble getting on anyway, she must be much bigger now than she was before. How much do you think you will be able to teach her? I know of one horse that will not, i repete will not, trot, his name escapes me as he is not mine but my friends, she goes horse riding every weekend. I have seen photo’s of him though and he is beautiful black with a white ear. By the way have a look at the link i have put on this page and the “things that make you go yeah” page (it’s the same one but the details all over there) and see what you think :)
    Hi CHG, last i looked you were on in April and we haven’t seen you since. Oh well, still hope your book is coming along ok.
    Hi Lottie how are you?

  146. Amy says:

    hi kelly I went horse riding today.When i was horse riding i had a canter and i was really nervous and it made me think about one of your books it was poppy and prince how poppy broke her arm and was really nervous about having a canter but she went for it any way and she was fine P.S I think poppy and prince is the best ever pony camp diary.

  147. heidi says:

    oh hang on, if it doesn’t work copy and paste it into the bit at the top of the computer that says “www.google.co.uk”
    Or try this one but i can’t seem to get it to hyperlink :)

  148. heidi says:

    this music really gets me going, like dancing around the room and jumping about. i love it so much :)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s17XDrKuqc4

  149. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey guys!

    Wow, time really does pass quickly. You know the bunch of foals we had early this year? I’ll just write them down in case you don’t remember:
    Spirited Away
    Dark Marble (named by the awesome Heidi :D)
    Her Majesty
    Chestnut Spot
    Angel Heart
    Mystic Dream
    Midnight Pride
    Sky Mirage

    Well, we’ve started weaning the older ones such as Spirit, Marble, her Majesty and Spot. They cried for their mommas. Once they settle down, we’re going to wean Angel heart, Snowstorm and Mystic. Then Midnight Pride and Sky last. The foals have grown so much I can hardly believe it. It seems like it was just yesterday when I was playing peekaboo and tag with them while their mommas grazed.

    Also, Belle, the lovely Fresian who’s mother Bella died, well, she’s a year old and unbelievably wonderful with beautiful gaits.

    Love, PPL

  150. heidi says:

    sorry i haven’t got back in ages;
    Hi Lottie, It’s good that he’s done two foot, my cousin had a horse that wouldn’t go off the ground and two foot is pretty high. Also i’m torn between Emerlad and Honey for that because Royal Emerald uses really good imagery and you can picture it really well but Royal Honey just sounds so sweet. I must say though, i will have to go with Honey even though Emeralds are my birthstone.
    I found out who i am in Bugsy Malone… i’m… drum roll please…the narrator, which means i am going to be on for most of the time i.e half the play and the teacher said that i will have some other mini mini parts to do as well like a mirror talking (if they have a mirror talking) as well as my mini main.
    Hi Kelly :) As you can probably tell from the above text, drama is coming alonge amaizingly. We just did an asessment (not one where you get a booklet and 30 minutes to comlete it but you have to perform a piece from the chosen musical) and me and my partner were told we did brilliantly, i just hope that’s true. The teacher filmed us all so we will be watching it all back next lesson. We had double drama today so after the first lesson we came back after lunch and in groups of 7 had to perform mini versions of fairytales. Our group did Snow White and the 7 dwarfs and i was the mirror and one of the dwarfs. It was really funny and the teacher filmed that as well so we shall see the results on Thursday.
    how is everyone?
    PPL how are your horses doing, it’s getting cold here and it’s raining loads, how’s it for you?
    CHG, are you still coming on? If so, please let me know about that book of yours.
    speak you you soon everyone
    H£!D! :D

  151. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls, it’s great to see you all leaving messages on the board for each other! I hope you’ve been having a fab time at school and doing lots of riding!
    PPL – it’s great to hear that Snowstorm and Moon are doing so well!
    Melony, the new series is called Animal S.O.S. I think you’ll especially like the next one, The Case of the Secret Pony, out soon!
    Thanks, Mary, Amelia, Parnoja, Mia and Pepper for your lovely comments on the books.
    Lottie, congrats to Zoe!
    Thanks, Arnie. Hope you’re enjoying the new books!
    Lottie, good question! To find the answer I’d have to get out my notes, which are now in the loft! But I’m sure you can make a good guess with all your pony knowledge!
    Heidi, I hope the drama’s going well!
    Phoebe – Warrior is a fab name for a pony. Unfortunately there won’t be any more Pony Camp books but I’ll keep it in mind for the future!
    Lottie – my vote is for Royal Honey!
    LOVE you girls, MWAH!xxx

  152. Lottie Loves You says:

    Heya guys! I need your help with something. In my new story I have a 13hh Bright Chestnut Welsh Section C mare and I need help choosing a name. Here’s what I’ve got:
    Royal Lace
    Royal Crystal
    Royal Emerald
    Royal Caramel
    Royal Honey
    Can you all vote on which is your favourite name and the winner gets to be in the story!

  153. Phoebe Dickens says:

    Hi Kelly McKain
    I am mad about your books!.Can you make a book about my pony Warrior and me? because I would love that!!
    Phoebe x

  154. Lottie Loves You says:

    Heya Heidi, I’m not really sure how high Kez can jump, at the moment he’s done 2ft confidently, but I haven’t taken him any higher yet as I don’t want to dent his confidence or mine he needs to be jumping 2’6 by June so I can enter the Novice Working Hunter Horse class at the John Rhodes Memorial show. I’m gonna have to enter the horse class as he’ll be 15hh by then.

  155. heidi says:

    Hi PPL
    Sorry to hear about Jasper. Jade sounds fun. Is she still as easy to control with a hot temper?
    I went to see who i would play in Bugsy Malone today. i was even more nervous than when i did the audtion. It turns out i have to go back again next week because they have 20 places that they can’t decide who’s going to do them. I’m deffinatly going to be one of them. My friend who i thought was going to be talullah isn’t, she’s one of the 20 like me. Even so we were both jumping up and down like mad people. If all goes well, we might even get to be one of the mains! :) speak to you soon H£!D! (btw do you like my signature :) )

  156. geetanjali says:

    i have not read any but after all the comments i want to read them :)

  157. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey guys,

    Well, Jasper went about two weeks ago (sniffle sniffle). I was so surprised when I saw her again. She seems so much smaller than I remembered and so much more gentle and sturdy, like the lovely mountain ponies. I suppose it’s because she’s quite different to Jade who is tall, hot tempered and sleek looking.
    Anyway, I gave her one big hug, just like I used to all the time and said goodbye and a big thank you. Hmm, I’m gonna miss her so much, even though I haven’t ridden her for ages. I’ve still got a picture of me and her after we won the Junior Jumping Comp. I looked so happy. never mind, I hope I’ll get to do more comps with Jade in the coming Summer.

    Love, PPL

  158. heidi says:

    hi everyone. :)
    sorry i haven’t been on in ages, i’ve been really busy with my GCSE drama. It’s really good, last night i had to audition for the schools play “bugsy malone” and though the acting part made me feel like i could fly, the singing made me really nervous. One person in my group really stole the performance though and they got her to sing a solo and do an extra performance. I think she’s going to be cast as talullah. Were going to find out tomorow though. I have also been practicing a piece from “Blood Brothers” for an open evening at the school. I think i can do a liverpool accent but it does slide towards welsh every 2 minutes so we shall see how that goes. Hope everyone is ok. CHG i’m dying to know how your book is coming along. PPL how are you? hi Lottie, how high can kez go? hope your all ok
    H£!D! XXX :)

  159. Lottie Loves You says:

    Heya guys! How is everyone? I’m really proud of Kez at the moment cos he’s learnt to jump big style cos he’s gone from demolishing all the jumps to clearning them by like 2 foot! I’m even thinking of taking him to the hunter trials in October either that or Ellen, who just started at our yard, will.

  160. Lottie Loves You says:

    Heya Kelly I was reading Charlie and Charm last night and I was wondering how big Apple was cos in Chloe and Cracker it mentions that Charm is about 13.3-14hh so I was wondering if Apple was really small or if Charlie was quite tall cos my friend who’s 15 rids a 12.2hh pony and she’s taller than me (I’m 5’2 n 16).

  161. Amie says:

    Hi Kelly! I love your Pony Camp Diaries books! there my favourite books! they have taught me so much about riding and looking after horses! I had read all 8 books a while ago, then when i saw that you had 4 new books, i was over the moon!! So i’m away to order then on Amazon haha! You definetly have to keep making these books, there the only books i really like to be honest! Thanks Kelly!

  162. abbie says:

    love your pony camp diaries

  163. Erin Clarke says:

    Hi Kelly I love your books. Im collecting the Pony camp Series and currently reading Sophie and Shine and Horse in Danger. I love Jessica and jewel so far Kelly !

    Lots of love,

    Erin xxxoooxxx

  164. Lottie Loves You says:

    Heya Heidi, Zoe doesn’t work every day anyway so she’s gonna be teaching when she gets further along and she might have a week or so off after the baby’s born but then she’ll be coming back in again I imagine. But we are cutting back on horses and ponies for now.

  165. myrockypony says:

    i love your books can you send me some samples please xxxx

  166. heidi says:

    Btw lottie congrats to Zoe, i bet she’s really happy. what’s going to happen to the yard while she’s on maternity leave?

  167. heidi says:

    hi lottie thanks :)i like Blaze it sounds cool and also not something you would hear today. Charlie is going to have a name change, if anyone else has any other suggestions please let me know. it will help a lot. :)

  168. checky monkey says:

    My favourite book is hannah and hope and I relly like horse and I relly want to be a writer to I like you books to it’s fantatic I like it

  169. Lottie Loves You says:

    OMG! You’ll never guess what I found out today!
    We’ve been saying for a couple of weeks that the owner of my yard, Zoe has been going mad. Turns out she’s not loosing the plot, she’s 8 weeks pregnant! What’s more funny is her daughter will be 16 in September!

  170. Pepper2001 says:

    Your books are sooo cool Kelly! I love them!

  171. Lottie Loves You says:

    Heya Heidi if you’re looking to improve your story, I’d change the name of Charlie to something more futureistic like Vordavue or Chemi or even Blaze. That way it sounds super futureistic

  172. Lottie Loves You says:

    It was my leg. Mossie bites are very itchy!
    I’m thinking about doing some dressage over the winter so if I’ve still got Kez next summer he’ll be ready to show. There’s a dressage clinic at my stables and I’m thinking of doing it but I’m not sure what do you think?
    P.S. So many falls on the Olympic cross country course hope the Canadian rider is ok, she was taken away in an ambulance, let’s hope there are no deaths for both horses and riders.

  173. Lottie Loves You says:

    Heya I Love Ponies,if you’re after a first pony the best thing to do is have a really good look on Horsemart and go on google and look up riding schools as they’ve always got some first ponies for sale.

  174. heidi says:

    hi everyone, PPL, CHG, Lottie and anyone else. i find that i start stories off but then i can never know what to put next. here’s a short one that i need a bit of help with, i’m not sure how to finish it. it’s only short but please can i have your advise. :)
    140 years in ice:
    Once the headset was placed on me all I could see was a blank room with a filing cabinet in the middle. Only one and that had an exit sign over it, then suddenly my head was pounding and I rushed for the door, escape was my only option.
    I yanked off the head set and took heavy rasping breaths. “It does take some getting used to and I wouldn’t recommend you spend too much time on it in your first week. An hour at the most each day, but once you’re up and running, it’s the best place for storing memories right from your mind, preserving them for as long as you like so you can look at them whenever. You can even personalise where you keep the memories, at the moment it’s a filing cabinet but you can change it into a garden, a diary or anything. But Chloe… what do you think? ” My new friend Charlie, exclaimed
    I stared blankly for a minute. Why does 22nd century tech hurt your head so much?
    “Thanks.” I said after recovering, “But have you got anything that doesn’t give you a headache after 3 seconds.” Charlie looked sheepishly at me
    “Sorry about that; if it’s a clean head you want try this. It’s a charm bracelet that turn any charm placed on it into the real thing, real size.” she beamed as she spoke, yet the look on her face told me I was a fussy customer. Charlie handed me hers to try on for size. It was quite light for what it was. “Now focus really hard on that particular charm and concentrate on it as much as you can, as soon as you want it to change back into a charm, take off the bracelet.” it was only a flower but I did my best and before I knew it there in front of me was a larger than life, metal, daisy. “The daisy isn’t real because only the size changes and we are not allowed to use plastic for it for obvious reasons.”
    “Sorry, what obvious reasons?” I asked, with a quizzical look.
    “Well oil doesn’t grow on trees and plastic is only allowed to be used if it is absolutely necessary, no more junk in the MacDonald’s happy meals, no more packaging that can never be opened. Everything comes in boxes and the outside is decorated using no plastic coating.” she looked at me like I was a dumb as anything and laughed. So much for making new friends.
    “Wait what about things like the Nintendo DS that was made out of plastic.” I argued. Trying to find something to do with my time is really hard.
    “Ds’s were around in the very early 21st century. Do you really expect us to still have them? You have been frozen for 140 years. You may look and act 15 but you are really 155.” I shivered at that thought. i wish i had never gone on the holiday to Lapland with my family, i only went and fell into the sea.

    so how was it and what can i put next. i will take all ideas into account.this is the main idea of the story. Chloe has been frozen for 140 years (hense the name) and she woke up in the 2100′s and something. she is trying to get to grips with life but i don’t know how she goes about it next. :) please reply anyone, i probably need all the help i can get :)

  175. heidi says:

    ps lottie or your trousers :)

  176. heidi says:

    hi PPL, thats fine, i’m glad your better now. sorry about Jasper btw, at lest as you say he’s going to a good home.
    hi Lottie, ew that’s gross! i hope it didn’t stain the book.

  177. Lottie Loves You says:

    Hey guys! Not that much going on at the moment to talk about really, but at least the weathers picked up slightly.
    I didn’t really have a good day yesterday as Scooby, the 16hh clydesdale cross jumped sideways as I got someone on him, landing straight on my foot, so I’ve got a huge bruise and a limp. Then to add insult to injury, I was sat in the bathroom reading last night when something big and black on my leg caught my attention, thinking it was I spider I thought “right I’m having that, it’s gonna get deaded” so I spatter it with my book (Issie and the Christmas pony in case you were wondering), only to find a big blood splat so I sat there thinking “I don’t think that was a spider” nope, it was a great big mossie!

  178. I love ponies says:

    hi i love ponies! my pony is called caspar he is a little forword for me anyone no any first ponies for sale? any way i love pony camp diarys!im on your last book (boo hoo!)

  179. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey Lottie + heidi
    I’m sorry I haven’t been replying for ages, I’ve been sick from a high fever. I think I caught it from sleeping in the barn in one of those cold days with nothing but a stack of straw. I totally regret it. My parents didn’t let me out of the house for four whole days.
    How terrible has the weather been? I thought Australia was the only one with the terrible rain and chills, but I guess not. Well, mum went and had a chat to my riding insructor and manager, and they managed to make this deal. I get to lease Jade for a couple of weeks, but that means that the stable hands don’t need to worry about her anymore and that I have to care for her myself, as if she was mine. I’m fine with that. I’ve also been in the dumps a bit lately, which matches the rain. You probably don’t know who Jasper is, but I’m sure I told you guys about her. She’s the mare that I rode before I moved on to Jade. Well, I heard that this younger girl is going to buy her. I’m not moaning in despair, but it is a little sad to watch her go. She was the horse that I first learned how to trot, canter and jump in. I haven’t really been seeing her lately since I started riding Jade cos Molly, my instrctor said that I should move onto a more advanced horse and that was Jade. I almost laugh as I remeber pleading with her about it, but then Jade turned out being awesome, she could jump, she was fast and so much fun. I should be happy that Jasper is going to a nice home. Can’t help but be a little bit sad. Never mind.

    Love, PPL

  180. Nelly says:

    Awesome blog! Do you have any hints for aspiring writers?
    I’m hoping to start my own site soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you advise starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m completely confused .. Any recommendations? Many thanks!
    my web site

  181. Marcia says:

    Sweet blog! I found it while surfing around on Yahoo News.
    Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yahoo News?
    I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there! Many thanks

  182. emma says:

    i just got sophie and shine and emily and emrald the are both asome

  183. Lottie Loves You says:

    The pic’s of Teddy and I are up on the over to you section!!

  184. Lottie Loves You says:

    Well the Great Yorkshire’s cancelled. :,(

  185. Lottie Loves You says:

    Can’t wait!! I’m going to the Great Yorkshire Show on Wednesday!!
    The rain has finally done me a favor in a way, as my riding club show was postponed so it didn’t look like I’d be able to go to the Wortley Country Festival, but it’s been postponed until September so I still have chance to qualify!

  186. admin says:

    test ignore

  187. mia says:

    I have just finished jessica and jewel it was so good it is one of my favourites and I think the part were tegan gets lost is so fab kelly I think you are an amazing story ritter

  188. heidi says:

    wow! we’ve got a months worth of rain in just two days. it has been raining non stop all day and it is still going now.

  189. Lottie Loves You says:

    OMG! Talk about bad weather we’ve been told to expect 2 days worth of rain in 2 hours. And we’re on flood watch!

  190. heidi says:

    hi lottie
    i am fed up with the rain. on Thursday (28th)i was at school in the morning during first lesson when outside went really dark, almost pitch black. the lights all went on and the people outside doing pe looked up at the sky frequently. then it started to thunder and rain. then the hail came and finally the lightning. it was amaizing. but all the people in pe ran to a tree and stood under it before they were called inside. it lasted right up till lunch when it was really hot and sunny again. it has happend before as well, thunder, hail and they sky went orange twise. it was really thrilling

  191. Pamoja says:

    helo! I love this book!

  192. amelia wilson says:

    i lov pony camp

  193. Mary says:

    Hi! I really like your books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  194. heidi says:

    hi ppl
    i wish i could see them as well. and btw nps xxx
    p.s nps= no problem. :)

  195. Lottie Loves You says:

    Hey Guys!
    Teddy’s new owner is a friend of Zoe’s who wanted a quiet pony for her daughter who’s nine, as she’s had a string of 12.2/13hh ponies who’ve all bombed off with her so she wanted something quieter and a bit bigger to get confidence back. And because they live locally if I ever get to go to the riding club again this year (thank you rain!) I should see him, but I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.
    As a question who’s fed up with this rain, honestly, they announce we’re in a ddrought and the next thing you know it’s pouring with rain and hasn’t properly stopped since the end of April. And this causes a major problem for us riders cos shows get cancelled, it’s too wet to canter in the woods, the school gets waterlogged so we can’t ride in there either and overall no one actually wants to ride because it pouring with rain and we’d all rather be indoors where it’s dry, worst thing is despite being wet it’s warm so then you’re not sure if you should ride your pony with a water proof exercise sheet and turn him out in a light weight rug because he might get hot and sweaty. I wish the weather would start to behave like its suppose to!!

  196. chipperxxx says:

    hi kelly i love your books can you tell us what that storys going to be called

  197. melonyxx says:

    OMG kellys just finished writing a horse book whooo hooo am soo happy thank you kelly tell us what the name and series is called aaagghhhh am sooo excited !!!

  198. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey guys!

    Sorry I haven’t been replying for such a long time. I’ve been kinda busy preparing for exams and helping around the farm. Well, a new broodmare arrived yesterday (remember how I told you we would be getting a new one cos’ of Moon?) Well, she’s a lovely horse, no wonder the owners picked her. She’s a tall dark bay warmblood with a slightly dished face (don’t know where she got that from, she’s not an arab), and a snip. She’s very sweet and gentle, we think she would make a lovely mother. She’s around seven and have been bred about twice before. Her owners before us hand raised her themselves with care and gentleness and we want to keep it that way. She’s so sweet! Yesterday, I offered her a piece of carrot and she took it very politely without all the slobbering on your hand that some horses do and nudged me for another. We’re going to wait a while for her to settle in first before we breed her. Oh, and her name is Shadowlands Shazam.

    Lottie- Oh wow, that’s really sad. I thought Teddy was already yours. You should talk to her and tell her how much you love Teddy.

    heidi- Thanks for the advice. After a couple of days, the mares and the foals all settled down. They are all growing so fast! I wish you could see them!

    Kelly- Thanks! Snowstorm is healthy and Moon is well now. She’s made up a lot for all the fitness she lost and is just about normal again.

    Love, PPL :D

  199. heidi says:

    hi everyone
    HI KELLY :) !!!
    wow amaizing, i can’t wait to get it in the shops.
    omg lottie i’m so sorry. why did Zoe want to sell him? hope this makes you feel better:
    GOOD L
    do you know who Teddy’s new owners are?

  200. Lottie Loves You says:

    Hey Char, you probably don’t know so I think it’s a good idea to tell you. I loaned Teddy from my riding school, so it wasn’t my mum or my decision to sell him. I think I’m going to be riding a 4 yer old piebald called Kez now. If you want to look at Teddy I’ve posted some pics on the over to you section.

  201. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls, thanks for putting up so many messages! I love reading all your pony news (PPL, LOVE the name Snowstorm!) and it’s so great that you all chat to each other so much on here, especially as I can’t get on here as much as I’d like to myself! My news is that I’ve just finished writing a book in a new series I’m doing – it’s about a mystery pony that two girls find in a field alone. They have to find out who it belongs to and why it’s so thin and uncared for (sob sob! but don’t worry, it has a happy ending!). I’ve really enjoyed writing it! We’re not sure about the title yet but I’ll tell you as soon as we know for sure! Lots and lots of love to all you girls, and happy riding and reading! Love, Kellyx

  202. Lottie Loves You says:

    My decisions been made for me. Teddy’s gone.

  203. heidi says:

    hi lottie
    i think that you should tell her how much you love Teddy. see if she changes her mind at all. if he means that much to you then (depending entierly on the cost and space) you could see if you can buy him. but i wouldn’t recomend this if you haven’t got anywhere to keep him or anything. other than this i’m not sure what i would do myself.

  204. Lottie Loves You says:

    Still don’t know what to do about my pony issue, I really wish someone would make my decision for me.

  205. char 13 says:

    Hey Lottie i think you should take a picture of teddy and find out who your mum sold him too plus i think you are lucky to have a horse because i have not got a horse

  206. char 13 says:

    and your pony camp books have inspired me to become the best horse rider EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  207. char 13 says:

    please can you make more pony camp books i LOVEEEEE
    them i think the pony camp books are your best wons

  208. Lottie Loves You says:

    Heya everyone, I gotta I dilemma, Zoe wants me to start riding the piebald Kez so that she can sell Teddy, thing is I like Kez n he’s sweet just a bit green but he’s not Teddy and I’m not sure I’m ready to let go yet. What do you guys think???

  209. Alana! says:

    It’s so cool my Grandad, got back from America and bourt me a saddle of my very own. And a bridel for my x racehorse Midnight even know i can’t ride him i still LOVE him to bit’s.

  210. heidi says:

    who watched the eurovision song contest? kelly did you? i’m so glad sweden won, they were epic! :) Loreen did ace! to those of you in america or australia, do you have anything like an international song contest?
    to anyone who watched it, who did you like best and why? who did you vote for? i voted ireland with Jedward because they made me laugh loads.
    plz reply kelly. i am asking you as well. :)

  211. Lottie Loves You says:

    I went to my first horse show yesterday! Teddy and I did really well, we got 1st in Tack and Turnout, 3rd in Ridden Part Breed, 3rd in Junior Equatition and 4th in In Hand Part Breed! And by coming first I qualified for Wortley Country Festival in July!

  212. Emma says:

    I love your books they are totally awesome!

  213. Cheyenne says:

    Hi Kelly!
    I L
    I LO
    I LOV
    I LOVE
    I LOVE Y

  214. CHARLIE says:


  215. tara says:

    I really and toatally love ponies! I love your pony camp books. They were amazing. I even read 3 books a day! I read loads of your pony camp books!

  216. Lottie Loves You says:

    I got my new rug today! And I officially love it!! I can’t wait to try it on Teddy, I think he’ll get a shock when I attack him with brushes before he’s allowed anywhere near it!

  217. heidi says:

    YAY!!! in was 14 yeaterday and i’m going out with my friends on sunday. it is going to be so cool! i was just wondering to everyone who is reading this message, if you could have a birthday cake with anything at all on the top of it, from a butterfly to a whole mario kart race track, what would it be? (btw i did have a mario kart race track. my mom made it because i asked for a mario kart wii game so she got the idea from that. it was really good. and tastey. mmmm)

  218. heidi says:

    hi ppl. here’s just a thought. if anything else happens to either glitter or amira, you could try seperating them from each other. i don’t know if it will work or not but you could keep an eye on them as well for a bit. keep us updated on how it goes :)

  219. Lottie Loves You says:

    Heya guys! Things are really hectic at school at the moment wiv GCSE season starting. I had RE yesterday and I think it’s gonna be a while until I get the feeling back in my hand!!!

  220. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hi guys!

    Well, we put them all in the field yesterday. They were all around the same pasture. It’s very big, so there shouldn’t have been a problem. We kept an especially close eye on Pride and Sky, since they were the youngest. We did have a slight hiccup, though. It started when Angel Heart / Angel started wandering around, obviously trying to make friends with the foals. She came across Majesty and the two started playing around together. But then, Glitter, Majesty’s mum noticed and she thought Angel was trying to intrude on their little so called ‘grasslands’ so, she charged. Angel was so frightened that she ran backwards and almost tripped over her long legs. Then, Amira, Angel’s mum thought that Glitter was trying to attack her daughter, so she leapt in the way and bared her teeth ferociously. Both mares faced each other, pawing the ground and snorting. It’s strange. It seems they’ve gotten really protectice of their offspring, but I don’t really blame them. Back to it. It was like watching showdown at the ladies’ coral. Both foals hid close to their mothers. I was sitting on the fence then, and had absolutely no idea what to do (Please don’t hold it against me!). But we waited for a while and after that, the mares got back to grazing peacefully. Everyone says they’ll be fine, but secretly, I have doubts. I know Glitter didn’t intentionally want to hurt Angel, but accidents could always happen, so, I’m slightly nervous. I had this idea of just putting the foals in the field, but almost immediately, I realised how dumb it was. The foals would probably just stand there all day crying for their mummies. I am brainstorming.

    Love, PPL :D

  221. Megan says:

    Hi Kelly, How do you think of all these ideas for your books. Im in the middle of reading Amy and Amber. I have read Charlie and Charm, Laurn and Lucky, Megan and Misheif and Jessica and Jewel.

  222. Alana! says:

    Hey Kelly, i just finished 3 pony camp Diarys there so good wish i could go on one xx Alana

  223. Alana says:

    Hi Kelly, i’ve been so busy latly! Don’t ever get some peace and quiet!
    BTW, i’ve never told you this but i acually have my own x-racehorse but he lives with my grandad and grandma who live a hour and a half away. At the moment he’s staying at my mum’s Aunty’s farm (not a very good place to keep a horse) but at the moment my Grandparents are in America. But when my Grandad comes back he’s going to finish making the padock fence! It’s outside his house behind the shed. My horse is called Midnight and he’s a beautiful black Thoroughbred and stands about 16 hands high. I’ll see if i can get a picture to e-mail you. He truly is amazing. (Even Know i can’t ride him!!)
    I also have been doing really well at my horse riding lessons! my fave horse is Leo he’s very small and stands about 12.3 hands high. He’s very very very fast! but he’s so cute and cheeky and is very loyal. Sorry I can rattle on about horses forever! Have you done much riding latly? i would love to hear about it! oh, and what’s your favourite coulor? XXXOOOXXX Alana Russo!!!

  224. heidi says:

    hi lottie. sorry about teddy. you never know, if you show that you love him loads then zoe might not sell him or something like that anyway.
    how is everyone?

  225. Lottie Loves You says:

    Heya everyone!
    How has everyone been? It’s great to hear that all the mares and foals are doing well PPL.
    I’ve been saving up lately, so I can buy Teddy a lightweight turnout rug for the summer to keep him clean and dry (the joy of greys!) and I’m fixing a sweat rug he’s worn in the winter so he can wear it to shows until I get a nicer one for him. I just really wish I could buy him so i could get him all the nice things he deserves without having to worry that he’ll be sold every time someone comes to view ponies! Who knows what will happen since Zoe wants one horse per stable by winter, maybe he won’t even spend a year with us.

  226. heidi says:

    hi ppl good luck with sky and starburst.

  227. melonyxx says:

    hiya kelly sori i have not been writing for ages its already been 2 years so much has happened i have a new horse now and a was riding today shes called lacey and shes amazing ! hope u write back thx kelly xx

  228. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey guys!

    Finally! A healthy little girl arrived yesterday morning while the birds were still singing just after dawn. She’s black, and looks a bit like Marble, but her head is really dished. She’s got a really pretty face and long delicate legs. Marble’s legs are the fine, fit thoroughbred type (she’s a full thoroughbred) and this filly’s legs are legs look long and delicate. Also, she’s got a large, fuzzy star on her forehead. Her name is Sky Mirage (Sky). We’re going to wait a few days and then turn all the foals out into the pasture with the mares and see how things go. Phew, I’m so glad that all the foals came without too much of a problem. We might be buying a new broodmare since Moon is not going to be able to have foals for at least a few years, but I don’t know. We’re just going to have to wait and see. I just want to thank everyone for their good wishes to the Windbay mares. Everyone really appreciates them.

    CHG – Oh, sorry. I didn’t know. Good luck with the operation thing. Tell us how it goes. Why does Pepsi need an operation? Can you please tell us more about him?

    heidi – Thanks for everything, especially the names.

    Also, do you guys remember Starburst? He’s almost one! We’re starting to teach him some manners but we won’t start his breaking until he’s around three or two. We like to start our horses early rather than late because if people start late, the horse may have already gone to be really difficult or something.

    LLY – Good luck with the new horses!

    PPL :D

  229. heidi says:

    lottie thats so sad. i heard about that i think. i think it was on the news. anyway RIP Liam.
    good luck with harriet

  230. Amy says:

    i go horse riding i read one of your pony camp books and i wish my stables would make a pony camp just go to pony camp and not go to school

  231. Amy says:

    i love really love your pony camp books csn you please write anthor pony camp book please

  232. Lottie Loves You says:

    Hey, the new horses are settling in well and Sunday we got a new grey cobby pony. The grey has no passport so we don’t know its name. However Zoe has been turning it out with the geldings only to find out that it was a mare! We have now named her Harriet. She should fit in well since she’s worth £3500.

  233. Lottie Loves You says:

    Heya guys, if you have’nt herd on the news, yesterday a 15 year old boy was found dead in Elsecar woods. His name was Liam Collier. He committed suicide after leaving his friends. Liam joined Wombwell High School in January.
    Even though I only met him once we must remember him!
    RIP Liam!

  234. heidi says:

    hi ppl.
    my birthday is the 22nd may so i’m nearly 14. i think my favorit name out of those is mystical dream.
    hi chg. i’m fine. good luck with pepsi.

  235. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Sup guys,xxxx

    PPL- Pepsi is my horse.

    heidi- hows you?

    Lottie Loves you- is it ok if i call you LLY?

    Kelly- How are you and are you and hows Freddie. xx

    All of you- Pepsi’s operation is on the 2nd of May and the nerves are killing me!!! and while he is having it i have to help Heather and Jess take Coco, Diablo and Scooby i the school for the first time cause they are really young and very cute xxx

  236. heidi says:

    yay! :) my friends cat had kittens thursday. i went round to see them today. they are tiny and they squeek! they have their eyes clodes and they can’t walk so they sort of wriggle around your hand. we don’t know their gender yet but ones a tabby, ones jet black and ones ginger. i love the tabby one cos he/she just snuggles down in your hand and goes to sleep. the ginger one is very talkative and the black one just eats and eats and sleeps a bit then eats some more. in about a week they will have their eyes open and i’ll be going back to see them.

  237. Princess Pony Lover says:

    BTW, heidi,

    When’s you’re birthday? Mine is in June as well!
    Well, early June,

    PPL, :D

  238. Princess Pony Lover says:

    hey heidi!

    Here are the foals so far. I’m going to use their fulle names:

    Spirited Away (dark bay colt)
    Dark Marble (black filly)
    Her Majesty (chestnut fily)
    Chestnut Spot (appaloosa colt)
    Angel Heart (light bay filly)
    Snowstorm (black colt)
    Mystical Dream (flaxen chestnut fully)
    Midnight Pride (dark bay colt)

    we’ve still got one more unborn foal left. Fingers crossed!

    PPL, :D

    Lottie – It’s great about the new horses. Are you going to get to be able to ride them?

  239. heidi says:

    hi ppl. congrats once again on the colt. it’s great that he came ok. i’m okey dokey thank you. im looking forward to my friends cat having kittens at the moment. their due in around may-june so they might be bron near my birthday. i can’t have pets of my own cos my dad’s alergic to fur so i go round my friend’s all the time to see her cats (sassy and oscar). i hope the 9th will be ok as well. what are all the foals called so far? i know about pride, dream, snowstorm, marble and majesty but what are the other 3 called? sorry if you have already put them up i just can’t find the comments with them in.

  240. Lottie loves you says:

    Heya PPL, Star’s gone back to her old owners and the new ones sre hunting horses. We’ve got a dapple grey mare Rosie, a black mare with a 2 tone tale called Diamond Beauty (It’s even longer than that her real name) a skewbald mare Anna who we think is pregnant and Bertie a chestnut gelding. There all above 15.2hh.
    Yeah i’m really looking forward riding club. It’s going to be so fun!

  241. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey guys!

    Finally! A healthy dark bay colt with a small whirl star arrived on Friday morning! He’s really really cute. We’re calling him Pride (Midnight Pride). His sire was named Midnight Star and his dam named Proud Dancer. Thank goodness she didn’t have any trouble having him. We were all a bit afraid because he’s a late foal actually. Eight down, one to go! Whoo!

    Kelly – We called Moon’s colt Snowstorm because he’s going to be a dappled grey one day.

    Moon is back to normal now. I sometimes take her for long walks to make up for all the fitness she lost when she was still resting.

    CHG – It’s great to have you back. Ummm, I hope this isn’t going to sound strange but umm…who is Pepsi? I’m sorry I’m a bit lost. The book sounds great. I’m writing a book too. But I’ll reveal it later. How are things at the farm? We’ve missed you, girl!

    Lottie – It’s great that you’re getting new ponies. What’s going to happen to Star? It must be so exciting going to riding club. Please tell us all about it!

    heidi – How are you?

    CHG and Kelly – yay! It’s about time you guys started replying back! :D

    PPL :D

  242. Alana says:

    Hi Kelly I LOVE Ponies their amazing! i wish i could go on a pony camp 4 a week. Though my parents would get tired of me talking about it over and over again! You write amazing books! i love them if you went into my room you’ed see that i love horses and ponies cos, the walls are covered in posters and i also go riding at a really cool pony club. BTW (i live in Australia!) My pony club is called “Ranchlands Equestrian Centre” love you heeps xoxoxo Alana Russo

  243. heidi says:

    hi polly pony your back too! :)
    chg congrats on draco. love the name. sorry about pepsi. i would (before he went in) make sure he was comfortable and everything then hope for the best. im sure he’ll be fine. fingers crossed

  244. heidi says:

    CHG YOUR BACK. missed you loads. the book sounds amaizing btw. is it getting published? hp was amaizing. and why would you think kelly doesn’t like you? im sure she does.

  245. Lottie Loves You says:

    Thing’s are super busy at Grenoside at the moment, Star’s going back on Thursday, we got three new horses on Tuesday (don’t know much about them yet!). Riding club starts on the 8th May so all the loaners and owners are sorting horses and ponies to take and memberships to sort! It’s total hell! Hopefully once Vicky buys Mist she’ll move stables cos we need the stable and fingers crossed Charlie and Kate will do the same with Tinker and Saffy. Then we’ll have two extra stables ( Saffy lives out but Katewants a stable for her but Lisa doesn’t want to give her one cos Saffy doesn’t like been in a stable.)
    I hope things will calm down in the next few weeks.

  246. heidi says:

    hello kelly it’s the one called “highlands glory” and its like a diary entry. my fictional character is elsie and that is who you have put it by on the over 2 u page. sorry for the mix up, it might have been a bit confusing at the time.

  247. Cheesyhorsegirl xox says:

    BTW GUYS!!!
    Pepsi need an operation on his lung!!!! :’(
    That makes me feeel sick!!!!! EVN THOUGH A FOAL HAS BEEN BORN AND HIS NAME IS DRACO BTW!!!! i am so worried about pepsi what would you guys do if your horse was about to go for an operstaion!!! help me please help me…

  248. Cheesyhorsegirl xox says:

    did you get my last message I dont think it sent!

    Btw girls and girls only do you think Kelly Mckain likes me… I dont think she does be honest guys…

  249. POLLYpony says:

    Hello girls

    I have not wrote on here because we moved house in spain i hope you are all ok and i will talk soon

    good bye


  250. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hey guys I am sorry I havent been on for ages as Pepsi is ill :’( I am so upset!!!!! I dont even know whats wrong with him luv you Pepsi!

    Hi Kelly- Just to say my book is going really well i am putting so much into it and I would love to be an author just like you! xxx

    PPL- Hi hows the farm and that I hope its going good ;)

    heidi- Harry Potter sounds great I wish I could go.

    LLY- How are you doing with riding and stuff.. good i hope :D xxx

    Well guys heres the latest on HELPING HORSES SAVING SANDY xxxxx

    Helping Horses
    Saving Sandy
    I simply love horses. They are definitely my favourite animal. I don’t have one of my own, but if I did I would treasure him or her forever. I am horsey mad about everything, I have a horsey mad bedroom, horsey mad clothes. I have horsey mad friends and horsey mad family. I even have a horsey mad hairdo when I wake up from my horsey mad dreams. I need go on.
    When I am older I hope to run my own riding stables I would call it Imogen’s inspiring riding. All my friends would help out in the yard and give lessons to young riders. Of course I am going to need a lot of experience if that is going to be my dream job. My parents are both interested in horses, but my dad can’t help me as he is a pilot and works 24.7 in the summer. This year he is flying to New York in America. I do not get to see my Dad much, but that’s because he is flying all the way round the world.
    My mum on the other hand works in a vet and rescue centre especially for horses. She works there in the summer so do I because there is nobody at home to look after me. Mum says that the vet is very busy in the summer because people are off work and school, and they are going out horse riding and entering competitions. She said that once the rescue centre ran out of stables. I don’t see how that could happen because the building is massive. There is three parts to it, the vet, the rescue centre and a special place at the back where you can buy horses. I always seem to hang out there most of the time. There are over two hundred stables throughout the building. I counted them myself.
    Mum also said that the vets are putting their lives at risk. She told me a story about when she was young. She was watching a story on the news about a vet that got killed by a horse. The horse was distressed and scared. Every time a human came near it would grunt loudly. One of the vets had had enough. She went straight for it. The horse grunted angrily at the vet, but she didn’t stop. The horse then went on its hind legs and neighed furiously. The vet got kicked in the head and was rushed to hospital, but she sadly died on her way there. The rescue centre was then shut, but reopened five months later. It is the very same vet that Mum works at now. Mum said that happened twenty five years ago and it is much safer now.
    The vets may be putting their lives in danger but that’s not stopping them from saving horses lives. They are always trying to keep the horses in good condition. So do I when I get the chance. The vets do get all the good jobs for example give the horses medicine and taking care of new born foals. I get to ride the horses though. That’s good enough for me especially when I have got something the vets don’t have. The truth is I can speak to horses. It is a big secret and I am the only person in the whole wide world who can do it.
    I found this out at my local riding stables about two years ago. It was about ten minutes before my lesson and I was hanging out at Sherbets stable. Sherbet is my favourite horse at the stables and I was going to ride her for that lesson. Sherbet is a 13.2hh Sanhe. She is an iron grey with a white mane and tail. She is always very patient and very well behaved. Anyway I was hanging out at Sherbets stable telling her how pretty she looked, when I heard someone say, “Ready for your lesson?” I looked round, but there was nobody there. Then I noticed that all the horses in the other stables were looking at me. I stroked Sherbet still looking around when I heard the voice again. “I said are you ready for your lesson?” I looked at Sherbet and figured out it was her speaking. I stepped back with my jaw dropped.
    “You…you spi…spoke” I said shaking.
    “I know I did” said Sherbet. I pinched my arm and whispered to my self, “I must be dreaming.” Then there was a pause, not a long pause but a pause. During that pause I thought I was going to die of shock. I finally asked in confusion,
    “Can all humans speak to horses?” Another pause.
    “No,” replied Sherbet, “you are the chosen one.”
    “What do you mean by that?” I said jaw dropped.
    “It means that you are the only person in the world who can speak to horses,” Said Sherbet, “someone in the world can speak to dogs and someone else can speak to cats. You are the person who can speak to horses and ponies.”
    “Cool,” I screeched. I tried to run away and pretend that never happened, but Sherbet stopped me.
    “But,” She murmured. “You must never tell anyone about this. It must be kept a secret.”
    “Ok” I muttered smiling.
    I then lead Sherbet into the riding school where my lesson was taking place. During that lesson I wasn’t concentrating much because of what had just happened, well it’s not everyday you speak to a horse. It was the same the next couple of weeks I could not stop daydreaming about what had happened.
    There is a load more questions I wanted to ask Sherbet that day for example, why am I the only person in the whole wide world who can speak to horses? Dose something affect me that does not affect anyone else, and can I speak to animals related to horses, like zebras and giraffes. It looks like these questions are never going to be answered.
    The main thing is I have not told anybody about it. Not the vets, not my friends, not even my Mum or Dad. It is extremely hard to keep it a secret though, especially when I promised Sherbet, but I will keep it a secret always have and always will…

    Chapter 2
    I had just woke up on the first day of the summer holidays, by the annoying beeping sound of my alarm clock. I stretched, yawned and wondered what Mum had got planned for today. I then rolled over to the other side of the bed where the alarm clock is. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the digits on the clock face. I jumped back in shock.
    “Six thirty,” I cried, “but… but I set my alarm clock for ten.”
    I pressed the button on the back of the clock that stopped the beeping noise. I screwed up my face; I knew exactly who had done this.
    “Mum,” I called. “Muuum!”
    My Mum came in my room, tying her golden, scruffy hair up in a bun. She was dressed in her cream jodhpurs and white vet coat with her name tag attached to her pocket. On the name tag it said:
    Kate Bacrow
    Professional Surgeon
    Mum has been a surgeon at the vet for six years and I think she really enjoys it. A surgeon is not the job for me I would rather be a vet who gives the animals check ups or a person who sorts out all the pills and medicines.
    Anyway I had just remembered that I was working at the vet and rescue centre today and I wasn’t looking forward to it especially when I wanted a lie in.
    “Good morning sweetheart,” my mum said opening the curtains I fell back in my bed and then pulled the covers over me.
    “It is a beautiful day,” she carried on. I ignored her and groaned.
    “Imogen,” my mum said sitting on my bed, “time to get up.”
    “Come on Mum,” I cried, “five more minutes. It’s the holiday. I always have a lie in the holidays. Waking up at this time is for school mornings and it is not school morning is it?”
    “I know it’s not a school morning, but you are working at the rescue centre today and for the rest of the summer.” Mum said. I pulled the covers over my head and grunted.
    “Imogen,” Mum said. “Don’t start.”
    “Work morning, school morning I don’t care I am lying in and nothing is going to stop me!” I growled.
    “IMOGEN BACROW YOU GET OUT OF THAT BED THIS INSTINT!” screamed my Mum. She was standing up and was pointing at the kitchen in fury. I threw the covers off my bed in rage and stomped into the kitchen. Mum sighed. She came into the kitchen and told me to hurry up and get my breakfast.
    I sat down at the kitchen table and took the box of coco pops.
    “I just wish you would appreciate going to the vet,” my Mum sighed, “not very many children get to go.” I grunted while pouring a glass of orange juice and said, “Lucky them!”
    Just then the phone rang I knew exactly who it was. I sprang off the chair and grabbed the receiver of Mum who was about to put it to her ear.
    “Hello,” I said.
    “Hello honey it’s your Dad here,” the other voice said.
    “DAD,” I cried, “How are you?”
    “I’m great thanks, yourself?” my dad asked cheerfully.
    “Absolutely brilliant,” I giggled, “Where are you?”
    “I am in Miami in Florida and should be in New York by tomorrow evening.” Dad replied.
    “Cool!” I cried, “I wish I was there. I bet it is much better than working at a stupid rescue centre.” Mum had overheard me telling this to Dad and gave me an angry looking face. I smiled at her, sarcastically.
    “Don’t be silly,” my Dad said kindly, “You will love it at the vet trust me. My ears are as sore as a broken arm, its hard being a pilot.”
    “I miss you.” I admitted.
    “I know Imogen I miss you too, but a plane won’t fly itself you know.” My dad added.
    “I know.” I mumbled sadly, “Mum would like to speak to you.”
    “Ok sweetheart. Love you, bye.” Dad said
    “See you soon.” I uttered. I handed the receiver to Mum who had her chubby little arms crossed. She grabbed the receiver off me and walked quickly into her bedroom.
    I really missed Dad. I had not seen him in ages and staying with Mum for the summer is not very fun at all. Seeing my dad go all the time is always a big worry for me. Scary thoughts would fill my mind, what if the plane crashed, and what if Dad gets lost while in the air. I try not to think about these when Dad is gone, but I do find it tricky.
    When I had finished my crunchy coco pops, and juicy orange juice. I went to my bedroom to get changed. I grabbed out my favourite navy blue jodhpurs and a pretty, sky blue horse riding T-shirt. I put them on quickly and then combed my long, blonde hair into two plats. They hung down by my ears perfectly.
    I then went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and give my mouth a good rinse with mouthwash. I felt fresh and ready to go but then I remembered I was working at the vet.
    I went into the living room to watch the TV, but Mum being Mum would not let me and that really annoyed me.
    “Mum please…” I moaned.
    “No, we are leaving.” Mum demanded.
    “Ok” I said, “keep your wig on.”
    “Don’t be cheeky,” she snapped. I giggled.
    I put my black riding boots on and was ready to leave. Meanwhile my mother was fiddling about a lot with her hair.
    “Ready now,” I asked siting down, because I knew it would take a while.
    “Nearly,” my mum said still fiddling.
    “Wake me up when I’m thirty.” I yawned while lying back in the chair and closing my eyes.
    “Done,” my mum said, “Lets go.” I sighed and followed my mum out of the front door.
    As we walked on down the path to the rescue centre there were loads of shut curtains and I thought to myself, “I wish that was me. Enjoying a lovely lie in, but no, I am now going to experience the worst summer of my life.”

    Chapter 3
    We finally reached the rescue centre at the end of Candleplant. Candleplant is where a live. It is a beautiful, small village with a fantastic range of wildlife. My parents and I live in a relaxing cottage next to the sea. It is as pretty as a flower and it’s home. When I wake up every morning, I smell the gorgeous smell of salty water and hear the noisy seagulls flying over my head. It’s perfect.
    It was very quiet at the rescue centre. There was nobody about. My mum told me to wait in the waiting room. (Well that is what it’s for.) So I did and my helpless mother ran off to her so called special office. It’s not much of an office it is a scabby, old room with chairs and a kettle in it. Heaven.
    Anyway, as I was waiting, my mum’s boss was walking, confusedly up and down the corridor a number of times. She had short ginger hair just below her ears, and gorgeous violet jodhpurs. The same ones that I had been saving up for ages and they suited her so well. She finally noticed me and said,
    “Oh, good morning Imogen.”
    “Morning, Helena,” I said back. She still trudged up and down the corridor, ignoring what I had said. I watched her carefully. She noticed.
    “Do you want to come and see Amber, our new foal?” Helena finally asked.
    “Oh yes please,” I cried.
    “Ok then lets go!” She said.
    I followed Helena eagerly down the corridor to the outdoor fields. Helena lead me to a grassy field with a beautiful black, female Oldenburg was watching over its new born foal. Her name is Violet. Helena told me that she had an illness and her owner thought she wasn’t going to survive. She left her at the vet and never came back for her. Violet has been at the vet for 2 years now and she has mated with a male horse. His name was Tabby and he died just two weeks ago. Tabby may have not got to see the foal but Violet would take care of her. I just knew it.
    The foal is called Amber. Amber was standing up looking down at her tired and weak mother. I couldn’t help but smile as Amber decided to explore the big wide world. She trotted round the field sniffing flowers and tossing her head up and down. The vets and I giggled while Amber chased a butterfly round in circles and fell in a muddy puddle, she was just adorable.

    Then Helena asked me if I wanted to go in and say hello to Amber. I smiled and nodded quickly before she changed her mind.
    “Well what are you waiting for lets go!” she cried.
    We carefully walked in so we wouldn’t scare Amber. At first Violet thought we were going to harm her baby, so she got up and grunted. We stood still. Violet trotted over to Amber who looked worried and frightened. We carefully tiptoed to them watching them in case they charged at us, but Violet lay down and we seemed to be safe. For now. It was Amber that came to us first and she was the cutest foal I had laid eyes on. I stroked her smooth, chestnut coat with great caution.
    Amber looked up at me with warmth and love in her eyes. I smiled and whispered,
    “Aren’t you gorgeous?” And she sure was, maybe working at the vet will not be so bad after all.
    But I had spoken to soon; Mum had just told me that there were jobs to be done. Brilliant, more work that was just what I needed. Amber didn’t seem too happy as well. She tugged hard on my top and snorted loudly.
    “Stop it,” I said, giggling. Mum got angry.
    “Come on Imogen you have been with Amber long enough she will be getting agitated.”
    “I am not!” Amber cried in a childish tone. Of course nobody else could hear this apart from me. I laughed and smiled at Amber who was looking at my mum with glaring eyes.
    “Coming Mum,” I said still chuckling. I shuffled down the corridor and the beautiful smell of horses was in the air.
    “Right,” my mum demanded, “you are going to muck out all of these horses stables.” She handed me a long, worrying list of horse’s names and their stable number. I stood there staring with my jaw dropped at the list. I was not a happy bunny.
    “You’d better get started,” Mum said, and with that she toddled off to her ‘amazing’ office with a sly grin on her beefy face. She was as evil as the devil. I grabbed an ancient pitch fork and a disgusting wheelbarrow. I was going bonkers. I couldn’t be bothered cleaning poo for the whole summer.
    As I trudged to the first of the stables, I felt so angry as this is supposed to be my summer and I am supposed to do what I want! I threw the stable door open in rage and steam was pouring out of my ears and my hands were sweating, badly. But then, the phone rang. Nobody was there to answer it. I dropped the pitch fork and tiptoed to the phone. I stopped, stared. What if it was an emergency? What if someone needed help? I slowly picked up the receiver, and put it to my ear.
    “Hello, Candleplanet horse vet and rescue centre, how can I help…?”

    Chapter 4
    “Help… Help!” a voice called. At the other end of the line a woman spoke she sounded French and very worried.
    “Ermm… What is wrong Madam? Are you ok?” I asked.
    “What? No… help,” She screeched.
    “It’s alright tell me what is wrong and I can help you,” I said
    “Horse dead, I think is dead, in a field… ermm close to farm. Candleplant.” She panicked as she tired to explain, but I knew exactly where she was talking about.
    “I know what you mean. Everything will be alright. I will send someone to look for you. Can I please take a note of your number?”
    “Yes, ok,” The woman said. I seized notepad and scribbled down the number. “Ok we will be there as soon as possible.”
    “Thank you, bye.” The woman said still sounding nervous. I hung up. I had to tell someone what had happened. I had to explain everything. I ran, ran to find Mum or Helena or anybody. I saw Saskia. Saskia is one of the helpers at the vet. She has dark skin and beautiful, flowing, black hair. I screamed her name.
    “Imogen what is it, are you alright?” Saskia asked in her sweet, calm voice. I took a deep breath and explained what had just happened.
    “There was a phone call and I answered it, and there was a lady, French I think. She said there was a horse. She thinks it’s dead, but she’s not sure and neither am I. Help me Saskia I don’t know what to do.” I handed her the piece of paper that I scribbled the number on.
    “Get Helena, your Mum and Jackie. I need to phone this woman back. Hurry, we’ve got no time to lose,” Saskia said.
    “I’m on it!” I cried. So I ran. I ran to find my mum, to find Helena, to find Jackie. I panicked. Fingers trembling. Eyes watering. I needed help.
    Then I saw Mum.
    “Mum,” I shouted, “Help a horse is in trouble, we have got to go now, right now.”
    “What? How?” my mum asked.
    “Later,” I said, “Come on.” I tugged her hand. Saskia had already got Helena and Jackie and they were all rushing to the van. I felt scared I had never seen a dead horse before. I didn’t want to. Jackie jumped into truck and so did Mum and me. She put the sirens on and we drove to the field at the back of Candleplant.
    When we got there I was about to hop out of the van but Mum told me to stay and not move. I saw the woman standing and panicking. She had .a camera and binoculars. However the horse lay there still, with no movements, I felt sick. The vets were over there apart from Helena who was talking to the French woman. She brought the woman over to the van and spoke to her. She asked me to look after her. The woman’s eyes were watering and she looked very upset.
    “It’s alright,” I said, “Those vets are professionals.”
    “I spoke to you on the phone,” the woman said.
    “Yes” I mumbled.
    “I am Margo.” She uttered.
    “Please to meet you Margo I am Imogen.” I tried to sound happy to make her think everything was going to be alright, but inside I was trembling with fear.
    “I am a photographer,” she said,” I am studying horses and as my daughter is a famous horse rider.”
    “No way,” I screeched, “Who is she?”
    “Dorothée Bernard.” She Rejoiced.
    I new exactly who this show jumper was she won 2 Olympic gold medals and won Badminton 3 times. She was my hero. But before I could say anything else all the vets were coming back into the van.
    “What happened?” I asked.
    “Is it dead?” Said Margo.
    “Don’t worry, don’t worry everything will be alright, she is alive and we are taking her back to the vet to examine her.” Mum said, sounding relived.
    “Phew.” I thought. The horse was in the back of the truck and there was a window so I could see through. I decided to check her out.
    The horse was lying there, but her ears were twitching. She had beautiful golden fur with a black mane and tail. She looked like the perfect size of horse for me. She was very skinny; you could see her ribs and some of her bones. She was not treated awfully and she look so close to death.
    “Are you ok?” I asked nervously, “What’s your name?”
    There was a moment of silence.
    “Sandy,” the horse answered, “My owner called me Sandy.”

    Chapter 5
    I stared down at the weak and injured horse. A tear strolled down my cheek, as I watched her there going though pain and sadness.
    Then, we were at the vet, and I still didn’t take my eye off Sandy.
    “Such a beautiful horse,” said Jackie, “How could someone abandon her.”
    “Abandon,” I screeched, “That’s horrible!”
    “Well some people can’t afford to look after them and just, well, leave them I suppose.” Jackie sighed.
    I was raging with fury! “What person would abandon such an adorable animal? They can’t just leave them; they could at least give them to someone. That makes me so angry!”
    “I know Imogen, but sometimes these things happen, and we have got to put them right.” Jackie uttered putting her hand round me.
    “Well someone would have walked past Sandy…”
    “Sandy?” Jackie said.
    “I gave her that name.” I lied.
    “It is a good one for her,” Jackie giggled.” I promise I will help Sandy.”
    “Me too.” I said. I watched Sandy get toed out of the van and hoped that she would be ok. I went out of the van and followed her. Mum, however told me to book Sandy a stable. She told me number 37. I clicked on the stable number on the computer and ran down the corridor.
    I saw Sandy lying in her stable. I wanted to see her. I needed to see her. But loads of vets were crowded round her small, cramped stable. Mum gave me a face and told me to go away so I did.
    I sat there once again in the waiting room. I was tapping my foot on the ground with my arms folded tightly.
    Then the doors opened, and someone called my name.
    I turned round and saw Danielle one of my friends from my riding school. Danielle had long brown hair with a gorgeous pink and purple stripy top. She had blue leggings and two horseshoe clasps in her hair.
    “Danielle, I haven’t seen you in ages,” I cried
    “I know I came to see how you were getting on at the vet but by the looks of things not good,” said Danielle.
    “You could say that.” I uttered.
    “Don’t feel too bad.” Danielle said excitedly, “Holly, Tia and I are all going on a beach ride on Saturday and we were wondering if you would like to come too?”
    “I don’t know.” I complained, “I might have to work here.”
    “Oh,” Danielle groaned, “That’s rubbish.”
    “I know.”
    Mum came toddling in just at that moment. I sprang up off the chair.
    “Is Sandy ok!” I shouted.
    “Who’s Sandy?” asked Danielle.
    “A horse.”
    “She is very weak,” Mum sighed, “and needs peace, do you hear me peace.”
    I nodded. When my mother went to her office I sprinted down the corridor to Sandy’s stable. Danielle followed.
    Sandy lay there, sore and hungry, but there was no food for her to munch on. I was boiling with anger.
    I ran down the corridor once again, and saw Mum filing her nails.
    “MUM!” I screamed, “Why has Sandy not got food… mmm well I am waiting for an answer!”
    “Look you don’t understand…” Mum began. I shook my head and said,
    “No where is Sandy’s food? She needs it more than any other horse in this building. Where is it?!”
    “Calm down Imogen, I will tell you,” Mum cried. “Every month we order food supplies for the horses and ponies. It was suppose to arrive last Tuesday. We have phoned them and they told us they would be there as soon as possible. You see Imogen Sandy can’t have food and neither can the other horses, because we don’t have anything left…”

    Chapter 6
    “That’s terrible,” said Danielle who was standing behind me and biting her nails.
    “What can we do, there must be something we can do,” I exclaimed, with a tear in my eye.
    “Imogen can you take this to reception,” my mum asked ignoring me.
    “You don’t even care.” I whispered. Then I stomped to Sandy’s stable and cried while watching her, lying there, about to die. I spoke to her in a soft calming voice,
    “Sandy… don’t die.”
    “I won’t,” she whispered, “Ill stay strong.”
    I opened the stable door and knelt down beside her and I stroked her soft, black mane.
    “What happened?” I asked her with my head on her neck.
    “My owner,” she said, “My owner hated me, and she was too big for me and too heavy. So she left me and never came back, and now I am here with you.”
    Tears rolled down my cheek on to her neck and I cuddled her. I showed her that she was loved and she would be ok, but she was just getting weaker.
    “I will do anything I can to help you,” I sobbed.
    “Can I have food?” she asked. That made me cry even more because that was the one thing I couldn’t do to help my friend.
    “I can’t,” I said.
    “Please, just a crumb.” Sandy begged.
    “I wish I could, but I just can’t,” I moaned.
    “But I am going to die,” she said weakly.
    “Look me in the eye, Sandy,” and she did, “and tell me that you will fight and you will promise me that you wont give up.”
    There was silence.
    “Promise,” she whispered.
    “Such a shame,” said Danielle standing behind the stable door.
    “I know and she needs food,” I sobbed. “We have got to get her food.”
    There was silence and I hugged Sandy’s coat. Then Danielle’s phone rang. She answered it and said;
    “Hello… oh hey Mum. Really. Ok, I’m on my way. Bye”
    “What?” I asked, “What is it?”
    “Mum wants me to go home as there is a storm coming soon and on the news it is telling everyone to go inside,” Danielle explained.
    “But, what about Sandy?” I said.
    Danielle shrugged and waved goodbye. I just smiled and looked back at the tired and weak Sandy. I had to do something to help her. She needed food and drink. So I went to go and look in the other horses stables.
    I went round the whole vet and everywhere I went horses and ponies were shouting things like,
    “Give us a drink Imogen. Imogen I am feeling kind of peckish. Have you got anything to eat? I am so hungry. Imogen where’s my food.”
    I felt like shouting at them because they had no idea what Sandy was going through.
    That was it. There was nothing left, nothing at all. I cried and cried until all there were no tears left. Then I trudged to Saskia’s office and called out,
    “She’ll never live, and there is no food!” Saskia put her arm round me and I cried into my hands.
    “She will live and there will be food. Don’t worry everything will be ok, trust me.” Saskia whispered into me ear.
    “But what if she’s not, what if she will die…”

    WOW!!!! ALOT hahaha anyway I have to go as one of the horses is giving birth and I have to help ok byeee I will speak soon promise xxxx:)

  251. Kelly McKain says:

    Heidi, I can’t see your story on the Over to You page, hon, so if you e-mail it to me (address on that page) I can put it up. xxx

  252. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! Thanks you all for your lovely comments about the Pony Camp books, it’s great to hear how much you enjoy them!
    And I love reading all the pony news and chat from you all too – PPL, i’m so glad Moon and the colt pulled through OK in the end. I’m looking forward to finding out what you decide to call him.
    Sapphire, wow, I’m honored that you called your pony Charm! I hope you two are having lots of fun together!
    Lucy, cool titles! xx
    Hi Cheyenne!
    Thanks, Ella!
    Heidi, I so want to go on that tour it looks amazing!
    Caitlin, you can get some writing tips on the Over To You page. Hope that helps!
    Big hugs to all of you, girls, and happy writing and reading!
    Love, Kellyx

  253. Caitlin says:

    Dear Kelly McKain,

    Oops I think I may have forgot to say what series I was talking about sorry. I meant the Pony Camp Diaries.

    Thanks again bye.

    From Caitlin Willcox :D

  254. Caitlin says:

    Dear Kelly McKain,

    Hi my name is Caitlin and I LOVE(!) your books. I got the first six of the series the week I finished school ( 2 weeks ago ) and now I’m finished them. They were amazing I loved them. They were so realistic!

    I’m hoping to become an author when I grow up. I’m even going over ideas to start my own series of books. I’m only 11 but I think I can do it! Do you think you could help me with ideas? Probably not because there are so many people asking you questions. But if you had the time to send me an answer that would be excellent!

    Well love yours books and can’t wait to read the rest. Bye for now.

    From Caitlin Willcox :D

  255. heidi says:

    hello everyone. i got back from harry potter studio tour on friday and it was the best thing EVER!!! i just about died when i saw the model of hogwarts. it was enormous and i stood there gawping for about a year then had to go and sit down. i eventualy managed to take pics of it to show my friends but i didn’t want to leave the room.
    i loved the bit when we saw the costumes as well. i loved it all. at first you watch a mini film then it ends on the great hall dors then the screen lifts and the doors are behind and everyone ghasps. it was amaizing.

  256. Ella Jackson says:

    Hello I love your books. I have your books up to 5 and book 8. I have a best friend and we are horse mad, we go riding at Trent Park stables. We made a jockey helmet out of paper, sellotape and ribbons. I love books. I am looking for the rest of your books. From Ella xxx

  257. Lottie Loves You says:

    Would you believe Jodie is 18!
    I’m allowed to go to the riding club!!! I can’t wait to go. Hopefully there will be pictures on the website by August so i’ll let you know when.

  258. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hi Everyone!

    Lottie – About how old is Jodie? If she’s under sixteen, she can’t go to racing college. I’m a huge racing fan and I really want to be a jockey one day. I know you have to be at least sixteen to try for your jockey’s apprentice license. It’s the rules here in Australia, in America, I think in England, so basically worldwide. And you’re right, racehorses gallop, not canter or else it wouldn’t be a race. I know I’m in Australia, but I have a dream of travelling to Kentucky and riding in the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Stakes. As for Jodie, just let her talk all she wants, but don’t get fooled. Good luck on your test!

    heidi – Both mares are looking pretty big at the moment. The vet says that if they don’t have their babies by Wednesday, we might try to induce it. It means that we do some particular excersise with them that will make them go into labour earlier. We do this because we don’t want the foals to get to big that the mares will have trouble giving birth.

    I hope you guys will have a really nice Easter holidays!

    I don’t think CHG goes on anymore. I think she’s a bit busy at the moment with the farm and stuff.

    PPL :D

  259. meganlovesponies says:

    Wow! haven’t spoke in ages on here! Hey everyone,how are you Kelly? miss your books so much,wish you could write more!:( xo

  260. Lottie Loves You says:

    Sorry I had a bit of a rant in my last comment!
    Well it seems that Star will be going back as it’s completely useless and one of the liverys who owns Luna won’t let them be turned out together as when anything gets near Stars backside she kicks for England!
    Tomorrow should be fun as we’ve got the vet coming to vet Tiner, Saffy, Mist and Rambo, he’s also giving Luna and Anna a check up. So it’s going to be very stressful!
    I can’t wait until 8th May as the riding club starts again and I’m going to ask Lisa if i can go because on a Tuesday night it’s not like Teddy works because that’s one of my days with him.
    Wish me luck and I’ll tell later if I get to go!!!!

  261. heidi says:

    hey ppl :). thanks and snowstorm is a really nice name too. hi lottie :). well i have been out with my cousins today to a house called shugborough. the website is http://www.shugborough.org.uk and it is really cool. its in staffordshire and there is loads going on. also tomorow im going out with my friend because its her 14th birthday.then on tuesday next week i am going to london and on the wednessday i am going the the harry potter studio tour in london. i am so excited because it is all the set of harry potter. i will come back home on the friday and ill tell you about it.
    hello everyone hope your all haveing a really nice easter.
    good luck with the last two mares ppl and good luck with your upcoming gcse’s lottie. my science ones start at the end of the year then it’s year 10.
    hi kelly have a good easter. hope holly and freddie are going to be excited on sunday.
    hi chg. please let me know what is happening with your book.
    heidi xxx :)

  262. Lottie Loves You says:

    Heidi- Trust me if you ment Jodie you’d feel my pain. She use to go to northern racing college ( why I don’t know cos she’s way too tall to ever be a jockey she’s like 6″7) and she couldn’t canter so she got kicked out, I was talking to my friend about it and she said “But jockeys don’t canter they gallop” i spent two hours trying to get through to her that to be able to gallop you have to be able to canter confidently.
    Lisa the yard manager had her for a lesson and told her off for throwing the reins at Teddy and yanking them back when jumping, and at the end when she trots round to cool off she runs her stirrups up and trots round like that, I mean talk about ignoring health and safety! Also Jodie’s not, well… Lets just say she’s a few sandwiches short of a picnic!
    What annoys me about her is she’s rode Teddy like half a dozen times and she thinks she knows him inside out and keeps telling me how to ride him and I’m sat there going umm excuse me but it’s my pony so I think I know him better than you considering the fact that I’ve been riding him three days a week for the past year!
    Hope you’re all well.

  263. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey guys!

    Argh! The last two foals haven’t arrived yet! I know I need to be patient cos’ the mares might not be ready yet, but do you know the feeling when you’re just waiting and waiting and nothing comes?

    LLY – We want to start some human contact with some of the foals. It’s always good to start early. We started a bit late with Starburst and it didn’t ent very well. Also, I’m planning to gallop along the beach with my bestie Jess. Jade, the horse I ride most of the time now is free for the holidays and Molly says I can ride her whenever I like.

    I hope you all will have great holidays!

    PPL :D

  264. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey heidi!

    Thanks for all the names! Moon’s foal is actually a colt. I really like the name Midnight, but he’s going to be a dapple grey when he grows up and the name won’t suit him very well, then. So we’re going to call him Snowstorm. I really liked the name Dream so we’re calling the flaxen chestnut filly Mystical Dream for her show name. Thanks so much! The last two mares have got huge bellies now, so we’re on round the clock foal watch again. Also, I started riding Moon. I was so nervous Amia practically had to lift me on to the saddle. Thankfully, things went okay. We walked around for a while and went for a gentle jog. Amia is really pleased with her progress. We may be able to start a controlled canter next week. Yesterday, the trainers and the owners were looking through this season’s foals and they reckon Angel Heart and Dark Marble are the pick of the bunch. They run the fastest and they are great lookers. But I do love the other foals as well.

    LLY – Jodie dosen’t sound very good. As for Star, she’s new. Give her some time and I’m sure she’ll pick up very easily. It’s just like with racehorses. Phar Lap, our all time aussie champion started off really horrible at racing but when they found his racing style, he was unbeatable. I know Star dosen’t sound very good right now, but she’ll be fine if you’re willing to work with her. :D

    Love you guys,
    PPL :D

  265. Lottie loves you says:

    Hey! I hope you’re all looking forward to the Easter holidays (I KNOW i am!) Since i’ve been doing GCSE’s the holidays are really nice as it gives me a chance to get away from the stress of school and a chance to enjoy riding with my friends. I’ve been reading old comments again and thinking that it doesn’t seem like so long since we started commenting, but according to the dates it has been a long time!
    Has anyone got any special plans for the easter break?

  266. heidi says:

    woah that was a long comment. it didn’t seem that long when i typed it up. bye again
    heidi xxx :)

  267. heidi says:

    hiya ppl, im really small for my age as well. im 13 but i only look about 10 and the lable in my tops always say “9-10″ in them so i know how you feel. you’ll be fine, honestly. just try in stages. sit on her at first and see if she is comfortable with that then try a slow walk.
    congrats by the way. if you think she is going to be a good show horse she could have a name like one of these:
    hazel (i have already sujested it but it might work)
    honey (same again)
    and i know those are…erm…well not my best but here are some for moons filly:
    i’m trying to keep with keep with the night time theam because of moon but it depends what suits her best. hope you like them anyway.
    hi lottie. ooooh jodie doesn’t sound that good. shame about star. how are you anyway?
    hi kelly. do you still read our comments on this page?
    hello chg, you haven’t been on in ages, is your book going ok.
    hope you are all ok then.
    just forgot to menchion that i am going on the harry potter studio tour in london on wednesday and i am realy exited. i’ll tell you all about it when i get back home. it’s the easter holls saturday for us in england so yay!
    ta ta for a bit (lol) ;)
    heidi xxx :) :D

  268. Horse o holic says:

    Well there are some cute horses
    Pebbles bud ferg louis sammy rupert
    Where do u ride

  269. sophie says:

    i love horses sooooooooo much

  270. Lottie loves you says:

    My friend rode Star yesterday and in Anya’s own words “I hate this mare, why the hell has Zoe bought it, it needs loads of work and at that it’ll never be any good in the riding school”. I argee with Anya cos when you watch her canter she really extends her stride in the corners, so she’s over reaching and the others collect up slightly in the corners to balance, also she keeps pulling her head down which is really anoying.
    One of the girls who helps out on a Sunday, Jodie, thinks she can ride Star, Buckley (a green slightly nervous 4 year old) and Saffy (a 5yr old ex-racer) really well as she had to ride Saffy yesterday cos we’re a little short on horses with Quiz being lame. But as Lisa said “Blue pigs will fly first before i let that girl anywhere near Star and Buckley”, and i said to my mum that i’ll be competing at Badminton on Star before she’s allowed to ride her!
    Lottie xXx

  271. sophie says:

    i go riding!!! but never been on shine!! lol

  272. Cheyenne says:

    Hi Kelly! I love the PC books! Thanks for writing ‘em ! The only book i haven’t got is Lauren and Lucky!! BTW I’m 10 and from Singapore! My email: cheyenne.chia@yahoo.com.sg (email me ASAP please!)
    xxx With loads of love from Cheyenne

  273. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey heidi!

    Thanks for all the support you guys have given me every time I need it. Moon is home, safe and sound. The owner Nicole and the head trainer Amia wants to start riding her lightly. I’m really small for my age, so they asked if I would do it. I told them I would try. But I’m a bit nervous. What is Moon isn’t strong enough to carry my weight? What is she’s too weak to even walk with me? or worse, what if I’m riding her and she collapses? So many ifs.

    A filly was born today. She was one week premature, but she’s the right size and she was standing an hour after birth, so we’re all relieved. She’s a little chestnut with a snip with a flaxen, golden mane. She’s a full Saddlebred, so we think she’s going to make a good performer. We don’t have a name for her either. Please, please, please, give me ideas or suggestions. Moon’s colt isn’t named yet, either. It’s taking a while to come up with really good names.


  274. Lucy says:

    The Pony Camp Diaries are really good.
    I have been thinking of some titles maybe for the next book:
    Ella and Ebony
    Seren and Star
    Florence and Flame
    Hope you like them

  275. heidi says:

    hi lottie i’m super thanks for asking. are you ok. hi ppl. it’s great about moon by the way.

  276. Rockyprince says:

    Hi GUYS! Im Charlie but I changed my accont

  277. Lottie Loves You says:

    Well both the new ponies have been wearing my tack (how brill is that?) so on Saturday while Amy rode Kez in my tack I had to ride Teddy in Rambo’s and Rambo ended up doing a hack in Saffy’s tack! Those new ponies seriously need tack of there own cos I can’t keep waiting to go out on a ride with my friends because on of the new ponies is on the school in my tack and Rambo’s been ridden too, or I want to go out with Rambo’s owner Elena.
    It’s so annoying because Star’s stolen my tack and my stable, so once she’sin my poor Teddy has to stand on the fence and I can’t even ride him cos they need my tack!!!!!!!>:(

  278. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey everyone!

    LLY – Wow! The new ponies at your stables sound lovely. Yeah, I agree, Piebalds are really cute. We used to have a brown and white piebald at our stables called Splash, but he died of old age two years ago. He was really gentle and all the little kids loved him. Star sounds lovely as well.

    heidi – I think dappled greys are very beautiful as well! I think they look like the moon, perfect and bright, with dapples.

    Horse o holic – i’m fine, thanks. Still a bit nervous about the mares though. Tell me a bit about the stables that you ride at.

    Love, PPL :D

  279. Horse o holic says:

    Thnks princess pony lover
    How r u

  280. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hi guys!

    I’ve got some great news! Moon is going to come home on Thursday!
    She stood for a little while and nursed the colt briefly today. We’re all very relieved. And she’s gained back a lot of her strength, although she’s not 100% stable yet. We’re going to have to take it real easy with her. The little colt looks good, too, and we think he’s going to make a lovely pleasure riding horse because he’s got really nice gaits. I’m prepraring her stall for her again. We’ve given her the foaling stall (we’ve got four at Windbay), because it’s got a nice little paddock where she can excersise but also a nice spacious stall where she can come back in whenever she likes. I don’t think the last three foals are going to be born until late March or early April, because those mares were bred late in the season. All of those mares are the right age, fit and healthy, so hopefully they’ll all be fine. But after everything that’s happened, we all can’t help being a bit nervous. I still haven’t come up with a name for the little black colt. Today, I looked very closely at him and I found some, just barely visible dapples, that can only be seen in the sun. We’re quite sure he’s going to be a dapple grey. Please give me a name for him, I’m running out of names!

    PPL :) :D

  281. Olivia says:

    I absoulutly love pony club camp diaries and you are my fav author. I love horses so these books are great for me and I write stories to. You inspire me so much. Keep on writing Kelly your the best!

  282. Lottie Loves You says:

    Heya guys!!!!!!! I’m on the quest for a great pony! I know Zoe’s not going to keep Teddy forever, so I’ve decided that I’m going to do my best to find a horse or pony that’s right for me.
    We’ve just got two new ponies at my stable, a 14hh five year old skewbald gelding called Kez, and a 14.2hh bay nine year old mare called Star. My personal fave is Kez cos he’s really cute and I think I might end up riding him cos. he’s young and needs a rider to bring him on,that and my friend who thinks that the best pony ever is a fat lazy aincient piebald cob called George, wants to loan him if he’s nice, but I fought Zoe letting her cos she’s quite a novice and she doesn’t really enjoy ponies who have a bit of get up and go. She’s ridden young ones before but they were dopy cobs who have about as much get up and go as a chair leg, so I don’t think she’ll cope with Kez and I think Star is gonna be a nutter! Rose says she’s not very well balanced in trot for a nine year old, and is probably going to need a lot of work before she an go into the riding school.
    I’ve started a new story today called Promise. It’s about a teenaged girl and her experiences as she travels through the world of professional show jumping. I’ll leave an extract soon.
    Heidi, how are you? PPL, hope things are ok at the breeding farm and CGC, how’s life?

  283. heidi says:

    hi ppl. i don’t know any exact names but if he’s going to be a dapple grey then something wintery might be good like blizard or frost. dapple greys are beautiful and i think it looks like they have been caught up in a snow storm.

  284. Lucy says:

    Hi Kelly!

    You are an exellent writer and I love your pony camp books. I am a big fan of ponies and YOU!

    Iove from the princess of ponies


  285. heidi says:

    i have my fingers crossed for radient moon and it’s sad about spot.

  286. heidi says:

    hi again ppl. :) i like to help cos i want to help name some foals. i’ve helped my friend name her kittens before and i enjoyed coming up with cuite names for them and i enjoy doing this as well :) i was pretty much over the moon when you told me about marble. :D the first kittens i named were called pepsi, luna and toffie. they were sooo cuite.

  287. Sapphire says:

    Charlie and Charm is my favourite because Charm looks just like my new pony so I called my new pony Charm!

  288. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hi guys

    I’m a bit shaken up at the moment. Radiant Moon did have a whole load of problems, but thank goodness, she’s not dead, like Bella was half a year ago. Poor girl, it took her a whole and a half days to give birth. We were all in despair and wondering if we were going to lose another broodmare. Her labour took about 15 hours and she lost a lot of blood. Because it took so long, she only had little strength left when the actual birth time came. The little black colt came the next day. He hasn’t got any markings and we think that he’ll turn out to be a dapple grey when he grows up. He’s a small but healthy little guy, but poor Moon lost so much blood that she was quite dehydrated. She’s straight in the vet’s medical clinic and going to stay there for maybe one or two weeks so she can fully recover and get her strength back. The colt is with her as well. Dr. Mel, the vet called us this morning and said she’s doing well. she’s eaten a little bit of her grain and she seems so be reponding well to the drip. However, she is not yet on her feet. They are hand feeding the foal until his momma is well enough to nurse him again. We’ve decided at Windbay that we will not breed horses until they are five or six. Will you guys please give me suggestions for a name? We are not really into naming him after what happened, but he still deserves a name. Any ideas?

    Love, PPL

  289. heidi says:

    hey ppl, well congrats on the filly. she sounds so sweet. i love her name angel heart. it suits her i think.

  290. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey guys!

    heidi – well, the owners want to sell Spot because he’s an appaloosa. You see, both his sire and dam were champion western Quarter Horses. They were hoping that the foal would be a quarter horse, but since he showed up as an appaloosa, it means he can’t be a registered Quarter Horse, because he really is an appaloosa. But he can’t be registered as an Appaloosa either, because he’s got Quarter Horse bloodlines. He won’t be able to enter all those big breeding classes and shows. The owners had high hopes for the foal, hoping it would be as good as Champion’s Maze, the colt’s sire. Apparently now, he was “not able to do anything useful now”, in the owners words. But I still see lots of good things he can do. He’s smart, and he would make a good rodeo or a good cow roping horse. I spent the whole day in the mares and foals paddock yesterday playing ‘peekaboo’ and hide and seek with them and forgot to do my science homework! LOL! Luckily, I still managed to do it in time. I’m a bit worried about one of the mares, a grey named Radiant Moon. She’s a lovely pure arabian and she’s only four. We’re a bit worried because four is a very young age to have a foal. We’re afraid she might have some complications. I think the owners made a mistake about breeding her too early. Just keep your fingers crossed!

    Horse o holic – of course we can be friends! You don’t even have to ask!

    heidi – don’t worry, you don’t have to come up with names if you don’t want to. I just thought you wanted to take part in naming some foals.

    Speaking of foals – Lettie, wow! Toffee Pop is a great name! Foals are awesome, aren’t they?

    Love, PPL :D

  291. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey guys!

    You know how I told you we have six pregnant mares here? Well, it turns out we have nine! We normally only have six every foaling seasons, but my parents told me this year that lots of good stallions were put to stud this year, so we have bred more of our mares.

    An adorable filly was born yesterday. She’s a light bay with a cute little heart shaped star on her forehead and a short white sock. She’s a pure Anglo Arab and showing loads of potential as an eventer: She’s got the looks, stride, grace and spirit. Her sire was Vitor’s Star, an extraordinary four star eventer and her mum is our Amira, who is one of the farm’s favourite, a great dressage and show jumping horse. The filly’s name is Angel Heart by Victor’s Star and Amira Goddess of Windbay Place. What do you think? The owners are so happy with the new filly that they have calmed down a little over the Appaloosa foal. But just a little bit.

    Love, PPL :D

    By the way guys, who is your favourite foal born so far?

  292. Lettie says:

    Sorry I didn’t say the foals name last time, the comment sent before I was done!
    My little chestnut foals called … Toffee Pop!

  293. Horse o holic says:

    Hi princess pony lover u ceem really nie can we be friends

  294. heidi says:

    hallo laura. ja es ist cool.ich finde es toll!

  295. heidi says:

    aw thanks ppl. sorry thats all iv’e got for now (refering to names) unless you like the name ivory. i can only think of that one at the moment cos iv’e been watching the secret garden all morning but ill try and think of some more. i am realy glad you liked the name marble. i always thought it sounded more of a boys name but it goes well as a girl if i think about it. it’s great that there all ok but why do the owners want to sell chestnut spot?

  296. laura says:

    ich finde diese webseite cool und ihr?!

  297. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey guys!

    Oh gosh, what rumpus and fuss there was today! One of our Quarter Horse mares Honeycomb foaled today. She was bred to another Quarter horse, and the owners of Windbay wanted the foal to be registered, as both of it’s parents were. We have no idea how, but the foal turned out to be a little Appaloosa. The owners are furious, ranting that the stallion wasn’t bred properly. But I secretly think that it was Honeycomb that has the Appaloosa bloodlines, because her confirmation is not very Quarter Horse like. More like a paint, and when I look closely, I can see a bit of white streaks of mane mixed with the beautiful, thick chestnut. Also, Royal Maze, the stallion is a very well known Quarter Horse stud and western competition horse, so he couldn’t be bred incorrectly. The owners don’t like the foal, but I think he’s lovely. He’s a little chestnut with a white blanket on his rump, splattered with dark splotches. He’s got two stockings on his front legs and a tiny wonky snip. He loves to play with Spirit, Marble and Majesty. But I think theres trouble with the owners. They want to sell him as soon as they can. It’s been a day, yet they’re still in a bad mood. But I think the colt is perfectly adorable. We’ve been calling him Chestnut Spot, but the owners haven’t even given him an official name, which I think is just plain mean.

    Love PPL :D

  298. Lottie loves you says:

    OMG!! Guys it look’s like Zoe (the owner of my yard) might be buying me a new pony because Teddy is struggling with the riding school work and need’s to be sold on to a quiter home because of his back. Poor Teddy he’s only about 7, but he’s had a hard life; when we got him in the summer he had a huge saddle sore scare from where his saddle had been rubbing and boaing his back. He was neat and tidy which make’s us think he came from an irish hunting yard as he came from Irland.
    The new pony is a 14.2hh (bit bigger than Teddy),bay welsh section D gelding as it looks like a horse we have called Quiz who’s a 15hh bay welsh D. I think i know what the new pony is going to look like as there are only 3 welsh D’s for sale in south yorkshire and there all 14.2hh bay geldings. What are the chances of that! One is a 10yr old called Toby, one is a 6yr old called Bailey and one is 7 rising 8 and the names not posted. I like the 7 year old best cos he’s really pretty, but Zoe was argueing with the owner over the price.
    So we’ll see what happens with that one!:)

  299. Princess Pony Lover says:

    heidi – No all of the mares are okay, Rhinestone, and Glitter (Her Majesty’s dam) is okay. The birth was a normal birth without complications. Cream Cider had a bit of a harder birth because it was her first foal, and it took a bit longer than usual, and she was quite tired afterwards, but the next day, she was completely fine and perfectly happy with her new baby.
    thanks for all your concern. I’ll let you know when more foals come!

    PPL :D

  300. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey heidi and everyone else!

    two more babies have arrived at Windbay! Two fillies! A little black filly that’s a half sister of Belle, a pure thoroughbred. Your probably going, ‘But Belle’s a fresian!’ Well, Belle’s only half fresian (through Bella) and Southern Light was a Thoroughbred. The black filly’s mother in a retired small time racing black mare, Cider. We named her filly Marble (name credits to heidi! heidi -thank’s so much for all the suggestions! we all loved the name Marble!), her full name is Dark Marble by Southern Light and Cream Cider of Windbay place. The other filly was a little chestnut the we named Her Majesty. She’s got a small stripe on her nose. Both foals were healthy and cheeky little monkeys!

    heidi – thanks again for all the name suggestions. Please give us some more for we’ve still got lots of pregnant mares!

    Love PPL! :D

  301. heidi says:

    hi again ppl
    i like the name spirit so if you have any more foals soon then here are some names you might like:
    sprint (as in sprinting)
    marble (if it’s white with grey speckles)
    honey (if it’s a kind of chestnut colour)
    cola (if it’s brown)
    hazel (yet again if its a brownish colour)
    i hope you like some of them and i admit jake’s a normal name but it might work well, and sprint sounds a bit like spirit but i’ve always admired a horse on a farm i know called sprint cos he’s really fast.

  302. heidi says:

    ppl that’s great news! sprints a good name as well. (i love it anyway). i hope the mares ok. not too tired is she?

  303. Lettie says:

    Hi everyone! No ppl, Lottie and I are different people!:) My new little foal has a name!!! At the livery yard where I keep vanilla we had a naming contest and the name with the most votes won. And that name was….

  304. Salomea says:

    I love horses because they are gorgeous.When I was 2 years old I started to act like a horse.From then I learned how to do a horse sound and I put my lunch box and I jumped over it.I go to pony club but soon I will be in saddle club.Pony club has lots of horses,here are the horses that I know Monty,Ozzy,Simba,Clova,
    Kiara,Indy,Jackson and lots more, and by the way I absolutely adore your books I think they are amazing just like you!!! :)x

  305. angel says:

    I love pony camp diaries!

  306. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hi guys!

    Yay! One of the mares named Rhinestone, a bay had her baby! First baby boy of the year! He’s another tiny bay with a very wide blaze on his face and two long stockings on his front legs! He’s a purebred Arab and we’re calling him Spirited Away (Spirit). we’re happy and he was on his feet after an hour and a half after birth.

    Can’t wait until more of the foals come!

    Love, PPL :D

  307. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey Lettie (or are you actually Lottie?)!

    Wow that is really cool! My parents work at a breeding farm center, so we have foaling season every half year. Foals are amazing! It’s amazing watching them grow up into amazing horses! Galactic Supernova sounds like Stardust from ‘Pony Club Diaries’ by Stacey Greg, you know. And Blaze is a horse from there as well! That’s cool!

    I wish you the best of luck for taking care of the new baby in the house!

    Love, PPL

  308. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey heidi!

    I really don’t know what we’re going to call it. We try to name it something to do with their parents. I don’t know if it’s a boy or girl. Molly says we could have an ultrasound later and figure it out, but I don’t want to if it will risk upsetting Angela. I hope it’s a filly this time! Angela had a boy last time, so I hope it’s a girl this time! Maybe you can help me come up with names?

    Love you guys so much!
    PPL :D

  309. Horse o holic says:

    Hi Kelly I love ur books r u gonna bring anymore out I was thinking u could put a Falabella in a book
    Love u lillie

  310. Horse o holic says:

    Hi I would like to read Millie and magic can anybody rate it

  311. Horse o holic says:

    Hey I am new to this site so hi my name is lillie

  312. Horse o holic says:

    I have this horse I love at my stables and they are fixing a tile roof called the shed. The tiller walked round the corner and my pony spooked I came off in gallop and flew on to the wood chips most embarrassing moment lol

  313. Horse o holic says:

    I love pony camp diaries I have got chloe, Megan, Sophie and poppy

  314. Lottie loves you says:

    Heya guys! How is everyone? Thing’s have been a bit quiet at my yard lately, but last week someone came to look at Teddy Bear and she’s coming back to look at him again on sunday; my problem with her is she’s a novice and doesn’t know how to look after a pony, she can’t even tack up! I hope she doesn’t buy him or i won’t have a loan pony anymore because the only other’s who aren’t on loan are Buckley, who’s 4 and terrified of his own shadow, and Troy who’s 5/6 and can’t go up the woods because of the last girl who loaned him as she constantly tried to keep him in an outline and never allowed him to relax and enjoy a hack so he started climbing bankings and bucking. So either way i’m screwed, because i want to go to the riding club and competitions which are in our top field so we ride to most of them. The only positive thing about it would be Troy’s quite a good jumper and he really loves me as i was one of the first students in the riding school who got to ride him and for a long time i was the only one who rode him on a Sunday.
    Fingers crossed for what happens.
    BTW Lettie my fave of the names you listed is Toffee Pop because it goes with Vanilla Honey and i’m glad you live my show names!
    Heidi, CHG and PPL, hope you and you’re horses are all happy and OK.

  315. heidi says:

    hi ppl
    well lettie has joined us
    i think chg is very busy with the book cos she hasn’t been on in ages
    and i’ve put a chapter of a book on the over to you page. it’s by my fictional character elsie but i wrote it. can you tell me what you think?

  316. ponymadmol says:

    Hi guys again i have got a rhyme kellymcCain is so great and charlie ,charm are as great woo

  317. Tilly says:

    To Kelly i adore horses and have one of my own + i go riding once a week i love the books XOXOX TILLY

  318. ponymadmol says:

    hEDI i think if you carry a horse in the country call some with a horse trailer ok

  319. ponymadmol says:

    Hi guys I nearly got thrown of in a canter .last week when i was haeading towards the stables on ARIANNA IT WAS ON REAAAALLLLLYYYY HIGH HILLS AND I HAD TO HAVE A LEADING PERSON AND I BLUSHED YIKES

  320. I love ponies says:

    hi Kelly i
    I love your books! my fave so far is Charlie and charm if i had to pick a pony to ride at sunny side it would be Prince or Charm I have my own lovely pony a bit like prince!I hope you reply from I love ponies

  321. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hi guys!

    Wow! we haven’t spoken for a long time! CHG, how is everything going at the farm? What is your pony like? Guess what guys? This is one of the most exciting times of the year…Foaling Season! We’ve got about six pregnant mares who are due to foal next week at Windbay! Also, do you guys remember Belle? She’s half a year old. She’s beautiful now! Her markings have showed up as well! She’s got a star on her forehead that looks like an upsidedown comma and a little wonky snip at the end of her nose. She’s got a beautiful long, silky black mane and huge eyes. She’s a lightweight Fresian. I know when I say Frsian, you think of a heavy, shaggy black horse with no markings, but Belle isn’t a purebred fresian, so she’s lightweight and got markings. I still find it hard to believe that we had struggled so much with her. She’s as big as any normal horse would be (well not a NORMAL horse, because she’s only six months, but as big as the other weanlings her age). I’m so happy. Her full name will be Belle Samantha by Southern Light and Ballerina Star of Windbay Place. Southern Light is the sire of Belle and Ballerina Star is her mother (Bella, the one who died). That is the name they are going to use if they put her in shows and stuff. She is so special, just like Starburst.

    CHG, how are things going at the new farm? I hope you like the new place and I wish you luck with organizing everything. I know how hectic it can get just after you move houses! :D

    heidi, will you please give me an update on what is happening so far with everything?

    BTW, guys, how are all the books going, especially HH, CHG.

    Please reply, guys, you haven’t for a long time!

    Love, PPL! :D

  322. poppy says:

    hi kelly i love your books they are amazing willl there be anouther one

  323. I love ponies says:

    Hi I love your books im only on number 7 now and cant wait to read more I love ponies and have my own lovely pony called Caspar hope you reply from I love ponies

  324. heidi says:

    hey ppl cool about the foal btw. what do you think your going to call it if its a girl or boy?

  325. Lettie says:

    Hey OMG! You’ll never guess what! My mare Vanilla has had a foal! I had no idea cos it was a low lying foal and i’ve only had her since the end of August so it came as a bit of a shock when I found her standing there with this tiny foal who the vet thinks is about a month premature. Vanilla’s had the prittest colt i’ve ever seen; he’s a really bright vibrant chestnut ( or at least he will be when he looses his baby fluff) so we’ve been thinking of a name for him and (i liked some of your ideas Lottie) so his show name is going to be Galactic Supanova and we need some hekp picking a stable name so which do you guys like better:
    Toffee Pop
    Can you let me know which you prefer cos I really want to give my little baby a name!
    Love Lettie, Vanilla Honey and her baby!

  326. alicepenny says:

    hi canyou give me some advice for riding kelly

  327. heidi says:

    btw there will be a chapter 1.5 along with chapter 2 like a diary novel kind of thing so sneek for chapter 2 let the disco begin!:
    Elsie had now spent 2 days in bed and felt a lot better, the interrupting visitor was the doctor by the way, but she was also a little bit panicky. A year in London! A whole year! And she’s got G.C.S.E’s coming up and she’s taking her options in less than 3 weeks. But then again a year of shopping, fashion and noise was kind of admirable. To top it all off the doctor said she would probably be better in time for the winter disco which was in the evening after the last day but she would be missing watching Shrek the third for the whole of the morning, then IT playing computer games. She didn’t mind because this was the first winter disco she has ever been to since she was a tiny kid.
    this is not the final sketch so if there is room for improvement tell me so i can sort it.

  328. heidi says:

    hi have you read my chapter on the over to you page. it’s by my fictinal character elsie cos i thought that it would be cool like that. tell me what you think and tell the truth so i can make chapter two even better!

  329. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey heidi and everyone else!

    Well, starburst was bullied a bit for the first few days, but he’s beginning to catch up on the size and everyday, he’s learning how to stand up for himself. But he’s still a baby to me! Well, Molly and I had a look at different stud horses at a stud breeding farm named Dream Hall Farm. There was four stud horses there: A 16hh chestnut Arabian named Hotspire who’s won a lot of showing classes, a 16.2hh dark brown American bred Warmblood who used to be a three day eventer and is now retired named Victory’s Treasure, a young 16hh palomino Saddlebred stallion with a really nice jump and the most beautiful, long mane and tail named Dark Treacle, and a 15.3hh bay Barb named Romeo. We liked Dar Treacle the bset, so we bre Angla to him. The foal is going to be here in Early November, and I can’t wait!

    I Hope everyone had a happy new year and great holidays!

    Love, PPL :D

  330. heidi says:

    hi lottie. cool names i like lucky penny and lightning flash best.

  331. ponymadmol says:

    hello any body

  332. ponymadmol says:

    any way I would ride charm if. I went to pony camp Because he is sooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Kelly mc kain

  333. ponymadmol says:

    sorry guys I got an F in maths dammit xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  334. ponymadmol says:

    sorry guys I quickly needed the loooo lol

  335. ponymadmol says:

    I love the pony camp diaries, especially charm. I ride a lovely shetland pony called arrianna and I love the Kelly Mckain books,

  336. Lettie says:

    Hi everyone, i know it’s been agers since i last commented in march and even then i spelt my name wrong (I’m Lettie not Lottie) I got my Horse in the end after looking for almost 2 years (I’d been looking for agers when i last commented.) Her name is Vanilla Honey and she’s a 15hh Palomino Warmblood cross. I love her loads even if she does have her moments, She’s bucked me off at least half a dozen times and she once bolted while i was out on a hack and left me hanging from a tree! I’ve competed her too in some local SJ, XC/eventing, Hunter trials and WH.At the moment i’m not really doning that much because it’s winter and she’s only just turned 6, so i don’t want to take her hunting yet and it upset her.
    I’m going to try and post a picture of Nilla on the website if you want to have a look at my baby girl!X<3X

  337. Lottie loves you says:

    Heya Guys i’ve been thinking of my fave names for ponies and horses:
    Lightining Flash
    Midnight Magic
    Power Storm
    Golden Chance
    Braveheart Promise
    Bounce’s Delight
    Lucky Penny
    Pepper’s Piper
    Zero Hour
    Moonlight Romance
    Justice Served
    Galactic Supernova
    Sun Shine
    Hope you like them!

  338. heidi says:

    hey everyone!
    ppl yay starbust is ok now. is he still being bullied or not?
    chg hows the farm coming along? my uncle lives on a farm and i visit them about once a year. they have LOTS of cows and pigs. whats your’s like? hows the book coming along?
    hey kelly! :) how’s freddie and holly? finn is realy cuite. my bff’s got a dog called tia and now she’s about 2 1/2 foot long but she’s still a puppy.

  339. Lottie loves you says:

    Hey guys sorry i haven’t wrote in agers, guess i’ve been really busy! How has christmas been for everyone? I got Teddy on full loan and this year i’m going to take him to loads of competitions if i’m allowed cos i want to qualify for the working hunter pony class at HOYS!

  340. Alana says:

    Hi Kelly i own 2 of the books “Ponie Camp Dirys” i wish i could go on a camp like that. I think your an amazing writter hope you make some more books. From Alana

  341. Holly. says:

    If I went to Pony Camp I would choose to ride Cracker! Because he sounds a bit like Joey, the pony I ride!

  342. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey guys!

    Happy new year everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed christmas and have wonderful holidays! We finally managed to wean Starburst. Thanks for all the advice, everyone! He made wrenching cries for Angela the first day, but he’s actually quite okay about it now. We’re going to breed Angela again this weekend. We think she’ll be a good broodmare. Molly is taking me to a sporthorse breeder and we can have a look at all different types of stallions. What breed do you think would be good, guys? Please reply.
    CHG, you haven’t replied for a very long time. I hope things are going okay with your new farm! Godd luck with everything!

    Blessings everyone!

    Love, PPL :D

  343. Mia says:

    hi I really love pony camp diaries i have them all and read them over and over again!♥

  344. Holly says:

    Hi Kelly Mckain!
    I have read all of you’re pony camp diaries and all of them are really good! Please can you write some more of these books as I really enjoy them.

  345. heidi says:

    happy new year everyone!!!
    happy new year happy new year
    my fave band (abba :)* ) did a song called “happy new year” in 1980.i’ve been singing it all day so far!

  346. Eleni says:

    Hey I’m a big fan of your pony camp diarys and I have got them all and I have some faboulous names for your new pony camp diarys .How about Lilly and Lolo, Ashley and Ascot and Savana and Seashell.From your biggest fan, Elenixxxxx

  347. renewable resources says:

    You could certainly see your expertise in the work you write. The arena hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. Always go after your heart.

  348. Iona says:

    Kelly your books are the best books i have ever read especially Millie and Magic!!!!!!!!!!!!

  349. Supa says:

    Ok so my friend is a totally maniac about horses

  350. heidi says:

    hi chg for your question is there just the person and the indured horse or does the person have some equiptment with them. also you could have a dramatic mirical that the horse manages to sort of limp a bit. does that help? also does the person have a phone on them cos if they do they could phone someone with a horse box or something. oh and yes im talking to lottie quite a lot. the date you put on the comment is that when the book gets published?
    ppl try and put him close to the other foals but put a barrier between them so they can see each other but they cant hurt each other.
    lottie my r.e teachers a bit like that. well she moans a lot and droans on in the same tone of voice constantly non stop then shouts an answer to someone when they are only sitting in front of her. our p.e teachers are ok though but they are very keen on getting us outside in the snow like last lesson.
    polly pony if you read this can you reply cos you haven’t been on much
    merry christmas everyone :D

  351. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Oh my gosh!

    The other foals bullied Starburst! We tried putting him with the other foals. If Angela hadn’t been there, he really would have gotten hurt! He’s a bit smaller than the others, cos he was slightly premmature by like one week.The other foals kicked at him and triend to bite him and they even chased him! Lucky, his mother was there and she chased the bullies away. Don’t know how to wean him now.

    Love PPL

  352. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hi guys how are you all???!!!
    I got a letter from the publisher from bloomsbury and I they said I need a agent. GGrrr,but that is npot to bad. Can I ask a question please guys answers would be good.
    How would you carry an injured horse in the middle of the country-side?????? It’s a difficult one but how would you??? :S

    PPL- leave starburst for a while she might see sence but don’t worry she will be ok trust me. Its a bit like what happen with one of our horses at the farm Billy-Joe he is a 1 year old piebald and boy is he pretty. We left him for a bit and he was alright after then.

    heidi- whats new you and Lottie Loves you are chatting alot. (GOOD GIRLS KEEP IT UP LOL)

    Lottie- I can’t help but notciing that we don’t chat much I DO LIKE YOU!!!! But we dont really speak so do you have your own horse and how are your fantasic books coming along good I hope.

    As you Kelly Mckain fans know Cheesyhorsegirlxox is writing a series of books called helping horses, Saving sandy. She is on chapter four and is struggling to carry on as a very important question need answers.

    The book is going very well and lots of people are interested.Hopefully these books will be published, but with mountains of homework it seems unlikely. The next update on HELPING HORSES GAZETE!! will be 24 (Christmas eve) of december.

    Merry Christmas everyone and rember the question needs answered!!!!! bye love yas all.

  353. Charlie says:

    To Kelly
    Merry christmas!
    I want more pony camp diaries! What if it was a movie I could play Charlie from Charlie and Charm! Use these names pleaseeee
    Sky and Scarlett
    Charlie and flame (Charlie goes back to pony camp!)

    From Charlie

  354. Charlie says:

    To EVERYONE PLEASE READ!Charlotte xx did you send in your book? I write some of my own books sometimes on pony camp diaries depends what mood Im in.
    Lucyxxx Stacey and Stripes I LOVE it!
    melonyxx Hi again its me I wanted to ask you what is your favriout Pony Camp Diaries? Mine is Charlie and Charm!
    If I menstion your name than I will hopefully write my own pony camp diaries including your name so that is:
    Charlotte xx
    From Charlie
    ps To Kelly
    I want to write a letter to you,if thats ok ofcourse! So thanks!

  355. Lottie loves you says:

    No heidi, i haven’t done leadership, i’ve done dance and the other group did netball then power walking were 3 kids got kicked out for walking to fast; walking to slow; and not using the correct technique. Our teacher is such a unpolited word not mentioned in the english dictionary! :D

  356. heidi says:

    hi lottie
    shame about chemistry. im only in the middle set for science cos most things in physics i don’t get. that means im down in biology and chemistry as well

  357. heidi says:

    brr. its freeziong but no snow :( . today first period i had to go outside and do p.e. it was freezing not to menchion icy and very slippery. were doing leadership (have you done that yet lottie) and it means going outside and in pairs each lesson taking it in turns to lead the group with a warm up and activity. our year is split into boys mixed and girls for p.e so we were all girls out there freezing out socks off. the girl leading us today was my bff hayley and her friend. all we did was the warm up where we did joggign whilst singing “jingle bells”. it was fun but everyone was just thinking about the weather. most people were in just shorts and t-shirt but i had my bace layer and trackie bottams on and i was still turning blue!

  358. Princess Pony Lover says:

    how can you possibly feel left out when you’re getting a pony? I’d be dying with joy, not feeling left out. Anyway, congrats. Farms are really wonderful. There are soo many animals, and miles and miles of green. You are so lucky. So can you give us the latest update on HH? Starburst is still not weaning. Molly and I are tearing our hair out, angry and flushed out of our wits. I know this is wrong, but Molly is thinking of forcing him away from Angela. I looked horrified, but she said there was nothing else to do, after all, we’ve done all our coaxing. I’m trying to think of a more humane way of doing it, he’s only six months old, for gosh sakes.

    Please, someone tell me an idea, any idea!

    Love, PPL (your desperate friend)

  359. heidi says:

    hey chg
    wow snow already. not fair i would love to live i scotland. especilay (i think i spelt that wrong) when its christmas and snowing.where i live theres, some shops, a big morrisons round the corner, the co-op down the road and Litchfield nextdoor. oh yes and the schools and parks. thats it.

  360. Lottie loves you says:

    Hey Heidi
    Yeah i’ve been doing genes and all that. Lat week i had my mock exams, Physics and Biology were OK but Chemistry took the mick, cos my teachers pregnant so we do book work when she’s off and when she’s there she gives us a book, sits at the front and ignors us expecting us to teach our selves, i mean yeah we are top set but we could use a little help now and again.
    With Starburst have you thought about keeping him in the same place but moving his mum so he can’t see or smell her, you know out of sight out of mind. Also you could slowly introduce him to the other foals by tieing him on the fence with them then roping off part of the field for him so he’s can see and smell the other foals but can’t hurt them just until he gets use to them before turning them out together cos it might be a bit much at once for the little guy remember he’s not been away from his mum before so he’s probably scares

  361. Princess Pony Lover says:

    I am so frustrated! We tried half weaning Star Burst today. It’s like we take Star Burst away for the day and giving him back at night. It’s like he knew what we were doing. We tried putting him in a paddock with two other foals, but when I came with the lead rope with Molly, he actually tried kicking me! This little colt I had seen be born and played with all the time tried to kick me!Then he turned and charged Molly! I have no idea what to do. He’s a little taller than me, so I can’t control him. Ugh. Any ideas, guys. Really need help.

    Love PPL

  362. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hey guys!!!!!
    I am so scared at the farm i can’t get to sleep it is sooo dark and it is right next to the by-pass (How anouing)all I hear everynight is VRRRRRRRMMMMMMMMM ZOOOOOOOMMMMMM. Guess what it is soooo deep of snow I am sinking in it and I have to dig a path to get to the horses. hahahahaha!!!!!!
    Anyhoo I feel so left out Jess and her forest cross Turissa are going on a hack with Heather and her pony (Not sure what breed LOL) called Ryburn. I am soo anouede and I have got ideas of witch pony i AM GETTING:
    X-ray ( I love that name LOL)
    and finaly Gufford

    Lots I know I think it might be Aslot to be honest but who knows see you guys soon BYE going to watch X-factor LOL hahahahahahahah xox

  363. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    BTW helping horses iss sooooo great I am nearly finished the first one GASP!!!!!!! LOL anyhooo ppl Lottie Heidi and Pollypony whats new?!?!?!

  364. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hey guys I have not wrote in ages hahahahahha cuase I moved house well not really house I moved to a farm ( how weird is that no joke btw) yeah so mum has got me a horse for chirstmas AHHHHHHHHH OMG IS THIS ACCTUALLY HAPPENING. I dont know who yet but it is at the farm but mum won’t tell me which one it is HOW ANNOUING. I have moved school too It is a private school and only 7 pupils are in it including me LOL.

    The farm is realy busy I hjave met two really nice girls Jess and Heather I really like Jess she is so funny and made me feel so welcome LOL.I really miss all my usual friands It feels weird just wondering off to some horsey farm. It is called Windburrow It does not have a website or anything up north is scotland it is snowing heavy AAHHHHHH!!!!!!! can’t wait till X-mas BTW bye bye xox

  365. kate says:

    hi kelly i love all your pony camp diaries i am 10000000000000000000000000%horsecrazy & i’m hopefully getting my own horse next christmas i live in newzealand & my family are looking at buying a farm.Well i guess thats all for now bye
    from kate

  366. freerider 2 tracks says:

    I don’t even know how I finished up here, but I assumed this put up used to be good. I do not recognize who you’re but definitely you are going to a famous blogger for those who aren’t already. Cheers!

  367. heidi says:

    hey lottie
    my biology teacher says im doing the same work as i would in year 10 cos were doing it a year early and the test i was talking about was all about genes and what kingdoms animals are in. have you done that yet?

  368. heidi says:

    btw if you don’t understand G.C.S.E grades then here’s them in levels

  369. heidi says:

    WOOOHOOOO! im doing G.C.S.E course work at the mo in science and it’s really hard according to the teacher, but i get it and we did a mock G.C.S.E paper today. so far i got 14 out of 30 and everyone else got about 6 or 7 and my friend only got 5. so, so far iv got a level C (L5) while everyone else has level E or D, and the best part is we still have to mark the last question wich you can get 6 marks from, so if i get all 6 ill have 20 out of 30 wich is a level A (L7). im so happy. everyone else will have E’s D’s and C’s and i could have an A or B dependign on weather i get more than 3 marks for the last question. thankfuly no one has and F (L2) but im TOP OF THE CLASS. this is just biology!

  370. heidi says:

    hey lottie
    so the books got mini stories by all of us in it about horses and ponies. sound wicked! and “remembering apple” sounds good too. are going to put that in as well. ill try and make up a story for it.
    also chg, hows it going with the book? you have not wrote for a while so i was wonering “hmm maby she’s too busy with the book” cos your publishing it now arn’t you. i can’t wait for it to come out.

  371. Lottie loves you says:

    Heya guys! Instead of calling me Lottie loves you everytime you can just call me Lottie, everyone at school does.
    And no PPL I don’t have my own pony but I still loan a 14hh grey connemara Teddy.
    Heidi I don’t really have a theme other than the stories should be based around horses and ponies. And the story I currently have is. REMEMBERING APPLE which is about a woman remanicing about her first pony with her daughter.
    Merry CHristmas everyone!
    Lottie out. Peace!xXx

  372. heidi says:

    hi lottie:
    ok so to start with the short stories book do we all come up with a title or have you got one?

  373. heidi says:

    lottie that would be cool. id like that, id like that a lot. but does this book have a persific theme to it or just lots of short stories. and how will we do it?

  374. women's dresses says:

    Hi, I am Alicia. I enjoy your page and I am very joyful. This is a gread read that I haven’t had for a while. You did a good job by making this page and give us much to read about. Thank you!

  375. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Yeah! That would be extremely cool! I’m so excited! I just got one of my assignments back and turns out I got full marks! Do you own a pony? If you don’t, what’s the pony you normally ride like? BTW, can I call you LLY? :D

    Kelly – How’s Freddie?

    Love, PPL

  376. Lottie loves you says:

    Heya guys, how’s thing?
    I’ve been thinking recently about how we all keep trying to write stories and them not turning out like we want them to; well what if we tried writing a short story or two ach and then combined them into a short story book? How cool would that be!

  377. Lucy says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I love all the books you have made. I have a collection of them.

    Love from
    Lucy. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  378. yazmin stone says:

    hey kelly how do you copy or save the pony profile to your computer i wanna fill it in but dunno how to

  379. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey guys!
    Only a few weeks till Star Burst is weaned. I wonder how he’ll take it. Good news. We are going to be breeding Angela again, to another stockhorse, this time, because Molly wants it to be a purebred. But I’m having an argument with her on that one. I want the foal to be a cross breed. Stock Horse cross one of those amazing breeds like Arabian (strong but also dainty and beautiful), or those graceful Saddlebreds. Or one of those sturdy Quarter Horses. What do you guys think?
    Lottielovesyou – Yeah, it’s about a year! Happy Birthday everyone! :D

    Love, PPL

  380. Lottie loves you says:

    Hey PPL and CHG, can you believe it’s over a year now since we all first commented that means we’ve sort of been friends for about 9/10 months!

  381. Lottie loves you says:

    Hey Heidi sounds like you had a great time!
    You’ll never guess what! Me and my BFF at riding, Vikki, might be getting a pony together!!!!!!
    It all started because i was talking to my mum about wanting a pony and she said it would be good if we could get a share, so i told her if i was having a share it would be with Vikki. So if Vikki’s parents agree and i can get a deffo from my mum we’re getting a PONY!!!!! I’ve already found 8 that are the right size but out of them i think 5 are worth looking at and we already have favirouts, we like an appaloosa mare and a grey new forest cross. So exited i hope we get what we want.
    Peace xXx

  382. heidi says:

    i went to see the gymnastics tumbling and trampolining today and it was brill!!! they were all so good i hardly blinked. i do gymnastics but im no where neer as good as that. china won nearly everything but im not sad or anything cos they deserve it but i did get a bit bored of the chinese natinal anthom which was played all but three times

  383. Lottie loves you says:

    BTW PPl he’s not new he’s been at are school since year 7 and he’s in all of my classes and i admit that this isn’t the first time i’ve been with him either

  384. Lottie loves you says:

    As an answer to my own question i think my best prezzie would have to be the rocking horse i got when i was 7 (I’ve still got her now!;D)
    And if i could have anything i think i would have a connemara pony. (My Aunt has a friend in Irland who breeds connemara ponies!)
    I know where i want to go on holiday this year! (My mum thinks i’m mad for this)I want to go to the Cliffton Connemara Pony Show in August!

  385. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey guys, Kelly!

    Guess what? Me and Jade are entered in a small cross-country ride! Our stables is having a sort of activity day. We can sign up for activities like cross country (Me and Jade), dressage (me and Jasper), barrel racing, show jumping (me and Jade again). There’s also a famous dressage rider visiting that day, and we’ll have a gymkhana at the end (just like pony camp). It’s going to be so much fun!
    Lottie loves you – I think heidi is right, you should try to be his friend, first, before…you know. And just tell your friends to stop it. Is he new? Well, maybe, you could show him around a bit. You know, get to know him.
    CHG, tell me more about the book.

    Love, PPL

  386. heidi says:

    lottie loves u best xmas perzzie has to be my new room. if i could have any prezzie i might be either meeting abba back in the 80′s, listerning to them singing “the winner takes it all”, because that isnt techniclay possible meeting jk rowling and the cast of harry potter especialy helena bonham carter “bellatrix” because she was so good in the films, totaly mad. or if not that then going to a theame park called eftling in holland.

  387. Lottie loves you says:

    Hey thanks Heidi!
    I’m with him know so we’ll see how that goes…
    Anyway I have a questions for all:
    1.Whats the best christmas/birthday present you’ve ever had?
    2.If you could have anything in the world,what would you have for christmas?

  388. heidi says:

    hi kelly
    hi ppl thats grate!!! :D
    lottie loves u does your friend keep telling him thing that arnt true? if so just tell him that and ask him if he wants to be friends. thats the best way to start. just sort of hang round by him at brake soon you’ll get there no probs if he likes you too. the thing is if hes shy he won’t be able to go up to you and start a convosation up. sometimes girls have to do all the hard work. take my friend for example. she fancied someone and he fancied her back so every brake and lunch she sat by where he was sitting in the luch hall and eventeualy he started talking to her and before you know it they were bf and gf.

  389. Charlie says:

    Horse at the stable’s rolled over with the riders on top of them!
    I hope there ok! Oh and I love my brand new gloves!

  390. Charlie says:

    Love pony camp diaries keep writing kelly

  391. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! Thanks for all your fab comments! It’s great that you’re writing back to each other. A big welcome to the new girls on the board, too xx Hugs to you all – Heidi, CHG, Lottie, PPL, Alice (fab fact file, BTW), I love Ponies, Emma, Abi (we did almost have a Molly and Monsoon, strangely, so good thinking!), Chloe, Megan (fab you’ve read them all, sorry there aren’t more but look out for a fab new animal series of mine out next year, will reveal more soon!), ChloeK (wow, that’s amazing, what fab fan dedication!), Lucy and Flo!
    CHG, i’m so sorry to hear about Bart, I’m sure you won’t be over it for a long time, but it’s great that Rupert is lovely and helping you get over the loss in his own way.
    Lots of love to y’all, Kellyx

  392. Lottie loves you says:

    Hey guys could use a little help. My best mates intefering a lot in this so what do I do! There’s this boy in my year that I like n he likes me problem is he thinks no one will like him cos he’s not a winner on look so he thinks my intefering mates lying but thatks to her interferance I don’t know if he’s even talking to me anymore! I don’t know if I need to talk to him n sort it out or let him come to me cos i’m not overly bothered if I don’t end up going out with him. Any advise guys???

  393. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey guys!
    I jumped three foot! It’s actually not that hard! I love Jade. She just soared over it like it was tiny. Molly said we did really well! She said she wants Jade to be my regular jumping horse. She said I’m getting too advanced for Jasper. I don’t know whether to feel happy or sad. Well, I’m still happy, because Jade really is awesome, and I still get to ride Jasper in dressage (she’s an expert at that). A new pony arrived at the stable today. Her name is Flake and she’s a light grey Welsh Cob pony. She was really badly hurt and had broken knee (not as bad as it sounds, only the skin and tissue round it is injured). Molly wants to treat her, and thenwhen she’s all better, use her as a novice jumping pony. Please give me the updates on all your books, everyone!

    Love, PPL

  394. Flo says:

    Hi guys!
    I’m Flo and I ride Candyfloss. These books are great but I need to ask you something. If your pony aslways gets crazy worried around ponies, what do you do? I’m going to Pony Camp for the weekend with Candyfloss but she totally freaks out when my friend, Amy and her pony Ellen, come over. Does anyone have any advice I could use? I seriously need it ASAP.
    Flo & Candyfloss xxx

  395. Lucy says:

    Ihave relly enjoyed the books you have made plus I used one for my book reveiw.

    Lots of love Lucy. xxxxxxx

  396. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Gee, thanks, CHG, I feel much better now! Oh yeah, really reasuring saying you flew over the three foot jump. :(
    Great news about your book, though.My instructor got me to do two feet today. It was really easy. But three foot looks way higher, even though it’s not. Molly wants me to ride Jade, tomorrow, because I’m trying three foot again. Really, really nervous. Jade’s a 14hh dark bay arab cross. Molly says that she’s really good at jumping, so i have nothing to worry about. Wish me luck. Also, I’m not riding Jasper because It turns out that she strained a tendon after the three foot jump after a stumbled landing and staggering. Thanks everyone, for being so encouraging, and Glad you think Rupert is awesome, CHG. What about Bart? Are they equal?

    Love, PPL

  397. Lottie loves you says:

    Hey guy! Back at school now. I really wish I could find time to write a story and bad news for Autums passing ; I found a book already published with a similar plot so now i’m writing ‘ The Waitin Room’ Its about five girls; Blaire, Hallie, Zara, Kelly, Cora, there completly different other than their ‘supposed’ suicides. Through the books we discover the truth behind their mysterious deaths and unearth a secret long since forgot

  398. heidi says:

    hi chg thats amaizing!!! well done you did it! :) :D :) wow!! good you like rupert and GRATE you got your book published. next thing you know it will be in the shops and everything!

  399. chloek :) says:

    im acctully writing to KELLY MCKAIN do youhave any more fab books coming on omg im shaking i love you so much i made my parents take me to america to get my last 5 books i only got 4 though im going to england next week to get daisy and dancer cant wait yuor so amazing in every single way i have pics of you all over my room my mum personalized my quilt to have your face on it and all the ponies im your number one fan kelly i adore you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please email me back it would mean the world to me im sorry im soooooooo excited i cant stop typing to you ohh gotta go my mum and i are about to order a kelly mckain tshirt bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im your number 1 fan im litteraly wetting myself typing to you ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhokay i really have 2 go im getting draagged of this computterr bye kell

  400. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:


  401. heidi says:

    hey ppl no your not a scardy cat! just build your strength back up and youll be fine

  402. Chloe says:

    I LOVE pony camp diaries! If I was at pony camp I would LOVE to get paired up with either Prince or Fisher. I really want to get Daisy and Dancer for my birthday ( November 2nd)
    And I’m so happy because I jumped 95cm on my 3-year-old piebald gelding, Murphy! Every time I look at Murphy he actually looks like Prince!

  403. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey guys!

    two months till we wean Starburst. It seems only a short while ago when he was born, the struggle with Angela, his dam. Molly says that Angela seems like a good broodmare, so they might breed her again. Aren’t any foals at Windbay, yet. Mum says they probably still have maybe a month left. Belle is strong now, like any other foal, but the only fault I find in her is she’s still a bit smaller than the other foals. Oh well, you don’t have to be big to be awesome! I still don’t think I’m ready for jumping yet.


  404. Megan loves ponies! says:

    Hi Kelly,
    Cannot believe how long i havent been on here for!! Gosh, its been ages! Cant wait for the xfactor tonight, im a huge fan of Tulisa looool:) Ive read all the books now, and i really want to read more, but there isnt any:( Please write back.
    Megan xxxx

  405. Princess Pony Lover says:

    So, CHG, and everyone else, what do you think of my ideas? :( I fell over a jump today! It was really really scary. So, me and Jasper were aproching a three foot wall, and I don’t know how it happened, but somehow I lost my grip on the reins at the moment we took off and I went flying. Luckily, I fell to the side of the wall, so, I didn’t get trampled. I’ve never jumped three foot before and I’m not sure if I want to. I’m pretty scared to jump again, but Molly, my riding instructor wants me to try again tomorrow. What should I do? Urgh, I bet you all think I’m a scardey cat now, don’t you? Ugh.

    Love, PPL :(

  406. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Guys I am the real Cheesyhorse girl so other CHG what is the name of the main character in my book? That I wrote

  407. heidi says:

    ppl are you OK you havent been on in AGES…

  408. heidi says:

    hey lottie loves you wow big horse. it grate you got an a* in techfood.i dont know weather to take techfood or music.
    hi chg and cheesyhorsegirl 2 :| stange having two of you. to chg who is writing the book how is it going. to the cheesyhorsegirl thats new hello! its kind of confusing having two of you so number 2 please can you add something to your name so i know its you and not chg. im the only heidi on here so you will know its me.

  409. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hey guys there is an other CHEESYHORSEGIRL the one that said hiya. That was not me I swear it is a bit weird 2 cheesyhorsegirls like WHAT.

  410. Lottie loves you says:

    Yeah heidi i’m in year 10. So far this year i’ve had a B in maths a B in english, a C in chemistry (but i’ve got a test again) a B in biolagy, I havent had anything for physics yet,an A in geography, an A star in food tech and I have’nt had a test in history yet.
    Horse of the year show was amazing! Tina flecher fell off! The wall in the puissance got to 7 foot 3 inches!

  411. Lottie loves you says:

    Hey all guess what! I’m gonna the horse of the year show today! We’re goin to see the puissance.
    Super exited

  412. heidi says:

    hi lottie loves you cool im taking german too and history but not geography. tell me how you are doing when you get the results as well. are you in year 10 if your doing gcse’s?

  413. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:


  414. Lottie loves you says:

    Hey Heidi i chose food tech, german, history and geography.
    I’ve got to work on a rant at the moment in english.
    Here’s another part of Autumn’s passing:
    Walking through the woods reminds me why i love autumn; it’s the best time of year. I love walking through the fallen leaves; seeing all the colours combine to create that amazing carpet of leaves. That’s something i’m going to miss, autumn.

  415. chloe loves horses says:

    i love lauren and lucky it is fabulous want to read more

  416. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Guys GUYS guess what I got on Rupert and boy is he sweet I love him. (but not as much as bart x) I wrote a story about a girl whos horse had died and it made me emotional. I am so close to getting my book published see you

  417. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey guys!

    CHG, I’m so glad you’ve decided to start writing again! I’ve also come up with a new series. I’m going to call it Triple Crown. It’s about a girl named Isabelle and she’s always wanted to be a jockey (like Me! :D). Her parents are joint owners of High Star Parks, a famous racing stable where they train horses for the famous Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes, also known as the Triple Crown. She helps her parents train racehorses for the three most important races of their lives. Then, she comes across a very sick foal. Nobody sees much in him, but already, Isabelle can see that he was born to race. She must do something before the other cruel joint owners try to send him away. Well, what do you think? Please tell me what you think.

    Also, CHG, Bella’s and Bart’s death really caught on to me. So, I had this other idea that I could write about some horses after life. You know, like a radiance. It could be how horses look after the people who were their human friends and still come to help, even though they are no longer on earth. Do you think I should? I seriously don’t mind if you tell me it’s a really stupid idea. Maybe it will hurt, but, I must know the truth.

    heidi, continue trying. I think you should just try talking to them. Molly needs to get rid of her thought that Kirst is bad and think of her as a bad, and Kirst should keep trying. Good Luck.

    CHG, please keep me updated with the HH series.

    Love you guys lots,
    PPL :D

  418. heidi says:

    hi lottie loves you. good luck with your gcse’s :D . iv got mine next year. what did you take for your options? hi ppl are you ok you havent been writing. hi kelly loved daisy and dancer i was sad when it had to go back to the libary. sob sob. hi chg happy birthday to your mum!xox :) good luck with your book. btw i know how you feel about bart. i had a brother about 6 years ago when i was 7 who was born asleep. i dint know what was happening at the time. it was realy confusing. all i knew was that my mum was holding a tiny baby with no ears or anything. it didnt look real. its not that bad because i never knew my brother and i have two sisters.

  419. Abi says:

    Hi Kelly just to say I have got neally all your books. Keep witeing cos Im a big fan. Love Abi
    P.S. I have got a name for a new book called Molly and Monsoon

  420. Lottie loves you says:

    Hey guys!
    Sooooo sorry to hear about Bart, but though i’m sure everyone’s sad you’ve got to remember the good times you had with him and that he’s in a better place now.
    GCSE’s are really hard there’s just so much work it’s unbelievable! In between school and homework i’m really struggling for time. I’m trying my best to write Autumns passing i just cant seem to find a spare 10 minuets. But if i want it done i’d better put my mind to it, because i want Teddy cos he’s my little bear and no one else’s!!

  421. emma says:

    I F

  422. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hey I love ponies do you like my books they are called Helping Horses and they are going to be I big hit when I get them published. Do you like them if you do then I will keep writing Happy Birthday to my MUMMY!!! xox :P

  423. heidi says:

    hi chg thats realy good. ppl no i havent tried that idea but i have left moll and kirst together on the same table at lunch to get a drink and moll said to kirst to tell me she was going and left. so at least she spoke but other than that it didnt realy work but im still trying. also moll had an stress attack at one point when someone who i dont know asked why she suddeny wasnt talking to kirst. she had to go to the medical room to calm down and take some pills. ever scince kirst has kept her distance because she doesnt want moll to get upset again but moll just wont accept the apolagy. kirsts also tried giving moll a sorry cake but moll just gave it back, wich is a bit mean and this is all just a childish and silly thing to get upset about

  424. I LOVE PONieS! says:

    Hello! I LOvE Your books! Please do write more!!!!!!!!!!

  425. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    I am never going to ride Rupert. I was going to. but it almost felt like I have never rode a horse. My leggs were like jelly and I felt sick so I did’nt dare go on him. I so scared what if I can’t ride no more. and if I can’t ride then it is going to be hard finding out stuff for HH. Btw guys this is a story I wrote for english and for the writing comp:
    I will always remember the 17th of November 2005. I had just turned super six and I was about to experience the most thrilling birthday present of my life.
    I have always had a passion for horses, riding one was a huge opportunity for me. On the way to the stables butterflies filled my stomach and a frightening nervous feeling struck my brain. I felt sick. Worries filled my head, but it was too late to turn back now.
    The car entered the grubby, old stable. I sniffed the air. A horrible smell of horse poo entered my nostrils. It was one of the worst stables I had ever seen. I was still very scared, but I stayed calm. Nothing is going to stop me from riding my favourite animal. Anxiously, I squeezed my Mum’s hand and bit my lip. We walked down the rocky path to the stables. The disgusting poo smell got stronger and stronger. I thought my nose was going to explode. I could not take it any longer so I pinched my nose but the smell was so strong it went in my mouth. It was like eating poo! I coughed and spluttered everywhere, and could not stop. When I think about it now I really wish I had not pinched my nose.
    Just then, while I was dying of poo taste, the girl who runs the stable had noticed us and came over to say hello. She had golden hair tied in a pony tail, a pair of black boots and navy blue jodhpurs. She was wearing black velvet riding hat and a small chestnut Shetland pony was next to her on a lead rope. I stroked the pony and the butterflies flew away from my stomach. The lady introduced herself, she is called Lidia. Lidia said I was not going to be riding the beautiful Shetland pony who was called Campsy. I followed Lidia and Campsy to the yard where my horse was waiting for me.
    Lidia took out a gorgeous palomino, Arab Cross. It was 12.2hh and it looked lovely. He was called nightcap. I saw happiness in his eyes. I gave a small smile. I took some carrots out of my pocket and handed them to nightcap. He ate them like he had never seen food before. When he had finished his juicy carrots, orange froth was all around his mouth. Yuck!
    When Lidia put me on Nightcap, my legs felt as jiggy as jelly and I could not find my balance. Then, I put my feet in the stirrups and I felt a bit better, but I was still very worried. When Nightcap started walking, I held on to the saddle for dear life.
    As we walked around the arena, I started to get used to the movement of Nightcap walking. I still felt unsafe but at the same time, I was really enjoying myself. I had always wanted to gallop super fast, but just walking felt like a huge achievement. I loved riding Nightcap.

    4 years later…
    The car had pulled up one again at the filthy stables. Thrilling thoughts filled my mind. It had been a whole month since I had rode Nightcap. Lidia was there first, however she looked very depressed. She finally told us the heart breaking news. Nightcap had died. It took a while for the horrible words to sink in. Tears filled my eyes. I ran to the car, crying my eyes out. Nightcap was mine, he was my favourite. However it was then end, the end of a perfect story, with such a terrible ending.
    I love you Nightcap. Rest in Peace.
    This did acctually happen to me and Bart died because of old age. I feel so depressed and everything heidi yes my comments take a while maybe thats the same with POLLYpony.

  426. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Oh, CHG, that’s so sad. I know how you feel. I felt exactly like that when Bella died. Why did Bart die. Was he sick or something? Or maybe he was just old? Whatever it was, let’s look at the bright side. At least now, he wouldn’t be suffering. I think about that whenever a horse died. I’m sure Rupert will be lovely.

    heidi – did you try it? How are Kirst and Mollie? I hope they’re getting along.

    Lottielovesyou – wow! It’s really great. We’ve got a school musical on tonight, I’d better go.

    Love you all, Bye!


  427. Lottie loves you says:

    Hey guys glad you liked Autums passing so far i’m about 4 pages in, it’s really good, as it mixes the past with the present so one minuet she is telling us whats going on then she starts talking about her friends sister and mum she even mentions her dad. BTW I was wondering if any of you have seen national velevt or internantional veltet or secretariat, if youv’e seen secretariat i ‘d like to know your opinions as I have a film review controled assesment on it this week. Thanks :P

  428. heidi says:

    hi chg my comments seem to not be coming up until ages after i have put them on. how long do yours not come up? also i only just got all the messages from 13th september on today. and its the 19th today so its been 6 days in total. also ppl are yours doing the same or is it just me and chg. btw polly pony are you still on.

  429. heidi says:

    aww chg thats terrible. its good your teacher liked the book though. good idea ppl. unfortunatly i cant have a sleepover my house is too small and iv got two little sisters so that would make it quite cramped but ill try and get them to be alone together at some point. i ahev talked to kirst and she just said that i can be with moll at brake and lunch and then her in the clubs and after school until they get back together and she also said she will hang out neer us so i can just go over and talk to her if i want and not have to leave moll. i still want them to get back together so i will try something like that.

  430. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Guys you don’t get it. Bart died. I am compleatly heartbroken I have rode Bart for 5years and I have been riding for six…Bart is gone and he is never coming back… I give up on Helping Horses, Riding AND writing ITS OVER barts gone so is my heart… :(

  431. alicepenny says:

    HELLO i would like to tell you my fact file for my books!!!!!!









  432. heidi says:

    hi lottie loves you i think it was grate! :) i love it. when youve finished the first chapter post it in so we can see it. id love to read it :D

  433. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Oh, poor Kirst, heidi. I’ve got a friend whose mother died in a car accident when she was little. She was raised by her dad and her grandmother. She sometimes gets really upset over little things as well. She’s a good friend, but we’re not exactly that close. Maybe you should try talking to them. Or invite them both to a sleepover or something, then, you could pretend to go to the loo or something for a really long time and then, they’d have no choice but to get along. I know it’s not exactly the best idea, but I have a feeling that it will work. Whatever you do, I hope it works. It’s hard being stuck on the middle od an argument, isn’t it. I get soooo annoyed when two of my besties try to bust each other’s heads off. That’s when I “ahem” do something I’m not really fond of and not really supposed to do.

    CHG – Wow! That’s really brilliant! You are sure to win! Good luck with the competition. Just try your best and give it all you’ve got, I know you will make us all proud! :D

    Love, PPL

  434. Lottie loves you says:

    A little sneek peek.
    ‘I’m not afraid of dying’ ‘Then what are you afraid of Autum?’ ‘I’m afraid of being forgot.’ He stairs a me like i’m a lunatic, right now he’s thinking ‘My god this kid’s got some serious issues! Not being afraid of dying is normal in a case like hers, but fearing that you are going to be forgot is a nother matter!’ I guess it is a little odd not to fear death but fear being forgot, then again I don’t think anyone wants to be forgot and almost eraised from history. I know I don’t.

  435. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    BTW my english teacher said my book was really good if you want to know and she said she would help as much as possible. Bart ……… :(

  436. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hey guys :(
    OMG :( I am crying so much right now the reason…..Bart died :( I don’t even know why nobaody will tell me… :( I am heartbroken. I have been changed to Rupert but… hes not the same I want Bart back so much he was always there for me. when I needed someone I would always go to Bart but now… :( hes…hes gone… :(

  437. Lottie loves you says:

    Hey did you guys like Autums passing? I’d really like to know ur opinions so I can improve on my work. Also I think I might ask at the yard if they want Midnight riding cos I love her!

  438. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Did you get my messages??? I am entering a writing comp at school (another one) and if I win I will get to spend a whole week with publishers and writers and the will show me how publishing works and the will even put an article about what you done in a newspaper COOL or what??

  439. heidi says:

    hi chg i live in england in the midlands i wont say exactly where because who knows who might be reading this. but if you look up the school erasmus darwins accadamy i go there so i live about 2 miles away.
    ppl its wonderful that belles ok now. moll and kirst dont like each other because last year kirst had lots of “mood swings” and if you dont know what they are it is when someone is happy one minuet and if you say something that reminds them of something bad they get realy upset and when this happend kirst just wanted to be left alone but it made moll feel realy bad. quite often, when this happend, moll and kirst would fall out for about 1 day then make up again but this time moll is just digging her heels in and is saying she doesnt want to be the one feeling guilty any more. i know its not realy a big thing to fall out over but i think it might be because of hormones as well and kirst is going through a realy tough time anyway.
    kirsts mood swings were and still are because her dad left her about 11 years ago and last month he has told her he is not alowing her to see her brother and sisters or anyone else from her dads side of the family. so you can see why she is upset if you talk about it or anything to do wiht the subject

  440. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Belle is fine! :D I’m so happy! The vet said that we’ll keep her on! She still a lot smaller than other foals, but she stood! Thanks for all your prayers, guys! Kelly, you wrote back! How’s Freddie? Love you loads! CHG, I’m almost finished chapter 5 of my story, so getting really excited. Mum’s even started looking for publishers. heidi, I reckon you shouldn’t give up just yet. Maybe Kirst and Mollie will come round to it. Why don’t they like each other? lottielovesyou – a B is pretty good. I normally get only A minuses and A’s for my assignments. I can’t mention how many times I’ve fluked a test. Don’t really care, though. ok ok, maybe I do care, a lot, but what can I do about it. I just try to do better in the next one.

    Love you all, PPL :D

  441. heidi says:

    hi kelly, hi ppl,chg,pollypony and everyone else
    mollie is ok now but she still isnt speaking to kirst. i dont know what to do or who to be with because they are both in compleatly different places. please can you give me some advice on what i should do. all i can think of is being with one or the other, but if i go with kirst, moll will be on her own and if i go off with moll, kirst wont be able to talk to me because of moll wanting to get as far away from her as possible. please help.

  442. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Kelly hiya xox. So it does cost money I thought so I just wasn’t sure. BTW just finished Daisy and Dancer and it was totally BRILL. Did you read all our storys and can you write back more often. If you did’nt read them they I will put mines up. There was something wrong with the site or MY PC but it’s working now I think. It’s just my comments were not coming up.
    POLLYpony- Hola I am good you have’nt been on that pen pal site in a while either. Sorry I forgot you were spanish? Do you learn english at school? Is it hard?
    heidi- HI No I don’t live in the U.S.A. I acctually live in Scotland. Do you live there? If not where DO you live? The publishing is OK Stripe publishing gave up on me GRRR!! But I am trying to go on bloomsbury or Ochard books.
    PPL- I feel so sorry for Belle I wish I could fly to Australia and give her lots of hugs and Kisses xox What have you been up to is it getting warmer for me it’s getting so much colder. We are in Autum right now and I know Winter is ahead SCAREY we had an OUTRAGEOUS winter last year I hope it’s not going to be the same this year.
    Lottie Loves You- Hey that sound real good. To be honest I hate Maths… it’s my worst subject but well done that you got a B how old are you?
    Guys- FOR GODDNESS SAKE. Everytime I tryed to post a message it wouldn’t work I was like “What” and I couldn’t see what you were commenting too. aswell as that I thought my PC was broken I was totally furious good thing everythings back to normal. :/ Bye Bye xox

  443. heidi says:

    hi lottie loves you
    you got a b. where i am im lucky to get a c in maths and iv got G.C.S.E’s coming up next year in year 10. anyway. im taking my options after christmas. also im in the top set for english and maths but im the worst in maths so i dont know why im in the top set.

  444. heidi says:

    hi everyone
    polly pony thats ok
    hi kelly your back! yay
    ppl i wasnt able to contact you because my messages wernt getting through. sorry.

  445. Lottie loves you says:

    Hey guys! I got my maths result. I got a B, which I thinks rubbish so i’m resitting to try and improve my grade cos your overall comes from a points system so on the first two papers we’ve got to get the best we can cos the last papers triganomitary and algbra so its really hard! So sorry to hear about Belle hope she gets well soon! We’re thinking of putting one of the ponies Midnight into foal cos she only hacks out she’s useless in the school but I thinks she wants me to ride her cos she followed me round the field and shes usually hard to catch. I’ve also started writing a new story, it’s called Autum’s passing, the plot is:
    Autum knows her time is running out, she knows each breath could be her last but some how she still has the strenth to live.
    in this story Autum remembers her life and the things that influenced her as she prepares to die, living each day as though it’s her last showing that you can have courage even when facing death. ‘I’m not afraid of dying, I’m afraid of been forgotten.’

  446. heidi says:

    sorry if it seames like i havent worte in a while. this is because at the top of everything i have sent after september 6 says your comment will apere here soon. also this means i cant see what any of you put. ppl i hope belles ok. chg when you get this, if you havent already, can you tell me how the publishing is going. update on moll. i was partend with her and kirst in science and it did not go well. moll refused to even look at kirst and kirst kept trying to talk to moll then syaing “fine” if moll was to shy to answer which doesnt help realy. i have given up all hope of getting them to be friends again.
    hope to be speeking soon.(even though i will when you get this)

  447. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey, how come no one is writing back? :(

  448. heidi says:

    mollies all better! yay! unfortunatly she still doesnt want to talk to kirst and i dont know what to do. i cant split myself in two and go with both of them and i dont want to chose between them. any advice?

  449. heidi says:

    hi chg do you live in america? if so there are over 2000 publishing countries there i looked it up on publishingglobal.com see for yourself

  450. POLLYpony says:

    Hey everyone
    sorry I have not spoke in a long while how is everyone are you all good. whats the chat.

  451. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi fabulous pony girls! Wow, it’s fantastic that you’re all talking to each other 9which is what i wanted when i set this up!) and posting your stories and all your pony news. Jade and Abbey, and anyone else new i might have missed out, welcome to our chat!
    To answer a few bits and pieces, you can always get all the Pony Camp books on Amazon, even linking straight through from this page, so you should always be able to find them.
    It really isn’t up to me about publishing more, and yes, publishing books does cost money – you can find lots of interesting articles online about this. Consider publishing online, orentering comps (which I know you do already) to get noticed by publishers. Most of all, keep writing! It’s great that you’re sharing your stories and ideas, so keep encouraging each other. You’re so brilliant girls! Happy riding and reading, love Kellyx

  452. heidi says:

    how are you guys and hows belle ppl. is she doing ok

  453. heidi says:

    today at school moll talked a bit more to me and actualy said a few words to other people like, “yes, no, ok” so she is getting there and she is smiling a bit now as well. i think she is just realy talking to me because she has got more used to me again and with other people they havnt been around her so often. she was in tutor this morning as well so we had a bit of a convosation.

  454. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hi guys, thanks for all the prayers! Belle gave her very first whinny in today! She still won’t stand up, though. Oh well, at least she’s getting better. But I don’t know, Friday is only two days away. I hope she improves a lot by then. CHG, try it!

    Love, PPL

  455. heidi says:

    i dont like etting the bus in the winter or the summer. if itw winter you standing outside freezing waiting for it and in the summer, especialy on the school bus, it realy hot and sweaty on there. at the moment its ok because where i am is nearly autumn

  456. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Thanks that will help I don’t like getting the bus in the morning dfon’t ask why.

  457. heidi says:

    btw chg have you tried contacting something like usborn or bloomsberry about the publishing. they might be able to help you and might publish your book at the same time. added bonus.

  458. heidi says:

    and then to top it all off they had changed the bus routs so there were two busses and i got on the wrong one and had to get of a mile away from where i live to be picked up by my dad.
    btw the reason they were going “umm heidis been naughty i because after 2 years of being in high school iv only had 1 stayback and staybacks are 5-15 minuets off of your lunch or brake time. detention (i know i spelt that worng) is 30 minuets after school. iv never had one of those

  459. heidi says:

    moll wasnt in tutor (for anyone who doent have it thats before lesssons start at the start of the day where you have regestration) but she was in lessons but she just cept glancing around like she didnt know what to do. she went to the libary at brake and when i tried to go up to her she just looked nervous and wouldnt speek to me or kirst. eventeualy after about to minuets she left so we went outside. she went home at lunch and we didnt see her again after that. in the lesson after lunch me and kirsten were taken out to speek to the people in the zone (they are the once who sort out bulying and things like that). they asked us about moll and why we think she was ill. we told them but i had to do all of the talking because kirst looked like she was about to burst in tears. eventeualy she was and i was a little bit to so we were told we could stay for another minuet before we went back to class. when we got back to class we had about ten people saying “why were you taken out” “umm have you been naughty” “ha ha heidis in trouble” and so on

  460. heidi says:

    hi. i had a rough first day. ppl yes that is like our year exept we go into year 7 1 year younger

  461. Princess Pony Lover says:

    heidi, out schools are a bit like that, but we are normally 12 when we are in year six, 13 in yr 7, and so on. We do something called HSC in year twelve. The kind of marks you get indentify your career. Say, you have to get really high marks to be a vet, and maybe lower marks to be an arkitect (sorry if that’s not how you spell it). We can drop out of school in year 10, but we won’t be able to go to college. Just quickly grabbed an apple and a packet of bisciuts. Mum said she’ll bring down some hot food later. Belle’s still not standing up.

    Love, PPL

  462. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Gee, thanks guys. It’s really nice to know that you care. heidi, the tube and the drip will work for an older horse, but since Belle’s so little, we don’t want to risk it. CHG, why don’t you try researching or something? Maybe you’ll find a website that tells you how to publish a book? I don’t think you’d really need to worry about that right now.

    I have to get back to Belle now. I didn’t eat any meals today. I’m kind of hungry, but, Belle’s the important one. :(

    Thanks for all your love, heidi and CHG, PPL

  463. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    WAit this is a new site? Kelly won’t know what we havr wrote. Kelly how do you publish a book?????

  464. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Oh dear poor little Belle I hope she is alright fingers crossed and I know that you will give her all the love you’ve got PPL. Come On Belle you can do it don’t give up. :( I hope she is OK. God bless. xx

  465. heidi says:

    im sorry the drip isnt working. and im sorry the tube wont work either. i can think of anything else that might help. unless there is some sort off opperation she could have to stop the lung inflamation or something. i dont know. if she purks up a bit you could try her with a bottal again.

  466. heidi says:

    of corse it matters!you were with her when she was born! btw im still only on chapter 4. moll, well i think that tomorow im taking her to school but im not sure. when are your holls btw and which year do you go into when you first go into high school. we go into year 7 when we are 11 and 12, year 8 when we are 12 and 13 and so on to year 11 when you can eather chose to stay for sixth form (year 12 and 13) or go to collage. if you stay for sixthform thought you can go to university. are your schools in australia like that

  467. Princess Pony Lover says:

    I think the main problem with Belle is that she’s not even trying to fight it. She dosen’t get the point in living. She’s so sick that she dosen’t even bother anymore. Thanks for thinking I’m not stupid. You know, some people say “Oh it dosen’t matter, it’s just a horse.” I get so mad. Belle is not just a horse. Yeah, I hope your friend copes well as well. Maybe you should show her around or something, make her feel comfortable. BTW, guys, how are the books coming along?

    CHG, where are you? I really need you.

    Love PPL

  468. heidi says:

    oh ppl thats so sad. i do not think you are stupid in any way.iv got my fingers crossed and at least shes been given a chance in life.

  469. Princess Pony Lover says:

    heidi, you spoke way too soon. :( Belle’s got lung inflamation. I can’t bring myself up to say this. The vet said that if she dosen’t improve on Friday ….we’ll have to…put her down. :( I know it’s horrible. The vet Dr. Mel said it was the kindest thing to do. I hope with all my heart that she will improve. Or else, Bella would have given up her life for nothing. I’m not going to school tomorrow. I’m looking after Belle for the whole day. We tried putting a tube down her mouth to eat, but because she’s so little, we’re scared she’s going to hurt herself. The drip isn’t working well either. Please, please keep your fingers crossed for her. I am going to be so devastated if she dies. She’s just, you know, kind of special. I was there at her birth and loved her ever since. Please don’t think I’m stupid. :(

    Love, PPL :(

  470. heidi says:

    im going back to school on tuesday, i just hope moll copes, our school has just changed into an accadamy. “erasmus darwins accadamy”. we all used to wear jumpers now its blaizers and ties. how are we going to cope when its the summer again. were not alowed to take off the blaizers and we have to wear jumpers under that.

  471. heidi says:

    hi ppl good that belles ok now. even if she isnt feeding the drip should help get what she needs into her and hopfuly soon she wont need it and will be feeding from a bottle

  472. Princess Pony Lover says:

    heidi – I’m glad Mollie’s okay. It’s always a nice feeling when you give someone something and they smile or look happy, even if they don’t say thank you, isn’t it? Thanks for the drip idea. The vet said it was a good idea, so she attatched a small drip with a little bit of nutrients milk and antibiotics. I asked her why she was only giving her a little bit and she said that if we give her too much, the germs will learn how to fight against it and will not work as well next time. Belle is really miserable. She still isn’t eating. The vet said that if she dosn’t start eating by tomorrow, then we’ll have to put a tube down her mouth and feed her that way. I was horrified at first, but when the vet said that it won’t hurt her, I thought it was okay. Belle’s still really tiny. She’s nearly a week old and is still smaller than normal newborn foals. Reminds me a bit of Starburst when he was little. Hey, talking about Starburst, he’s now three months old! We’ll be weaning him in December. He’s now alright with the halter. He’s grown a bit bigger, but I still treat him like a baby!

    Kelly please write back.

    Love you guys, PPL

  473. heidi says:

    hi moll just came over. you know the one thats ill, she was ok, she stuck with her mom and only smiled once. she started speeking towards the end when i gave her her birthday persant

  474. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Oh My gosh PPL that is so sad i wish I could help her in a way. yeah heidi a drip might help. Try to help her as much as you can I think she needs love and I know that you will give her that PPL and hugs and kisses from me xox

  475. heidi says:

    omg ppl thats awfull! have you tried putting her on some sort of drip. that way she is getting milk.

  476. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Belle’s got pneumonia. It’s because she dosen’t have her mom’s milk to stop viruses. The vet tells us that it sometimes happens… She’s too sick to do anything, she even refuses to nurse from the bottle. I don’t know what to do. Any ideas, guys? The vet says we’ve already done everything she can think of. She won’t get up and has about three layers of blanket over her.

    The books sound great guys. I’m sorry I’m in no mood of typing right now.

    Bye, PPL :(

  477. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    OMG I hate Ryan air my sis gets travel sickness and I HATE people who are sick it makes me cry and I just hate it rrrr. On Ryan air we had to try to take the plane off two times and it just makes me wanna scream.

  478. heidi says:

    i know chg i have to wear earplugs but i still get that feeling. last time when i went to norway back when i was elevan,i started crying half way but that was on ryan air, the chepest plane and probably the most likly to do that

  479. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    I know after that ear thing I had done I am ment to wear theese spaecial ear thnig the reason is because after the operation my ears are very sensetive you know. Love you heidi PPL POLLYpony x Kelly How… do… you… publish…a…book…..TELL ME PLEASE

  480. heidi says:

    ok chg ill try. iv changed the series title to “stories from past stables” because every book is set in the past. polly pony your back yay :) great.its wonderful that you got an a. chg i realy want to go to ph world. the only thing stopping me becides money is that i hate planes. i cant stand them. the reason for this is because i have realy sensative ears, i can even hear the cat scarer. my ears on planes go realy funny. they feel like they are about to explode. when this happens i feel sick, im never sick though but i hate that feeling. if we had the money to go i would but right now though we dont and as my dad translates goverment documents into english and that he works for the european comition he gets paid around £1500 per pice of work. most of that goes into feeding all 5 of us

  481. POLLYpony says:

    Hello everyone how are you all? HH sound so good I translated them into spanish CHG :D 10/10 if it gets published I will get my mum to make it to spanish like she did with the pony camp diarys I am learning a lot of englash at school we are learning how to read a englash book for me it is hard I have got a test soon last year for englash I got an A- WHICH i WAS HAPPY WITH.

  482. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Yeah I have heidi Butterbeer is so nice and the chocolate frogs are yum yum yum. iT WAS VERY busy but I still loved it.you can do your story but try not to make it like HH love you loads bye bye.

  483. heidi says:

    for kelly world iv just thought that there could be different places in it like: lucy land, mermaid rock, pony camp, fairy house garden and i dont know about half a sister. tell me wat you think anybody who is reading this. each placce represents a different book or series. kelly what do you think. after all your the auther of these amaizing books and non of this can happen unless you have a say in it

  484. heidi says:

    hey chg i just read on summer cringe that you went to hp world. i so want to go there. was it realy good? what were the shops like? did you drink any butterbeer? if so did it taste nice? iv been a harry potter mad fan scince i was 3 and iv read all the books 10 times each. i wonder what it would be like if there was a place like hp world but with the pony camp diaries there and fairy house and mermaid rock and half a sister and totaly lucy. it could be called kelly world! that would be so amaizing

  485. heidi says:

    im so sorry kelly about what i put. im staying on so please reply. im am not angry at you for not replying because youv got freddie and holly to look after and a whole new series to write.

  486. heidi says:

    ill just copy what iv put on here onto word just in case and ill try and remember what i put for chapter three and four. am i alowd to do that. i promise i wont publish it if you dont want me to.

  487. heidi says:

    ok ill stay. can i continue to write about the pioneer pony or is that to close to helping horses. if so ill change it to suit you. please tell me what i need to do to make a difference

  488. heidi says:

    kelly you are an amaising writer. i shall still read your books but i wont come on this page again. i will come on all the other ones though.

  489. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Oh Im sorry heidi please stay on, but it’s just when I said please don’t copy it gave me a sort of fright when you put that on I couldn’t stop myself from sying it sorry. You can write about horses just not really like that if you know what I mean. I am sorry and I would never hate you so please stay on pretty please.

  490. heidi says:

    there chg gone all gone the only things i have left of it are some notes i made earlier about the type of horse i want

  491. heidi says:

    chg if you say that you dont want me back on by tomorow then ill stay off. ppl im sorry. chg im sorry. everyone im sorry.

  492. heidi says:

    oh chg im realy sorry. i hate it when im being nasty and not knowing it. im just going to delete what iv done. please dont hate me for this. ill have to think of a story that is not involving horses in the slightest. i wont come on this page again if you realy dont want me to. up to you.

  493. heidi says:

    they are not the same. oh chg im so sorry. i was working on the pioneer pony book ages before i came on here. i admit that i only thought of the farmers filly,carrage colt and showbiz stalion after i came on but oh. sob sob. i thought it would be ok to put my ideas up here but if you realy dont want me to continue with this then thats ok. ill stop. please dont think i was copying you. im ever so sorry. when i thought of these i was thinking about writing about what hourses had to do in the past and all the jobs they did

  494. heidi says:

    would it be ok if i keep the stories and just add to it “stories from stables” is that ok or is it still too close

  495. heidi says:

    ok chg sorry at the time i didnt think it was copying cos this was before i came on here so what shall i change it to hmm. hmm hmm hmm indeed. emm “horse lives through the years” is that ok and your not being nasty i can totaly see your point. oh i cant think of one can you give me a sugeston

  496. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Sorry heidi I don’t mean to be nasty, but it is sort of copying my title Helpin Horses Stable Stories they sound the same so can you change it BTW the publisher told me to start thinking of a front cover Blurb and Illistrater for my book.

  497. heidi says:

    sorry it was showbiz stalion not showbiz star

  498. heidi says:

    hey tell you what ill tell you about all the other books in this series as well. the series is called stable stories and there are so far 7 books.
    pioneer pony: thats this one
    tudor royal: about queen elizabeths horse when she was 14
    mining mini: a tragady about a shetland pony who works in the victorian mine
    raceing star: about a french racing hourse in the period where they had the renasonce dresses
    famers filly: about a farm hourse in cornwal in the 1700′s
    carrage colt: about a young trainie hourse who is training to pull a cab in london in the 1920′s
    and finaly showbiz star: about a circus hourse in spain in the late 1800′s

  499. heidi says:

    hmm no one replyed yet. ok heres chapter 2
    Chapter 2 close to the end
    Later on that day after the fire had gone Alice took Emily and charlotte out for a ride to calm them down. The fire was long gone now but the horses were still a little hectic. The ghost of the fire was left in the ashes from the crops and as Alice rode alone on the back of Emily to her horror she realised that the corpses of small animals were scattering the blackened grass. She went along further and soon spotted a hole in the ground. Small eyes were peering out. Alice walked with Emily a little further away and got off; leaving Emily and charlotte behind to chew at the surviving patches of grass she made her way slowly towards the hole. “I wonder” she murmured to herself. When she thought she was close enough she crouched down. She wanted to crawl the rest of the way but she did not for fear of causing her dress to go black. So therefore she shuffled towards the hole just in time to see a rabbits head disappear down into the hole and another little baby rabbit stand stock still by the hole. Alice stood up and backed away. She looked around her for something to tell her what to do. All she could see was her little house far off one way and the Mississippi river the other a little further away. Alice remembered pa pa telling her. “Alice, Helena, rose you must never go into the Mississippi river. And really you should never go near it do you hear Me.” of course we all said yes but Alice was not one for sitting at home. She wanted to have excitement and adventure. She was at the moment. If we jumped to the present, standing on a place that would now be called Louisiana in Missouri. But back then it had no name and only her little house and Mr. and Mrs. McKenzie’s house were to be seen in the view. The McKenzie’s had a son, peter 13 and two daughters, Jackie 15 and Jessica. Jessica was the same age as Alice, 11, yet she was the youngest.
    Suddenly charlotte was spooked by a loud gun shot in the distance and began to gallop towards the Mississippi. Alice didn’t know what to do. “CHARLOTTE STOP” she screamed as charlotte sped off into the distance. Alice whipped around and ran to Emily. She got on and dug her legs in. Emily went at top speed racing after charlotte with Alice clinging on to the rains. When charlotte reached the Mississippi she trotted in and began trying to swim across. “No charlotte” Alice moaned from about 100 yards away. When she reached the Mississippi charlotte was almost waist deep in the water and the current was pushing her further and further towards the McKenzie’s house. Alice got off Emily and pulled off her bonnet. She took off her boots, dress, stockings and corset and waded into the water in her under garments. The water was freezing but Alice was only thinking about charlotte and that she would soon be swept off by the currents. Charlotte stopped and backed towards the bank. “She must have seen a fish” thought Alice “she’s terrified of them. She won’t drink near them. Alice was now knee deep in the icy water. “Charlotte” Alice called, she made some clicking noises which usually mean there’s food and charlotte normally would come straight over. This time though, she just stood there rigid and looking at something in the river. Alice went in further. Emily wined. “Stay Emily” Alice told her. The currents began to overpower Alice and she began finding it very hard to keep her balance. Charlotte started to splash about and kick and her neighs were heard far and wide. Alice was scared to go any deeper and she could not calm charlotte from where she was. She was almost waist deep when charlotte started to swim. She was kicking and crying out for help as she tried to get to shallower water. Emily cantered off towards the McKenzie’s. “No NO Emily COME BACK” though Alice called her many times Emily would not come back. Emily had almost gone when Alice fell backwards. She was suddenly overpowered by water and it filled her mouth and nose. She reached up to take a breath only to plunge back down and smash her leg agenised something very hard. She heard frantic neighs to her right. She had reached charlotte. She grabbed charlottes reigns and held onto them as tight as she could then dived. The water was not clear so she could only just see the saddle buckles to undo them. All this time she and charlotte were being dragged far away from her little house and her clothes. She knew that all too soon it would be over for charlotte if they didn’t get to the banks. She eased off charlotte saddle to relive her of some of the force pulling her down. Charlotte began to swim more freely and Alice dragged her as much as she could toward where she thought was the shallows. A woman’s voice screamed “NO” and Alice was engulfed by water once more.
    i think its better than chapter one but please say what you think. for some reason i cant judge my own books so i dont know weather its good or not.:)

  500. heidi says:

    pioneere pony is getting there. im on chapter 4 at the mo but heres all of chapter one.
    Chapter 1 the winds of fire
    Alice snow began to run. The prairie wind howling in her ears. The fire was drawing closer. She kept tripping over in her shoes and her dress brushing the long grasses. Emily, her beautiful brown pony galloping ahead of her. Alice had to cling onto her bonnet to stop it from blowing away. “Ma ma, ma ma” she screamed. Ma ma came dashing to the door of their little log cabin still in her apron. Helena and rose close at her heels “ma ma there’s a fire on the prairie” said Alice, Emily began to slow to a stop and Alice climbed on her back. Emily was just a little pony but she was strong and was able to hold Alice. Alice galloped away on Emily towards the stables. Alice began wishing she were still on the Scottish highlands where there were no fires or hot summers. There was heather on the highlands there to and Alice missed the heather in the spring more than anything. In 1823 when she was just a little girl though her father decided that they would travel to America so they got on a boat and sailed to America. Before she left all the big girls called her a pioneer girl. She did not know what that was until her father told her. He also said that they would be leaving midnight behind. Midnight was Alice’s old horse. She was black with a white patch over one eye and a white line on her nose. Alice missed midnight more than the heather but she was a big girl now at nearly 12 and what used to be her Sunday best became her normal clothes and she now must wear a corset. she wished she were not becoming a young lady for ladies were not allowed to run free or ride on the backs of horses but instead they had to sit and be very polite and only ride in a carriage or wagon behind a horse.
    When Alice reached the stables she got off Emily and picked up the metal feeding bucket and then walked Emily to her little corner. Charlotte, Emily’s mother, a chestnut coloured horse, sensed that something was wrong and began to wine and kick about. Alice went over to her and tried to calm her down but couldn’t go close enough to stop her. Alice left the stable with the bucket and went round to the water tap. She filled the bucket then went as fast as she could towards the house without spilling the water. When she got to the house mother, Helena and even little rose were throwing buckets of water at the fire. Rose was too small to really help yet but as Alice watched her fetching the water from the well she saw how determined her little face was with its amber locks falling over her face.
    As they were fighting to make the fire go past the house pa pa came back from hunting with some birds. “The oxen have fled the fire, they are gone for now.” he said taking a bucket of water off rose who looked exhausted. He turned to ma ma “Martha take rose to the other side of the house ill deal with this side.” he carried on putting the fire out. “Pa pa” yelled Alice over the roaring flames “I am going to go and stop the fire from reaching Emily and charlotte” “no Alice the wind is blowing the fire away from the stables towards the crops and the house. Why don’t you take betty to the stables” he answered. “But what about Beth” Alice cried as she put out another flame attempting to reach the house. “Beth can look after herself cats normally do” pa pa said. Alice went over to Betty the cow’s pen and untied her from her post. She dragged her over to the stables and led her inside. Betty was a stupid cow and did not know what fire was so decided to try and wander towards the flames. Alice held her back though but Betty was too heavy. “Come…on…Betty…don’t do…this” Alice said. Helena came over and began to help Alice pull. Eventually they got Betty into the stables. “Alice I’m going back” said Helena “ok” replied Alice Helena left. Emily trotted over to Alice. Alice climbed on her back and went to the door. She looked out and gasped the fire was past the house but rose was screaming. Beth was meowing as loud as the wind and was trapped by the fire. Without warning Emily began to gallop towards Beth with Alice clinging on for dear life. When Emily was within reach of Beth she stopped and Alice got off. She picked up Beth and got back on Emily then Emily rode away towards the stables.
    im just doing this for fun so im not getting it published or anything but i might turn it into a film when im loads older like 26 then publish the book. say what you think and what could be improved i know iv already put up some of this chapter but this is it finnished ill put up chapter 2 later k bye :)

  501. Princess Pony Lover says:

    CHG! Love it, girl! you are so awesome at writing books! :D Give you a 10/10, but maybe you’ve used the word ‘horsy’ too many times? It’s great. BTW, when does Sandy come in?

    heidi – the funeral went …alright. okay, okay, maybe it wasn’t. I think I cried until their were no more tears left, regained them, and cried all over again. This is what the rememberence plate said : Our beautiful prized and treasured mare Bella gave up her life to her daughter. Bella would have been proud of what she presented us with. We love you, girl. Goodbye. We will always remember you.

    Right, I’d better stop there because the tears are threatening again. I promise I won’t copy your book, CHG, but I would love to help with it.

    heidi – thanks. I hope Mollie will feel better.

    Love you all, PPL

  502. heidi says:

    btw chg mollie is an animal lover but shes more into dogs and lepord cubs and things like baby polor bears. ill tell her about the pony camp diaries but she is going to be 14 so i dont know. if she is anything like me she will love it to bits but if not she might get one copy and see how it is.still i can only try so when i give her her book (which btw is harry potter and the deathly hallows cos she wants to read the hp books) ill tell her and see what she says. iv alreay told her about totally lucy and i know she likes that so im sure she will like this.

  503. heidi says:

    iv thought up these new cakes called suprise cakes. they are just experiments though so i dont know what will happen. i like inventing things and making things up you see. these cakes im going to make tomorow so i can give the best one to mollie to make her feel better. these cakes are just like fairy cakes exept they have little extras inside. iv thought of putting in chocolate, marshmallows, cherrys, raisons, carrot, pineapple and buisquet. tell me what you think and give me some other ideas of what to put in them exept nuts cos im alergic. they can be nice or nasty but not grose or unhygenic. for example cheese (actualy ill add that one) they are suprise because the object is in the very middle and they all look the same so who knows what you will get (exept i know because i made them) tell me weather you like it or not and have a go yourself just be warned im not sure what will happen and other than carrots vegetables and meat and berrys from random trees are a no no.

  504. heidi says:

    well its her birthday on the 3rd so iv got her a book and im gonna go round and post it.grate that belle stood up how did the funeral go. chg i love it 10/10 im so going to buy it :D

  505. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    I am just saying how lovely you guys are heres your request PPL: I simply love horses. They are definitely my favourite animal. I don’t have one of my own, but if I did I would treasure him or her forever. I am horsey mad about everything, I have a horsey mad bedroom, horsey mad clothes. I have horsey mad friends and horsey mad family. I even have a horsey mad hairdo when I wake up from my horsey mad dreams. I need go on.
    When I am older I hope to run my own riding stables I would call it Imogen’s inspiring riding. All my friends would help out in the yard and give lessons to young riders. Of course I am going to need a lot of experience if that is going to be my dream job. My parents are both interested in horses, but my Dad can’t help me as he is a pilot and works 24.7 in the summer. This year he is flying to New York in America. I do not get to see my Dad much, but that’s because he is flying all the way round the world.
    My Mum on the other hand works in a vet and rescue centre especially for horses. She works there in the summer so do I because there is nobody at home to look after me. Mum says that the vet is very busy in the summer because people are off work and school, and they are going out horse riding and entering competitions. She said that once the rescue centre ran out of stables. I don’t see how that could happen because the building is massive. There is three parts to it, the vet, the rescue centre and a special place at the back where you can buy horses. I always seem to hang out there most of the time. There are over two hundred stables throughout the building. I counted them myself.
    Mum also said that the vets are putting their lives at risk. She told me a story about when she was young. She was watching a story on the news about a vet that got killed by a horse. The horse was distressed and scared. Every time a human came near it would grunt loudly. One of the vets had had enough. She went straight for it. The horse grunted angrily at the vet, but she didn’t stop. The horse then went on its hind legs and neighed furiously. The vet got kicked in the head and was rushed to hospital, but she sadly died in her way there. The rescue centre was the shut, but reopened five months later. It is the very same vet that Mum works at now. Mum said that happened twenty five years ago and it is much safer now.
    The vets may be putting their lives in danger but that’s not stopping them from saving horses lives. They are always trying to keep the horses in good condition. So do I when I get the chance. The vets do get all the good jobs for example give the horses medicine and taking care of new born foals. I get to ride the horses though. That’s good enough for me especially when I have got something the vets don’t have. The truth is I can speak to horses. It is a big secret and I am the only person in the whole wide world who can do it.
    I found this out at my local riding stables about two years ago. It was about ten minutes before my lesson and I was hanging out at Sherbets stable. Sherbet is my favourite horse at the stables and I was going to ride her for that lesson. Sherbet is a 14hh Arab cross. She is an iron grey with a white mane and tail. She is always very patient and very well behaved. Anyway I was hanging out at Sherbets stable telling her how pretty she looked, when I heard someone say, “Ready for your lesson?” I looked round, but there was nobody there. Then I noticed that all the horses in the other stables were looking at me. I stroked Sherbet still looking around when I heard the voice again. “I said are you ready for your lesson?” I looked at Sherbet and figured out it was her speaking. I stepped back with my jaw dropped.
    “You…you spi…spoke” I said shaking.
    “I know I did” said Sherbet. I pinched my arm and whispered to my self, “I must be dreaming.” After a while I stopped pinching my arm and stared at the red mark on it. Then I started pinching again.
    “Can all humans speak to horses,” I asked, confused.
    “No,” replied Sherbet, “you are the chosen one.”
    “What do you mean by that?” I said, still pinching
    “It means that you are the only person in the world who can speak to horses,” Said Sherbet, “someone in the world can speak to dogs and someone else can speak to cats. You are the person who can speak to horses and ponies. Imogen please stop pinching yourself, you could give yourself an injury.” I immediately stopped pinching my arm and stared at Sherbet with my mouth wide open.
    “You still haven’t answered my question,” said Sherbet, “are you ready for your lesson?” I nodded. “Oh and Imogen,” Sherbet said
    “Yes,” I mumbled.
    “Keep this horse talking thing to yourself. Don’t tell anyone, this is a big secret. Ok.” Sherbet said smiling
    “Ok” I muttered smiling back.
    I then lead Sherbet into the riding school where my lesson was taking place. During that lesson I wasn’t concentrating much because of what had just happened, well it’s not everyday you speak to a horse. It was the same the next couple of weeks I could not stop daydreaming about what had happened.
    There is a load more questions I wanted to ask Sherbet that day for example, why am I the only person in the whole wide world who can speak to horses? Dose something affect you that does not affect anyone else, and can I speak to animals related to horses, like zebras and giraffes. It looks like these questions are never going to be answered.
    The main thing is I have not told anybody about it. Not the vets, not my friends, not even my Mum or Dad. It is extremely hard to keep it a secret though, especially when I promised Sherbet, but I will keep it a secret always have and always will…

    Chapter 2

    I had just woke up on the first day of the summer holidays, by the annoying beeping sound of my alarm clock. I stretched, yawned and wondered what Mum had got planned for today. I then rolled over to the other side of the bed where the alarm clock is. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the digits on the clock face. I jumped back in shock.
    “Six thirty,” I screamed, “but… but I set my alarm clock for ten.”
    I pressed the button on the back of the clock that stopped the beeping noise. I screwed up my face; I knew exactly who had done this.
    “Mum,” I called. “Muuum”
    My Mum came in my room, tying her golden, scruffy hair up in a bun. She was dressed in her cream jodhpurs and white vet coat with her name tag attached to her pocket. On the name tag it said.
    Kate Bacrow
    Professional Surgeon
    Mum has been a surgeon at the vet for six years and I think she really enjoys it. A surgeon is not the job for me I would rather be a vet who gives the animals check ups or a person who sorts out all the pills and medicines.
    Anyway I had just remembered that I was working at the vet and rescue centre today and I wasn’t looking forward to it especially when I wanted a lie in.
    “Good morning sweetheart,” my Mum said opening the curtains I fell back in my and then pulled the covers over me.
    “It is a beautiful day,” She carried on. I ignored her and groaned.
    “Imogen,” my Mum said sitting on my bed, “time to get up.”
    “Come on Mum,” I cried, “five more minutes. I t’s the holiday. I always have a lie in the holidays. Waking up at this time is for school mornings and it is not school morning is it?”
    “I know it’s not a school morning, but you are working at the rescue centre today and for the rest of the summer.” Mum said. I pulled the covers over my head and grunted.
    “Imogen,” Mum said. “Don’t start.”
    “Work morning, school morning I don’t care I am lying in and nothing is going to stop me!” I growled.
    “IMOGEN BACROW YOU GET OUT OF THAT BED THIS INSTINT!” Screamed my Mum. She was standing up and was pointing at the kitchen in fury. I threw the covers off my bed in rage and stomped into the kitchen. Mum sighed. She came into the kitchen and told me to hurry up and get my breakfast.
    I sat down at the table and took the box of corn flakes. I looked on the back to see if there were any competitions that would suit me. There was something different that I did not expect. The passage read:
    Got a horsey story, well this is the competition for you. Find the perfect horsey story and a trip to a pony place of your dreams will be yours. Write down no more than a 500 word story about a hilarious, sad or heart warming story about a horse!

    That is not the end of the second chapter BTW. Do you think it will be a hit. I imagine Imogen as Poppy from Poppy and Prince excet she is NOT shy she has a love for horses and would do anything to have one of her own. Imogen is very nosey yet very sweet. PPL I am just saying in spanish that you and heidi are very good friends and very nice as in VERY nice. I though you knew that sorry. Heidi I have heard of that illness too I hope Mollie will be OK don’t worry. I think you should get her a present a pony camp diary perhaps. Please don’t copy my story guys I love it to bits and if someone does copy it (unlikely) I will be VERY upset. Please give it a mark out of ten and a smiley face the smiler the better :( if you think “thats rubbish I would NEVER read that book” :) If you think “thats not the best book in the world, but I like it” or :D If you think “WOW best book ever I am going to show my friends and everything I love it” Please be honest and if there are any mistakes or grammer is wrong please let me know thanks! Kelly COME ON! Love you guys1 xoxoxox 8)

  506. Princess Pony Lover says:

    BTW, CHG, What were you saying about me and heidi in spanish?

  507. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Oh heidi, I’m so sorry for Mollie. I’ve heard of that. I hope she’s feeling better. Maybe you should get her something? Would that make her feel a bit better? At least she’s got a lot of nice people around her. I’m sure she’s going to be fine, or at least I hope she will be.

    Guys, Belle stood up today! She did it all by herself! But she gets very tired straight after that and goes back down after only seconds of standing up. Staying in the stall with her tonight, but guess what? My bestie Jess is going to come stay in the stall with me as well! We can chat and take turns, so I suppose it will kind of be fun. Be burried Bella today. In the large field with a big tree. She used to stand there and rub her neck on it, even while she was pregnant. She loved it. I did my piano practice today and the teacher said I improved a lot!

    CHG, how’s the HH series going? Please put it up. I’m sure it’s very good.

    Have you finished it? if you have, I will be the first to buy, I promise! :)

    Love PPL :D

  508. heidi says:

    hang on its spelt anxiety which bacicaly means you worry and panic and cant sleep and crying and confused and that causes you to blank everyone else in mollies case (my bffs name) or needing people consttantly around you to reaure you that you are ok.

  509. heidi says:

    good luck with the cello test chg. can you play the titanic song on the cello cos iv only just learnt it on the violin. its sort of hard but i like it. ppl i dont know when she is going to get better. she has been like this for a month. she wont talk to any one not even her mum. i think shes suffering from angsiyity and stress and flu. flue cos she caught it and angsiyity (i think thats how you spell it) and stress because she was bullied at school and now she doesn’t know how or want to talk or comunicate or anything. me and kirst sent her a card and it took her a whole two days to open it. im realy sorry about you having to look after belle and im realy sorry about bella. good luck belle.

  510. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey guys.

    Stayed at the stall with Belle last night. Had to get up about three times an hour to feed her. I feel so sorry for her. She’s such a fragile bundle, only born yesterday, and she’s already missing her mom. I’m really tired. My mother bought a blanket and a pillow out to the stall for me. Belle’s pretty weak. Some people think she might not survive. She couldn’t stand, so I had to hold her while feeding her the bottle at the same time. Please keep wishing her luck.

    CHG, I take that we’re friends again? I really hope you pass your exam for cello. I’m doing piano right now, I’m going to do exam for grade 4 and so far, I’m not impressing my teacher. And that is really embaressing because I got and A last year and this year, I’m not even sure if I’ll pass.

    heidi – I’m really really sorry for your bestie. I hope she gets better soon.

    BTW, CHG, how swas the camp when you ride Shadow. Was it fun?

    KELLY!! Pleae write back!

    Love, PPL

  511. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Oh you guys are so so sweet thax so much for all you have said. Love you PPL Heidi POLLYpony Kelly (If you write back) PPL so sorry about Bella R.I.P It is always so sad when a horse or someone you love has died. Heidi Yes I can play Harry Potter,Pirates of the caribein Over the rainbow, Beauty and The Beast,Snow White songs, Oliver songs, Annie songs, and even cry me a river by micheal buble. I really hope I pass the cello test cause I still REALLY want to play it. Pollypony Por favor, vuelva y por favor no me sigan, porque es un mal ejemplo. Heidi es tan agradable y PPL.cuando es tu cumpleaños? Mi cumpleaños es el diecisiete de noviembre
    Every single one of you is so so so so so so so so so NICE. PPL good luck in the stable tonight x Kelly how do you publish a book?

  512. zoeyrocks says:

    Oh dear Princess Pony Lover. I almost cried on my keyboard too! I think you are awesome! Dont let your horse diying get you down.Please reply!
    From Zoey

  513. zoeyrocks says:

    Im gonna write a letter to you kelly

  514. heidi says:

    the swedish one just means “stay” please would be “vänligen”

  515. heidi says:

    i shall write in every language i know please stay chg and pollypony.
    Bitte bleiben Sie
    S’il vous plaît restez
    Vennligst hold deg
    that was german then french then norwegian then swedish

  516. heidi says:

    polly pony escribo esto para usted. i se han traducido en google y mis palabras lo siento si no puedes entender porque no son muy precisos. i no hablan español. por favor, no vayas, yo te echo mucho de menos y usted y CHG se recordábamos desde hace mucho tiempo. si lees esto, entonces le pido que responda en español si lo desea.

  517. heidi says:

    just please dont go any of you. at school one of my bffs is very ill. she hasnt spoken to me for the whole of the holidays and me and kirsten are constentaly worrying about her. :( please please please come back. ill write every day if i have to just come back

  518. heidi says:

    dont go chg and pollypony please! :( im realy sorry about the death ppl are you staying its realy cool that you can play harry potter chg. iv got a violin and i can play harry potter and loads of disney things on it. please dont go.please stay all of you. ill stay and write as often as i can hoping that you will come back on and reply.

  519. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hi guys,

    I am writing with tears on the keyboard. At Windbay, a mare has just died. She was a beautiful coal black fresian. She died giving birth to her tiny baby girl. Her name was Bella. The vet did everything she could to save her, but she couldn’t. My parents have long admired Bella. She was proud, caring, and very friendly. We’ve named her little filly Belle, close to Bella. The filly’s very sick without her mother. Sorry if I won’t be able to write back for a couple of days. I’m staying out in the stall with baby Belle tonight. I’m a bit scared, but my parents have promised to check on me.

    CHG, no, please don’t go! I forgive you, yes, we are very close and please call me PPL again. I’m sorry, too. I guess I got a bit angry when you said I wasn’t in school and didn’t have loads of homework. I’ve only gotten used to all the homework, I’m in year six and It’s sorta different to year five. It’s much more demanding and teachers expect much more. So, I’m sorry. Are we still friends? You can make it up to me by replying back.

    Love PPL

  520. POLLYpony says:

    Oh deer looks like you had a fight PPL CHG.now CHG is gone well if shes going I am too.
    Bye Kelly :( heidi

  521. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Oh dear I am really sorry PPL I really didnt’ think you had as much Homework as me. I am so sorry Pleae forgive me I would do anything, we are really close arn’t we. I have got to learn my spanish numbers up to 1000 I have got to type up 7 poems and write a personal writing story for english I have got a pysics assesment I have got 2 maths sheets to compleate, Practice my cello and If I don’t pass my cello test I won’t be able to do any more cello. And for me that is pretty upsetting, because I have ben doing cello for 5 years and I absalootly love it. I can play harry potter, over the rainbow, and the pirates of the caribien music and loads loads more. I am REALLY sorry Princess Pony Lover. (I don’t think you want me to cll you PPL anymore.) I understand if you don’t want to forgive me then I will leave this website for good. Bye it was lovely meeting all of you espeacialy Kelly, PPL and heidi. Goodbye x

  522. heidi says:

    how did you get helping horses back btw chg

  523. heidi says:

    hi kelly just wanted to say im realy missing you and i hope everything is going ok with freddie and holly and everything and if you do come on here and read this please reply in some way so we know you have been.

  524. heidi says:

    how com you two (ppl and chg) arnt friends any more. you used to be realy close. and sorry to ppl just realised that you live in australia. which year are you in.

  525. heidi says:

    ok chg any how how come you got homework if its the english school holls and ppl which day do your holls start any way. do you live in america or australia or something

  526. zoeyrocks says:

    I love ponies!!!!

  527. Princess Pony Lover says:



  528. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    I am not really focusibg on that just HH at the momment. 8) x

  529. heidi says:

    btw hows your knew idea coming along you know the one you had after helping hourses chg

  530. heidi says:

    yeah thanks chg

  531. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hiya heidi thats so cool did you enjoy your hols. x

  532. heidi says:

    hi iv been on my holls so i havent manages to reply. i went to cornwal. oh btw lottie loves u i lived in germany when i was 2 cos of my dads work. i can speek a little bit of german but i cant write it. i can tell you what i know in english though. i know the words for:
    hello goodbey ect
    dwarfs (zwerge)
    numbers to 29
    snow white
    i know more but i wont type them up. i also have these dvds in german with a german comedian in them called otto waalkes, look him up. they are called “7 zwerge” (sevan dwarfs) and they are realy funny though the jokes are all german. i understand some of it but i do need subtitles.

  533. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:


  534. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:


    Sorry I wasn’t writing back I have had SO MUCH homework so I have not had enough time I have email 3 publishers and see which one will be the one that brings my stories to life. PPL so sorry. I would never aboandon you never or Kelly it’s just that Kelly never writes back. POLLYpony I didn’t say that on the websirte I said I was writing my book and doing homework.

  535. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Couldn’t CHG have told us herself instead of just leaving without anyone knowing where she was going?! I’m writing my book as well, but, I still have time to g on here. There’s no reason why she can’t!

    Why is nobody writing back?

  536. Princess Pony Lover says:

    So she just adbandoned us!? First Kelly, and now, her?! Oh. At least I still have you guys to chat to.

    Love PPL

  537. POLLYpony says:

    Sory she said shes not cause she is to busy writing her book.

  538. zoey says:

    8) I love pony camp diaries

  539. Princess Pony Lover says:

    OK!! I’m Sorry! I know you’re not Emma! Why isn’t cheesyhorsegirl writing back? Were you talking about me?!

    Kelly please write back

  540. zoey says:

    Please reply Princess Pony Lover I would like it

  541. POLLYpony says:

    Oh Yes
    girls Cheesyhorsegirl said she is not writing bac I no this becus she told me on this speeking different langue site, sory.

  542. POLLYpony says:

    Hola chicas
    I speak a little bit of German but not much. Guten tag . PPL I AM OT EMMA. I DO NOT KNOW EMMA OK I AM MELISSA I AM A DIFFERENT POLLYpony FROM EMMA OK!

    Cheesyhorsegirlxox- PPL sigue pensando que soy Emma. ¡Grrr! Por favor, vuelve

  543. zoey and comet says:

    To Princess Pony I really want to be your friend! Im 10 almost 11.
    I keep reading what you put on here! HEY EVERYONE TELL ME IF YOU GO TO PONY CAMP!

  544. zoey and comet says:

    This is going to be my new pony diary!
    Dear diary Im still reading Charlie and Charm (again) and I really love it!

  545. zoey and comet says:

    To Princess Pony Lover
    do you go to pony camp? Or have you been before?
    I think you are very clever when it comes to horses! And I have a question: Every time (almost) SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS TO ME AT THE STABLES! and the horses i ride mibehave! I go really really early so is it beacause their tired or something? Please help!
    ps My riding seems to tell me off for it too!

  546. alicepenny says:

    hey kelly i have just finshed my extract for kate and kalya and here it is(please do not copy this)

    9:50 am i am late oops

    i am having a great day because of my beautifull pony kalyathese are my room mates and ponies:
    gabriella and chance
    amy and amelia
    and me with kalya
    here is evrone else and ponies:
    lelia and inia
    emily and charlie
    lyida and zanity(zan)
    and she is head stable girl
    oliva and olive



  547. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Lorna, what do you mean by official pony camp diary website. It sounds like a cool idea, but what is it? POLLYpony, what do you mean? Oh, it dosn’t matter. cheesyhorsegirlxox, please reply soon. And Kelly, even more, please reply. YOU HAVEN”T REPLIED IN AGES!!

    Love, PPL

  548. Lottie loves you says:

    Guten tag! Ich werde heute uber die Gesundheit schreiben und warum sie mir sehr wigtig ich. Ich wersucher aber heute zu tage kann das leiben sehr stressig sein.
    Do you like my German? This was part of my speaking test that go me a level 8! I speak french too, I have an FCSE in french which is like half a GCSE which I am doing in German.

  549. POLLYpony says:

    Sory PPL ,but I dont really understand.

  550. Lorna says:

    i had an idea its like an idea everyone has had so sorry if somone wrote or had it already why don’t we have an offial pony camp diary website that would be cool what does anyone think????

  551. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Don’t worry, POLLYpony,

    Kelly dosn’t write back very often because she just had a new baby son called Freddie, so she’s pretty busy at the moment, I think. I wish she would write back though. I mean, how hard is it to just sit down for a minute and type something!? I ope you wrtie back soon, Kelly,

  552. Princess Pony Lover says:

    It’s a might, guys. I MIGHT be getting a horse at christmas. But my dad’s friend owns a horse sales. There are some beautiful pony breeds for sale at the moment. But we’ve been arguing over which breed we want to get. What do you guys think? I want a Thoroughbred, my mum wants me to get an Arab, my dad wants me to get a Quarter Horse or an Appaloosa (He’s a bit of a Coewboy!) and there are just so many of them! I want a horse, not a pony. I wish I could have Jasper. I still don’t get how POLLYpony is Emma and all of a sudden it’s Melissa. But you’re being way nicer than Emma, Melissa, so there’s definately a difference there! :D

    I understand that you may feel left out, but I feel a bit left out when you guys are speaking spanish because I hardly know any at all. So after you guys speak Spanish, could you please tell me what you guys were talking about in English? Thanks. Sorry about putting up such a fuss.

    Love, PPL

  553. POLLYpony says:

    Sory PPL Its a litle hard though. Does Kelly write bac oftin becuase she doesnot when I am chating.

  554. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Ok please can you tell me about the horse your getting. The reason I speak spanish is POLLYpony says she feels a bit left out I will do it not all the time though. x

  555. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey guys!
    Melissa, no I don’t have my own horse, but I’m getting one at Christmas! Sorry to forget to tell you guys, but Lightning Pride arrived. He’s stunning. I bet he would have been a winner if he hasn’t hurt his foot.

    Can you guys please stop speaking in spanish ‘cos’ I have no idea what you guys are talking about!


  556. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hola POLLYpony

    ¿Cómo estás? Por lo que se 12.I am 11 años de edad. Lo siento tengo que ir.

  557. POLLYpony says:

    PPL- I ride a hors at my hors ridng called Magia. I lov her to bits. I dont hav my on hors but I realy want on do you hav your on hors PPL.

    heidi- You ar 13 years old yes I am 12.

    Cheesyhorsegirl- Sus amigos en este sitio web son fantásticos Yo amo a los cargas. ¿Cuánto tiempo has estado haciendo español de?

    Kelly Mckain- Do you speek espanol? Why do you not write bac dont you lik me and PPL and CHG and heidi? 8)

  558. POLLYpony says:

    Hola chicas y Kelly McKain Mi mamá me ha comprado Jessica y Jewel no puedo esperar t leerlo.

  559. POLLYpony says:

    sory PPL but I don’t now Emma my name is melissa. Not Emma.

    Cheesyhorsegirl- ¿Por qué PPL creo que se llamaba Emma? Yo no conozco a nadie llama así! ¿Ha estado alguna vez en Spian. Yo todavía no entiendo.
    Kelly ¿Por qué no escribir de nuevo?

  560. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    NO PPL POLLYpony is not Emma. Emma has noidea how you speak spanish I promise you Melissa says that she does’nt know emma Emma can’t speak spanish I swear.

  561. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Wow! You guys are being so nice to each other! I like it this way! Keep it up!

    Love, PPL

  562. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    PPL- I say thing to POLLYpony like how so you read PCD and do you like reading. Melissa says that her mum works as a publisher how cool is that. The reason. I know this stuff because my autie is spaenish but I do us google translate to help me with this spanish.

    POLLYpony- eso es fantástico. Deseo que mi mamá trabajaba como editor. Me encanta escribir libros, así que no PPL y Heidi. Que no sé mucho español. Lo sentimos Melissa me tengo que ir adios

    PPL- spanish is really hard Kelly you have 185 comments to read… :(

  563. POLLYpony says:

    PPL- I speek a litle bit of englash not much. we are saying things like can you speek espanol and htings like that. I am from barcelona in espana.

    Cheesyhorsegirl- Los diarios de campo de pony en realidad no son en español. Mi madre trabaja como editor y yo fuimos a Inglaterra y me gustó mucho el aspecto de los diarios de campo de caballo por lo que mi madre me compró Sophie y Emily Shine y Emlerard y Milie y Magic. Me gustan mucho. Kelly McKain es muy bueno en la escritura de mi madre publicar libros en español para que les cange en español para mí.adios amigos x

  564. heidi says:

    wow you speek spanish im 13

  565. Princess Pony Lover says:

    BTW, what are you guys saying?

  566. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Wow! You guys do know how to speak spanish! I can’t even understand a word you’re saying. We learnt a teeny tiny bit of Spanish last year year, but I only know “Thank You”, one to twenty nine, “You’re Welcome” and I think that’s about All!! :D Glad you like the Thoroughbred series, cheesyhorsegirlxox! Which one did you read? I have only read Magic Spirit the Dream Horse, but I really want to read Lucky something the Newborn Foal. Are you reading Red Amiral the Racehorse? Guess what?! I’m going to a riding day camp! It’ll be soo much fun!

    Please write back, Kelly!! We miss you loads and you have about TWO – HUNDRED comments to catch up on! Please, please, write back!! :(

    Love, PPL

  567. POLLYpony says:

    No lo siento, no me llamo Emma. Yo soy de Barcelona, ​​en España es muy caliente. Wha sobre usted

  568. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    That can’t be Emma she can’t speak spanish oh well.

    hola POLLYpony
    Es genial hablar con alguien en español estoy usando un poco de traductor Google para hablar con usted. Yo no sé un montón de españoles, pero lo he estado haciendo desde hace cuatro años.
    adios xox

  569. POLLYpony says:

    ¿Habla usted español? Lo que hago. Mi llama es Melissa. He leído diarys pony campamento en español son muy buenos. Kelly McKain es un muy buen escritor. Hablo un poco de enlish pero no mucho.
    adios chicas

    Por la forma en que utiliza la POLLYpony nombre porque pensé que era fantástico.

  570. Polly pony says:

    ¿Habla usted español? Lo que hago. Mi llama es Melissa. He leído diarys pony campamento en español son muy buenos. Kelly McKain es un muy buen escritor. Hablo un poco de enlish pero no mucho.
    adios chicas

  571. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hola senyoras
    Como estas? me bien gracias. me dos capicalo de mi libro no puede esperar a su publicación
    Todavía estoy muy CANSADO
    desde mi operación. ¿Te gusta mi español. Que estoy destinada a hacer mi tarea ESPAÑO. Kelly por favor, escriba de nuevo te echo de menos las cargas

    What I was meant to say was Hello how are you I am very good thank you. I am on the second chapter of my book and I cant wait to publish it I am still very tired from my oporation. Like my spanish. i am meant to be doing my spanish homework. Kelly please write back I miss you lodas.

  572. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hey guys have you tryed reading Tilly’s pony tails by Pippa Funnel. I am on the second one about a racehorse. I am definatly going to read more of them. PPL I have read some of the THOUGHBREED storys. The are very good , but PCD are still the beat books I’ve ever read. sceond chapter of book is writen and ready to be typed I’ve got homework though so mabye it won’t be on this website for a while yet. I have got to write down 15 interesting words in spanish. G2G bye x

  573. Princess Pony Lover says:

    wow, CHG, that is huge! I have read a few of the Thoroughbred series, It’s really good, especially since it talks about racehorses (my fave!!). I guess I would feel a bit upset if you guys published your books before mine, so I totally understand. I rode a blind pony today. It was soooo, hard!!! I had to guid him really carefully. But he was a lovely pony. 14hh dark bay Aus Riding pony. Was blind since he was born.

    heidi – your books sound fantastic, don’t need to correct anything, they’re great!! You write very well. How old are you?

    Love PPL

  574. heidi says:

    half a centemeter long thats… well half a centemeter long. i bet that hurt. how long did you know about it.

  575. heidi says:

    btw ppl i havent heard of the thoroughbred series but i have just looked them up on wikipedia and they look pretty good now all i have to do is find one and read it.

  576. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    The metal was 5mm long tiny I know. PPL know I am not saying you can’t publish your book. NO NO I ment I would be happy for you but be a bit upset tat I have published mine. xox

  577. heidi says:

    wow how big was the metal. i had to go in for an astma test today and it says i do have astma but only very mild. also yesterday i went to have my blood taken for nut tests. iv been in the hospital a lot recently cos iv had a nut reaction and ever since that iv been having astma attacks so iv been in about 5 times now over the holidays to two different hospitals

  578. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Came back from hospital and boy am I tired the oporation was no bother one minute I was awake with metel in my ear then went to sleeep and then I woke up with no metal in my ear everything went smooth. I am so tired though i might have 40 winks

  579. heidi says:

    hey chg what a shame thats awfull. but you can always copy what you have put on her back onto microsoft word. id hate for it all to be lost. please dont give up your a brill writer.
    ppl thanks is there anything i could mprove on to make it you know better?

  580. Princess Pony Lover says:

    wow, the HH series sound brill!!! I wish I could write as well as you do. How mean of your sister to do that!! Why was she in a bad mood? Hey, you know that there is a girl in my class that is called Imogen?! She’s the school captian and she’s really nice. Are you saying that we can’t publish our stories before yours?!

    heidi – thanks, I feel better now. Your story sounds really good too! Keep on continuing, it’s sounding great.

    Hey – have any of you guys read the Thoroughbred series. THEY ARE SOOOO GOOD!!! Still love the pony camp diaries best, though. Love you Kelly!


  581. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    OOPPSSSS everyone please ignore my message about the giving up thing I have an idea. :D

  582. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    hey guys :(

    My sister just deleted all the things to do with my book on the computer and riped up all my pages. I am so angry. I don’t know what the first chapter is now . OHHHHHH This is so hard I’m just gonnna give sorry guys it’s over that is the end of HH. Please don’t copy it . because it was MY idea and even if I don’t want to do it know doesn’t mean I am going to do it know. So don’t you dare copy it ok. OOPPPSS sorry if I was a bit mean I am not like that at all. Just please don’t copy ok no copying ok.

  583. heidi says:

    anyhow writing is just a hobbie to me chd. i realy want to make websites and write plays and maybe even act in a film or be a gymnast. tell you what when you are an auther and your books are published ill make you a website if i have that job or write a play script about it if i get that job. you dont have to if you dont want to its just an idea.

  584. heidi says:

    btw chd your writing is LOADS better than mine. the problem with me is i come up with an idea in my head but when it comes to accteualy writing it down i dont know where to start or how to carry on

  585. heidi says:

    the last three dont work but the others do

  586. heidi says:

    ;):0 ;9 ;D

  587. heidi says:

    well now i know : and c doesnt work

  588. heidi says:

    ok so it is there are :) :( :D :C ;)

  589. heidi says:

    hang on is this it :D

  590. heidi says:

    oh and can u please tell me how to do the yellow smilies

  591. heidi says:

    dont worry chd i wont try and publish mine cos i know it wont publish and yours will get published trust me the publishers will be sorry if they dont publish you. you might have to try quite a few but it will.look at jk rowling for example,she had to go to 12 different publishers before bloomsberry took her on. those 12 other ones are probebaly realy regreting turning her down. i bet you anything most authers have the same thing happen to them so dont give up EVER cos your a realy good writer ok.im 13 btw 14 in may

  592. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    heidi how old are you?! :)

  593. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Thats OK, but I… look I’m just going to tell you, but all my life I have wanted to be an author, but what if you guys publish your story before mine. That would make me so upset and reading all your storys now makes me fell like I’m a rubbish write. :( Ever since I knew how to hold a pen and write my name I new that an author would be the perfect job for me. I started writing storys since I was 6 and this is been my best idea yet. What if it doesn’t get published to me thats a nightmare. Kelly your so lucky. I wish I could write like you guys but I can’y it makes my storys terrible.

  594. heidi says:

    sorry chg if it seems like coppying to put a story up here but iv been writing this for about 2 weeks now cos i saw a girl on a brown horse not so long ago and the story was made on the spot and when i saw people putting up their storys i disided to put up mine

  595. heidi says:

    hi iv been writing a story i think its more suited to this page. its only short so far but its getting there. here we go
    ‘alice began to run. the prearie wind howling in her ears.the fire was drawing closer. she kept tripping over in her shoes and her dress brushing the long grasses. emily, her beautiful brown pony galloping ahead of her. alice had to cling onto her bonnet to stop it from blowing away. “mother mother” she screamed.mother came dashing to the door of thair little log cabbin still in her apron.helena and rose close at her heels “mum theres a fire on the prarie” said alice, emily began to slow to a stop and alice climbed on her back. emily was just a little pony but she was strong and was able to hold alice. alice galloped away on emily towards the stables. alice began wishing she were still on the scottish highlads where there were no fires or hot sumers. there was heather on the highlads there to and alice missed the heather in the spring more than anything. in 1823 when she was just a little girl though her father dicided that they would travel to america so they got on a boat and sailed to america. before she left all the big girls called her a pionere girl. she did not know what that was until her father told her. he also said that they would be leaving midnight behind. midnight was alices old horse. she was black with a white patch over one eye and a white line on her noes. alice missed midnight more than the heather but she was a big girl now at nearly 11 and what used to be her sunday best became her normal clothes and she now must ware a corset. she wished she were not becoming a young lady for ladys were not alowed to run free or ride on the backs of horses but instead they had to sit and be very polite and only ride in a carrage or wagon behinde a horse.’
    thats all iv got to so far. please tell me what you think and what i could improve on. emily will star a lot more later on trust me shes a life saver. the year is 1829 btw just in case you were wondering

  596. heidi says:

    WOW chg thats awsom when you get it published im so going to buy it

  597. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hey guys here is my story. Please don’t copy it because this is the actuall chapter 1 OK. Here goes notinhg:

    Helping Horses
    Saving Sandy

    I simply love horses. They are definitely my favourite animal. I don’t have one of my own, but if I did I would treasure him or her forever. I am horsey mad about everything, I have a horsey mad bedroom, horsey mad clothes. I have horsey mad friends and horsey mad family. I even have a horsey mad hairdo when I wake up from my horsey mad dreams. I need go on.
    When I am older I hope to run my own riding stables I would call it Imogen’s inspiring riding. All my friends would help out in the yard and give lessons to young riders. Of course I am going to need a lot of experience if that is going to be my dream job. My parents are both interested in horses, but my Dad can’t help me as he is a pilot and works 24.7 in the summer. This year he is flying to New York in America. I do not get to see my Dad much, but that’s because he is flying all the way round the world.
    My Mum on the other hand works in a vet and rescue centre especially for horses. She works there in the summer so do I because there is nobody at home to look after me. Mum says that the vet is very busy in the summer because people are off work and school, and they are going out horse riding and entering competitions. She said that once the rescue centre ran out of stables. I don’t see how that could happen because the building is massive. There is three parts to it, the vet, the rescue centre and a special place at the back where you can buy horses. I always seem to hang out there most of the time. There are over two hundred stables throughout the building. I counted them myself.
    Mum also said that the vets are putting their lives at risk. She told me a story about when she was young. She was watching a story on the news about a vet that got killed by a horse. The horse was distressed and scared. Every time a human came near it would grunt loudly. One of the vets had had enough. She went straight for it. The horse grunted angrily at the vet, but she didn’t stop. The horse then went on its hind legs and neighed furiously. The vet got kicked in the head and was rushed to hospital, but she sadly died in her way there. The rescue centre was the shut, but reopened five months later. It is the very same vet that Mum works at now. Mum said that happened twenty five years ago and it is much safer now.
    The vets may be putting their lives in danger but that’s not stopping them from saving horses lives. They are always trying to keep the horses in good condition. So do I when I get the chance. The vets do get all the good jobs for example give the horses medicine and taking care of new born foals. I get to ride the horses though. That’s good enough for me especially when I have got something the vets don’t have. The truth is I can speak to horses. It is a big secret and I am the only person in the whole wide world who can do it.
    I found this out at my local riding stables about two years ago. It was about ten minutes before my lesson and I was hanging out at Sherbets stable. Sherbet is my favourite horse at the stables and I was going to ride her for that lesson. Sherbet is a 14hh Arab cross. She is an iron grey with a white mane and tail. She is always very patient and very well behaved. Anyway I was hanging out at Sherbets stable telling her how pretty she looked, when I heard someone say, “Ready for your lesson?” I looked round, but there was nobody there. Then I noticed that all the horses in the other stables were looking at me. I stroked Sherbet still looking around when I heard the voice again. “I said are you ready for your lesson?” I looked at Sherbet and figured out it was her speaking. I stepped back with my jaw dropped.
    “You…you spi…spoke” I said shaking.
    “I know I did” said Sherbet. I pinched my arm and whispered to my self, “I must be dreaming.” After a while I stopped pinching my arm and stared at the red mark on it. Then I started pinching again.
    “Can all humans speak to horses,” I asked, confused.
    “No,” replied Sherbet, “you are the chosen one.”
    “What do you mean by that?” I said, still pinching
    “It means that you are the only person in the world who can speak to horses,” Said Sherbet, “someone in the world can speak to dogs and someone else can speak to cats. You are the person who can speak to horses and ponies. Imogen please stop pinching yourself, you could give yourself an injury.” I immediately stopped pinching my arm and stared at Sherbet with my mouth wide open.
    “You still haven’t answered my question,” said Sherbet, “are you ready for your lesson?” I nodded. “Oh and Imogen,” Sherbet said
    “Yes,” I mumbled.
    “Keep this horse talking thing to yourself. Don’t tell anyone, this is a big secret. Ok.” Sherbet said smiling
    “Ok” I muttered smiling back.
    I then lead Sherbet into the riding school where my lesson was taking place. During that lesson I wasn’t concentrating much because of what had just happened, well it’s not everyday you speak to a horse. It was the same the next couple of weeks I could not stop daydreaming about what had happened.
    There is a load more questions I wanted to ask Sherbet that day for example, why am I the only person in the whole wide world who can speak to horses? Dose something affect you that does not affect anyone else, and can I speak to animals related to horses, like zebras and giraffes. It looks like these questions are never going to be answered.
    The main thing is I have not told anybody about it. Not the vets, not my friends, not even my Mum or Dad. It is extremely hard to keep it a secret though, especially when I promised Sherbet, but I will keep it a secret always have and always will…

    So what do you think? This time I am never EVER going to give up. Wish me luck.

  598. heidi says:

    thats grate ppl i love it try and get it published when its done i wish i could write like that.

  599. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:


  600. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Wow! Thanks!

    Sandy looks adorable. I never knew you would think that my story was good. What breed is Sandy?

    PPL xxx

  601. Princess Pony Lover says:

    hi guys!
    Sophie, I’m not really sure I want to put my book on. I’m scared that some people will make fun of it. Like I’m writing a book called ‘The Skies’ It’s about unicorns and magic, and one of my friends actually said “You like writing about little unicorns?!” I don’t think she meant to hurt me, but she did and I’d rather wait then to get teased about it. Maybe. Okay. The series about Jasmine and Nightstorm is going to be called Windbay. Named it after my parent’s breeding center. And the first book is going to be called ‘After the Storm’ What do you think?

    Here it is. It’s only the very first part:

    “I love you so much Nightstorm boy” Jasmine Blake smiled at the beautiful coal black stallion with four white socks and a perfect snip, who blew out affectionately on her cheek. She looked past the paddock where mares with foals by their sides grazed. Here, her parents worked at ‘Windbay Hunter Breeding Centre’ and it was the time of year the mares were giving birth. She thought back to four years ago, when Nightstorm had been born. Jasmine had slept in the stall with Moonlight, the beautiful young black mare who was having her foal for the first time. The Blakes had promised Jasmine that Moonlight’s first foal would be hers. She helped the mare with her foal even though there was a time when everyone thought both the mare and foal would die. Looking back at the Stallion, Jasmine was very glad that didn’t.

    Please tell me what you think. You too, Kelly. In fact, everyone, I love hearing things I need to work on, so yeah, please tell me what you think.

    Love, PPL

  602. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hey guys was up at five this morning and have been working super hard on my book I’ve just finished typing the first chapter and it’s pretty good, if I do say so myself. My little sis says it was good aswell. Daisy my sister says she can’t wait to read Daisy and Dancer but, she is only on Poppy and Prince. The second chpter of my book is attually going into the story, if you know what I mean. The first is just an intro like about Imogens life and how she found out about the speaking t horses thing. Kelly this IS important. How do you publish a book?! Does it cost money? Iv’e asked you so many times please just this little favour. PPL I suppose we can put our books up now because POLLYpony is not on the website. Ellie is my friend from the stables we only met a couple of months ago so she is not my BFF!! BTW thanks guys for all the comments about my books, but this is Kelly website not mine, but you can do it if you like. xox

  603. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    thats ok heidi I can’t spell either.LOL No problem you can call me CHG if you like I call Princess Pony Lover PPL or if you find calling me my real name easier which is Sophie BTW Going to bed now very tired BTW heidi please read my old first chapter of HH on the website ages ago thx :) xox

  604. heidi says:

    btw i cant spell cos when i was in primary they did the obvious ones like: “out,in,over, help” then they jumped strait to words like “volcano and humongous” and realy hard ones because they wanted us to learn sounds. i cant spell “wright” propperly cos they missed that one out compleatly so sorry to anyone who cant read my wrighting if i have spelt it wrong

  605. heidi says:

    oh yes of corse ill read it cheesy horse girl do you mind if i call you chg cos cheesy horse girl is realy long

  606. heidi says:

    btw i will try and keep reading pony camp diaries if i find them i only managed to read sophie and shine cos my libary has that one

  607. heidi says:

    just got to august 13th good luck cheesy hourse girl hope it gest published its a realy grate book from what iv read sorry i havn’t said anything to you ppl you must think im a bit rude.

  608. heidi says:

    btw cheesy hourse girl just got to the august 11th messages and hope the opporation goes well

  609. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Thank you very much heidi that is so kind if I do get it published would you read it. It is so lovely to have such nice girls on this website. :D Love you all xox
    PS please keep on pony camp diaries because there might be more news about HH. I don’t know why but I feel so perffesinal (Soz don’t know how youy spell that) Kelly Please Write back!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  610. heidi says:

    hi cheesyhoursegirl iv just been reading all of the comments on this page i normaly go on the totally lucy page cos im not the biggest fan of hourses but i do love them the first time i road on one i nearly fell off but anyway i think your helping hourses book is a wonderfull idea and i love the way you have how do you say told the story its grate how do you do the little faces btw and kelly iv only read sophie and shine but i love it but the whsmiths where i live doesnt sell the pony camp diaries boo hoo so can anyone tell me where they got thair books from
    please reply
    ps do excuse any spelling mistakes i have made, even though im going into year 9 (whats that in america btw) and im 13 i cant spell propperly cos in primary i wasnt taught propperly until year 5 (whats that in america as well)

  611. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Mmmm Thanks do you like work there or something?

  612. Lovella Talonwolf says:

    Howdy, Cheesyhorsegirlxox,

    Get yourself down to Solentro to get ya’ book written like an actual book, and order it. Then go on a publisher site- like Bloomsbury, Contact Us. And then…well, ya’ve got common sense

    P.S:If not Solentro, Microsoft Word

  613. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Kelly write back Kelly write back Kelly write back. :( How do you publish a book does it cost money????????????? :(

  614. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Thats OK Wilma thanks about my stories. Is Emma going to write again?

  615. POLLYpony says:

    Sorry all about that girls. I am Emmas Mum and I am terribly sorry about what Emma has been saying especially to Cheesyhorsegirlxox. Please do not worry about Emma coming on this website and spoiling your fun. Mrs Kelly Mckain I am also very sorry for what Emma has done. Sorry about that girls.
    Wilma (Emmas Mum)
    P.S Sophie your stories are very good I hope they get published. :) x

  616. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Ellie is a girl from my stables shes not my BFF. Niamh is my BFF. (you say it Nee-vv) Going to hairdressers bye bye. KELLY WRITE BACK PPPLLLLEEEAAAASSSSEEE. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  617. Princess Pony Lover says:

    hey cheesyhorsegirlxox!

    Sorry, but you’ve gotten me lost. Who’s Ellie? And from what I’ve heard of, Shadow is really loving and patient right? So why are you worried that he won’t like you? If he’s as loving as you say he is, he’ll love YOU to bits and act patient. Don’t worry about making friends. Have you heard the saying “New Places New Friends”? You’ll make heaps of them. And maybe loads of them came on their own as well, so maybe they’ll be feeling the same way. Is Ellie your bestie? If she truly is your bestie, the, she won’t go off and leave you. I’m sure my bestie Jess will never do anything like that to me and I will never do such thing to her. She may meet new friends, but she’ll always keep her old ones as well. You will have a great time. Plus, the other girls might be really nice and caring. Have you ever thought of that. Don’t just focus on the negatives, focus on the positives, too! :D

    Ps. I’m sure the publisher will like the HH series. At least I do and so does my sis.

    Love PPL

  618. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    No I’m not publishing the book yet I’m just letting the publisher see the first chapter to see if he/she likes it if not Iv’e got my back up plan Star Signs. I don’t want to go because What if the girls don’t like me and I’m very shy when I first meet people for example if you came to my house right now I’d hardly speak to you Not that I don’t like you it’s just once I was at a school talent show and I sang and I forgot my words I’ve been so shy and embaressed since. Waht if Shadow does’nt like me and What if Ellie gose off with other girls and everyone will think I’m a loner.??? I have finish the first chapter of my book and I am typing it up on word. KELLY PLEASE WRITE BACK IT HAS BEEN AGES AND AGES AND AGES SINCE YOU WROTE BCK CAN’T YOU WRITE BACK WEEKLY OR MONTHLY YOU HAVE GOT SO MANY MESSAGES TO GO THROUGH AND THERE WILL JUST BE MORE AND MOREPLEASE IT’S NOT FAIR IT’S YOUR WEBSITE. :(

  619. Princess Pony Lover says:

    hey cheesyhorsegirlxox!

    Are you serious? You must be nuts not wanting to go! That place sounds awesome!! I would kill to go there. Why don’t you want to go? Is it that you do not like Shadow? He sounds lovely. So do all the ponies, and the activities. Congrats on your book! I’m planning to finish my book before I publish it. Keep up the good work! :D I’m sure Kelly would be very proud (if she ever reads our messages anymore, really miss her :( ). We’ve decided on three mares to breed with Lightning Pride. Strawberry, a six year old copper mare who is a Thoroughbred (pure) who is a very valuable broodmare, Candy, a roan Anglo Arab eight year old, and Serena, a large bay Thoroughbred mare who is pretty old at 14. It may be her last foal, but if she produces well, we might breed her again. We’re looking forward to Strawberry’s the most.

    Love, PPL :D

  620. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    :( :( :( :( Kelly please write back :( :( :( :(

  621. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:


  622. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Thanks PPL I feel a bit better. Iv’e found out more info about the place it’s called Fireflame farm. I think thats such a cool name the is 50 horses and ponies to it and I can’t wait to meet them all. 20 of the horse are already owned, and 15 girls are coming to stay the horses that are being used is: Shadow :D Drook, Fisher, Asflinn (I like that name you prnouce it like As- flinn) Victor, Salzer, Halo, Rupert (another Rupert.) Mint, Jack, Millie, Treasure, Pokeadot, Bell and Thunder. It is NOT like pony camp each day you go on a trip which is NOT on your horse you first go to a vet and the next one is a trip to a victorian place to see how horses worked in the olden days. But you get to have grooming lessons and 2 riding lessons a day. Shadow is desribes as pretty loving and pactient like Prince. If I’m honest I don’t want to go…

  623. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. I’m sure you’ll meet some great friends there. I just found out that the stallion’s name is Lightning Pride. It’s such a cool name. He’s arriving tomorrow! Oh, I can’t wait.

    Please don’t worry. High School will be fine. I’m going to high school next year. But really looking forward to it. There’ll be different classes to take, learn different languages, different clubs, it’ll be so much fun! Good luck. I hope you like it.

    Love, PPL :D

  624. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Iv’e just found out it’s only a two days you go for

  625. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Thats so cool. I am going to high school on Wednesday and I am really nerous what if I don’t fit in and what if someone bullys be I am the smalls out of all the new S1s. :( And what if I get lost and I get detention right now I feel I can only talk to you guys about it. :( Are any of you at high school is it scary PLEASE tell me I’m so scared about the operation and high school please help me out on this one. I went to the stables today and I wasn’t riding Bart it was Witty I don’t no much about him but he was very fast and loved it, but I’m not loving high school at the momment. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  626. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Wow, Cheesyhorsegirlxox!
    Man, you are lucky. You know how I told you I wanted to be a derby trainer one day, well, it seems like a coinsidence, but my mum told me this morning that she had a surprise for me. Guess what? On Sunday, we’re going to have a new stud stally! And he just so happens to be a four year old Thoroughbred! He’s an ex-racehorse, but after he hurt his foot on the track, they said he won’t be able to race anymore, but says he’ll be a great stud stallion! He’s a chestnut, my mum told me, not a dark bay, but that’s okay. We’ve been selecting a few mares to breed with him, so hopefull, there’ll be a few really adorable new foals next Spring! Really excited. I’ve gotten everything ready for him.

    Shadow sounds lovely and I’m sure you’ll have a great time with him. Poor you, not being able to ride. But don’t worry, you will be able to, soon.

    Good news, Starburst isn’t afraid of the halter anymore. He’s still a bit fidgety when we get the halter on him, but hopefully time will do the trick! :D

    Please reply Kelly, you haven’t for a long time.

    Love, PPL

  627. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    This is so unfair my mum says I’m not aloud to ride because of my ear. My ridind hat can do a bit a of damage to it. But I have great news in the October break Mums sending me off to a speacial pony camp thing it’s not like pony camp but it is sort of the same. Mum got an e-mail two days ago and she says I’m riding a 13hh black connermara. It is a she and her name is Shadow. I know this cause The person who runs it is called Sara. I don’t know where it is but it is 2 hours from edinburgh. I can’t wait to meet Shadow. It is a lot of money to get it about £150. What I do now is a girl from my riding stables is going her name is Ellie. Ellie is one year younger than me and is riding Drook at the camp Drook is a 12hh chestnut mare and he is so pretty I’ve seen a picture of him. Oh yeah! Yesterday I got to ride Pepper. He is so paitient and very relaxed. He is a very reliable horse, but I like a challenge and Bart is the horse for me. I was ment to be doing a comp on Pepper but I can’t cause of my ear. Mum says I am aloud my last lesson on Sunday and thats that for a whole week. How will I cope?!

  628. Amee Wu says:

    My favorite book in this series is Amy and Amber. Its because amber is my favorite color and Amy has the same pronunciation as my name!

  629. Amee Wu says:

    My favorite book in this series is Amy and Amber.

  630. Lottie loves you says:

    Hey guys Teddy’s a 14hh connemara grey gelding. I think my dream horse would be Saffy a 15.26h chestnut mare at my yard. I would really love to ride her but she’s only 4 so she’s still a bit of a baby and only gets rode by the staff and really advanced riders who’ve been riding years

  631. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Came back from hospital and it is a bit of metal in my ear Mum reconds it’s a bit of my earring. so they are going to take it out on Monday. My dream horse would be a graet jumper. piebald black piebald and he would be called Stride.

  632. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Ok cheesyhorsegirlxox,
    Good luck. You don’t need to be frightened. I once had a middle ear infection that was very painful, but after some antibiotics, it went away after a few day. I know it probably isn’t as big as having a stone in your ear, but you will be fine. My dream horse is a 3 year old dark bay Thoroughbred race horse stallion. I want to travel all the way to Kentucky when I get older and train Thoroughbreds for the famous Triple Crown AKA the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont stakes and perhaps own my own racing stud farm. It would be so cool.

    What about you guys? What will your dream horses be? I have finished the second chapter of my book. I am very happy with it, but I’m checking over it, just in case.

    Kelly (love you LOADS!!) – Does it cost anything to publish a book? Can you please tell me, Sophie and Lottielovesyou all about publishing a book?
    Please reply soon.

    We finally got the halter on Starburst today, but it was a very hard task. We’re going to try again tomorrow.

    Bye for now, PPL :)

  633. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hi guys went to doctors and I have got something in my ear like a tiny stone I am going to the hospital.I am so scared because I am getting an oporation on tuseday at 3:00pm After that I won’t be aloud to ride for a week. Guys what would be your dream pony? Please wish me luck. Oh yeah I have to go to hospital today to get an X-ray. OH DEAR I’ve gotta go now please wish me luck. :(

  634. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Cracker cuase he is so cheeky like Bart LOL going to docs now

  635. Princess Pony Lover says:

    hey cheesyhorsegirlxox,

    I most want to be friends with a girl from pony camp, I would like to be friends with Hannah because she seems very nice and put in so much work to help the rescue ponies. I would also like to be friends with Millie because she live there. I wish I could live there!

    guys, if you could get paired up with any of the Sunnyside ponies, who will it be and why? Mine would be Charm because he’s such an awesome jumper, good looking, and has lovely manners. How about you guys?

    Love PPL

    P.S glad your ear isn’t hurting so much anymore, Sophie.

  636. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hey guys my ear isn’t hurting so much this moring and if I could chose a pony it would be Bart or Skye. Bart is so cute and everything but skye is a better size for me and shes a fully grown horse if I did get Skye that would be so cool becuase it would sound like this Sophie and Skye. LOL! Lottie loves you What type of horse is teddy and what country are you from thanks xox. How about we talk about this who we would most want to be friends at pony camp mines would be Poppy beuase she looks so pretty and she sounds so nice or I would be friends with Millie because she LIVES there. What you guys think?!?!

  637. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hi Lottielovesyou and cheesyhorsegirlxox,

    wow, Lottielovesyou! The book seems really great! Are you going to do a series about it? If I could buy a pony at my stables, I would buy Starburst! Is foals included because Starburst is a colt. If they are not, then I would buy Jasper, you know the black QH mare? We went on our mini cross country course today and we had a fab time. She will always be one of my favourites. She’s pretty good at dressage, too. I found out yesterday afternoon that she had a bit of Arab blood in her.

    cheesyhorsegirlxox – don’t worry, I’m sure the doctor’s appointment will be fine! If it’s not, I bet the doctor can fix it. You’ll be fine.

    Kelly – please reply! We really really really need you! How come you haven’t been chatting to us. It’s almost three months! Are you too busy? :(

    Love, PPL

  638. Lottie loves you says:

    I had a look at the picture of you riding Bart. I’m doing the one day event at my riding yard on tuesady, but i’m not riding Teddy i’m on Troy my friend Chelsea is riding him even though she’s never rode him and isn’t a confident jumper which is where he’s funny if the jumps are small he cant be bothered with them.
    Question for all out of every horse and pony on the yard you ride at which one would you buy? I think I would buy Troy the Teddy.

  639. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Went to the stables today and there is more drama a new horse came to our stables today and he is called Pepper. Pepper is so cute he is a Arab Cross and is a Palamino. He is 14hh which is the perfect size for me to be honest he looks a bit like Mischief from megan and mischief although Pepper is not cheeky and mischeif atall me and Niamh were watching my friend Trisha ride him. Trisha works st the stables cause her Mum works there. (LUCKY!!! :D) Trisha rides Pepper really well and me and Niamh were like WOW. BTW I am going to doctors tomorrow cause my ear is killing me. It’s not earake i’ts just really sore and I’m not deaf either tell you how I get on tomorrow. xoxox I hope it’s not serious. :( I’m pretty worried to be honest. Wish me luck

  640. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Lottie Loves you when I was 8 I wrote a story like that but it was like this: Beth loves her pony Sugar so much and she would be heart broken if she loses him. Then one day Sugar is nowhere to be seen so Beth runs away to find him. she comes back empty handed and is forced to ride again, but she refuses until she finds Sugar. I called that story You are Never Alone. Lottie Loves you please look at me on Bart xox. Love you guys xoxox

  641. Lottie loves you says:

    I’m not sure what to call my story. Here’s the plot-
    Launa life is perfect, she’s got Holly, the perfect pony and nothing could be better until…
    Without Holly, Launa’s life as a rider begins to fall apart but can Lauan find herself once more with the help of a strawberry roan mare?
    Do you like it? Also thought i’d mention a little news about Teddy, the silly pony tried to eat my hoof pick and then today Josie tried to as well!

  642. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Going swimming today and then working on my book Loads of Love Sophie.
    Kelly how do you publish a book??? :) :D

  643. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Yeah I’ll think I’ll do the same incase of *cough cough* :D LOL

  644. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    I know PPL POLLYpony aka Emma is a TERRIBLE speller and she always shows off about Kipper her horse and the shes only been riding a year, and even worse she dosen’t like Kelly so “POLLYpony” why are you on this website get off you idiot. Kelly my NUMBER 1 AUTHOR dosen’t want you here and neather do I or PPL and it is PPL GOT IT! DON’T YOU DARE COME ON THIS WEBSITE FOR THE WRONG REASON SO JUST GET OF THIS WEBSITE AND TAKE YOUR STUPID ATTIDUDE WITH YOU. wow I can’t just belive I wrote that. Sorry about all of that Kelly I’m not having HER ruining your website. Anyhoo I went to the stables yesterday but I didn’t have a leeson I went on a hack we went into a feild but it’s OK Thats Eves uncles farm we had a galloping race and I came 3rd cause Bart is not a fast pony belive you me. then we did a troting race then cantering and for fun walking which was so funny cause we all started trotting halfway through. BTW Eve wasn’t there was the teacher who taught the other group her name is Kelly how cool is that Kelly LOL. Love you guys and Kelly the author Kelly.

  645. Princess Pony Lover says:

    You know what, POLLYpony? Only bad riders give out bad sportsmanship, so you should really give more encouragement to Sophie.


  646. Princess Pony Lover says:

    wow, POLLYpony, last time you spelt ‘either’ wrong and this time u spelt ‘annoying’, ‘piece’, ‘tomorrow’ and ‘freak’ wrong lol! oh and BTW, it’s ‘PPL’ not ‘PLP’. actually sophie’s position is really good u know. :D

    if u don’t like kelly, what are u doing here?????

    cheesyhorsegirl – wow, congrats for Eve. She must be so happy! i’m not gonna post my story up yet just in case someone *cough cough* says it’s bad *cough cough* :D
    <3 PPL

  647. POLLYpony says:

    Don’t even care PLP whatever and how dare you stupid anoying horsy geek AKA cheesyhorsegirl AKA Sophie I am not scared to write back you freek. BTW I don’t like Kelly Mckain so there and I don’t care how you spell PLP and Sophie you have got the worst jumping position I’ve ever ever seen so ha ha. and no PLP I will give YOU a peice of MY mind. Me and Kipper are going on a hack tommorrow Sophie and your not coming. HA HA

  648. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hey got good news I went to the stables again today and Eve said shes expecting a baby she’ll be going off work soon but shes really excited and I’m so happy for her.

  649. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    PPL please put your book on please

  650. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    For rescuing Raven Imogen gets whipped by the man who is whipping raven Imogen then gets whipped and thats when she wakes up in hospital with such a big loss of blood. I might put Saving Sandy on but first I’m going to type it up I’ve read it to my cousins cause they were up this weekend. Right I’ve got a problem it’s about Saving Sandy. What happens is I’m writing the first chapter like an introduction if you know what I mean. Then the second chapter is about the first week at the rescue centre. Then it gose into the story about Sandy. I’ve figured out a really big twist at the end and ‘m not going to tell you cause I want it to be a big surprise. I went to the stables yeaterday and my new instucter is called Eve she is about 20 to 25 years old and shes much better than Debbie. She can get strickt sometimes but I supose thats OK. I was on Bart and she said we are perfect for each other. Debbie used to take everyone in the class, but Eve wants it differently her maximum is 5 horses while the other go in the other school and there is 5 horses in that one to. I am in Eves group with Tarrisha on Foxy Sarah on Saxo, Anna on Misty and Niamh my BFF on Harry. At least we are in the same group next lesson whith Eve whill be a while cause I’m going out on Summer hacks and comps. Kelly you havent wrote in THREE weeks nearly four :(

  651. Princess Pony Lover says:

    hi cheesyhorsegirlxox,

    yeah, it is winter, but it is starting to get warmer and we don’t need to sleep with the heater on anymore! We still can’t get the halter on Star Burst yet, because he runs away. We’re planning on doing it inside the stall tomorrow so he can’t run away. Poor thing. He looks so frightened.

    After I finish the first chapter of the book I’m writing, I’ll put it on. Can I ask you why Imogen lost so much blood when she is rescuing Raven?

    Can you put Saving Sandy up, wherever you’re up to. Really want to see in! :D

    Love, PPL

  652. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    That is so far away It’s winter where you are AMAZING

  653. Princess Pony Lover says:

    hey cheesyhorsegirlxox,
    I live in Australia.

    we don’t have much Pony Camp Diaries there, so yeah, we have to find them on a website, then send it over or something (really annoying sometimes, if you know what I mean!)

    Love, PPL

  654. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    BTW I’m so sorry about Star Burst xox

  655. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    I’ve nearly finish the first chapter and It’s all changed. PPL what country do you live in I live in Scotland.

  656. Princess Pony Lover says:

    i’ll put the first chapter on later. Gotta go. (it’s not in first person, it’s in third, so yeah, it’s not like a diary.)

    LUV, PPL

  657. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Dear cheesyhorsegirlxox

    Oh, I’m so sorry about Basher. Poor baby. It just suddenly occured to me that Nature is so cruel sometimes. Well, have a great time swimming.

    Love, PPL

  658. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Thanks about the jumping postion. Cool your typing your story can you put the first chapter on the website. Don’t worry I won’t copy it. I’m on the 4th page now and I am taking my time cause there is no need to rush. Yesterday I went to the stables and I’ve got bad news. You no the foal I told you about Basher, well he just… died. Nobody knows how but it’s real sad cause Basher was only a month old Bella’s owner the horse that gave birth to Basher was so upset and I couldn’t help feeling sorry for her. R.I.P Basher. Niamh my friend is coming over to day and I’m really busy this week: I’m going swimming and working on my book that sort of stuff but I’ll try to write as much as possible. Kelly Pony Camp Diares are the best says my sister whos just finished Megan and Mischief. Kelly please look at me on bart the website hes the one with the white bum LOL. love you guys loads xoxoxox

  659. Princess Pony Lover says:

    BTW, I had a look at the photos and Bart is gorgeous! You’ve got a really nice jump position as well!

    PPL :)

  660. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey Kelly and cheesyhorsegirlxox,

    I’ve started typing my story, too! It’s sounding good so far, and my sis is helping me a bit too, so yeah. I feel really sorry for Star Burst. Today, we tried haltering him. He got really scared and kept on squealing. He tried to run away from us, so we couldn’t do it. He spent the rest of the day hiding close to Angela’s legs and whenever a person came up to him, he runs across the field as fast as those poor tiny little hooves could carry him and hides behinde the maple tree in his paddock. :( I hope he’s not so frightened anymore tomorrow.

    Lots of Love, PPL

  661. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    PPL this is what I do maybe give it a try you too Kelly. I look on the this chatroom every morning and then every evening and I type messages I do that unless I’ve got somehting on.
    Guys please look at this website the picture that says 27th of July ubove it is where I was at the cross country comp Bart is the first one with the white bum LOL xox. I was on him. The brown one is foxy. brown and white one is Rupert hes so pretty xox Then theres Dandy at the end. Click on the click on here bit to see more pics. Heres the website:
    There you go thx xox

  662. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Kelly Mckain was born to write Pony Camp Diaries.

  663. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    PPL please write back but KELLY PLEASE CAN YOU WRITE BACK please please please :(

  664. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    I am writing out the first chapter then typing it. So write type finsh and publish. LOL.

  665. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    I’m not sure if Emma likes Kelly but if she dose’nt thats pretty is sad cause I luv Kelly xox Saving Sandy is coming along really well I’m on the sceond page BUT good authors take their time isn’t that right Kelly. I’m reading over it and looking up dictinarys and thsourasas I’m not sure how you spell that BTW. I’m doing my very very best wish me luck. xoxx

  666. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Helping horse healing hearts is the motto for the book yeah Kelly please write back Emma is the same age as me and she dosen’t want to write back incase she got into trouble please don’t go on about her. KELLY PLEASE WRITE BACK COME ON

  667. Princess Pony Lover says:

    hi cheesyhorsegirlxox,

    sorry I didn’t answer some of your questions before. Yeah, I did have a look at the website. Poor Autumn. It must have been so horrible for her owners. Sorry, I still don’t exactly get the ‘Helping Horses Healing Heats’ there.

    Just talk to Emma like you do with a normal person. If it dosn’t work, then, stand your ground so that she knows you don’t exactly care and find someone else.
    That’s what I usually do to people who are always looking for ways to make others feel bad.

    Kelly – Please write back. How come you’re not writing back? :(
    I know you’re really busy with Freddie, but we really need help on how to publish a book right now, so, please.

    Love, PPL

  668. Princess Pony Lover says:

    hey cheesyhorsegirlxox!

    So, how old is Emma anyway? lol. Does she really like Kelly? why isn’t emma gonna write anymore?

  669. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    I am going to work on my book now and then type the first Chapter I’ll write tomoz and Kelly how do you publish a book??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  670. Caitlin luv u says:

    Mmmm Hi Cheesy horse girl told you I’d look on the website and PLP hiya WOW and even better Hi Kelly mckain I’m a big fan too LOL. I really like Millie and Magic definatly my fav :)) Cheesyhorsegirl Your books are really good I am so excited I can’t WAIT to illistrae yours books. xxxx

  671. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    WOW thanks guys you’ve made me feel loads better and how can you speak to Emma aka POLYYpony. She has this big gang and I’m always really scared when I speak to her. BTW did you look up the website about Autumn. It’s so sad Vet School is a speacail vet in Edinburgh. Don’t worry PPL nothings gonna stop me from writing these books. I’ve always ALWAYS wanted to be an author and NOTHING no even a stupid girl like Emma is going to stop me. :) Your sis sent a message and to be honest I think shes just saying that to make me feel good, but who knows. LOL! Emma said shes not going to type again. So hopefully thats the end of her. I don’t want her spoiling this website esspecailly if it belongs to the one and only Kelly Mckain (Love you Kelly xox) Caitlin said if she can she might take a look on the website Caitlin reads the books too. I won’t be able to write until the end of the day or mabye even tommorrow. PPL please look over the messages I typed yesterday cause I don’t think you get the helping horses healing hearts. Thx
    All my love
    Cheesyhorsegirl xox

  672. Princess Pony Lover says:

    POLLYpony – u know u have no right to call me and cheesygirlxox idiots.
    so don’t u dare call me that again, GOT IT!


  673. Princess Pony Lover says:

    hey cheesyhorsegirlxox,
    i’m PPL’s sis. i was just reading ur HH series (cos PPL begged me to) and they’re really gud. i don’t remember anyone writing so well when i was 11 years old. :D

  674. Princess Pony Lover says:

    sorry cheesyhorsegirlxox, i couldn’t go on yesterday cos my sis (u know the one in uni), was screaming her head off at me for me to get off, so that she could go on fb. Besides, my mum told me to check on the horses’ evening feed, so, I couldn’t go on.

    Love, PPL

    POLLYpony – you do know that you spelt ‘either’ wrong, right? :D


  675. Princess Pony Lover says:

    It’s ok. I know that some people just can’t afford to be nice. but please dont stop writing (that’s how u can make it up to me) cos you’re a great writer, don’t get discouraged. :)

    POLLYpony- Since when was I writing a book called ‘Healing Hearts’?, dude? Oh, and don’t you dare say that about my friend cheesyhorsegirlxox, six year old (you know, you type really well for a six year old)lol.

  676. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    This other website is


    It’s good he is the guy who helped Autumn
    :( please answer back :(

  677. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    :( please answer back

  678. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hey guys you know the horse Autumn I told you about well about a year ago she was on T.V. Yes she really was this was five mounths before she died and it was flimed at my riding stables Debbie my teacher owns her and shes now famous becuase she was on T.V! How cool is that. Heres what is says on the website.
    Autumn is a favourite at Tower Farm Riding School, situated near the Braid Hills Golf Course in Edinburgh.

    Autumn is 15 and has been at the school for 8 years. As owner Debbie Henderson explains, the popular horse is particularly good at jumping and enjoys teaching new riders.

    Unfortunately, Autumn has been cause for concern recently – after experiencing some breathing problems.

    Respiratory complications can be quite common in horses, but a horse with that condition can be a real problem for a riding school and might even have to retire.

    Equine vet Matt Hanks comes to Autumn’s rescue, but he first needs to hear her in action. Matt wants to determine whether Autumn’s noise problems occurs when she is breathing in or out.

    Unfortunately, it’s not good news and Matt quickly identifies that the noise it’s both inspiratory and expiratory.

    The next step involves passing a tiny camera through Autumn’s nose. This time the camera reveals the root of the problem: a partially paralysed larynx is restricting Autumn’s breathing.

    Without surgery she won’t be able to stay in work. Now Autumn’s future at the riding school depends on a fiddly laser operation to fix her voice box.

    If you would like to find out more about Autumn look at he website but it is ver very very sad. poor poor Autumn. Heres the website.

    There you go.

  679. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Oh my… I feel so terrible have I hurt your feelings PPL is that why your not writing back oh dear me I’m sos sorry…Mmmmm :( look theres something I havent told you guys. At school I get well… lets just say called names and sometimes beaten up. I wouldn’t call it bulling it’s not that bad. At school I get top marks for tests and all that sort of stuff, and I think what there trying to say is well… I’m… I’m a geek. Oh dear please dont tell anyone please please.

  680. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    OMG!!!!!! I am so sorry PPL and Kelly OMG!!!! I feel so bad I am super sorry. please I’m so sorry super duper sorry OMG!!! :(

  681. POLLYpony says:


  682. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Mmmmmm well I could say i’ve wrote it but that would be a lie, but good news I’ve got an… illistartor… yes I really do her names caitlin and shes in my class shes a really good cartoon drawer and she can’t stop drawing… About Saving Sandy I’ve wrote out 12 different starts to it! Yes 12! But none of them suit it so I decided to mix them all up but it just sounded all weird LOL! Iv’e wrote out the blurb and Caitlin done a breif drawing of the front cover that has Helping Horses at the top behind that is a red cross you know the one I mean. In the middle there is going to be a picture of the horse that I’m writing about. And I’ve made up a motto “Helping horses and healing hearts” What do you think. If I’m honest I’m stuggling to write the book PPL I’m not sure if they wrote it one the website.OKAY Saving Sandy is so hard it’s hard to get the information in. ARAAAAHHHH!!!!! I’VE ALWAYS THOUGHT IT WOULD BE EASY TO WRITE A BOOK!!!

  683. Emily is a huge kelly fan :) says:

    I love it ;)

  684. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey cheesyhorsegirlxox,

    you know how the people made fun of your books? Which website did they look at and did they actually write that on? If they did, then I’m going to give them a piece of my mind!

    Molly, my instructor said that a few weeks later, Star Burst will learn how to halter. The halter is teeny tiny and she says that I can helpt her!! Thanks for using Loving Lacey and Gentling Gem! It made me feel good and glad that you like my ideas.

    POLLYpony – No, I don’t know cheesyhorsegirlxox, but it feels like we’ve been friends for a long time because we’ve been chatting so much! I wish we did know each other, though. :)

    Kelly – I still can’t believe that Daisy and Dancer is the last one! Why won’t your publisher let you write another one?! You should be able to decide for yourself! Hey, I know, how about you tell him or her how sad we’ve been and maybe she’ll change her mind!

    Oh, I forgot to tell you guys that I finally had a chance to ride Tango today! He’s great. He’s got spirit, but he’s also obedient, so yeah. But Jasper is still one of my faves. You know, the black Quarter Horse mare? I haven’t been riding her much lately, but I still give her a few carrots sometimes and I still groom her.

    Hey Kelly!

    If you can’t continue the Pony Camp Diaries, than could I? After all, your publisher couldn’t say I’ve published too many books! Sometimes, me and my friends pretend that we’re at pony camp. I’m always on Charm, Steph, my friend is always on Monsoon, and Jess is always on Hope. I know it’s pretty weird, but it’s actually quite fun. Oh, and we take turns being Sally! He He!

    have you finished Saving Sandy yet? How many chapters is it going to be?

    Please reply and you too, Kelly.

    Love, Princess Pony Lover :)

  685. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Sorry cheesyhorsegirlxox!

    I haven’t been writing back lately. I’ve been helping my parents on the farm, so yeah. Wow! All the stories sound great! I especially love it how you leave a mystery in the blurb. Don’t listen to what people put on that website. You will be a great writer. I really love them!

    Love PPL :)

  686. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:


  687. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Why is nobody writing back….. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  688. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Genteling Gem:
    A worried paicent has came in with a horse that is struggling to breath. Imogen and the team have to work fast or the horse, Gem might stop breathing. It is to dangerous to operate on Gem. What can Imogen do to save her…

    Protecting Pablo:
    A rare breed of horse has came in with a serious leg injury. Imogen knows that Pablo needs to breed with a female to help the breed of horse, but is Pablo to week to carry on…

    Right guys Caming Cupid is ment to be Loving Lacey but about Cupid so Caming Cupid is:
    The vets have just got an emergency call in about a horse who is getting bullied. The horse is hurt and very ill and is saced of humans and other horses the vets can’t get near him that means they can’t help him…

    This is Loving Lacey:
    An abandoed horse is stuck in a fence and the vets can’t get her out. the horse, Lacey is hungry and thirsty but the vets can’t feed until she is out of the fence. Imogen and the vets are struggling to free Lacey. She is getting weaker and weakerand theres not much the vets can do…

    Adoring Ally:
    A foal has been broght in to the vets with no mother. The foal needs it’s mothers milk so the vets try paring it up with another horse. time gose by and nothings working what can Imogen do to save her…

  689. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Grrrrrrrrrr :’(

    Iv’e been trying to write my book but I can’t.
    Iv’e wanted to be an author since I knew how to write but it’s never going to happen and I can’t stop dreaming about being an author or wishing I always try so hard but I can’t do it it’s not fair. :( :(

  690. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Why is nobody writing back :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  691. POLLYpony says:

    why is Daisy the last one Mrs Mckain. :(

  692. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Kelly I was just thinking about something if Daisy and Dancer is the last one(BOOHOO) will we be not alowed to chat on this anymore please write back Kelly pretty please.

  693. POLLYpony says:

    Hello Mrs Mckain and chesyhorsegrilxox

    PPL Do you now cheesyhorsegrilxox

    Mrs Mckain my Mummy always reads your pony camp diarys to me I am on poppy and prince but mummy has got me chole and cracker and sophie and shine

  694. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Kelly I do’nt mean to be rude but you don’t write back much

  695. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Healing Haribo:
    Imogen is very excited because of the horses is expecting a foal, but the foal is born with a sivear illness and there is not much Imogen can do to help him. When Imogen finds out that the vets might put him down she trys to stop them, but is it to late…

    Loving Lacey:
    The vets have just got an emergency call in about a horse who is getting bullied. The horse is hurt and very ill and is saced of humans and other horses the vets can’t get near her that means they can’t help her…

    Finding Fortune:
    Imogen and the team have got a case on there hands when the find out that a wild horse has got a disease that is killing other horses the need to hurry and quick because time is running out to save the horses life…

  696. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Mmmm Hey guys I just got this text from one of the nasty people in my class they said that they just looked at he website and… well this is what the text said…
    Hi cheesyhorsegirl LOL. I can’t belive the people on the website belive you your never ever going to write a book.this is you “oh hi kelly iv’e just wrote helping horses eeee” Stupid litte horsey geek.

    Thats what she said I think should stop. people will just make fun of me theres no point in it.

  697. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    I know it was just bugging me I really wish I could send a video of me telling it to you guys but I can’t can I? I wish Kelly would write back more often I thought she would of wrote back because Daisy and Dancer is out BTW what do u think of the blurbs for Saving Sandy and Rescuing Raven.

  698. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey cheesyhorsegirlxox!

    Thanks for your concern about Starburst. Since the weather is starting to get cold, he has to sleep with a blanky on. He’s so cute and he sometimes takes his blankey with his teeth when we come to the field to take it off, he runs around with it, dragging it around while Angela grazes. He’s still really small, but has recovered from the flu. Molly says I can help train him!

    BTW, Why do you think I would copy your books? I’m not going to be that unfair. :( What, do you think so? I love the series, but you can write yours and I’ll write mine. Although I would love to help with the HH series.


  699. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Oh yeah PPL hows Starburst

  700. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Saving Sandy:
    Sandy is abandonded by her own owner and has been surviving on grass and rain water for weeks. Imogen and the crew have no time to lose but things get even worse when they are low on food suplises. Sandy is an inch from death and there is not much more the vets can do to save her…

    Rescuing Raven:
    Imogen is in so much pain after she saves Raven from being whipped by a man.Imogen and Raven fled but Imogen has put her life at risk and has lost a lot of blood she wakes up in the hospital with bad news about Raven…

    I’ve got that for the first two would that make YOU want to read them????? I’ll work out the others for later on.

  701. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    OOpss I mean Hi PPL. LOL

  702. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hiya Cheesyhorsegirl Iv’e just woke up LOL! As I said in the last message I find it much easier to tell the story so I’m going to record parts of the story on my phone and then write it down. I will change bits to it. I wish I could send a video of me telling the story.Grr this is so hard. BTW you wouldn’t copy my books would you. :(

  703. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey cheesyhorsegirlxox!

    Remember the foal I told you guys about in Windbay whose the cross TB hanoverian and Danish Warmblood? Well, she was born just yesterday. Beautiful copper colored filly with a wide blaze and really cute floppy ears. She’s exactly the right size for a foal and all of the staff members are very happy with her. Her dam’s name is Stella and we’ve named her filly Amira which means ‘princess’ in some other language. My parents think she’s going to be a superb show jumper or eventer one day.

    Ps. The HH series sound great and the order is perfect. Keep on continuing.

    luv, PPL

  704. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    I got names for HH
    1. Saving Sandy
    2. Rescuing Raven
    3. Healing Haribo
    4. Loving Lacey
    5. Finding Fortune
    6. Genteling Gem
    7. Protecting Pablo
    8. Caming Cupid
    9. Adoring Abby
    10. Nesting Naysa


  705. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Write back PPL, Kelly :( :( :(

  706. POLLYpony says:

    My Mummy and Daddy own a breeding farm I go there sometims.I am geting a horse for my sevinth brithday. I hope Mrs Mckain I wrote a pom about you.

  707. POLLYpony says:

    I am 6

  708. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Thank you POLLYpony how old are you

  709. POLLYpony says:

    I done my first trot today Mrs Mckain and it’s only my 6th lesson. I’m very proud of myself.

  710. POLLYpony says:

    Mrs Mckain I have got Daisy and Dancer and Cheesyhorsegirlxox I think you are a very good writer. 10/10.
    Love you Mrs Mckain x

  711. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hi I’m back from my hols I came in about 10mins ago and I’ve got really bad jetlag. Kelly- Sorry byt I haven’t got enough money to buy Daisy and Dancer cause I spent it all in florida. LOL! Florida was soo cool I went to the new Harry Potter world. It was AMAZING. (but not as good as the PCDs) I bought Bertie Botts every flavour beans and I got earwax and poo!!!!!!!!! Also at the pool the was 15 girls and 6 boys. Now this is a story I can’t forget. I was playing with 7 of the girls about my age. I told them that I LOVE to write books then the asked if they could hear them. This is the amazing part………1 five year old, 3 seven year olds, 1 eight year old, 4 nine year olds, 2 eleven year olds, 1 twelve year old and 2 thriteen year old girl were all listening to my Helping horses series and then I told pirate storys and goast storys to the boys. Then after that I told all of the my Star Sign books. I meen WOW. Last thing we did was pretended my frist Star Sign FLIM came out and I started giving them my autogragh. I loved it. Also I’ve got really bad sunburn on my shoulders OUCH!Yeah PPL I think that is acool idea. Oh yeah bad news. I find it really hard to write the books and much much easier to tell them. BTW Iv’e not got much marks out of 10 about the story. And one more thing… YOU GUYS WOULD’NT COPY MY BOOKS WOULD YOU. IT’S BEEN BUGGING ME FOR AGES.

  712. Princess Pony Lover says:

    OMG!! Kelly,
    the Daisy and Dancer sounds great!! I read the sneak a peak and I saw all the girls and the ponies and I just wish I could finish it!

    Ps. Isabel and Rosie are really pretty!

    Luv, PPL :)

  713. Lottie loves you says:

    Yeah I only get six weeks cos I go to an ordinary high school. Do you go to a private school cos usually its only private ones that get eight weeks?
    i’m seriously in love with Teddy! The only problem is his colour.greys are seriously hard to keep clean!

  714. melonyxx says:

    hi lottie loves you do your school only get six weeks? because my school gets eight weeks
    hi kelly so whats the news

  715. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey Kelly and cheesyhorsegirlxox!

    I rode on Gem! He is like soooo spirited! When we went on a hack she threw me off! I was like seriously scared to get back on her, but after a lot of encouragement from the instructor, I finally got back on. Now, I don’t even know why I was so silly! I groomed her and the next day, we went on a little jumping round. I tied second with another girl on a black Arab gelding named Ebony. It was so much fun! I also got to be in the same room as my friends, so that was a relief!

    Cheesyhorsegirlxox – how was Florida? Please tell me all about it.

    Lottie loves you – glad you had such an awesome time with Teddy!

    Love, PPL :)

  716. Lottie loves you says:

    I went out on my loan pony Teddy on wednesday. When we cantered Teddy decided canter wasn’t fast enough and shot off past Twinkle Toes who had already lost all breaks. So there me and Anna were galloping along on ponies with no breakes while blue, rebel and rusty tried there best to keep up! ;-)

  717. melonyxx says:

    hiya guys sorry ive not been writing to you in a while i was on holiday in burghead.i went to the local riding stables in burghead and it was amazing.the stables are called cranloch riding centre and after just two riding lessons i did my first ever jump! it was so amazing! i did it on a little highland pony called poppy she was so amazing! and kelly whats the news
    from melonyxx

  718. Lottie loves you says:

    Last day of school tomorrow. Super exited we finish at dinner. Then I get six weeks of pony bliss!!

  719. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey cheesyhorsegirlxox!

    I have an idea you could do for the title page. You could make it a bit like the pony camp diaries (If Kelly dosn’t mind), except with just the horse, and in the background, you could show like the vet’s centre or something? You don’t have to use it. Have you got anu palominos at your riding stable?

    Love, PPL

  720. oddball says:

    dusent matter ignor the last 1 i sent

  721. oddball says:

    is there a book called sarah and spike because i saw it on amozon and i think you wrote it???

  722. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Right guys this might be the last time I write before going on my hols. HAVE A FANTASTIC HORSEY HOLIDAY EVERYONE AND KEEP ME UP TO DATE WITH EVERYTHING THATS GOING ON AND DON’T WORRY KELLY I’LL GET DAISY AND DANCER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! have a good one guys see you when i get back
    All my love
    A.K.A Sophie (I’m not Cheesy)

  723. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    hi kelly I’m really excited cause iv’e entered a writing last year I came 1st lets do it again xox LOL

  724. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Ok not the welsh then I’m doing the book now

  725. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey cheesyhorsegirlxox!

    Apology accepted! Yeah I think a palomino will be great aswell! So do you want a Caspian Pony or a Welsh pony? People won’t normally adbandon Welsh Ponies because if they are bred correctly, they are very valuable.

    Love, PPL

  726. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Ok the blurb
    Imogen and the team need to rescue a golden palamino from dieing.But there is a terrible storm and the horse has only got seconds of it’s life left. can Imogen save it’s life…

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE how was that. Kelly how do you publish a book

  727. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Yeah we do shes the expert. I think a golden palamino. what do you think.

  728. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey cheesyhorsegirlxox!

    Well maybe Sandy should be a pony breed? Like maybe a Welsh pony with a beautiful palomino coat? Or maybe a Caspian Pony? Do you want her to be a beautiful golden palomino, or a red, sandy chestnut?

    If you have any other ideas, be my quest.

    I know you didn’t mean it like that, but well, I know I have been a bit TOO enthusiastic.

    Oh yes, and we DO need Kelly.

    Love, PPL

  729. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    PPL I’m sorry plz write back plz:(

  730. Abbey says:

    LOVE the books

  731. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Kelly I’m not Cheesy it’s just that I LOVE cheese If you want me to change my name then I will.

  732. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    I think she should be a Welsh section A

  733. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    No no I didn’t mean it like that… It’s just hard for me….OK

    This is the blurb
    Imogen and the team need to save………
    OOPS what breed should Sandy be.

  734. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey cheesyhorsegirlxox,

    Sorry about me bubbling. I’m just so excited and I’ve got so manny ideas. Okay, I’ll shut up if you want me to. Sorry. :(

    So tell me more about Saving Sandy.


  735. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Wait I now who we need why didnt I think of it before……KELLY we need Kelly

  736. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Look were getting carried away can we just concitrate on the 1st one OK then I might do it

  737. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey cheesyhorsegirlxox!


    Love, PPL

  738. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    look theres no point If I was to carry on I would but …but Im a failure

  739. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey cheesyhorsegirlxox!

    I just suddenly came up with an idea! You could write a story about how a mare has twin foals and how Imogen has to try save all three of them, since having twin foals and having them and the mare surviving is only 1 in 10 0000. What do you think?

    I hope you use the idea!

    Love PPL :)

  740. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    I DID THAT PPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  741. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hey guys :(
    Why the :(
    well my riding instrutor Debbie is retiring. Iv’e been with her for ages and now shes going. BOO HOO!
    BTW I’ve gave up with the “Helping Horses” because I don’t think I’m good at writing. It’s very hard to fit everything in and I’m only 11 a publisher will take one look and say it’s rubbish. No one EVER listens to children sorry.

  742. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey cheesyhorsegirlxox!

    What did you think about the wild horse part? I think it’s great so far, I just thought maybe Imogen should tell when the horse first spoke to her? I love ‘Healing Haribo’ and it sounds great so far, but could ‘Loving Lacey’ also be about a foal? Please? I took ages finding that cute name.

    BTW, I promise you I will tell you all the Pony gossip. :)

    You’re such a good writer!

    Love, PPL :)

  743. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    I think I did write about that bit. Iv’e already got a story about a foal it’s called “Healing Haribo” A foal is born and it gets really ill and the vet has to put him down but Imogen won’t let her. Too be honest PPL I thought I did write enough about that bit, I thought that was the best part. if some of the other girls think that too then I’ll think about changing. Iv’e already got most of it writen downand Ive added more bits in look:I simply love horses. I don’t have one of my own, but if I did I would treasure him or her forever. My Mum has a horse but I am always the one looking after it, which is ok because it is sort of like having my own one. Mum basically lives with horses. She works at a vet especially for them I sometimes have to work there in the Summer. That’s what I did this Summer. I had seen some horses in a terrible state, but the vets always try there best to keep them in good condition.
    I try to help the vets as much as possible but their always doing all the good jobs for example giving the horses check ups and taking care of new born foals. The vet is not just a vet it is a horse rescue centre and there is a special place in the building where you can buy horses. Even though there is all of this the vets still do all the work, but I have something that the vets don’t have. I can speak to horses. They are the only animal I can talk to but I like it that way. I figured out that I could do this when I was at my riding stables telling one of the horses how much I love him. The he suddenly spoke back. “You are not to bad yourself,” he said. I was really shocked at this. I mean it’s not everyday you speak to a horse! Then he told me that I could speak to horses and horses only. He said that somebody in the world can speak to dogs and someone else can speak to cats and so on. Nobody knows about this. It is a big secret and I’m going to keep it that way.
    BTW will you tell me all the gossip when I get back from my holiday.Plz PLz

  744. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey cheesyhorsegirlxox!

    Sorry about not being able to write back. I think that Imogen’s mum owning Naysa is a really good idea. I will rate your story a 8.5/10. Maybe you could write more about how she found out and more about that time when it happened. But the rest of it is really good! I was thinking maybe in the ‘Loving Lacey’ book, it could be about a newborn foal and how it was born really sickly and the vets are doing everything they can to help it? And maybe in another book, it can be about how they capture a wild horse and learn that he has this kind of sickness and has to try and help him, and how there’s a flu spreading and killing many wil horses? Is that a good idea?

    Oh, and Star Burst is doing really well. The vet says that he and Angela can go outside in a few days! :)

    Sorry Kelly, I haven’t been talking to you as much.

    Lottie loves you, please tell me all about what it was like to ride Teddy and I’ll tell you guys what it was like to ride Gem.

    Love you all, PPL :)

  745. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    :( :( :( :(
    Why are you not writing back :(

  746. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    I’ve got an idea I think Imogens Mum has Naysa what do u think? Plz write back

  747. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Right this is for ALL the girls and you Kelly what do you HONESTLY think of this it’s Helping Horses Saving Sandy, here goes nothing:
    I simply love horses. I don’t have one of my own, but if I did I would treasure him or her forever. My Mum has a horse but I am always the one looking after it, which is ok because it is sort of like having my own one. Mum basically lives with horses. She works at a vet especially for them I sometimes have to work there in the Summer. That’s what I did this Summer. I had seen some horses in a terrible state, but the vets always try there best to keep them in good condition.
    I try to help the vets as much as possible but there always doing all the good jobs like giving the horses check ups and taking care of new born foals. I have something that the vets don’t have, I can speak to horses. There the only animal I can talk to but I like it that way. I figured out that I could do this when I was at my riding stables telling one of the horses how much I loved him. The he suddenly spoke back. “You are not to bad yourself.” I was really shocked at this. I mean it’s not everyday you speak to a horse! Then he told me that I could speak to horses and horses only. He said that somebody in the world can speak to dogs and someone else can speak to cats and so on. Nobody knows about this. It is a big secret.

    Give me a mark out of 10 mines is 3/10 let your marks come in.

  748. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Lottie Loves You
    Oh thats a shame your not getting mightnight. But Teddy sounds adorable. You will still have great fun! xox

  749. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Thx PPL thats made me feel loads better your right Kelly would’nt want me to give up. The vet can be a vet and a horse rescue home but what should the vet be called?? Thats a tricky one. I think It’s always been my no.1 dream to become an author hopefully if all goes well it will be published and anouther problem how DO you get a book published?!?! Today is going to be the last day I write but when I come back can you keep me up to date with the pony gossip thx.

  750. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey cheesyhorsegirlxox,

    Keep writing! You are such a good writer! Don’t give it up because some idiot said you were terrible! I think the series is such a good idea and I told my mum and she thinks so too! I’m sure Kelly would love it, too! Sorry, my real name is actually Carissa, but all my firends call me Katrina (It’s a long story!), and you can call me Katrina if you like as well. I just thought of another one ‘Nursing Naysa’. Is that alright? I told my mum all about Naysa. She said she’s never heard of her.

    Please keep continuing ‘Helping Horses’ It’s going to be such a brilliant series! And in that series maybe you could add that it’s also a horse rescue as well! You don’t have to, but I just thought it might be a brill idea!

    Please keep going! Don’t give it all up because someone in your class told you to. Kelly wouldn’t want you to give it up. Think about how many horses that’s going to help!

    Lottie loves you – Wow, Teddy sounds lovely and I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time with him, as you would have had with Midnight.

    Kelly, we’re going to the library soon, so hopefully, there’ll be some Pony Camp diaries there.

    Love you all, PPL

  751. Abbey says:

    Dear Kelly I love your books but what is your e-mail address, don’t worry if you can’t it’s fine.

  752. Lottie love you says:

    Silght change of plan with my pony i’m not getting Midnight! :( I was talking to Zoe (who owns my yard) and she’s just got two new ponies a 14hh chocolate brown cob gelding Rambo and a 14hh grey connemara gelding Teddy, so she said i could pick from those two cos someone else wants Midi so i chose Teddy cos he’s gorgous! I’m so gonna post a picture of him

  753. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    someone in my class said I am the worst writer ever I might as well give up. Face it I’ll never be an author. You have all got a much better chance than me.

  754. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    there really good thx

  755. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey cheesyhorsegirlxox.

    Oh right. My real name is Katrina. Some ideas for the ‘Helping Horses’ series are ‘Loving Lacey’, ‘Helping Halo’, Gentling Gem’

    What do you think?
    The first part of Saving Sandy sounds really good!

    Love, PPL

  756. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Helping Horses
    Saving Sandy

    I simply love horses. I don’t have one of my own, but if I did I would treasure him or her forever. My Mum has a horse but I am always the one looking after it, which is ok because it is sort of like having my own one. Mum basically lives with horses. She works at a vet especially for horses I sometimes have to work there in the Summer. That’s what I did this Summer. I had seen some horses in a terrible state, but the vets always try there best to keep the horses in good condition.

    Thats just the first part wait till you get into the story.
    Use any names you want what is YOUR real name

  757. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey cheesyhorsegirlxox!

    Yeah! Please do send it to me! I can help you think of more titles but tell me what names you would like to use.

    Naysa’s looking great, isn’t she?

  758. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    I feel bad that I’m not talking to Kelly as much Sorry Kelly

  759. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    I’ve got the first Chapter EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE should I send it to you???????? Kelly
    PPL Lottie love you?

  760. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Thank you very much I look at the website you gave that is so sad how can people treaet horses like that. anyhoo Sandy is’nt a real horse I made her up but I think she would be a sandy coulor. The others are Rescuing Raven, Caring for Cupid, Finding Florence can you think of any more with the same theme?

  761. Princess Pony Lover says:

    you can see her at


  762. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey cheesyhorsegirlxox!

    I just read that Naysa’s home is in Florida!

    Maybe you can see her. I read in another article that she’s doing really well at the moment, so maybe you WOULD like to take a look. I’m feeling happy all over again. :)

    PPL xxx

  763. Princess Pony Lover says:

    hey cheesyhorsegirlxox :(

    You may ask “Why the sad face?” I just went on internet and googled Naysa. I saw the most awful pictures of when her face was all bruised and cut with the barbed wire. It was horrible! There was hardly any fur on her face! But not all of the pictures were like that. She was awarded the toughest little mare. If you don’t like that kind of stuff, than I advise you not to go on.

    Love, PPL

  764. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey cheesyhorsegirlxox!

    The ‘Saving Sandy’ sounds really good. I think ‘Helping Horses’ is really going to reach a lot of people. If you like, I can help you look up horses who have been mistreated. Is Sandy a real horse? What color is she? Sandy’s a really pretty name.
    Good luck with the series.

    BTW, have a great time in Florida!

    Love PPL!

  765. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    And anouther said that a man had a horse and he was so jelous of his friend who had a horse that he took the horse away to a feild and tied it to a tree and left it there until someone found it and found out it was him and reported him to the RSPCA

  766. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    I just looked up a story on the WEB and a girl saw her horse dieing of an illness she wouldnt let the vet put him down and she just stared at him all day until he passed away.

  767. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hi Lottie loves you!

    Wow! That’s great! It must be like having your own pony (or going to pony camp :) )! I’m going on a Summer riding camp as well, where we get to look after our own ponies, too! I just found out today that I’m going to be on Gem, a beautiful little 13.2hh Appaloosa mare. My two BFF’s are coming too! Jess is on 14hh Candy, a pretty blood bay Arab, and Steph is on Storm, a grey Connemara whose 13.1hh.

    Wish you a wonderful time horse riding!

    Love, PPL :)

  768. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    you Idea is really good I think it will be a success.
    what is your REAL name mines is Sophie

  769. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Oh that is so sad I will use it but I might add a few changes Iv’e got the first chapter of Helping Horses, It’s called Saving Sandy. I’m also going to add in that Imogen can TALK to horses so then she can ask them how there feeling and if they need any help. Sandy has been left in a feild and her owners have abanded her she has been left with only grass to eat and rain water to drink until someone finds her but she is getting weaker and weaker by the minute…..
    How was that????
    Kelly how do you publish a book does it cost money? thx

  770. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey cheesyhorsegirlxox!

    I think that is a totally fantastic idea! What do you think of my story? I forgot to tell you that together, the filly and Jasmine heals each other, not just phisically, but also spiritually. Here is something you can write about for the vet thing:

    There was a mare sold to a man for $35, and then sold to someone else for $100. He tried to load her to take her to her new home but she balked and refused to load. So, he decided to force her in with pain – by wrapping barbed wire around her halter – each tug cutting her face more and more.
    Now he was getting angry, and decided to tie her to the trailer and drag her helplessly behind – the barbed wire cutting viciously into her face. Her hooves were literally sawed off and are mostly gone now. When she finally collapsed he only grew angrier, and unhitched the trailer rolling in on top of the exhausted mare.
    But her punishment wasn’t enough, not until he shot her in the face. But with the stubbornness of a mule, she did not give up. Fortunately, through all this torture and abuse, the little mare survived. Her road to recovery will be a long one, but with your help, a possible one. The little mare’s name is Naysa.

    It’s a true story. I know it’s really sad. Please use it. I almost cried. :(

    Love, PPL

  771. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    guys I’m also writing a series of books called helping horses it’s about a girl named Imogen who helps out at the vet because her mum works there during the summer. it’s n first person and I am going to look up real things that have happened to horses so i can write about it and make people see how people can really hurt horses.
    tell me what you think and plz write back

  772. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Thanks guys that makes me feel so much better I will try to write the whole book on the plane to florida because it is 9 whole hours. Aah PPL I am not 12 I am……..11, I will be 12 on the 17th of November. I am going into High School in August. Guys I was thinking about making the first Chapter of my book way longer please give me more ideas for it you to Kelly and if it does get published (unlikely) I will mention all your names in it.
    Here are the characters in my book:
    Izzy Spire (Main Character)
    Amber Chaplet (Izzy’s BFF)
    Peter Finn (Izzy’s other BFF)
    Proffesor George Spire (Izzy’s Dad)
    Miss Lisa Marrgo (Izzy’s teacher)
    Orion(The star from outer space) (Thats where the twist comes in)
    Tasmin (She is Izzy’s enemy)
    Thats all I’ve got so far.
    Love you guys xoxoxoxox

  773. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey cheesyhorsegirlxox!

    Wow! You write so well! I’m writing a book right now. It’s about this girl called Jasmine whose parents own a breeding farm. She has a beautiful stallion named Nightstorm, whom she had been with since birth. Then a terrible accident happens, when one of the other girls are riding Nightstorm, and Jasmine is forced to put Nightstorm down. She swore she was never going to ride again. then Nightstorm’s filly is born sickly and Jasmine is the only one who believes she can live.

    I think u are 12 years old. I am actually 12 and have a sister in uni.

    Love, PPL xxx :)

  774. Lottie love you says:

    Cool story cheesyhorsegirl! I think it’s a really cool plot stick to it and don’t get board and give up like me!:)I can’t wait for the summer holidays me and my friend Vikki both have ponies on loan, mines a 14hh black mare, Midnight and she’s got a 13hh chestnut, Rusty.

  775. POLLYpony says:

    Hello Mrs Mckain
    Your books are very good.

  776. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hi Kelly heres my story it’s called Star Sign and it’s about a girl who saves the star signs from the evil Tasmin. here goes;

    Chapter 1
    The Meteor

    Izzy Spire was quickly changing channels on the television. She puased when she got to number 333. The News.
    “Got it Dad!” Izzy shouted.
    Izzy’s Dad Proffessor George Spire was a scientist at the science centre just down the road from his house. He studies the Soalar System and sends information to NASA.

    This was the night that Izzy and her Dad had been waiting for. On the news there was a top stroy that there was going to be a meteor shower. Since then Izzy and her father had been preparing for that day to come.
    George Spire was setting up 2 telescopes in the atic for both him and his daughter.
    “Ten seconds to go,” said Izzy spriting up the stairs.”3, 2, 1.” Both her and her Dad knelt down and looked through their telescopes. Small bright lights were speeding through the sky.
    “Wow,” Izzy thought, “I wish I was on top one of them, traveling through the night sky faster than the speed of light.” As he meteors started to go away into the night sky Izzy started getting very tired, Her father must have noticed because he told her to get to be or she would do well with her maths test. So she did. Izzy went to sleep as soon as her head touched the pillow.

    It was 2:32pm in the morning and Izzy woke up from her silent sleep. She took a look out the window and saw a small bright light heading for her. The longer she stayed there the bigger the light got. Bigger and bigger. brighter and brighter.Izzy took steps back and screamed as she heard the smash on the glass…

    Thats all Ive got so far Kelly Rubish I know. Ill never become an author NEVER

  777. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:


    I’m going on hoilday to folrida on Monday the 18th of July and I wo’nt be back till the 2nd of August as soon as I get back I will order Daisy and Dancer. So I wont write back until the 3rd of August at least.

    Love u guys MWAH

    see u after my hols

  778. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hi PPL and Kelly

    Well PPL I think your writing is very good and you write loads not like me so I think your 13 years old. If you are that age I am much younger than you so guess what age I am!!!

  779. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hi Kelly, and cheesyhorsegirlxox!

    Sorry, I forogt to tell you guys about the new horse that arrived at our stables. I’ll tell you guys about him now. He’s a beautiful dappled grey, part Arab pony named Tango. He is soooo pretty! He’s also got a bit of Welsh Section A in him I think. Everyone wants to ride him. I really want to ride him, too! Molly said she was going to get one of the experienced riders to try him out first. Probably one of the older girls.

    Anyway, the vet came and had a look a Star Burst today. He’s not looking any better, but he’s not looking worse. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Angela’s been a bit down as well. I hope she’s just worried about Star Burst and hasn’t caught the cold herself.

    On the upside, My mother said there’s about to be a new foal at Windbay. It’s a crossbreed, A Danish Warmblood x Thoroughbred with a little bit of Hanoverian blood. I’m sooo excited! It’s nearly the season when foals are born, at least I think so, so mum and dad have both been pretty busy at the moment.

    Please write back, cheesyhorsegirlxox, and you, Kelly.

    Love, Princess Pony Lover. :)

  780. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hi Kelly and cheesyhorsegirlxox!

    I will give Star Burst hugs and kisses for you. I know horses are really strong animals, but he’s only a baby. :( He just lags around in his stall, his head hanging low. I feel so sorry for him. The vet’s coming again tomorrow to see how he is. Wish him luck!

    cheesyhorsegirlxox, why don’t you guess how old I am? I’m probably around the same age as you. How old are you?

    Princess Pony Lover!

  781. ilovehope says:

    Hi kell mckain iv read a few or our books there AMAZING! guess what i got a pon called hope just like hannah and hope. although m hope is purre gray i love her to bits were did you get the idear of hope from please type back as i think your so insparational and it would make my day from JadeXXX

  782. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    PPL how old are you. xox

  783. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hi Kelly and PPL,

    Oh poor Starburst hugs and kisses to him.I was really worried about Bart but he was OK, I’m sure Starburst will be alright. Horses are strong animals. They always fight for things they want. I should at lessons Bart always wants to go off with the horse in front when there ment to be doing a 20 metere circle and me and Bart are ment to be on the track troting. Please don’t worry about Starburst he’ll be OK.

  784. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey Kelly and cheesyhorsegirlxox!

    I’ve got some really bad news. Star Burst has caught a cold. :( It’s not that bad, but the local vet said it may be the early parts of Influenza. I’m really worried about him. :( He’s so little. He and Angela have to stay inside.

    I hope he’s alright. :(

    Love, PPL

  785. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hi Kelly!
    I’m sorry, I forgot to bring my camera, so, I wasn’t able to take a pic of Star Burst. None of the foals are born yet at Windbay

  786. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:


    Ive got back from the stables. Im not aloud to ride Bart for a week or two.

    The new foal is called Basher because he keeps nodding his head like a rock star LOL!

    Kelly- Where is the best shop for Pony Camp diaries I can’t find Charlie and Charm anywhere. I have read it from the libary but Id much rather HAVE the book.

  787. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Triple good news.

    1: Bart is much much better and he is coming out of the hospital this afternoon.

    2:The foal was born last night at 3:06am. It’s a boy. we are still thinking on names. Bella the horse that gave birth was strugling but she managed to pull through. She is very tired. I am going to the stables this afternoon to see the new baby foal and Bart.

    3: On sunday I went on a gallop in the hills. on rupert it was the longest and fastest gallop ive ever been on.

    I’ll write again as soon as ive came back from the stables.

  788. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hi Kelly,
    You wrote back! YAY!!!!! I will try to send a pic of the colt to you guys in the gallery. We have named him Star Burst because of his perfect star. He waddles around every day and is very shy. He clings close to his dam, Angela. He is like a tiny replica of her, except with a Thoroughbred bloodlines. Also, my parents have just started working at Windbay and a lot of the mares are about to foal. So you might keep on hearing about newborns! I still go to the stables like every day, though. I’ll ask Molly if I can take a pic of Star Burst. Also, I was kind of eavesdropping on my parents and I heard them talking about how they’ll consider buying me a pony!
    Cheesyhorsegirlxox – Wow! It’s fantastic that Bart is getting better. You have to tell us all about the foal when it’s due, just like how I told you all about Star Burst. I don’t want to miss out on a single detail!
    Kelly – My mum and I are looking everywhere for the Pony Camp Diaries, but we cant find them anywhere, except for the local libraries. And there are only a few there. Do you know where I can find them?
    Oh, and I forgot to tell you that a new horse is coming tomorrow. Molly wouldn’t give us any more hints about it though. Okay, I think that’s enough for today.

    Love, Princess Pony Lover xxx

  789. Megan loves ponies says:

    Aaahh yes thats probably right she might have got confused! :/ What you been up too then Kelly! I Love Your books and youu!
    Byee! x x

  790. melonyxx says:

    hi kelly is your birthday really in january?
    and have your producers said you can write more pony camp diaries?
    and congrats on freddie
    love your books x

  791. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    No PPL
    my fav breed is piebalds beacause Bart is one of them.I think. Got good news Bart is much better than he was a few days ago. My fav colour of horse would be black because its such a sliky colour.the foal is due in a couple of days. Yipee

  792. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Kelly you wrote back WOOHOO!
    Do you want to keep going with the pony camp dairies I understand it is hard for you to think up more ideas, but someone could bring their own pony, someone has a big secret and then someone starts spreeding it,someone has neaver ever rode is that enough. If you just want to give up then can I carry on? We can put you as the author and it can be our seceret! please Kelly pretty please

  793. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Chloe, my birthday is January too, and I’m four times your age!!
    Alice Penny, the Over to You page has some useful writing tips and there’s lots of info on the Got A Question page too – good luck!
    Great to hear the exam went well, Lottie! Well done!Pawsandhooves cool! Hope you enjoy them!
    Rebecca thanks for the fab title ideas – I’ll have to keep them in case we ever do any more PCD books!
    Ponyfriendly – Hi! The German book are the Pony Camp Diaries series in English. Maybe the German publishers have a site for the German books? If not you could ask them to get one, that would be cool!
    Megan loves ponies – I didn’t! But maybe some of the names are the same!
    PPL – aw, cute! Can you send a pic f the colt and I can put it in the gallery for everyone to see!
    LOVE to you all xxxx

  794. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! Thanks for all your fab messages.
    Big hugs to Hayley, Angi, Emma, Megan and Lovella! xx
    PPL and Cheesypony girl – yes, as you can guess I have been too busy to write on here. To give you an idea of my life at the moment, imagine being busy all the time so you don’t even get five minutes to sit down all day or even eat your lunch, and then you are up most of the night with only about 3 hours sleep! So don’t think I don’t want to read your comments, of course i do and i have read them all now, but I am very tired so you have to forgive me if i’m not on here all the time. It’s great that you’re chatting to each other, though!
    PPL I hope your comp went well, and CHG thanks for the title ideas – you ahve to write your own books of course and I have to write my own – send in your story to the site and I can put it up in the gallery, like the cool one we have up there from Georgia Cinnamond at the moment. Look out for Daisy and Dancer, coming out at the beginning of August – sorry that is the last one, for the moment anyway. Sorry to hear about Autumn and Bart. xxx

  795. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hi cheesyhorsegirl!

    Sorry about Bart. I won’t mention ‘ahem’ to you. I understand. Molly, my instructor told me that there once was a grey pony at my stables who had cancer too. He had to spend quite a long time in the hospital, but in the end, he pulled through, so hopefully, Bart will as well. I’m really sorry, you must feel terrible. Are Shetlands your fave breed?

    Love PPL xxx

    P.S Fight it Bart!

  796. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hi Kelly and PPL :(
    Ive got some Bad news Bart the pony that I ride has got Cancer.:( I’m really upset I only found out yesterday. He is at the vets right this minute. The vets are doing all they can to help him. Horses dont normaly get Cancer it is pretty rare. I just hope Bart pulls through. He should be out the vets by Friday the 8th of July. I might not Write back because every time someone says Horse it makes me so upset.
    I love you Bart. xox
    And you Kelly , PPL

  797. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hey Cheesyhorsegirlxox!
    Yeah, I guess I am pretty lucky. Our family is a horse family. Yes, we have got some shetlands at our stables. But not many. There’s Sugarfoot, a flaxen chestnut, Emmy, a retired bay shetland, Cecilia, a roan shetland who just gave birth to a foal a few weeks ago, and Willy, Cecilia’s cute little chestnut filly. We don’t really ride them much, since they’re so small, but some of the littler kids ride Sugarfoot and Cecilia (They couldn’t ride Cecilia for a few months because of her foal).

    Love, PPL

  798. Lovella Talonwolf says:

    OMG! These are so cool! BTW, I can’t get onto Charlie and Charm. Instead, it’s Megan and Mischief. :(

  799. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hey Kelly and PPL
    Kelly do you live in GB and PPL do you have any shetland ponys at your stable.
    Love you guy MWAH MWAH xoxoxox

  800. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    That is really good your so lucky my mum is elergect to all furry animals. And my Dad dosent like pets I suppose thats why the let me go horse riding LOL.
    I just found out today at the stables that Bart Is not being himself, Im really worried but Im sure hell be Ok. I rode a pony called Rupert insted hes really nice but I still love Bart I hope hell be Ok.
    Love you loads Bart and you PPL.

  801. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hi Cheesyhorsegirlxox!
    I cannot believe this! My parents might be taking over as breeding managers someplace close it’s called Windbay something. I can’t remember what it’s called fully, I’ll have to ask my parents about that. But oh my gosh! There are going to be little foals around every day!I’m so excited! Windbay is not a certain breed breeding farm, so there are going to be heaps of different breeds there. It’ll be good to see them all!

    Please reply soon,
    PPL xxx

  802. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hey PPL
    It’s ok I do have one or to foals and there is a shetland pony to. One of the foals is called Philly,( It’s said like filly.) I think the other one is Chocy I’m not sure. The shetland is called Darky. The funneral was sad but it’s OK. we have got a horse that is expecting a foal in two months. Bart the pony that I ride is pretty old so at the service it made me really nervous about him so I was really careful with him at the lesson.
    Plz write back PPL xox :)

  803. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hi cheesyhorsegirlxox,
    sorry about the funeral service about one of the horses at your stables. Maybe I shouldn’t have shared the news about our beautiful little colt yet. I’m sorry :( It must have been awful. I know I would feel really bad. Do you have any foals at your riding stables?

    Love, PPL

  804. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hi kaelly I went to the sevive today and it was sooooo sad a few riders started crying including me.
    PPL your right Kelly howcome you dont chat. It’s been about to mounths now do you not like us?! :(

  805. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hi Kelly,
    How come you don’t chat to us anymore? :((
    I have been bubbling with news and you haven’t replied a single one yet. :(

    Are you too busy??

    Princess Pony Lover :(

  806. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    hi kelly
    how sad is this one of the ponys at my stables died. she was really old and she broke her leg so I am going to the stables tommorrow to have a funneral… well not a funneral just a small sevrives to say how speacial she was cause she was the first pony that was at the stables tommorow. R.I.P Autum

  807. Lottie love you says:

    You wont believe what a friend of mine has done. Last year she failed her exams and told us she’d done it on purpose, i think she didi because this year she asked her parents if she got all A’s could she have a pony, of course they said yes thinking she wouldn’t. She did!! So now her parents have to buy her a pony!!!
    So lucky!

  808. Princess Pony Lover says:

    Hi Kelly!
    Guess what? You know the Thoroughbred stables that I ride at? Well guess what? We had a new arival! A tiny tiny chestnut colt with the perfect star on his face and three white socks. He’s a stockhorse cross Thoroughbred. His dam is a chestnut stockhorse with a blaze. His birth was a long struggle, but in the end, he made it! He’s awfully small, but already very beautiful. We’re still deciding on a name for him. I’m going to the stables again tomorrow, so I can’t wait to see him again. I love those wobbly little foals.

    Good luck with Daisy and Dancer! I wish this series never had to end. :(

    Lots of Love, Princess Pony Lover

  809. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    hi Kelly I just got a new game on the wii called My horse and me One of my profile is Me and a horse caled flash and another is me and Bart and the last one is me and Cracker. Love u.
    xoxoxoxoxoxox (8)

  810. Megan Loves Ponies! says:

    On moshimonsters a game on the computer, i know this girl who is at the stables and she told me u named the ponies in the book after ones there LOL! How cool is that! Love Youu Kelly!<3 :D :) Xx

  811. Ponyfriendly says:

    Hey Kelly! I’m German and i read Books from you who are named: Ponyhof Liliengrün. There are 11 Books and their names are: clara und camillo, amy und bella, millie und mocca,…i love them but i couldn’t find them anywhere on your homepage!! Please answer, your Ponyfriendly

  812. megan says:

    hi i new thent a new one her nane is sarah & I CAnt re meber i like daisy& dancer amy & amber

  813. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Today was the best day ever. I did a class talk about horses. I told the class about how I was talking to you on the computer and My teacher said it was interesting and that It was great how I am in touch with you It would have been much better if you had actually been there. Where do you live?

  814. Lottie love you says:

    The maths GCSE was soo easy dont know what i was worried about finished with half an hour left out of an hour and 15minuets!!!

  815. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Guess what I got 2 rosettes at the comp a clear round which is blue my fav coulor and 4th yes I acctually came fourth the juges say I can control the horse really well and my possition was really good

    love you kelly

  816. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    I L
    I Lo
    I Lov
    I Love
    I Love
    I Love Y
    I Love Yo
    I Love You

  817. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Kellys books are the best books ever thats why I recomended them to my friends xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox LOVE YOU KELLY

  818. Emma says:

    ilove the books they
    are so cool!!!!!!!!!

  819. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Well mabye it’s got a bit to go. It is Vicky and Violet. I’ve put spaces for pics and all that so when can I send it to you…??? Do you want me to send it to you…??? If you dont please just saY AND when you write back start where I gave you all the names or this won’t make any sence!
    LOL xox XD love you loads Kelly BTW is pony camp real??????

  820. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Guess what I have nearly published my book Eeeeeeeeeeeeee

  821. Angi says:

    I love the pony camp of german whery much!!!

  822. alicepenny says:

    Does lyida the stable hand have a pony/horse?

  823. Lottie love you says:

    My maths GCSE’s on Monday. 1 while 3. Two hours long i am so gonna fail!!!

  824. alicepenny says:

    kelly .I want to be an authur like you eney advice.My friened and I love horses.my favirote book of yous is Amy and Amber.

  825. Cheesyhorsegirlxox says:

    Hi kelly it’s me
    Bad news we had a netball mach today and we lost because we ended up with sun stroke my best friend who also gose riding nearly fainted.
    PPL lovely to here from you same i’ve been riding since i was six too

  826. hayley weir says:

    it s a nice pic oks x xx x

  827. Lottie love you says:

    Hey, I’m soo not happy first maths GCSE in 3 weeks, i’m supose to get an A* but i dought it.