Quentin Quirk's Magic Works

(Written under the pseudonym Matt Kain, but by me, yes, really!)

If you like bonkers magic, And spells that go beserk, Or crazy, crackers potions, Get down to Quentin Quirk's!

Jez and his best friend Charlie discover Quentin Quirk's Magic Works, a strange little magic shop, down a forbidden street. It's bad-tempered, ancient owner Mr Quirk sells various magical concoctions to the boys - with disastrous consequences.


Then, with Mr Quirk's grudging help, Jez and Charlie have to take hair-raising action to avert deadly danger. These books will have you rolling around with laughter, on the edge of your seat with suspense and cringing with revulsion, possibly all at the same time!

Attack of the Bum-Biting Sharks

Attack of the Bum-Biting Sharks

Jez's big sister is extreeeeeeemely annoying, so he and Charlie plan revenge - with help from local magic-maker Quentin Quirk. Prepare for something snappy, toothy and a big menace to your botty!

Macmillan Children's Books / ISBN 978-0-330-51021-9 / £4.99

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The Purple Sluggy Worry Warts

The Purple Sluggy Worry Warts

Jez and Charlie will do ANYTHING to beat Jez's annoying sister in the local talent contest. But will Quentin Quirk's magic Trickles and slurping, slimy, sluggy Worry Warts give them the X factor?

Macmillan Children's Books / ISBN 978-0-330-51022-6 / £4.99

Buy from Amazon now! Sneak a peek!


  1. Marta and Martim says:

    Hi kelly me and my brother love your books they are hilarious and very well written we have told our friends about this series and they have read them too now,they loved the books!:) xxx

  2. Sophie says:

    Please write to me! ;*

  3. Sophie says:

    Hi Kelly! I am from Poland but I ♥ your books! Totally Lucy is THE BEST!!!

  4. Kelly McKain says:

    Thanks, Jess!! Big hugs! xx

  5. Jess says:

    Hi kelly,

    your my fav author! :)

  6. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Anu and Geetanjali! Big hugs to you both xx

  7. Anu says:

    Hi Kelly
    me again I love these books they are fab. just like you are at everything. you are the best .it was my brothers birthday in April25 and my birthday is in all saints day it is on November1 I am really exited

  8. geetanjali says:

    :( i have not read any of this sires but i have read mearmaid rock and animal SOS i loved them and i shared about them in school also

    pls reply Geetanjali

  9. Kelly McKain says:

    Hello to fab girlies Maya, Lina and Abigail!
    Hi Zena!!Happy birthday for May! xx

  10. Kelly McKain says:

    Thanks for your message, Denise – I have e-mailed you.
    That is frustrating, Kathleen. And for me – I’d love to do more, in fact two more were planned but Macmillan didn’t do them. Great to hear he enjoyed these ones so much, though!

  11. Zena Harper-Diabate says:

    I love these books! I’m 10 in May please write another one :) My dad reads them with me at night time. He plays music too Kelly http://www.invisiblesystem.com


  12. maya says:

    hi kelly
    i cried when i found out that the tottaly lucy book series finnished1 when im older i want to make a fil of it ! maybe you could write another one ?

  13. Lina says:

    Bütün kitaplarınız muhteşemm…:) Bayıldın :)

  14. Kathleen says:

    My read-o-maniac son is going to be so disappointed that there are no more in this series! He absolutely loved these and has had me searching the internet for more!

  15. abigail tonkin says:

    hi kelly u are myfav ather please reply back.

    bye abi

  16. Denise Skinner says:

    My daughter loved your quentin quirks books why will there be no more as there aren’t many books she enjoys reading.

  17. Kelly McKain says:

    Thank you, Children’s Librarian! Yes, it’s a real shame that these books were pretty much cancelled by the publisher before they came out, so there are just these two and in fact they’ve sold through now and they aren’t printing any more. VERY frustrating to me as I know children love them! Kelly xxx

  18. Children's librarian says:

    I was looking for more of the Quentin Quirks Magic Works on Ingram. My kids love it! These books are hilarious and two are definitely not enough!

  19. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Roshni, you might like this, it’s prob a bit young for you but as a quick funny read!
    Hi Alex! Fab to hear that Abbygail’s enjoying Lucy. It was great to see you! xx

  20. Roshni Baybie says:

    I haven’t read it Kelly and co which age would u recommend he book 4 ?? I’m 11 and in high school! Do u think this book is 4 me and my age type thingg?

  21. Alex Armijo says:

    Abbygail is loving all the totally Lucy books and aswell as some of her friends at school ( Las Vegas, USA). You are known world wide!!!

  22. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Alex, it’s great to hear you like the books so much. It doesn’t look like there will be any more (BOO! HISS!) but perhaps there will be a movie! I’ll let you know what happens with that!
    Amina, erm, I didn’t get a previous message from you on here! It does sometimes take me a while to reply, too. It’s fab to hear you enjoyed the books. xx

  23. Amina says:

    Hey Kelly theese books are definetly my favourit hilarious you haven’t wrote back why maybe I should come on this site if you don’t like me.

  24. Alex says:

    I love the Quentin Quirk’s Magic Works books. Are there going to be any more books in this series?

  25. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Jess, oh i LOVE Captain Underpants! I hope Bum Biting Sharks is as funny as that, although it’s not about the same kind of thing! x

  26. Sarah says:

    funny books crack up HA HA HA HA LOL

  27. Sarah says:

    Kelly Mckain Mermaid rock is the coolest book i ever read and also your other storys i really laugh t them HA HA HA HA LOL

  28. Jessica says:

    Hey Kells! :)
    i was wonderin’ is “the attack of the bum-biting sharks” anything like “captain underpants”?(if you have heard of it!)-Jessi ;)

  29. Kelly McKain says:

    That sounds like fun, Hikma. I love it when you just CANNOT stop laughing, although it did used to get me in trouble at school sometimes! xx

  30. Hikma says:

    Hey Matt Kain (aka Kelly) that was the funniest book ever! I was laughing so much I actually cried! My friend asked what was wrong and I showed her what I was laughing about and we burst into heaps of giggles!!! It was hilarious!! Now all I have to do to make her laugh is say lunch (because we were eating lunch at the time) and we burst out laughing!!

  31. Kelly McKain says:

    Thanks, Naveli and Lucy lover! xx

  32. Ciara says:

    Hi this book sounds awsome and I really am going to read it!

  33. LUCYLOVER says:

    I love totally lucy books! I wish you would write more!

  34. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Lucylou and Lilly, how FAB that these books made you laugh so much! I hope you didn’t nearly herniate yourselves with laughter because of me!
    Holly, hope you laugh as much too if you read them!

  35. Holly says:

    these books sound good

  36. lilly says:

    so funny i was laughing my head off

  37. lucylou says:

    this is the funniest books ever i couldn’t stop laughing! HA HA HA!

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