Totally Lucy

flower "Hi, I'm Lucy Jessica Hartley, and this is my totally secret journal..."

Read the hilarious revelations of lively, loveable Lucy, wannabe fashion designer and Stand Up Babe. Girls everywhere will identify with her parent troubles, best-friend dilemmas, secret crushes and dreams of fashion fabulousness!
Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever

Lucy and her BFF are turning the boring school disco into a super-stylish High School Prom. Lucy's busy making her dress, learning ballroom dance moves and finding a boy to go with - but will Mr Cain ruin the fun?!

Usborne Publishing / ISBN 978-0-7460-8020-7 / £4.99

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Planet Fashion

Planet Fashion

Could Lucy's fab, eco-friendly makeover of Tilda's bedroom be gorgeous enough to win the girls a starring role on their fave TV show, Go Green?

Usborne Publishing / ISBN 978074608017-7 / £4.99

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Catwalk Crazy

Catwalk Crazy

Lucy organises a fashion show for charity at her school, but a secret crush and a stroppy saboteur threaten to wreck her fashion plans!

Usborne Publishing / ISBN 9780746080184 / £4.99

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Summer Stars

Summer Stars

Lucy, Jules and Tilda are off to Newquay on holiday! Even better, their fave mag is holding a beach party in the very same town! Can they win the dance comp and strut their stuff on stage? Or will The Greatest Cringe Of All Time crush their dreams of seaside stardom?

Usborne Publishing / ISBN 9780746080177 / £4.99

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Style School

Style School

When Lucy sets up a Style School in the loos, with lessons in accessories, hair and make-up, she makes new friends and has great fun. But what will happen when the School Uniform Police (aka Mr. Cain) finds out?

Usborne Publishing / ISBN 90-7460-7063-2 / £4.99

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Picture Perfect

Picture Perfect

Lucy is in charge of the fashion pages for the school magazine - and she can't wait to get on with the photo shoot - if only she could find a location and some models!

Usborne Publishing / ISBN 0-7460-7062-4 / £4.99

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Star Struck

Star Struck

Lucy's won a part as a film extra and decides she must get her fab design skills noticed on screen - but will the director appreciate her original efforts?

Usborne Publishing / ISBN 0-7460-7061-6 / £4.99

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Boy Band Blues

Boy Band Blues

Lucy has been asked to style a boy band for a Battle of the Bands contest and she's mega-excited about it - it's just a shame that lead singer Wayne is such a big-head!

Usborne Publishing / ISBN 0-7460-6691-0 / £4.99

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Fantasy Fashion

Fantasy Fashion

Lucy's fave mag is running a competition to design a fantasy fashion outfit and she's determined to win the fab prize - but will friends, boys, dogs and dads get in the way of her designer dreams?

Usborne Publishing / ISBN 0-7460-6691-0 / £4.99

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Makeover Magic

Makeover Magic

Lucy Jessica Hartley is a style queen, so when geeky new girl Matilda-Jane starts at school, she comes up with a fab makeover plan to help her fit in - and learns a few things about friendship, too!

Usborne Publishing / ISBN 0-7460-6689-9 / £4.99

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  1. Genevieve says:

    Hi Kelly,I really❤️BFF,it’s fun and lovely

  2. Amanda says:

    Dear Kelly Mckain,
    Totally Lucy and your other books are fabutastic !!!!

  3. iva says:

    Hi Kelly! I know you don’t remeber me ’cause of all these texts but I wrote you a bunch times before! I luuuuv your books! I’m going to say it again,I am from Serbia and we didn’t have all 10 books,just last 4,but it’s gettin’ better. Now I have 7 books,and still missin’ first ones.At sneek a peek they sound amazing! Your books inspire me a lot and I love Lucy and friends so much ,you did a great job! Also,I think my english got better over time! Xoxo,your truly fan,Iva
    btw,hope you are going to answer <3

  4. Gwen Blackwell says:

    Hi,I love your totally Lucy books( I’ve read all 10!)I’ve read 1 of your Rainbow Beauty books! Thank you for writing them!! P.S.I Think you are the best writer ever!

  5. Leah says:

    Hi kelly i would love if you responded i love rainbow beauty and totally lucy

  6. Lucy Heartfilia says:

    ☆I love your Totally Lucy books! They’re really awesome!☆。°゙•☆゙*☆°(≧∇≦)╭╯゚。°゙☆゜•゙。° ” •° . *☆∵°゙。゚•.☆∴° 

  7. #la says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I am your biggest fan me and my BFFL (best friend for life)
    Went as Lucy and tidla for would book day. My friends name is zoë and we have been friends since year 1 and we are now in year 6! the characters where really like us as we are good friends, and zoo is always doing what she is told and always says sorry. Lucy was like me because

  8. Kyla says:

    Hi Kelly I think your books are the best me and my bffl (best friend for life) zoë are going as Lucy and tidla for world book day 2016 I think your books capture your attention really well and you don’t want to put the book Down please make more!
    From probably your NO1fan Kyla

  9. Kellie says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I love your totally Lucy books. I have read one, which I got second-hand. I have since been looking for your other books, I can’t find any. I don’t really like ordering online. Is there a shop that sells them in Australia?
    From Kellie.
    P.S. My name is also Kelly but its spelt like this: Kellie.

  10. Ruzi says:

    hi Kelly
    there was one a duck
    who had a buck
    to buy a surprise
    for the dog but didn’t know it’s shoe size
    so to have a think
    he went to have a drink
    then he went for a walk
    and soon came upon a beanstalk
    he did a little hop
    to get to the top
    he found a huge house
    with a big fat mouse
    the mouse went squeak
    the duck looked at his beak
    the mouse had a flower
    does it have power?
    I’ll buy it for a buck
    said the duck
    okay hooray
    hope you like my poem Kelly from your number 1 fan

  11. sue says:

    Hi Kelly i love your books i made a poem for you hope you like it!!!!
    There was once a butterfly which couldn’t fly so she asked some birds which can fly very high.

    The robin said i am busy right now getting food for my wife and child.

    the woodpecker said stop wasting my time go and ask someone of your size.

    The swallow said sorry i’m very busy,i cant teach little insects like you now. However why don’t you ask the wisest bird,the owl might be able to help you now.

    The owl said hello butterfly i’ve heard that you cannot even fly.I won’t teach you how to fly I want to see you at least try.
    the butterfly said ok i will even though i never really tried. When the butterfly jumped of a really big branch she flew even higher then a house.

    Then the butterfly learnt a really important lesson that before you ask you must try everything yourself!! hope you like it!!!

  12. Alice says:

    I love your series there so good and fun and funny especially about five steps of to get your plan for a boyfriend in fasteny

  13. shaiha says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.sorry, my little bro got on my account.BTW..ILOVE URBOOKS

  14. daisy says:

    I love your books! I haven,t read all your books yet but i,ll look out for more soon. You are my favourite auther! most of my spare time i read books. Hope you right more soon.xxxxxxxxx

  15. Munashe says:

    hey girlfriend I totally LOVE totally Lucy in planet fashion she is so a goddess of green AND SO ARE Y…O…U… :) :) :) xoxoxoxox

  16. Ruk says:

    Hi Kelly I luuuuuuuuuuvvee ur books sooooooooooooooooooo much I am only five but I promise I can read ur books and they are awesome. xxx

  17. Ruz says:

    Hi Kelly I am ur number one fan and ur books r amazing. My fave books are the Totally Lucy series . Please write more Kelly I love reading them I would rather read ur books than watch tv. Bye xxx

  18. Ruz says:

    I love the totally Lucy books Kelly I am ur number one fan. I just can’t stop reading ur books . I would rather read ur books than watch my fave TVs show .love you Kelly. xxx

  19. isata says:

    i love Kelly McKain she rights amazing totally books i am inspired bye her you know i wanted to be a fashion desiner and now im working up to it they are the best my fave books they are bizzare but also halairios ha ha ha XD

  20. Chloe says:

    Like I’ve said before I totally love the Totally Lucy books!!You said that you would keep me posted if you were going to write another Totally Lucy book in an email last year and I was wondering if you’ve had anymore thought on that? Are you writing another book? Would absolutely love it if you did!

  21. Ada says:

    This book series is just great! I started off with Best Friends Forever for the first time a few years ago, and then i took a huge break and then i got Makeover Magic and started the series again. This is just great! Now I’m reading Planet Fashion. (Just finished Catwalk Crazy) And please write more because I am in love with Lucy! My mom can testify this too! I am always telling her to check if there is a new book or not :) Love from Turkey xoxoxox -Ada

  22. Anneve says:

    With the exception of Fantasy Fashion, I skipped its second half, the more Totally Lucy I read, the better I like them.
    My comment on February 27, 2015 re Totally Lucy, Planet Fashion, page 107. I now interpret pwoepactoern as alphabet soup rather than code. Crumbs of rational words.

  23. Anneve Jane Barker says:

    Totally Lucy page 107 pwoepactoern ???

  24. keerthana says:

    BEST BOOK IN THE WORLD!!!I have fallen fr the book.This is just my first book (picture perfect).I wanna becomes a fashion designer too!This book has made me start a journal myself.I almost cried fr Lucy.

  25. sparshita sahu says:

    hi! i am a very big fan of your books,Kelly .can you please continue after your last book ‘best friends forever’? i’ll be waiting…

  26. Naa says:

    pppppppppppppppppls kelly come to Ghana

  27. Naa says:

    I have never read ur storybooks apart from Half a sister

  28. Aishah says:

    I love Totally Lucy books even though I’ve only read Picture Perfect and Fantasy Fashion. Fantasy Fashion is my fave. Kelly please keep writing more Totally Lucy books.

  29. fanka lucy says:

    please is fanklub lucy!

  30. fanka lucy says:

    hej! proszę o rzeczy z Lucy kocham ją i chętnie kupie z nią wszystko!

  31. naisha says:

    oh i love lucy verry much. i am even getting totally lucy style school for my birthday. i have read the last part and please make more parts kelly. for all the children who love lucy in the world. byeee
    yours naisha

  32. iva says:

    Hi Kelly ! I wrote you like a year ago to say that I love your books :) And I just want to say that I saw in stores Boys band Blues and I was so excited (BTW I’m from Serbia and there wasn’t a whole series of 10 books ) xoxoxo

  33. Zoey says:

    I luv ur books plz never ever(x 1000) stop writing such amazing books

  34. Maria says:

    Totally Lucy is the coolest book I have read.Actually my friend selected totally Lucy for me from our school library.I thankx a lot to her and she started reading it now .BTW,her name is Ameesha.My Life is somewhat SAME as Lucy’s is and my ambition is to become a fashion designer &that is why I like her .thankx a lot for writing TOTALLY lUCY. Please write more I waiting ………
    lots of love

  35. SAMAH says:

    I love diz buk Cz the way you ryt it is lyk sooooooo amazing… makes me want to read the book again and again……. All the words u use…. I feel like I am actually there in the book when all stuff are happening…..
    You are fab!!!!
    Luv yewwww… <3
    :* :)

  36. Jessica says:

    PLEEEEEASE WRITE MORE! JUST FINISHED THE LAST ONE AND I NEED MORE! Maybe an update Journal for all these years later? She’d obviously be older at school now :)

  37. Cutie Queen says:

    I loved totally lucy the moment I started reading it… cuz it was so me-y!(if you get what i mean)I’ve only just started reading them but I’m going to try to read all of them. You rock! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO….

  38. Twinkyblossy says:

    it is superb!!!

  39. lara says:

    hi kelly i love your books u r the best author and thank u soooooooooooooooooooooooooomuch

  40. Aslıgül says:

    Very beautiful Thank you

  41. DANCE DIVA says:


  42. keira says:

    To kelly, I love your books because of the adventures in the books, the funny bits, and that they make me feel like readi g all day!

  43. Anna Pagrati says:

    Ok,so I just loveeeeee Lucy and I’ve read all ten books but I would like more books like another 10 books from Lucy Jessica Hartley!!!
    And I also love JJ, so if you could make lucy have a crush a third time with him and date him finally i would live that!!

  44. Cherry says:

    i loveeeeeeeee those books

  45. lara says:

    hi again kelly OMG i have read planet fashion and others before and lovvved them soooooooooooooo much thank u for writting them

  46. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Neha,
    Thanks so much for your fab message! I’m sure you will be an amazing fashion designer. I bet you’re starting now, putting looks together and getting creative, just like Lucy! Happy reading and have a great summer, love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Mira, thanks so much for your message – it’s lovely to hear that you’re enjoying Style School – it is actually my favourite Totally Lucy book, I think! Have a great summer, and happy reading! Love, Kellyxx

    Hi Devna, thanks for your fab message. I’m so pleased that Lucy helps you a bit with the things going on in your life – and I’m sure her blushes and crushes make you giggle! Big hugs to you, and have a fab summer! Love, Kellyxxx

    HI Lara, thanks for all your amazing messages – sorry it does take me a while to reply, but I always do in the end! How cool that you are from Goa! I would love to go there one day! I hope you have got to read even more of my books by now, and you might also like Susie Day’s Pea books, or Bluebell Jones ones, if you haven’t read them yet, or any Cathy Cassidy books, of course. If you like, you can send any writing you have done in to the website and I can put it up in the gallery for the other girls to enjoy reading. Happy reading and writing! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Shanessa, wow what an amazing message – I am THRILLED that you love the books so much. I love thinking of all you girls when I’m writing them, and thinking how much you’re going to enjoy the funny bits, or the cringy bits or the lovey bits! Have a great summer and happy reading! Kellyxxx
    Hi Bareera, your message made me laugh so much. I could put that on a book cover – ‘the best books ever written by a human’. Hilarious! And I actually might, if my publisher will let me! Authors really need their readers to help them spread the word about their series, so if you like, you could review them on Amazon and Goodreads – that really does help people to hear about the series, and of course tell everyone you know about them! Have a fab summer! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Gianna, thanks for your cute message. I’m so glad that you enjoy my books. Happy reading and have a great summer! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Julie, wow how cool that you are now in Year 8! Thanks for writing to me again! I think you would like the Rainbow Beauty books now, you are the perfect age for them! Have a great summer, and I hope you enjoy them if you have a read. If you read iBooks enter my comp to win free Rainbow Beauty ones, too! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Alex, thanks you for your fab message. I am so thrilled that I have made you want to write books – that is amazing! You girls really, really make my day! There actually might, well, probably will be another Totally Lucy book – YAY! I’m just sorting out the details of how it will happen at the moment, and then I have to actually write it, but I’m really excited about the idea I have for it! I’ll post any more info on my journal on this site, when I know anything else! Happy reading and have a fab summer! Kellyxxx

    Hi Beth, thanks for your fab message! How amazing that you have read each book probably about a hundred times. You must know them all backwards by now! Thanks so much for being such a fab fan, and please do add a review of the book to Amazon or Goodreads if you’d like to, that really helps me a lot because it helps girls to find out about the series. If you e-mail me your address I can send you an autograph, and Megan, no worries! Big hugs to you and Megan too, and have a fab summer, Kellyxxx

  47. lara says:

    hi kelly your books are sooooooooooooooooooooo amazing intresting i loveeeeeeeeeee your books they are the best books thank u for writing them and please continue writing more

  48. Beth says:


  49. Beth says:

    I absolutely LOVE totally Lucy I have read each book like 100 times thanks sooooooooooooooo much. I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much for writing these

  50. lara says:

    hi kelly i am from india your books are totally amazing i lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvve them

  51. Alex Hollister says:

    Hi Kelly!!!! I Love All Your ” Totally Lucy” Books ( BTW I have read them all ) and i was wondering if you could write just 1 more because i REALLY want to know what happened with Lucy and SD ( e.g like are they going out!?!?! ) please give it a try and because of YOU i want to be a book writer!!!
    from your friend.. Alex <3 =)

  52. Julie says:

    Hey Kelly! Just want to say I ❤️ Your Totally Lucy books. The last time I sent a comment on this blog was when I was in yr 4 a couple of years ago. Now I am in yr 8! I wish to read your other books!

  53. Gianna says:

    I admire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Gianna says:

    I admire!!!!!!!!

  55. Bareera says:

    Totally Lucy books our the best books ever written,nobody can write books better then Kelly. LOL!!
    people who don’t read them, don’t know the best books ever written ny a human :):):):):)

  56. lara says:

    hi kelly iam a huge fan of yours ilove your books

  57. lara says:

    hi kelly your books are just fab i looooooooooooooooooooooooooove it its sooooooooooooooooooooo cool .your books have inspired me as i have also written a book please continue writting books on totally lucy

  58. shanessa says:

    your books are totally cool. I have no words to describe such a wonderful and an extremely amazing book.

  59. lara says:

    hi kelly iam waiting for your messages i have sent 3 but did not get any reply please reply

  60. lara lobo says:

    i am 13 and i am from goa india and this is my second message i just love ur books they are so cool an are intresting and ammmmmmmazing it is just fab

  61. Devna says:

    I love your books!OMG!Lucy is just like me facing family issues,and more!

    This is the most girliest site ever!I hope ‘Totally lucy’ is not to a end

    XOXO Devna

  62. mira says:

    i love totally lucy so much and i am reading now style school.and the story is amazing and also the characters.

  63. Neha says:

    Hi Kelly I totally adore ur books I have two more books to finish from this searies I m just like Lucy and just like her my ambition is to be a fashion desingner hope u answer

  64. Kelly McKain says:

    Thanks for your cool comment, Benita! Xxx

    Hi Iva! Thank you so much for your lovely message! I’m delighted to hear that you enjoy the Totally Lucy books so much! The titles you mention are the final four, so if you have those you should be able to get the other six. I hope you find them soon! Your English is so good you could probably read them in English, too! Happy reading! Kellyxxx

    Hi Lara! Thank you sooooooo much for your fab message! How fabulicious that you love the Totally Lucy books so much! How did you get them in the US? Did you know I was actually born in Nebraska, and my dad is American (although he lives in Ireland now!). I hope you like my new series, Rainbow Beauty, too, if you get chance to have a read! Big hugs, Kellyxxx

    Hi Emma! Thanks so much for your fab message. I have just replied to Lara too – hope you two are having fun and enjoying the brilliantness of life! Happy reading! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Claudia! Wow, thanks for your lovely message! I hope you get to read all the Totally Lucy books and then my new series, Rainbow Beauty! I recently read Amber by Julie Sykes BTW which I LOVED and I’m just reading Coco Caramel by Cathy Cassidy. Hope you’re having a great time with your BFFs and have fun writing and reading! Loads of love, Kellyx

    Hi Anisa! Cool name, BTW! Thanks for your fab message! It’s great to hear that you love the Totally Lucy books so much, and that you are like actual Lucy herself! You sound like such a cool girl! I hope you are having loads of fun with the BFFs and getting to read loads – well done on your reading card and even BIGGER well done for spending it on my book! I hope you lurve Rainbow Beauty too – I miss writing about Abbie AND Lucy! But there might be some more, you never know! The best thing fab girls like you can do to help there be more books is to tell all your friends about them so they get really well known and then Usborne will ask me to do more! And tell your teacher or school librarian that I do school visits, too! Have a brilliant spring! Love, Kellyx

    Hi Iva, I just saw your third message. How cool that you have written a book! If you want to send it to me I can put it up on my site, we have a page where you girls can read each other’s work (look at the Over To You page, which is in Kelly’s Place). Love, Kellyx

    Thanks for your fab messages, Jess! Big hugs xx

    Hi Gabrielle! Thanks so much for your fab message! I hope you got to read Style School and you enjoyed it – that is my fave one, in actual fact! I think I might write another Totally Lucy – I’ll keep you girls posted when anything happens! Lots of love, Kellyx

    Hi Sabrina! Thanks so much for writing me another message! I’m thrilled to hear that you enjoyed Rainbow Beauty and Totally Lucy. There might actually be another Totally Lucy book – I’ll let you know when I know anything! It would be amazing if you could tell all your friends about the books and tell your school librarian that I’m doing school visits at the moment, too! The more well-known the books get, the more likely it is that I can write some more, so you can actually help with that! Cool, huh? Have a great spring! Loads of love from Kellyxxx

    Hi Celine! Thanks so much for your message! It’s fab to hear that you enjoy the Totally Lucy books so much! There might actually be another one at some point soon – I’ll put more info up on the site as soon as I know anything! I hope you enjoy my new series, Rainbow Beauty, if you get a chance to read that too! Loads of love, Kellyxxx

    Hiya Sparkzzz! Totally cool username, BTW! Thanks so much for your message about Totally Lucy – it’s fab to hear that you love the series so much – I hope you have got to read them all by now! It would be amazing if you could tell all your friends about them, and let your school librarian know that I’m doing school visits at the moment, too! Have a great spring! Loads of love, Kellyx

    Hi Devna! Thank you so much for your fab message! It’s great to hear that you enjoy Totally Lucy so much! I hope you get to read all ten, and it would be amazing if you could tell all your friends about them too! Loads of hugs, Kellyxxx

    Hi Elodie, Thanks so much for your lovely message! It’s brilliant to hear that the Lucy books helped you at home and school. There might actually be another one coming soon – I’ll puts some news on the site when I have any. I hope you enjoy my new series, Rainbow Beauty, too if you get to read them – you can read the first chapters on my website. Loads of hugs, Kellyxxx

  65. Elodie Marriott says:

    Hi Kelly, I absolutely love the totally Lucy books and they helped me so much with school and at home. I would really love you to write some more. Thanks so much x

  66. Devna says:

    I love Totally lucy! Oh M! I read Picture perfect and did all your quizzes! I loved it! Keep up with your work!


  67. Celine says:

    Hello Kelly!
    I’m i am from Australia and I am Totally Lucy fab…:) ;) I love Lucy so much… Please write more books about this serie.i love you <3 xoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxooxoo

  68. Sabrina says:

    These books made my childhood :) Thankyou for that! :D
    I’ve read your Rainbow Beauty books as well but I was wondering if you’ll write any more in the Totally Lucy series?

  69. Sparkzz says:

    I love Totally Lucy books. They are Totally Fab!

  70. Sally says:

    Hello Kelly I m from England I’m 13 years old and I love this books so much thanx for writing these books for us i m the fan of these books xoxoxo xoxoxo

  71. Gabrielle says:

    Dear Kelly,
    Your totally Lucy books are all I ever read at school. Please make more, I really would like to read style school. You are an inspiration to me!
    XxxxxX ;) :)

  72. Jess says:

    I’ve read all the books. there amazing!x

  73. Jess says:

    Totally Lucy is the best!
    lucy loves loads of people… weird!!! :)

  74. lara lobo says:

    i love your books they are outstanding

  75. lara lobo says:

    hi i m 13 years and i’m sending at6 of jan 2014
    i loooooove your books they are totaly fab i mean wow these are i mean the real best books

  76. iva says:

    Hi Kelly, this is the third time I write to you. I write a book. It is similar to yours, because you inspired me. I wait a long time to you reply me, and Ive been looking this site every day. Do you looking this site every day ? Every girl wants an answer from you. Please be quick !!!!!!!!!! bue

  77. Anisa says:

    I seriously LOVE these totally lucy books! If your reading this kelly mckain, please make more of them cos I miss hearing about Lucy’s life. It’s as if Lucy is an actual real teenage girl who writes diaries! You really think like us teens when writing these books kelly! PLZ MAKE MORE TOTALLY LUCY BOOKS! I AM DYING RIGHT NOW! (Ok that was not really true but please continue writing totally lucy books)! right now i am starting to read the rainbow beauty books and i am buying book 1 with my book card my school gave me for being a top reader! (I am actually just like lucy but the only difference i that i love reading! WEIRD!) Bye and love u lots! BTW: what is your email?

  78. claudia says:

    totally lucy books are amazing! I love them so much, Kelly mckain you are such a good author!!

  79. Emma says:

    Hello,my name is Emma.I am 12 years old.I love you so much.I love your books too.This book is my favorite book I ever read.Thank you for writing them.Lara is my friend. She is priveous writer and she likes you too.Write back…. Emma xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  80. Totally lucy lover Lara says:

    I love you totally lucy is the Best book i ever read write more books for totally lucy

  81. Totally lucy lover Lara says:

    I Love totally lucy series it s the Best serie i ever read !!!! <3 please write more books to Totally lucy omg i Love you so much and im 11 years old my name is Lara i m from USA !!!!! I Love you xoxoxoxoxoxo

  82. iva says:

    Hi again Kelly, I am your big fan,and I am just like Lucy.She is so cool and funny. I adore fashion and my favourite colour is purple. My mom said that I am sassy, confident girl. I like joke in a Summer stars with doctor Etker!!! PS. I am read summer stars,catwalk crazy,planet fashion, and best friends forever. I do not read whole series of 10 books, because I do not know are there come in Serbia. I love you, because you are BTW, so fab. Thank you xoxo PLEASE REPLY

  83. iva says:

    Hi Kelly, I am from Serbia and I love Totally Lucy books!But there is not whole series of 10 books in Serbia.I am sad about it, because she inspired me every day. thank you because you writing so fab books. Please reply

  84. Benita says:

    I lurrrrrrrrrrrrrvvvvveeeee
    totally Lucy books because they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fab!!!

  85. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Tsveti!
    Thanks so much for your lovely mail about Totally Lucy! I hope you’ve found all the ones that are out in Bulgaria now! The good news is that I have just signed the contracts for the next ones to come out in Bulgaria, and in the end there will be 10 in the series! I really hope you enjoy them all!
    Love, Kellyxx

    Hi Felicity!
    Thanks for your fab message – you sound like such a cool girl! I hope you got to read the last two Totally Lucy books now, and my new series Rainbow Beauty, which I think you will also love, espesh if you like a bit of romance too! And a lot of girl power!
    Have a great end of term and a cringe-free Christmas! Love, Kellyx

    Hi Katrina!
    Thanks for your fab message on my site! It’s great to hear that you enjoyed the Totally Lucy books so much! I hope you love my new trilogy, Rainbow Beauty, which is out now – you will if you like Lucy, and girl power!
    Have a fab fashiony Christmas and a glamorous New Year! Love, Kellyx

    Hi Claudia!
    Thanks very much for your fab message on my website! It’s great to hear that you enjoy the Lucy books so much – I LURVED writing them! I’m sure you’ll like my new series, Rainbow Beauty, too, seeing as you like Lucy and girl power!
    Loads of love from Kellyxxx

    Hi Arbesa!
    Thank you SOOOOOOO much for your lovely message on my site! Wow, I’m so please you love the books so much! You’ve probably read all the Lucy books by now and hopefully you’ve also got your hands on my new series, Rainbow Beauty, which I know you will love as it is also full of cringes and girl power (and a bit of romance too!). have a fab holidays!
    Lots of love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Poppy!
    I hope you’re having a great end of term and looking forward to Christmas (I am guessing it’s very yummy in your house!!). I am just doing my website replies and saw your lovely message – thank you! I hope you’re having fun reading and writing your own stories!
    Lots of love, Kellyxx
    PS I’ll put this up with the others on the Totally Lucy board for you to see, too!

    Hi Nadja!
    Thanks so much for your lovely message on my site! I hope you enjoyed all the Totally Lucy books if you got hold of them!
    Happy reading! Lots of love from Kellyxx

    Hi Alana!
    Thanks for your lovely message on my website! How fab that you did the beauty party – sounds like loads of fun! I’m guessing you have read the Rainbow Beauty books by now, then, and I hope you enjoyed them if you did! I can’t believe you’re 13 now – amazing!
    Have a great Christmas and New Year! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Alya,
    Thanks for your lovely message on my website – it was SOOOOO great to read how much you enjoy my books and how much they mean to you. It’s amazing that Lucy parallels your life so much – lots of things were from my own life so we must be quite similar! I hope you enjoy my mew series Rainbow Beauty if you get to read it (all three books are out now – yay!) as you will probably find yourself similar to Abbie too!
    Loads of love and have a great time in the holidays!

    Hi Charlotte,
    Thank you so much for your lovely, thoughtful message on my website. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the Totally Lucy books and the way I did the ending! If you get a chance to read my new Rainbow Beauty trilogy I hope you’ll really enjoy that too.
    Have a fab time in the holidays! Love, Kellyx

    Hola Sophia Isabella,
    Muchas gracias – me gusta mucho el mensaje que has dejado para mi sobre Totally Lucy. No puedo escribir muy bien en Espanol, lo siento!
    I’m so impressed that you got your friend to help you read Best Friends Forever in English, that is so cool! Hopefully it will be in Spanish one day too!
    Lots of love from Kellyx

    Hi Martha!
    Thanks so much for your fab message on my website! It’s great to hear that you enjoyed the Totally Lucy series so much! I really hope you’ll like the new trilogy, Rainbow Beauty, which is out now – I’m sure you will!
    Have a really great end of term and holidays! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Rushita,
    A big thank you for your message on my Totally Lucy board as well – I hope you have been able to read all the books by now, and the new series, Rainbow Beauty! Have a great holidays! Love, Kellyx

    Hi Cooper!
    Thanks so much for your lovely message on my site! I hope you’ve got to read all the Totally Lucy books by ow and that you really enjoyed them! Have a fab holidays and happy reading! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Roisin!
    Thanks so much for your lovely message on my website! It’s great to hear how much you love reading the Totally Lucy books – I’m sure you’ve read them all by now, it’s taken me so loooong to reply, and probably the new Rainbow Beauty ones too, which I think you’ll love too seeing as you like Lucy and girl power!
    Have a fantastic end of term and Christmas! Love, Kellyx

    Hi Jorja,
    Thanks so much for your lovely message on my site – it’s great that you enjoyed the Totally Lucy books! Have a fab end of term and Christmas!
    Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Benita!
    Thanks for your lovely message on my site and how fab that you are called Benita, like Jules’ little sister in the books! I hope you enjoy my new series, Rainbow Beauty, if you get a chance to read that too! Let me know what you think!
    Have a great end of term and Christmas! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Connie (or Kanyin!)
    If you are Kanyin who sent me the questions, I am just sending them back today! Either way, hello! Thank you very much for your lovely message on my Totally Lucy page – I’m just doing all my replies now! It’s great to hear that you enjoy the books so much, and I hope you’ve got to read my new series Rainbow Beauty too – let me know what you think if you have!
    Loads of love from Kellyxxx

    Hi Kelly, it’s Kelly – hee hee! I think we have a really cool name, BTW!!! Thanks so much for your lovely message on my Totally Lucy board – it’s great to hear that you enjoyed the books so much. I hope you’ve got the chance to read the Rainbow Beauty series, too – I’m sure you’ll love them if you love Lucy and girl power!
    Have a brilliant end of term and Christmas! Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Alesha!
    Thanks so much for your fab message on my website – it’s fantastic to hear that you enjoyed the Totally Lucy books so much – I am amazed that there are the best books you’ve read so far, that makes me SOOOOO happy! I hope you love the new trilogy, Rainbow Beauty, too – I’m sure you will if you like Lucy and girl power! Let me know what you think!
    Have a fab end of term and Christmas and thanks again!
    Love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Mary,
    Thanks so much for your lovely message on my site! I hope maybe there will be more Totally Lucy books one day, but for the moment you can enjoy my new trilogy Rainbow Beauty – I’m sure you’ll like it too, seeing as you like Lucy and girl power! Have a fantastic end of term and Christmas, and have fun with your family and BFFs! Lots of love, Kellyxxx

    Hi Jaime!
    Thanks so much for your lovely message on my site! I’m thrilled to hear that you enjoyed the Totally Lucy books so much! I hope you’ve got to read them all by now, and Rainbow Beauty! Have a fab end of term and Christmas! Love, Kellyx

    Hi Jamila!
    Thanks for your lovely message on my website! It’s great to hear that you enjoyed Boy Band Blues so much – actually the bit where she throws her Barbies out of the window in that book still makes me laugh which is weird seeing as I wrote it!! I hope you love the rest of the series too, and my new one Rainbow Beauty. Have a great end of term and Christmas, love, Kellyxxx

  86. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments! I’m about to reply to you individually, so watch this space! Sorry it’s taken me absolutely forever, but I’m here now. I’ll e-mail you all too, so you don’t miss your message! Loads of love MWAH!!! Kellyxxx

  87. jamila says:

    i love the totally Lucy books!!! Right now i am reading boy band blues and the way she likes Wayne Roman is hilarious. I totes recomend

  88. Jaime says:

    Totally Lucy is the best because it is about friendship and fashion! Write more books Kelly!

  89. Mary says:

    Hey kelly
    Ur my fav author n plzzzzzz add more books to the series thx xoxox love Mary

  90. Alesha says:

    The totally Lucy books are cool I’ve only read a few but they are the coolest books I have read yet !!!!

  91. Kelly says:

    hi! my names Kelly too and I love ALL your books!
    totally lucy is my favourites. are you going to write any more books in the series?
    I hope u do, cause I would be so delighted!

    -Kelly haha

  92. connie says:

    OMG totally Lucy is soooooooooooo cool!!!
    they are so funny and like a typical teen

  93. Arbesa says:

    The best book ever no one like u kelly is the best I LOVE totally Lucy books!

  94. Benita says:

    I have got all the Totally Lucy
    Book series.There sooooo fab!

  95. Jorja says:

    Your books are so cool so is lucy shes totally my role model

  96. Roisin says:

    They are the best books EVER!!! I wish you would write more Totally Lucy books.
    BTW: I am like your biggest fan in the whole ENTIRE WORLD!!!!!!!!

  97. cooper says:

    I love totally lucy it is the best series of books ive ever read. I read them every day at lunch and recess.

  98. Rushita says:

    I have rad many books of tottaly lucy lik planet fashion,best friend forever,summer starsand style school its very intrestin ….I hope Kelly mckain will right many book like this

  99. Martha says:

    I’m in Year 6 now, and in the middle of reading Planet Fashion for about the third or so time. LOVE THE SERIES!! :) :) :) :)

  100. Sophia Isabella says:

    Hola, Kelly!
    Quería decirle lo mucho que me encantan tus libros.
    He leído mejores amigos para siempre. Mi amigo me ayuda a leer como mi idioma Inglés no es bueno. Gracias, la vida es bella!

  101. Charlotte says:

    I’ve read these books since I was in Year 6 and I still love them (I’m 13 now). All girls of around Lucy’s age can relate to some of the things she goes through, and its nice to know you’re not the only one with these sorts of troubles. Dan Howell said, ‘Every book has a last page…’ but the way this one ended, just left it open, and not the usual dramatic end. Well done and thank you Kelly McKain <3

  102. Jessika says:

    Uwielbiam tę książke! :D

  103. Alya says:

    Guess what, My AMAZING mother just bought me the Peppermint Kiss book for Amazon!!
    YAY, cant wait to read it!

    Your BIGGEST FAN (Really) Alya

  104. Alya says:

    I like totally LOVE your Totally Lucy Series of books!! They like, totally ROCK! I know probably everyone asks you to write more Totally Lucy books,but pretty please witha cherry on top could you! I never really liked books till I came upon Totally Lucy, they have even helped me with my english at school. Your are my Idol, literally! Totally Lucy books always helped me through life’s little dramas, it was somewhere I could run away when I needed some alone time.Lucy is soooo relatable to me everything she goes through I seem to have gone through too. Its like someone Wrote a book all about me but called my Lucy! From your BIGGEST FAN (I mean it)Alya

  105. Alana says:

    Hi Kelly! For my birthday I had a sleepover with my besties, It was sssooo much fun and I uued your fab tips for a beauty party and we used a mint green facial mask, we coulden’t stop laughing it was so cool! I’m finarly 13 now (very excited!) Love ya Kelly
    xoxo Alana!!!

  106. Nadja says:

    Hi Kelly,i am from Serbia!Sorry about mistakes!I really,really love books!I read your book:Planet Fashion,and I really love it!I do not know what else to say but I’d really like to read more of your books!

  107. poppy honey oliver says:

    dear kelly,
    i am obsessed with your books, they are so funny and enjoyable!
    they have really inspired me to keep diaries and make them ( i will try!) as good as your series!
    they are my fave book ever, I wish you could write more series!!!!
    i really want to read half sisters, i hope i can get it for my birthday!
    i really wish lucy was my friend, she sounds cool and really funny!
    thank you for writing such good books, i am in the middle of reading ‘style school’ for the third time!
    lots of love,
    poppy honey oliver x

  108. Arbesa says:

    OMG I love totally lucy books they’re the best books ever Kelly Mckain is the best author on this planet i just want to read them all again and again i hope you have more coming because i will hunt them down till i read them!!!
    thank-u kelly for writing all this wondeful BOOKS!!!

  109. Claudia says:

    I Totally love All Your Books! They Are So AWESOME! You are such a talented writer! Thanks Kelly for writing them!xoxoxoClaudia

  110. Katrina says:

    I like Totally Lucy books cos they are really funny(funny in a good way BTW)!They are also a really good as example of a life of a(fashion crazy)Teen girl!

    Luv Katrina xoxoxoxoxo

  111. felicity says:

    i love your books cos i am such a fashion diva but my mum gets in the way lucy is so cool i wish i was with her no.1 book im just starting Catwalk crazy i am also 10% on the cringe scale

  112. felicity says:

    i love totaly lucy they are the best in the world i realy love them i just wish she was real i never want to finish the books they are so good pls make more kelly u r an amazing author BTW i love purple too xxx

  113. Tsveti says:

    I love your Totally Lucy series soo much!They are creative and fun,and very inspiring for an artist like me!Thank you for writing them.
    P.S-I haven’t read the whole series,I’ve read only up to Boy Band Blues,and I don’t know if the others’ve come out here in Bulgaria,so can you please tell me the list of the books?Thanks again!

  114. Elizabeth says:

    Fingers crossed!

  115. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Eli! WOW, you are a super-massivo Lucy fan! reading them 12 times each is mega-impressive! I would love to write more but we’ll have to see what my publishers say! Kellyxxx

  116. Elizabeth says:

    Do you think you could make 10 more Totally Lucy books please????
    I loved the book you wrote that is similar to Totally Lucy but could you make it to be a Journal like Lucy´s books or just write 10 more Totally Lucy books?
    I have a journal too I had it since I was in year 4 but your Totally Lucy books made me realise that I could do with a few changes to my journal so it´s cooler like Lucy´s.
    I´ve read your Totally Lucy books like 12 times each I never get tired of them!
    I asked for 2 Totally Lucy books this christmas and I read them in 2 days and then again and again!

  117. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! Thanks for all your fab and lovely comments about Totally Lucy! I can see that Lucy means so much to you – she does to me too! It makes me SOOOO happy to hear that you love the books so much. Big hugz to you all – Jessica, Derv, Niamh, Lydia, Selen, KikiP, Elizabeth, Sahithi, Sera, Skye, Simran, Klara, Phoebe, Jenny, Iqabuari, Salma, Maja, Lauren, Elberte, Milica, Julia, Emily (and hugs to Molly too!) and Aidy!
    Thanks, girls, your enthusiasm and love for my books makes me feel like dancing round the room! In fact I think I will! Then have a Curly Wurly! MWAH!! Love, Kellyxxxxx

  118. aidy says:

    i totally LOVE the totally lucy books i wish wish wish there was more than 10
    i’ve read 4 in 1 week

  119. emily walton says:

    dear kelly
    I <3 totally lucy because the books are fablissimo and lucy really relates to my bff Molly Coates I really relate to Tilda and my m8 Leah relates to Jules cos she is quarter spanish!!!!!!!xoxoxox

  120. Jenny says:

    yeah they should make a film!!!

  121. julia says:

    your books are amazing! i like them so much because i want to be a fashion designer too! were u like lucy when u were little or is she a made up character? i also like that she is british cos most books are by americans! i now need to by some more of your fab books!
    PS: pls write some more!

  122. Milica says:

    I absolutely loooove all your Lucy books and i do wish that you’d write more! One of the best series.
    P.S. I also wish that you’d make a film aswell! Thank you for writing Totally Lucy!

  123. Elberte says:

    Hey Kelly, I love you books
    but mostly the Totally Lucy ones.And I had an idea of making a diary and I mixed and matched with some Totally Lucy Books from series 1-4.

  124. Lauren says:

    Totally Lucy books are soooooooooooooo good. I read all of them in 3 days. I love them so much!!! Please wright more !!! Thanks for writing them xxx

  125. Maja says:

    Hi Kelly! You books are VERY BIG GREAT!!! I love lucy and tilda and juls! they are sooooo cute! Big love from Serbia

  126. Salma says:

    Hi Kelly!I love your totally lucy books.They relate to me very well especially best friends forever as I have two BFF.In fantasy fashion how do you read this as it is in code:.hsurc terces ym si yoB goD?Love your books.Thanks for writing them!

  127. iqabuari says:

    best friend forever is the best book.I will buy many books about Lucy

  128. Jenny says:

    I should say again: i LOVE totaly lucy … Kelly PLEEEASE write some new books to ride online.!!! I know they won’t be translated in slovenian but i’ll survive;)
    LucY is so funny and inspiring :$
    LOOOOV her so much … 10 books are absolutely NOT enough. And I’m growing up, Lucy is not – I’m almost 14, i’d like that lucy was also 14. pleaaase write it just for the bigest fans as ME!!!! lov you <3 :)

  129. Phoebe says:

    totally lucy books are the best series of books i have ever read!!! i love them!!! i nees more!!!!:)

  130. Phoebe says:

    Totally Lucy books are the best series of books i have ever read!!! I love them. i want more!!!

  131. klara says:

    Hi, I am Klara.I am from Slovenia.I love your books.They are so funny.Thank you for writing them!!! ;)

  132. klara says:

    Hi, i am klara.I am from Slovenia.I love your books about lucy.They are so funny.I love them.Really thank you for writing them!!! ;)

  133. simran says:

    Totaly lucy books are SOOOOOOOOOO FAB. I read each about 14 times already. I loooooooove you kelly mckain!!!!!!!

  134. Skye says:

    I love the totally lucy books because it is really easy to get into the character of Lucy

  135. Sera says:

    hi!ı am sera and ı am your fan ı am from spain so ı am not very good speaking englısh your books is very good thank for read the my message

  136. sahithi says:

    kelly mckain i love your totally lucy books because they have cool pics in them
    which other books dont have

  137. Elizabeth says:

    i love the totally Lucy books and i really hope you can write some more!!!! PLEASITY, PLEASITY, PLEASEEEEE!!!!!

  138. Elizabeth says:

    Hello I really love the Totaly Lucy books and I read them over and over again. Do you think youwrite some more fab Totally Lucy books.

  139. KikiP says:

    Hi Kelly!I love your Totally Lucy books,they are amazing!Are there going to be more? And would you ever write a book if a fan gave you an idea? :)

  140. Selen says:

    Hi,Kelly!I am Selen.I am from Turkey.Your books is very nice.My favorite book Totally Lucy.Goodbay!

  141. lidia brown says:

    i lurve these books and have at least read each one 5 times each highly reccommended

  142. Niamh says:

    I love these books because they really show things that happen in your life and all that cool stuff you do I just love them!

  143. derv says:

    Hey kelly! i love totally lucy! i wish i was her!!!im a huge fan so i hope you see this. i’ve read all the totally lucys and while i was reading them i was telling my bff about how AMAZING they are everyday, when i finished them i read half a sister(i read all your books!!)then orla my bff started reading them! she looooved them aswell in fact she started the first one last week and is already on the second!
    PLEASE DO MORE TOTTALY LUCYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to meet you aswell any chance you could come to Ireland!?
    love ya mhaw x

  144. Jessica says:

    OMG i love them because i can relate to lucy very quikly!! and they r soooo funny…

  145. Kelly McKain says:

    Thanks, Tyra! And wow, speedy reading!
    Jovanna, you should also be able to get Star Struck and Picture Perfect as they come before Sumemr Stars. Hope you get hold of them soon! And the final two books will be published for you soon too! xx
    Thanks, Aysella, MWAH!
    Jenny, thanks! there’s a new series I know you’ll love coming out in January – more details soon!
    Thanks, Saloni! And Lorna! And Lottie and Emilie!
    Great Idea, Alanah! A new BFF would really shake things up!
    Bellariz – wow, fab that you made your own flower choker! Good luck with your dream of beocming a fashion designer!
    Thanks for your lovely message, Sammy!
    Ogonna, i loved reading your message, it make me soooooo happy! Thanks for being such a fab fan!
    Thanks, Bex and Bethany! MWAH!
    Wow, Stephanie, it’s great to hear that Lucy inspires you so much!
    thanks, Hanya! Look out for my new series out next year. Details to come soon!
    Sammy, hope you get Planet Fashion from Amazon soon, and happy reading!
    Anwesha, I’d love to do more, but it’s not just up to me, unfort!xxx
    Thanks, Joe! Loads of love xxx
    And massive loads of hugz to you all and may it rain Crunchies on you every day!! xxx

  146. stephanie says:

    hi im back i really love all the books and think you should write a new one!!!
    am trying to earn money on my amazon so i can get all the books!!!!

    i wish that i can meet you kelly!!!
    lucy books are easy to understand and funny and AWESOME!!!!

    i got some ideas for new kelly books but thoose are for me to know and you guys to find out!!!!!

    kelly is a really talented writer!!!!

    hey friend are good and loyal and sometimes clumzy!!!

    if you can read chapter books theese are like the #1!!!!

  147. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! Thanks so much for all your fab posts! I’m just about to have a read through – so watch this space for replies this week! Love, Kellyxx

  148. Joe says:

    I love the totally Lucy series it is totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. Anwesha says:

    Y-O-Y-O-Y-O-Y can’t you write more of the totally most amazong books ever (thats Totally Lucy BTW). you have noooooo idea how much it is relevant to me and my other 2 BFF’s life! Keep writing Kelly!!! Seriousily though, you have nooooo idea whatsoever how much it means to me if you write another few books! EEEEEEKKKKKKKKK!!!!!! would be my reaction if you write justa few more books!!! please write more Kelly. Thank you soooo sooo much for letting those books into my life. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  150. Sammy says:

    Totally Lucy is the best books I have ever read, the no. 9- planet fashion, I haven’t read it yet. Very sad

  151. Hanya says:

    Hi Kelly
    I’ve just finished Summer Stars if was sooooo good! Please write another Totally Lucy book!
    Your #1 fan Love Hanya xxx

  152. stephanie says:

    hey i am back! i loooooooooooooooooooove tottaly lucy i draw different fashion things and accecories all the time!! i really am running out of ideas though!!!! help me anyone!!!!!
    :( :( :(

  153. stephanie says:

    Totally lucy books are the best!!!!!
    i want to be a fashion person too! she inspiers me a lot for stuff! i want her to give me advie! i really love her! i am trying to make my room eco-friendly too just like T
    it is easy to read good pics and a WONDERFULL WORLD!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  154. Bethany says:

    i love the totally Lucy books!! Ive read all of them over and over again!! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaassssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee write more ill read them all the time!! they made me want to be a fashion designer!!

  155. Bex says:

    I am the biggest ever fan of totally lucy when i read the book ifell like i am acutally IN the A-MAZING book

  156. ogonna says:

    hiii im 16 and i still love the totally lucy’s books as
    i can relate to them and i feel like im actually reading a diary not a book and i feel so alive to them i have read about 4 of the books i only need 6 more then i’m finished wow love your book i want to become a writer soon just like you ms. kelly thank you for every thing lots of love ogonna xxxxxx

  157. Sammy says:

    I extremely love these books. I would love to read more about Lucy and her BFF. I love LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  158. Bellariz says:

    I LUV ur totally lucy book!!!I also LUV shopping and fashion and i also wanna be a fashion designer when i grow up!!!I read almost the whole collection and to me i think she is my ” creative inspiration” I luv the flower choker she made in the book style school that i made one myself!!!!I also have a diary at home!BTW,once again i think ur books r FAB!! thks

  159. Alanah says:

    yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i have now compleeted all the totally lucy books can you please make a new book about inviting a new girl into the group called alanah and she is really shy! that would be awesome!!! :) ;) :0

  160. Emilie says:

    hi i love catwalk crazy and i am about read the others
    thanks for writing them

  161. LOTTIE says:

    hi i absoulutlie love love love the totally Lucy books,they’re the best books i’ve ever read.Thankyou sooooooooo mutch for writing them!!!!!:) :P

  162. Lorna says:

    hiya i am going to say what everyone else is saying please write another book or write one like it cos they make me laugh cringe and want to read more!!!

  163. saloni jain says:

    kelly i just luv ur books!
    its fab!

  164. Jenny says:

    i see you r not going to write any TL books, but i wish you will write more for teens

  165. Jenny says:

    I hope you will write more books about lucy because i love them!
    i’m waiting for next book in my language.
    and pleasee write more!! :D
    TLs are coool!

  166. Aysella says:

    I love all your books,, but, Lucy is the best,i read just two parts ‘Catwalk Crazy’ and ‘Summer Stars’! Your books are soo crazy and funny…Love you, Aysella<3

  167. Jovana says:

    HI!!!!Dear Kally, your books are awesome, and I really like them… but, in my country there are only five books:
    Makeover magic
    Fantasy fashion
    Boy band bloues
    Summer stars
    and Catwalk crazy…
    I can’t wait to other books appear in my country… until that , me and my BFF are going to read old books, over and over again, because they are soo funny….:)

  168. Tyra says:

    Hi Kelly the books u write r fab.
    Please do more tottally Lucy books. I read them all in 2months

  169. Kelly McKain says:

    A big, massive GIANT hug to all you Lucy fans –
    Kelsey, Sanjana, J Struthi, Manasi, Jane, Charley, Kinley, Abbie, Lorna, Mayzay, Zoe, Paulina, Suni, Gisselle (how your mates have sorted themselves out by now, BTW! xx), Shania, Julie, Lisa, Becca (soz, no more TLs but look out for my new series, coming soon!), Rianne – well done on your writing – send to the Over To You page if you like and I’ll put it up!|) and Sophie!
    A huge thank you for all your fab comments about the books. I love reading them and it’s great to hear how much you’re all enjoying Lucy’s adventures. LOVE you girls! MWAH! Kellyx

  170. Sophie says:

    There so real you can see that because its like a actual girl aged 12 writing it (In a GOOD WAY!)

  171. Rianne .z.m says:

    i luuuurrrrvv thees books ‘cuse i can realate to them and it is like what ever i do it happens in the book . i found it so good that i even started wrighting one i hav about 5 now !lol

  172. Becca says:

    I <3 THESE BOOKS!!! I have already read the entire series and I only got my first one at christmas then didnt start reading it til march they rock PLEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE write more kelly!!!!!! i am saving up to buy the rest of the series that i havent got so i can read them over and over again!!!! xxxxx

  173. lisa says:

    i love your lusy books their the best keep writing about lusy il keep writing good revuews

  174. Julie Donnelly says:

    I ABSOLUTLEY ADORE THE TOTALLY LUCY BOOKS! I love how you right with the mind of a very nearly teenager! please write another totally lucy book!

  175. Shania talisa smth says:

    The books are amazing I’ve read only 4 books but i am trying to get my mum to sign me up to the library i actually love the books and you wouldn’t that i would read but the first i read a totally Lucy book and i was amazed at how much activities she can get though it isn’t real life but it sound

  176. gisselle says:

    hi kelly im a huge fan im inlove with ur books i just cant get enough of them any way i have a friend she wont talk to me if i talk to my other friend we used to be a 3 just like Lucy Jules and tilda what should i do

  177. suni says:

    i love lucy sooo sooo much..!!!This is amazing book..!!I love thatt

  178. paulina says:

    I love Kelly McKain books but my most fave one is best friend forever :)

  179. Zoe says:

    i challanged a friend to read all the totally lucy books she loves them! and do the quiz in number 10!
    i love your books kelly!!!!!!

  180. Lorna says:

    I really totally lucy books cos the inspired me to design and she around my age so i can relate to her plus i started to write my own diary but i was no where as good [ SIGH]

  181. kinley sonam dolkar says:

    i like ur books coz … they r just so…….. wonderful that every teen girl must read it. i lik ur bff book especially. ur boos r famous in our country bhutan too……..

  182. Jane says:

    OMG!!! I LUV the Totally Lucy books SO much,in fact, Kelly McKain is my fave author

  183. Mayzay says:

    i love the TOTALLY LUCY books cuz i love fashion, especially the designing part my BFF’S [ Alana Russo & Clarissa Krenz ] say that the dresses i draw look really really really good .I LUV TOTALLY LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  184. abbie says:

    luuuurve totally lucy

  185. Charley says:

    OMG Tottallt Lucy is the BEST book ever! It is awesome! Thank U so much 4 writing them! XOX

  186. Manasi says:

    Totally lucy are the best series of books i have ever read! I love them the most because i like all the fashion related stuff. This has led me to write a whole presintation on Kelly!!!

    Love you lots Kelly for writing these books


    PS keep on writing more books!!!

  187. J shruthi says:

    i love ur books and now i can’t get ur collection because everybody love ur because they all got it
    and i love ur english used in the book

  188. sanjana says:

    Totally lucy is so good and is so easy to read … i just love those series!!!

  189. kelsey says:

    hi i absolutely love the totally lucy books. just got them at christmas and i am already reading version 6.xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox:):):)

  190. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! Thanks so much for all your fab comments about Lucy. I am just completely blown away by how much you guys love the books and especially by how many times some of you Have read them! LOVE you girls, MWAH!
    Autumn – good idea! My publisher isn’t planning to do any more Totally Lucy books at the moment but I’ll keep you posted.
    Thanks, Ruby and Lulu, it’s fab to hear you like them so much!
    Thanks, Tilly! I’ll watch this!
    Tilly, Belinda, Rebecca, Nisa and Simran, you all asked about more Lucy books – well, I’d love to write more but it’s up to my publisher and at the moment they don’t have any plans to do more. I do have a fab new girls’ series coming out soon, though!
    Also Nisa, you can find story advice on the Over To You page of my site – happy writing!
    Wow, thanks, Shalini, Sehaz, Prabbie and Cindy for your lovely comments! It means so much to me to ehar how much you all love Lucy!
    Charlie, great idea to write a book about fashion designer Lucy! Maybe I will some day!
    Thanks, Ria!
    Hi Kamila! Thanks for your message. I can’t read Polish but big hugs to you!
    Hi Carla! Big hugs t you too!
    Olivia, i know, i wish i could go on writing them forever cos I love Lucy too!
    Thanks, Lydia, L-Golden and Jaahnvi, big hugs xx
    Annie, that’s fab! Hope you survived being mega-tired the next day!
    Sara – hi! Only the first two books are in Spanish at the mo, they are called Maquillaje Magico and Chica Chic. Hope you enjoy them!
    Lucy, you SO make me laugh, saying you’re only a decade old! Good idea to do a Wiki Lucy page too!
    Simran – ha ha, i love it!I know you would read it, hon!
    Lucy, good idea! I think it’s time for another TL comp too!
    Cool, it’s great you liked them Lorna!xx
    Thanks, Lourdes, and hi Rockyz!
    Wow, that’s fab Chloe Beth!
    Olivia, we are just working out the title for the new series now!
    Lauren, Hi! Wow, it’s amazing that you’ve read the books so much! That makes me SOOOOOOOO happy!!

  191. Lauren says:

    These books are totally wicked!!! I have read everyone about 20 times!! Please write more because they are great and please write them soon xoxoxoxo

  192. Olivia says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I really love the totally Lucy books and it is such a shame you can’t do anymore! Please could you tell me what the next comedy sequel might be called! I completely love all the totally Lucy books!! I’m not sure which ones my favourite! I love them all! Lol!! Are you going to make the next comedy sequel in a diary entry??
    Love from
    Olivia xxx

  193. Chloe Beth Sharp says:

    These are really my absolute fav books in the world. I love to read them over and over!! Please write more xoxoxoxoxo :D :)

  194. ROCKYZ says:

    HI! So bored! I’ll talk to people online then wait am I typing this! Oh well..

  195. lourdes says:

    IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE totally lucy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  196. Lorna says:

    I read the pony camp diaries but people where always going on about these books, I tried them and they rock there so funny!!!

  197. Lucy says:

    Hello Kelly!,
    I have a brill idea that I really hope you use! Here goes:
    Totally Lucy Competition!!!!!
    Ppplleeeaasseeee reply!!!!
    Lucy xxx

  198. simran says:

    Totally Lucy books are suberb. I can’t stop reading them.PLEASE PLEASE write another book and swear on all my make up and clothes i will read it.

  199. Lucy says:

    These books are sooo good.
    I can’t belive there is not a Wikia about Lucy. I want to start one but it sounds too hard as I am not very old im only a decade.
    I currently have all my Lucy books all over my bed(well apart from Best Friends Forever because I am reading it at school).
    And also yes my actual NAME is Lucy.

  200. Sara says:

    Hello Kelly, when your books will be in Spain and in Spanish? I love it but I am spanish and i am learning english, but i will like to buy it in spanish.

  201. nisa says:


  202. annie says:

    I apsalutly love teese books cos they are simply COOL I was up all night reading Planet fashion i cant stop reading it i mean im reading the book right now,BTW!!!

  203. Rebecca says:

    Hi kelly,
    I live for thease books can you please please please please with a cherry on top make another book?

  204. Jaahnvi says:

    I think Totally Lucy books, rock!! They’re soooo nice and funny!! At library – my destination – TOTALLY LUCY BOOKS!

  205. L-Golden says:

    hey , ok so , i love love love the books , they are awsome ! ! !

    lots of luv
    ! xxx ! xxx !

  206. lydia says:

    these books RULE they show everything about a teenagers life!just what i l-o-v-e LOVE !!!!! and halarous so gooooooood!!!!!!!

  207. Olivia says:

    Please, please, please can you write another book like this I love it so so much! You are my favourite author!!!!!!! I am soooo disapointed that this series ended!!! Please reply Kelly!!!!! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  208. Olivia says:

    I love Kelly McKain books there awesome! I love the fact they are in a diary entry! I wish the series never ended! Xxxxx

  209. Carla says:

    I love Lucy! I read all the books about Lucy! Please, read more!
    Hugs, Carla from Poland ;)

  210. Kamila says:

    Hej. Nazywam się Kamila i pochodzę z Polski. Muszę powiedzieć, ze “Totally Lucy” to moje najulubieńsze książki! Mimo, ze ówcześnie mam 14 lat, nadal do nich wracam, bo zawsze poprawiają mi humor i wprawiają mnie w dobry nastrój. Pozdrawiam wszystkich, a w szczególności Kelly Mckain! <3

  211. ria b says:

    lucy is really sooooooo cool!

  212. charlie(i am a girlBTW) says:

    ilove lucys jornals becase thier funny creative and are so like normal life. i want to be a fashion designer to that is why thier do inspiering. oh and kelly please write a book about when lucy dose become a fashion designer that would be great.

  213. Cindy says:

    the reason why i LLOOVVEE lucys journals are they give me lots of ideas for stuff. THEY ARE THE BEST BOOKS EVER AND ALWAYS WILL BEE!!!!!!!! thank you to kelly for writing them, i love lucy!and jules and tilda too.

  214. Sehaz says:


  215. Prabbie says:

    I’ve been reading these over and over again ever since I was 11!!!! The time it took me to read one book was literally within 1 day! the maximum is 2! absolutely loveeeeeeeeeeeeee these!!

  216. Shalini says:

    I think Totally Lucy is just awesome, fantastic and super, super great… I absolutely love her personality. I wish I was friends with her! Your books are so enjoyable. There is no doubt about it that your books are outstanding! I just Love, Love, Love reading about her and her bffs! They just make my day!!!

  217. Belinda says:

    Hiii Kelly and everyone!
    Totally Lucy is the best ever book and you should definitley write another book! Lucy is sooo fabbity-fab fab and i know exactly how Lucy feels sometimes. I have read most of the 3 times and everytime it never fails to amuse me! I am not from the UK but in fact from Australia and i luvvvv Lucy! Keep up all the good work and i hope to hear from you soon! (my friend aand i are HUGE fans and we REALLYYYY RREALLY want you to write another totally Lucy book!)
    <3 Belinda

  218. Tilly says:

    Hey Kelly u should make some more Totaly Lucy books it’s never to late if you do people will be all over them in the time you can say “Lucy” i think there the best books you’ve ever made please WRITE more or at leaset have a good think about it!!!!!!! XOXOX Tilly.

  219. Tilly says:

    hey girls if you won’t to watch an amazing film the you HAVE!!!!!!!!!! to watch this look up on the internet. (Stacy Westfall Bare back riding with out reigns) if you have a look at it then tell me my name is Tilly and this vido clip is uterly AMAZING!!!!! please please please please watch this. BTW it’s about a girl who is riding a horse bareback!!!

  220. LuLu says:

    I absolutely love the lucy series pls write some more

  221. Ruby says:

    Tottally Lucy is the best series of books ever!!!!! :) I love it!
    Thank youh so much for making the book.

  222. Autumn says:

    Hello, Dear Kelly McKain! I’m writing from Turkey, and I LOVE TOTALLY LUCY WORLD!!! I HOPE YOU WRITE THE 11th, 12 and 13 and 14 and 15 and 16 and.. Yes yes until 30.
    Hint: You can write 11th book about Lucy and and BFF’s “Winter Holiday”.
    Ain’t good idea!
    Please answer soon!

  223. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girlies! thanks so much for your fab comments, I love reading them! I hope you’re all having fun wherever you are around the world, having fun with your BFFs and not getting into too many cringe-making situations!
    Hi Aqusia, Irene and Smiley World (btw my e-mail is
    And Victoria, sorry you got laughing-related injuries from reading Totally Lucy but it’s fab you liked the books so much, treat yourself to a curly wurly for me!
    Ewelina, wow, Poland and Oz, you can be our International Girl of Mystery!
    Thanks, Mali! MWAH lots love xx
    Hola Belen! Lo siento
    que no hay mas libros en Espanol. Espero que puedes leerlos en Engles muy pronto! Abrazos, xxx
    Thanks, Torz and Emma!
    Holly T, hello hon! Check out the Over To You page for writing tips!
    Wow, Lucy, Arianna and Thais, thanks so much for your lovely comments! my head is quite big now! Cool names, BTW!
    Hi Roshni – babes!
    Sammi, my fave is probably style school too. But then, Nisa, I also love Catwalk Crazy and Pony Mad Moll PIcture Perfect makes me laugh too, even though i wrote it!
    Cool Trinity!I hope your diary is going well.
    thanks Zara for your gorge message.
    and Daisy and Naja and Alana and Saskia and Kellester! Wow, my head is super massivo now. I’m going to have my hair done in a min – will I even fit it in the special backwards sinky thing?
    Lucy, there aren’t any more Lucy books coming out at the mo, sorry, but I ahve a fab new series coming out next year that i know you’ll LURVE, more on that soon!
    Cveti – fab to hear from you all the way from Bulgaria. i ahve just signed the contracts for the final two Lucy books in Bulgaria, so you’re going to ahve the whole ten books translated. Your English is great so if you wanted to read them in that you could probably get them from have fun reading, hon, lots of love MWAH!
    Love from Kellyxxxxxxxxx times a million!

  224. kellester says:

    i love your book from the bottem of my heart

  225. ponymadmol says:

    I looove tottally Lucy espesialy picture perfect Kelly mckain xxxxxxxxxx molly

  226. Saskia says:

    I LOVE the Lucy books because you can relate to Lucy, Jules and Tilda. The books are funny and whenever somthing embarassing happens you just want to go and hide behind the sofa. I have read the books 10 times each and when i do i just want to read them again and again! The books are AMAZING and EPIC and i hope they last forever!

  227. Alana says:

    Totally Lucy is so amazing she’s so cool and creative that’s why i like he!!!

  228. Cveti says:

    Please read my message, even though it’s really long!

    Hi, Kelly!
    First, I want to wish you a Happy Birthday! And keep on writing such fab and fantastic books!

    I just LURVE the Totally Lucy Series! I love Lucy because we have a really similar (almost the same) way of thinking. She’s everything I ever wanted to be… she’s my fiction idol, and you’re my real life idol! I’ve read only the first 5 books (Makeover Magic, Fantasy Fashion, Boy Band Blues, Star Struck and Picture Perfect), because only these are out in my country… The other bad news is that they are TRANSLATED and I can’t buy* the original versions, which style of writing I prefer a lot! (I could only read of it in the sneak peeks!) And I’m sooooo sad that I just have to wait for people to translate them in my language (I live in Bulgaria, BTW)… and sooooo sad that there aren’t going to be any more Lucy books! (Even though I haven’t read half of them, I’m sure they are fab like the others!) And I am ONE of your #1 fans! (From all the comments below I just can’t compete with the other girls!)
    Wow! Sorry for the use of too many brackets, but, like I said, same Lucy-thinking! I should start my own journal…
    Bye and best wishes! Cveti xxx

    *BUY, because our school library is a small room with old bulgarian books – there is not one book written later than the 1950s! But buying them is no problem for me! I just LURVE them!!!

  229. Lucy says:

    I love Totally Lucy sooo much they are the best books I have ever read! I hope you do more and more totally lucy books! I love the fashion and it is really funny. BTW I have a friend called Jules too! Kelly will there be more totally lucy books?? I hope there will be!!!!

  230. Naja says:

    Totally lucy books are GREAT. I just looove them.

  231. daisy says:

    i luv totally lucy books because its like real life and so funny and in class when we make up storys mine r very similar and i want to make a book now and lucy looks a bit like me
    so thnx soooo much for making the books :)

  232. zara says:

    Hi m.s kelly mckain i love and loooove the totally lucy series please please please please please please please write more i fineshed them all there abousalutley brilliant i hope u read this message queen of awesome books

  233. Trinity says:

    Sorry Kelly about my bad spelling ment inspired!

  234. Trinity says:

    Dear Kelly love your books ( totally Lucy) please keep on with the series you ve now I spired me to write my own diary thanx so much Luv Trinity

  235. nisa says:

    Hi Kelly!!!
    I luuuurve your books. Your my role model! I want to be a writer one day( so I get to get my fav lip gloss )BTW Which book do you thik is the best? Mine is Catwalk crazy it is sooo coolismo!!
    One thing i like about you is that you reply to your fans, most authors don’t bother. Im glad you do!!!
    XxXx PS: Please carry on with the series of totally lucy. There the best!!

  236. Roshni Baybie says:

    i love totally lucy books dont you lucy arrianna and thais?!! i do so think they are the best books like EVER and also EVER and i will NEVER get old 4 them…x

  237. Roshni Baybie says:

    I l
    I lo
    I lov
    I love
    I love t
    I love to
    I love tot
    I love tota
    I love total
    I love totall
    I love totally
    I love totally l
    I love totally lu
    I love totally luc
    I love totally lucy

  238. Sammi :) says:

    Hi, I absolutely LOVE the Totally Lucy books, and I’m RELIEVED that other people read them too! My favourite book is Style School, because there are soooo many cringes and relatable bits!

  239. Roshni Baybie says:

    Oh how I purge ur books Kelly. Btw I love the fact people communicate from different parts ofthe world isn’t it great kels ( he’s he’s can I call u kelz please?) LOL ( I’m saying it nice enough) You have so much talent and all girls wish for that and we are all soo glad u have took that talent for granted! I love it when I get to talk to people girlie like TORZ cool name lolol it’s soo funny he hee I love ur books so, so please reply, thank you. I’m gonna stop now because I’m on my iPod and it’s hurting my fingers likerymuh so please rely Kelly, thank you…xxx

  240. Lucy and Arianna and Thais says:

    Hey we 3 are BFF’s just like lucy, jules and tilda!!!!!! We love your books they are soo awesome and exiting!! <3 we wish the books went on forever. we realy want you to write more books they are just so amazing that we cant get over them, they are the best books we ever read . so plz write more books!!! plz

  241. Holly T says:

    I am absolutely head over heels for the series and think you’re a fab writer. Could u give me some writing tips please! x

  242. emma says:

    your books rock!!!!!!!!!!

  243. Torz says:

    TOTALLY LUCY IS THE BEST SERIES EEEEEVVVVVVEEEEERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I read it again and again and again!!!! Its so funny and i just wonder how Kelly does it????

  244. Ewelina Marek says:

    I read two of the Totally Lucy books in one moth and I always come back to read them again and again. So thank You so much for creating a world I can relate to on so many levels!!!!!!!! :) :)

  245. Belen says:

    Hi Kelly !
    I’m from Argentina,and I read your books,Makeover Magic,and Fantasy Fashion,I can’t read the others book,’coz they aren’t in Spanish,but I know a lot of english,your books,are awesome !
    #HopeYouWriteMore !
    I Love Jules,she is the best. :D

  246. Mali says:

    The books are sooooooo great!!!! I love them!

  247. Ewelina Marek says:

    I LOVE your books!! Im hoping to meet you one day beause I write stories in my own time and I love the thrill it gives me, and also when reading your unique books!!! :) :) PS I saw the pictures of you visiting a Polish school, which is cool because I’m from Poland but live now in Australia.

  248. victoria says:

    hi i think u r the bees! really u r so funny my cheeks and tummy hurt from all the books i read before.
    i really want 2 get all you books cuz they are fantastic
    victoria xxxxxxx

  249. smiley world says:

    Dear Kelly…….
    Hi I have read all the ”Totally Lucy” books but my fav is ”Summer Stars” ;)

    I wish I could send you a email but I dont know your email.

    smiley world

  250. irene says:

    I´ve only read 1 book of totally lucy, fantasy fahion an I totally LOVE IT esspecyally when she talks about dog boy upss sorry it´s austin asking her to be his girlfriend If I was Lucy a would also have a crush on him,I mean he is soo heansome!!

  251. Agusia says:

    Kelly, you are the best!!!!!!!!!!

  252. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! Thanks so much for your fab comments! Big hugs to you all, Miley, Eleanor (and Maisie too!), Rebecca, Shannon, Sanjana, Natalie, Shivani, Izzy, Sneha, Sehrish, Haz, Katie, Teri, Dilari, Mazzy and Asha! you girls are such fab fans and I love you all, MWAH!
    Rebecca, sorry there isn’t a new series of Totally Lucy at the moment, but there will be something new next year (more to be revealed later!). Well done for ordering the book that wasn’t there! Girls, you can do that in any bookshop or get all the books from Amazon, so you don’t have to get stuck without them (which would be totally hideoso!). Izzy, i think Style School is my fave too! Haz, I don’t think there is an actual box set in a box but they have a deal on Amazon where you can buy all ten together for less money, so hope that will do! Sorry, Sneha, no free e-books, or I wouldn’t be able to make a living and keep on writing! It’s you girls buying the books that allow me to keep on writing them (and pay for my Curly Wurly supply, so extra big thanks!).

  253. asha says:

    i read just one book of tottly lucy and it`s called best friends forever and it absoultley rock

  254. Mazzy says:

    Heyya, the totally lucy series ROCK ;]] I lurrrved reading ‘em, and I made my siblings get into them as well :D

  255. Dilara says:

    my name is Dilara?!

  256. teri cleary says:

    totally lucy is awesome reading one at the moment n its called picture perfect write some knew ones they are totally awsome

  257. Katie says:

    I lurve your books i have got all of them and please write more!!!

  258. Haz says:

    Hi! Though Totally Lucy Is A Year Or Two Below My Reading Level, I Still Absolutely Love Them! I Have Only Read 6 Of The Fantastic Novels Written In The Ten Book Series And I, On Behalf Of My Mum As Well, Would Want You To Get A Box Set For It So We Can Buy It In One Go… Because We Can’t Really Find Them On Many Websites… :(
    But Oh Well.
    The Totally Lucy Books Have Actually Had An Influence On Me And How I Live Life To Be Honest. The Books Showed Me That Underneath All The Boyish Stuff I Had, I Was Truly Quite A Feminine Person. It Showed Me The Diary, Which Made Me Want To Make My Own Diary, Which I Kept Up For About Two Years! (A MASSIVE Achievement For Me!). And That Diary Did Help Me A Bit With Some Of The Toughest Of Times Which I Shall Not Mention.
    Anyways, Overall, I Think That Totally Lucy, Despite The Age Range, Is A Brilliant Series That Should Be Introduced A Lot More To The Older Generation Of Children Like Me (I’m 13) Because It Could Help Them Through Tough Times Like It Helped Me.
    Sorry For The Long Comment…. Learnt Stuff Like This In English And I Usually Give A Full Review… :L Oh Well!

    Haz xx

  259. sehrish says:

    i love the the FAIRY HOUSE.

  260. sneha says:

    hi kelly,i luv ur books!!! but i moved to a different country :( can u tell me how 2 download ur books as ebooks 4 free???

  261. izzy (iza) says:

    plz reply soon i can not wait to hear from you.u have such a gift for writing.i wish i was as good at writing stories as you.your amazing and so are ur stories.i can not wait to read the rest of the series.:) :0

  262. izzy (iza) says:

    I love your totally lucy books I think they are fab.
    I love the way lucy is exactly like a normal everyday person and i like jules and tilda too. They all have great story lines and I LOVE THEM!! :).my faviout one so far is style school.

  263. shivani says:

    Totally Lucy ROCKS! I love reading these books, but I don’t have all the books. I love Makeover Magic.
    :) :) :) :)

  264. NataLie :D says:

    I Love these books. I’m from Slovenia (this is a very small country near Italia) and we have it in our language. Thank you to writing these amazing books.

  265. Sanjana says:

    hey i <3 ur bookz dey r sooooooooo kl :-)

  266. Shannon Barber says:

    Hi Kelly I love your totally lucy books because… This is the story I was at school ST.mary’s and I saw one of your books Fantasy Fashion so I went home and read it. Then a while after I had to give it back in, so I went online and bought it I’ve got up to journal 4 know. p.s I love your books!

  267. Rebecca says:

    I loveeeee totallyu lucy books :)
    i went to get one yesterday but it wasnt there :( so i ordered it ! :) :) :)

  268. Rebecca says:

    I LOVEEEE these books :) is there going to be a new series?

  269. eleanor says:

    I love the totally Lucy boos ‘cos they are really funny and some bits are really cringey! My favourite book is makeover magic (book #1) I love the way Lucy and jules decide to look after tilda when she is so shy and gets picked on. I would really like to read planet fashion and best friends forever. My BFF is maisie so say hi to her. She loves totally Lucy too ‘cos I reccomended them to her when I found some in the school library.
    ps totally Lucy is really popular ‘ cos when I reserved one from the library in town 3 other people were waiting!

  270. miley says:

    Continue to beg nolur totally lucy

  271. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! Thanks for all your fab comments! Hi to Pelin!
    Malak, i hope you liked Star Struck!
    Tazzi, fab to hear from you! I hope you liked BFF if you got it, and if not you can always get it from Amazon. Hope you liked it too, Lauren!
    Lulu, Kirsten and Bianca – I’d like to write a new Lucy at some point but it’s not up to me at the moment! Maybe in the future! I will keep you posted though!
    Hi Kitty, thanks! Send in pix of your designs to the over to you page and I’ll put them up in the gallery for everyone to see!
    Hi Smiley, I hope you liked Makeover Magic! And Hi to Hailey too!
    Maddy, wow, well done about the comp, that’s fab! Send in your winning story to the over to you page and I’ll put it up in the gallery for everyone to read!
    Hi Bulgaria Child! thanks for your lovely comment!
    Joyce, hey, cool! Do you still like him? Is he the same one from the crossing cringe??
    Thanks, Jemima xxx
    Thanks Readin Chick and Rorrii xxx xxx
    Wow, what a fab message! Thanks, Scarlett!
    You too, Anna! And LucyJade, Danel and Tazzi, you girls are so fabulicious!
    Hi Louise, good luck with your latest story!
    Lauren, you are BRILLIANT at spreading the word about Lucy to all your friends (and at getting your rellies to buy them for you!)Thank you so much, hon!
    Hi Emma, it’s great to hear that you and your BFF have got into the Lucy books. Don’t forget to start a craze for them in your school! that’s your special mission from me!xxx
    Cupcakes – fab message. Don’t worry, the you-know-whats will turn up eventually – I had to wait ages for mine too! Ad meanwhile, enjoy dancing and riding and running down stairs without them hitting you in the face!
    Thanks, Heidi! I’ll be able to reveal more about it very soon.
    Lots of love to you all girlies! MWAH!!! Kellyx

  272. heidi says:

    hi kelly these books are awsom. i cant waite for the new series

  273. bianka says:

    lucy kelly continue the series and get a new girl come in your name izlem

  274. Cupcakesxxx says:

    I love the totally lucy series! My fave book is star struck cos’ i aspire to be and actress when i’m older. I also have the same problem as lucy, i’m 13 (well, very enarly 14) and still completely flat chested! Could easlily b mistaken for a 12 yr old. LOL. A GREAT READ….. PLS RELEASE ANOTHER LUCY RELATED BOOK!

  275. Joyce says:

    BFF is my fave. I read it every time I eat, even when it’s not lunch and I get a sweet. Too bad it’s just from the library and I have to return it soon!

  276. Emma says:

    After reading Style School in our school library; me and my bff are addicted to the LJH series- they are really obsessive… The kind of books you can’t put down!
    Today we went shopping; I bought Makeover Magic and Style School and I’ve finished reading them both already (though I don’t think this is the first time I’ll be reading them!!!)
    Please write more…
    Emma xxx

  277. lauren says:

    Hey my friend Taylor has Makeover Magic,Picture Perfect nd Catwalk Crazy she got them the other day nd she is finshed them all reddy!!!

    m goin for a day out with my mum next week nd my nan is giving me some money to bye some books so if I see any of the Totally Lucy books I am sooooooo geting them :) nd my mum said she will bye me a book :) :) :)
    Lots of love

  278. lulu :) says:

    Hey Kelly
    my friend emma got planet fashion off her cousin who has all of them nd she read planet fashion in a night
    she is almost done the rest of them but she still has best friends forever to read :) :) :)

  279. Tazzi :) says:

    Hey Kelly,
    Im from Ireland but I resineldy went on a trip to London and got all the Totally Lucy books
    I read them all nd I LOVE em!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  280. lauren says:

    hey got best friends
    forever off the libary last week and its the best book!!!!
    my friend talyor is over in londen and she is geting some of the books while she is over ther so when she is back I can borrow them :) :) :)
    love the books

  281. Danel Daley says:

    I love the LJH sieres (how do you spell it ?)
    Keep up the good work !!!

    Danel :P

  282. Lucyjade says:

    hi my names lucy as well i have just stared reading these books and they are really good xx
    i think these books are sooo cool xx:)

  283. Louise A.K.A Your no#1 fan! says:

    I love Lucy and her stories! She is very much my insperation for characters in the stories I write, I spend a long time on my own books! (As you know from the story I sent in with the comp). I’m currently writting a story called ‘The GND prank’ it isn’t very good at all though because I keep wandering off the story plott. But I’m planning a new story that I am going to do properly and send to you but It wont be done for a nother year maybe!:(
    Love always!xxx

  284. Laura says:

    Tottaly Lucy Books are fab.Please write more books about her life like when shes a teenager.I lovee love loveeeee your books.Thanks!xoxxoxo

  285. ama says:

    i love the totaly lucy books they are soo funny and inspiering!!! i have only read two so far and i am in the middle of my third oneand its been only four days since i got them!!! i love them so much i could read 100 and never get tired!!

  286. Scarlett says:

    Hi Kelly and girls,
    I love totally lucy sooooooooooo much! she is Fabulisimo!! can you purleeeeese write another book even if it is 3 years away.. I CAN WAIT!! PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Kelly. WE WANT ANOTHER BOOK!!! hahaha i love all your writing and i want to be a writer and an actress. TOTALLY LUCY IS THE BEST BOOK IN THE WHOLE WIDEST WORLD!!

  287. Rorrii Nikolovaa says:

    I lovee that books the are soo.. great and help me.. in many ways . On that books I start new diary like her..

  288. readin chick says:

    lov the books

  289. Kirsten Blanche says:

    I LOVE TOTALLY LUCY . I have only read summer stars but when i read the first sentance i knew it was one of my favourite books . PLEASE CAN YOU DO MORE TOTALLY LUCY BOOKS!

  290. Jemima says:

    Hello, Kelly! I really like the ‘Totally Lucy’ series. They are witty, fun, and my Mum has to tell me to stop reading them over and over again! Keep writing fabulously..

  291. lauren says:

    hey i told my friend about the totally lucy books and she is goin out shopping in a few days for all her school stuf and her mum said that if she sees some she can get one of them
    she cant wait to get them :)

  292. Joyce says:

    you know in Summer Stars? I have a crush on a boy called Jack too!

  293. bulgarian child says:

    hello Kelly!!!I love Totally Lucy’s books.This books are very popular in the world. Thank you Kelly. <3<3<3

  294. maddy says:

    HI!!!! I tottaly love totally lucy! btw can you tell me how you do all the scribbles and stuff in your books? BTW i have won awriting comp out of 40000 people!!i am 9 and your totally fab!! ps i live in new zealand

  295. Malak Amr says:

    im going to buy Star Struck today! hope its nice as it seems! if anyone read it please tell me ur ”review” :P

  296. smiley says:

    lovin the books!!!
    :) :) :)

  297. lauren says:

    hey :)
    love the books :)
    im getin style school of the libary in about a week
    it sounds really gud
    cant wait to read it

  298. smiley says:

    love summer stars
    it was a really really gud book
    im goin to start makover magic
    it looks really really gud
    cant wait to read it
    my friend haliey is readin catwalk crazy
    she thinks it is really really gud
    she is almost done

  299. Kitty says:

    Hi Kelly i adore your books!!!! :)
    They are the best!!! I really want to be a fashion designer when I’m older and I design some of my own clothes like Lucy

  300. lulu says:

    Can u please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please
    write more totally lucy books
    they are COOLY AWSOME!!!!
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :):) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  301. lauren :) says:

    i got star struck of the libary th other day and it s really gud :)
    im goin to get best friends forever of the libary when i bringing back my books
    cant wait to read best friends forever
    it sounds really really gud :)

  302. Tazzi says:

    Hey Kelly,
    you probably remember my from my friend Lulu’s message’s.
    I LOVE the Totally Lucy book’s!!!!!!! :)
    I’m reading Planet Fashion.
    I cant wait to read Best Friend’s Forever.
    I dont know what its like to have a brother coz I’m an only child, but like Lucy I have two Best Friend’s and I LOVE designing clothes.
    I think you should write more.

  303. lauren :) says:

    hey my friend tazzi said:
    hey kelly in the middle of summer stars and its a relly relly awsome book :)
    cant wait to read the other books

  304. lauren :) says:

    Hey i LOVE the totally lucy books
    they are awsome
    cant wait to read the rest of them

  305. pelin meriç açıkalın says:

    sevgili kelly mckain bende sizin gibi bir yazar olmak istiyorum ve tıpatıp lucy serisini çok seviyorum ilk kitabi aldığımda bir gün sonra bütün kitaplar elimdeydi sizinle tanışmayı çok isterdim sizin yazdığınız kitaplarda bir içtenlik var bir kitapınızı okumaya başlayınca bırakmak istemiyorum sevgilerimle pelin meriç açıkalın

  306. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Ruby, Sophie, Jace, Miriam, Lulu and Tazzi (cool name, BTW!) – thanks for all your fab comments – it’s great that you’re enjoying the books so much and I love hearing from you all!
    Arianna, I hope you get to read the other books too. Wow, you really are SO like Lucy!
    Anisha, yes poor Simon! Have you read Best Friends Forever – I won’t spoil it if not but Simon features a lot in it!
    Heidi, good question! I’ll answer it next week on the Got A Question page cos I’m putting up a batch of new ones. I love HP too so of course i don’t mind! Your cousins sound cute, and yes, Holly LOVES Freddie, she even let him play with her Ben Elf which is saying something!
    Megan, you sound a lot like Lucy too! You and Arianna should become pen pals! Well done for reading all the books, you’re such a fab fan! Look out for my new series coming out next year that’s going to be similar to Totally Lucy – more details soon!

  307. megan says:

    so good ,
    are you going to write some more or not kells

  308. megan says:

    love the books have the whole collection and have read them all 4 times i am very like lucy cos i love making clothes , makeup, looking the best in my class and designing clothes

  309. lulu says:

    hey kelly
    I love the totally lucy books
    they are awsome :)
    you should write more of them
    they are really really really good
    my friend tazzi said:
    hey the books are awsome :)

  310. miriam says:

    totally lucy is my fav book and my number one to the best was summer stars you should have read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  311. heidi says:

    oh btw freddie sounds soooooooooooooo sweet does holly get along with him ok? iv got two cousins. 1 called lydia who is 2 and 1 called annibelle who is v.v nearly 1. they are sisters.

  312. heidi says:

    hi i luv totally lucy and im REALLY exited about the new books! they are my second fav books after hary potter (sorry). i was just wondering, are any of the things lucy does baced on what u or other people have done in the past

  313. Açılay Nazlı says:

    Öncelikle KELLY MCKAIN’e çok teşekkür ediyorum gerçekten bize kitabı eğlendirerek sevmemizi sağlıyor. Lucy yi çok seviyorum . Ülkem Türkiye


  314. Anisha says:

    OMG i hav read ALL d totally lucy books

    kelly u rock…my fav character is lucy coz she is sooooo awesum and kind (most of d time ;) ) and i feel really sorry 4 simon becausse of the whole crush on lucy and snogging with tounges LOL

    anisha x

  315. Luca says:

    Hi I love the totally lucy
    books.I got one out at the local library and then I took it to school.
    My BFF saw it and said “I love those books,do you want to have one of mine I have two of 1 book.”
    I have only read 3 fantasy fashoin,Planet Fashion and Best friends for eva.Funnily enough my bffs name is eva!!

  316. jace says:

    i totally love these books,i could read them all day.

  317. Arianna says:

    hi kelly i luv ur books althoug i hav not read best friends forever , style school or catwalk crazy anyway i am constantly begging my mum and dad to buy me the whole collection.
    i luv the books cause lucy is so much like me i have made a list look

    -lack of You know whats
    -hopping 2 be a fashion designer
    - 2 awsome BFFs but i just fell out with them the one that is v. jules
    -have really big cringes
    -my other bff is like tilda
    -i am my schools Fashion guru and i just luv ur books!!!!

  318. Sophie says:

    I really like the totally Lucy books because I got the first book makeover magic from the Charity shop and I read I thought it was really good and i just wanted to read more of totally lucy books! my messege to Kelly is I really like them!

  319. Ruby says:

    I love Totally Lucy!!!!!
    You rock Kelly!!!!
    I love Lucy’s bffs!!!!!
    Thanks for writing them!!!!!!!

  320. Ruby says:

    I LOVE Toally Lucy!!!!! It is sooooooooo cool!!!!!
    You rock Kelly!!!!!
    I am a very nearly teen!!!!
    I love Lucy’s bffs!!!!!
    Thanks for writing them!!!!!xoxoxoxo P.S It is very funny!!!!lolahahah

  321. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Doris, Carmen, Georgia and Izel, and thanks for your fab messages!
    Louise, you are SOOOOO nice! I will remember your lovely comment when I am covered in (cute!) Freddie’s sick at 4am and do not feel very fabulous!
    Mia and Rowan, thanks for asking about more Totally Lucy books. there won’t be any new ones at the mo, but I’m about to write a fab new series for you that i hope you’ll like just as much!

  322. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! You have to go and check our Carmen’s blog and leave some comments! It’s really cool and funny!

  323. Hannah says:

    Totally Lucy is my #1 fav book.I almost have al of them:)

  324. Mia Phelan-Ross says:

    I think the lucy books
    are fab

  325. Chopstik says:

    Hey i luv ur books so much but i can never seem to find them so when i go down the the city in perth i always go to borders cuz they have some yesterday i bought summer stars and i have finished it and they had picture perfect but i have already got that one but they wer the only two there :( i really love your books though :)

  326. amelia says:

    hey kelly please please write more tottaly lucy I love your book and I’m Polish and my friends also love lucy tottaly please proszęT-T I hope that you’ll ever wrote a book tottaly lucy please. :]

  327. rowan says:

    hi kelly
    please write more totaly lucy books i love them
    from rowan

  328. Mia Phelan-Ross says:

    I luuuuuuuuuv the lucy
    books but when is a new
    one out not bff one luv

  329. Joyce says:

    Kelly, I love the Totally Lucy books. But I can’t manage to find or buy them all! Also, when I grow up I want to be a writer too!
    Joyce x

  330. Louise a.k.a no#1 fan says:

    I just thought I’d comment to tell you how amazing you are. You are so pretty, your writting is so funny, you know how to write a fabtastic book! You are my insperation, my herioine! I love your books so much and as you may know I comment atleast every week and love reading your replies! Much love to you and baby freddie. You’ll have to do a video introducing him to us?xxxxxxxxx BIG KISSES xxxxxxxx

  331. izelll says:

    I imagine all the books I bought and Lucy do not have my product so I think the realDid he profession, but could not find anything so I searched for 3 months, my name izel yazarmısın a book, please pass me the step you are amazing: *
    Fonetik olarak okuyun
    Sözlü spot0.nevuszamir0.I0.myself

  332. Georgia Tomlyn Phelan-Ross says:

    Hi im Georgia.BTW Ive read Catwalk Crazy and i love it!Its the best book ever.I have never read enything in the 8 years of my life that is so fab!I give it *****star raiting thank you for writing them Kelly!From Georgia!

  333. Carmen says:

    HI Kells! I am real annoyed cos Ive ave no-one commenting on my blog!!!! please do it and maybe tell others to!!! it is called

  334. Doris Jovovic says:

    I love Totally Lucy!
    I love it because it is funny, and interesting. It is my favourite series of books. I love it! XOXOXOXO

  335. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! Thanks for all your fab messages!
    Gracias, Male!
    Rowan, there won’t be any more Totally Lucy, I’m afraid, at least not for the mo, but I’ll tell you all about my brand new series soon!
    thanks, Georgia xx
    Izzy and Rachel, thanks for asking about the books – there are ten and they go in the order they are listed in on this page, with Makeover Magic as the first one. they all have numbers on the spines to help you but you were probably looking on Amazon if you got confused!
    Thanks, Roshni and Jessica!
    Rachel, I’ll go and leave you a message now! x
    Milliemoo – good luck with being an author – you go too!
    Afri, you can only get books 1 and 2 in Spanish, lo siento! xx

  336. Carmen says:

    The totally lucy books are defiantly the number 1 series of a life-time! I’ve loved all the books right up to make-over magic, the first book, and would recommend the series to any girl who wanted to read them!!!! xx

  337. Afri says:

    I love Totally Lucy!!!
    The first book that I read was Picture Perfect. Iloved it!
    I´m Spanish, so Iwanted to know if you had any of these in Spanish. Bye!!

  338. Rachel says:

    How Many totaly lucy books are there ? I love the books but sadly have only read two of them because my library only has one and i only own one! My birthday is coming up and i am hoping to get all of them. Are there ten ?

  339. Jessica says:

    Hey Kelly!
    Your totally Lucy books rock! Even though i only read “Make Over Magic” i loved it x10000000000! Keep on keeping on,

  340. milliemoo says:

    you go girl, i have two mermaid rock books and i have read 6 totally lucy ones
    ps. i want to follow in your footsteps and be an outhor

  341. Rachel says:

    OMG!!! Kelly, i only have 2 things to say to you. 1., u rox me sox right off my feet! 2.,please vist my blog at a comment on my blog so I know that you’ve been on. CHOW!!!x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥x♥

  342. Roshni Baybie says:

    Hey Kelly,
    The Totally Lucy books, are the BEST books made like EVER IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE OF ALL THE UNIVERSES(if thats possible-I think it is actually)!
    I CANNOT BELIEVE that I have read EVERY SINGLE one in ORDER AS WELL!! Well exept for Makeover Magic, I read that last even if it was the first one, I couldn’t find it in WHSmiths thats why (he he )!!

    I am hoping that your publisher will be very keen on you writing more books! Have you got any plans in your mind in case your publisher lets you write more books? I hope you do!!
    I have ALSO read half of the pony camp diaries, and ALL of Half A Sister! I was sitting at the edge of my seat reading THAT book ecspecially when Ellie lies to Hannah’s Dad!(I think Hannah’s half sisters name is Ellie, I cant remember lol :P)

    Keep Smilin’ Everyone, It’s gr8 how we can communicate from different parts of the world…xxx


  343. Izzy says:

    Totally Lucy book’s are the best, but what order do they go in?
    Thxs Kelly

  344. The confusing life of Emily author! :D says:

    Thank you for my letter, you are amazing! I love it how although you are an amazing author your still kind and not snotty or stuck up at all! Love your books :D x

  345. rowan says:

    hi kelly
    please write more totaly lucy books i have read the whole series 4 times and have got all the books.
    from rowan

  346. Male . says:

    Kelly Mckain ! eres increible ! tus libros de lucy jessica harley me fasinan always read them ! not if I understand very well, but the important thing is your books are GREAT qe Espero verte algun dia ! nos vemos (:

  347. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! Thanks for all your fab messages and sorry it’s taken ages to reply!Blame Freddie! I’m going to update all the message boards every Friday from now on, though so if you look on the weekends you should see replies! Feel free to talk to each other too and I’ll post your messages! First of all a massive hug and lots of love to you all – Orla, Amy, Louise, Fatin, Brittany, Lucy, Beth, Sadaf, Dazzlingstar, Rhiana, Abbie, Ari, Valerie, Elise, Ailsa, Rachel, Emma, Maddie, Neah, Subirna, Bahar, Sophie, Gabrielle, Little Princess, Hansa, Bulgarian Child, Holly, Madeleine, Eman, Jessica Lucy, Nincy, Bengu, Nicole, Hannah, Louise, Roshni and Natalie! xxx
    Orla – hope you told them to buy the books immediately!
    Brittany – fab idea! Sounds like you’ve got an amazing imagination!
    Lucy – cool, hope you enjoy!
    Sophie, wow what a fast reader and fab fan. Mwah!
    Jessica Lucy – cool name! Hope you get to read the other books.
    Beth, Dazzlingstar, Ailsa, Neah, Hannah, Gabrielle – doesn’t look like there’ll be any more Lucy books at the mo (I know, sob sob!) but i’ll tell you all about my new series soon, which I hope you’ll love just as much!
    Subirna – Wow, what a fab fan! Sounds like you are soooo totally like Lucy! You too, Holly!
    LOVE all you girls! Mwah! Kellyxxx

  348. Hannah says:

    Hey! I adore Totally Lucy. The books are amazing. Kelly McKain, I’m your no.1 fan! I actually can’t read any other books! And if/when I do, when I finish I just read the Totally Lucy’s all over again! I write my own stories! You’ve inspired me! xxxxxx:)

  349. Miss williams;] says:

    omg i j’adore the totally lucy series i cant stop reading them! the annoying thing is, is that i read them to quicky!

    well done!

  350. Hikma says:

    i’ve read 10 books so far and I’m going to read more. They are absolutely fab and I hope there’s gonna be more. (I’m sure there is, I probably haven’t found them yet!
    oooh! I can’t wait for the dress up Lucy section, it’s gonna be brill!

  351. GRAINNE says:


  352. Lucy says:

    You can never be too old for Totally Lucy! I fell in love with them because she had the same name as me when I was 10 years old and now I’m 14 and I own the whole collection and I think I’ve read them all about 10 times?!
    Excited to hear about a new series and I can’t wait to read them! I don’t care if people think I’m too old because these books are absolutely fab and inspiring!
    Lucy xx

  353. Sophie, age 12 says:

    I love These Books espicially the 1st and 2nd 1!!! at school when it was world book day we could dress up as a fav charecter from our fav book!!! Mine was Makeover magic so i dressed up as lucy because she is exactly like me! both dying 2 be a teenager, I luve Fashion, our parents have split up, we hav anyoing brothers(but sometimes has good i deas!!! Thanx for writing them kelly!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  354. natalie says:

    I love totally lucy it’s the best i’m just like lucy that what my friend say they also love totally lucy :D :0 :);}

  355. Roshni Baybie says:

    Hey OMG I have read all of
    Totally Lucy series!!!!!!!
    The last one that I read was Best Friends Forever!
    I am soo glad I read them all in order(except makeover magic which was numero uno but i read no.9!!!LOL) There soo gr8 nest ce pas??

    p.s. I am ur lyk soo biggest fan! I have written 2 books already!!Ones called Crystal and the secret Chamber and the other ones called Sisterz 4 life!!

    p.p.s. ur my fave eva author babe ! keep writing more books!!

  356. louise says:


  357. Hannah says:

    i really really like the totally lucy books,i have nearly read all the books, my favourite book so farwould be:Picture Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i hope you can write even more adventures of Lucy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  358. nicole says:

    i love your books because it descibes my life annoying,boy cute boys and my pasion for something big !!!!!!

  359. Bengü says:

    I love you Lotally Lucy.I love you Lucy.I love you Kelly Mckain.

  360. Nincy says:

    I love totally lucy I always bring a totally lucy book with me on holiday

  361. Jessica Lucy(!) says:

    Totally Lucy is awesome! I’m totally yay-ed out because my first name is Jessica and my second name is Lucy. Swap them around and it’s Lucy’s first and second name! Yay!

    Anyway, I love the Totally Lucy books! I have read lots of them but I still need Makeover Magic, Fantasy Fashion, Picture Perfect, Style School and Summer Stars. I reeeeeeeeeealy want to read Makeover Magic and Style School the most!!!!

    Anyone who has not read this series of book SHOULD. They will blow you away with their awesomeness. Possibly literally…. x)

  362. eman says:

    I luv Totally Lucy,and it is the best girl book i have ever red,i have tried other books but Tottaly lucy is the best!!! My fave books of Totally lucy where Starstruck,Catwalk Crazy & Best Friends For Ever. o.O also i live in australia and even though i can buy the books i borrow them from library and when i get home all i wanna do is READ READ READ!!!

  363. eman says:

    I luv Totally Lucy,and it is the best girl book i have ever red,i have tried other books but Tottaly lucy is the best!!! My fave books of Totally lucy where Starstruck,Catwalk Crazy & Best Friends For Ever. o.O also i live in australia and even though i can buy the books i borrow them from library and when i get home all i wanna do is READ READ READ!!! o.O o.O

  364. hannah says:

    i love your totallly lucy books because its a diary and i love reading book diaries plz WRITE SOME MORE TL BOOKS ! I READ THE FIRST ONE IN A DAY!

  365. Madeleine says:

    I absolutely lurve the Totally Lucy series!It couldnt have been writen by a better author!

  366. sophie says:

    hi again agian
    my mum cant get half a sister for some reason but she got me this really cool book called withering tights not wuthering hights but withering tights its a good book about boys and snogging and dates as well as bras! lol im really enjoying it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wiat i dont know why but i just cant stop typing so i shall tell you what im doing write now well im at a friends house for a sleepover and ive been to a pool party as well which was fun the pool was lovely and warm anyway im now here writing this scoffing my mouth with marshmellows and drinking hot choco ive just had a shower and in my jamies and wiat till its midnight for our 1 o’clock gossip yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee see you later and i will write agian sooon hopefully get half a sister off of ebay or amazon
    ok now im just giong on and on like lucy does in her diarys right thats it


    rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr now im crooss

    oh yeah time to sayyyyyyyy goodbye

    no bye

  367. Ailsa says:

    I have read all ur books they are really good plz plz plz write some more! lol Ailsa x

  368. holly (ur number 1 fan!!!) says:

    thank you soooooo much for writing the totally lucy books i cant put them down. i like the books coz lucy is a bit like me coz we are the same age, we have the same number of best friends (2) and we both wanna be fashion desginers!!? strange??!!

  369. bulgarian child says:

    Hi!I am child from Bulgaria. I love Totally Lucy’s books. Thank you Kelly!!! = ) = ) = )

  370. bulgarian child says:

    Hi!I am child on Bulgaria. I love Totally Lucy’s books. Thank you Kelly!!! = ) = ) = )

  371. sophie says:

    i have now read allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the totally lucy series and i reeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaalllllyyyy want kelly to write more! i’m getting have a sister to read though i hope its a brill book!

  372. Hansa says:

    Lucy is a very awesome girl I think. I love Lucy’s books. I want more!!

  373. Little Princess says:

    I’m in the middle of reading Planet Fashion, which is the second book I’ve read from the Totally Lucy series. Your books are great and I can’t wait to read more!

  374. sophie says:

    only got one more book till fineshed series!

  375. sophie says:

    hi sophie agian
    i just got the books i orded and guess what ive already read makover magic and star struck in 2 days!!!!
    ive only got three more till i have finished the seris!!!

    love u kelly and please write more TOTALLY LUCY books cause they are BRILL-E-ANT

  376. Gabrielle says:

    Hey Kelly,One day i went to the library with a friend i wasn’t a fan of books then and I saw a book right in front of me. Appealed to me i got all of the series and finshed one everyday i have read half a sister but i want more Totally Lucy I love her moree than anything xxxxx

  377. sophie says:

    kelly i luuuuuuuurrrrrrvvvvvvvveeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! ur totally lucy books the ones ive read so far are boy band blues, fantasy fashion, style school best friends forever and summer stars ive also got planet fashion make over magic catwalk crazy star struck and picture perfect on order ive been waiting 5 days now for them and im sooooooo desprate to read them why do they take so long to get hear!
    cant wait to hear from u!

    p.s please write more lucy books they are the best of the books you’ve wrote and i totaolly encourage people to read them as i used to hate reading now im in love with books!

  378. Bahar Gunduz says:

    i live in Turkey.I love your books!

  379. Subirna says:

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    ohmigod, i luuuv ur books! u rock!! xoxo

  381. Rachel, Emma and Maddie says:

    totally lucy is totally awsome!!!me and my friends like the bad grammer!!!LOL Kelly,i totally luv you, your a pure gennieuse!luv rachel
    maddie and emma!!!

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  383. Valerie says:

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    hello kelly
    name is me Ariadna. I have twelve years old and I want to tell you where I live (Chile, Latin America) are not all books luci which is bad because I love those books I have magic makeover and fantasy fashion
    Greetings ari

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    Hi Kelly! I love the totally lucy books sooo much!!! They are just so girly!! When i have finished one i have to go onto another one!! xx

  386. Rhiana says:

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    Hey, i absolutey love totally lucy books i’ve red all of them in a week please write more. Kelly Mckain you are my favioute author and i admire you, your books are awesome i would love to meet u.Thank you so much for writing them xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxlol lol lol lol lol lol

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    I love all the lucy books so much!! I just can’t wait till next month thats when i get my next book shop online.

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    Hi kelly,Your Totally Lucy books rock!! Lucy is awesome!!!! You make me believe I’m actually reading a diary!!! Please please please write more books!!!!:):)

  391. Lucy says:

    Hi Kelly
    I love the totally lucy books. I first read the 2 series and loved it so I wanted to read all of them so I got the hole set for Christmas. I am still on book one but I am loving it!!!
    Please can you write some more because I can not stop reading them !!!

  392. Brittany says:

    i love these books so much! I have just finished all of them and im so sad that there isnt any more! :( So i have decided i will carry on a write another one, it is going to be called ‘Dazzling Dresses’ Stella boyed it going to get intouch with lucy and stella askes lucy and her friends to design some clothes for stella’s shop ‘dazzling dresses’ Could you give me some ideas kelly? xxx

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  394. Louise A.K.A your no#1 fan says:

    You know a book is BRILLTASTIC when you love it for an un known reason. I love the lucy books just because I do. That how I know who my heroine is……(dramatic drum roll)…… YOU KELLY MCKAIN!!!!!!!! Thankyou for being born and writting Lucy books:)

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    HIYA! have not yet read the Toally Lucy series but i’m trying to get round to it… Theres sooooooooo many books i’ve told myself, (and my dad to me) to read!
    I’m looking forward to it! It sounds like a fun series you can get in to really easily!
    Amy xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxox

  396. Orla says:

    WASSSSSUPPP!!! i heart ur books, they should be much more reconized. Ihad a fit when they didn’t have u in my school libary!!!

  397. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls!
    To ‘the girl that reads’ – wow, thanks! And great news about your writing too! How exciting – good luck with it all!
    Abigail, oh poor you, I can’t even think about how sad I would be if my dog died. Glad the books helped you get through it. xx
    thanks Holly, Lina, Louise, Afoma, Natalie, Ilwaad, Melony, Olivia and Mel J! See one of my posts below about writing more Lucy books, though. ‘Fraid it doesn’t look like happening at the mo!
    Thanks, Martina, and good luck with your ambition of being a fashion designer! Go girl!
    Mel J – boo! Hope you got it back in the end!
    thanks, Helena, that’s really sweet of you!
    Love, Kellyx

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    really really looking forward to new series of kelly’s books :):):)

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    Pls write more books!!!

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  410. natalie says:


  411. afoma ogbonna says:

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    Remember plz reply when you have time

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  416. Abigail says:

    They were the perfect medicine when my dog, Cassie died last year :) thank-you :)

  417. The girl that reads...... :) says:

    I love your totally Lucy books! Lots of people say they are the biggest fan, but I think I actully am! I write my own books, ones already at a publisher. I spend ages in class reading totally lucy books I’ve borrowed from the libary. My friend, a girl that also reads, always asks to read them after me, and loves them nearly as much as I do!!!

  418. Kelly McKain says:

    And girls who are asking about whether there will be any more Lucy books, or new books in general. It looks like no more Lucy at the moment I’m afraid, but I’ll let you know if that changes. As for new series, there is something in the pipeline which is secret at the mo but I’ll let you know the info as soon as I can, promise!!! Kellyx

  419. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Ava, Emily, Lily, Poppy, Beccastar, Louise, Samantha, Lily-Mae, Kayleigh, Biggest Fan of All (reveal your name, mystery girl!!!) and Ruth! thanks so much for all your fab comments – knowing how much you lurve Totally Lucy makes me SOOOOOOOO happy and totally inspired!
    Issy, sorry the Fruit Pastille thing didn’t work, I will ahve to buy some and try it again for myself (what a good excuse!!)So glad Lucy has inpsired you to be more confident – you go girl!!
    MWAH love you girls! Kellyxxxxxx

  420. Ruth says:

    i LOVE these books. i was so sad when the series finished , and i love the ending of best friends for ever. it made me cry :)

  421. Kayleigh says:

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  422. Kayleigh says:

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  423. Kayleigh says:

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  424. Lily-Mae says:

    the totally lucy books are just ACE!! I have read 3 series and i’m hoping to get another for christmas
    Love from Lily-Mae xxxxx

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  426. Samantha says:

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  429. YOUR BIGGEST FAN OF ALL!!!!!!!!! says:


  430. YOUR BIGGEST FAN OF ALL!!!!!!!!! says:

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  431. Louise A.K.A your no#1 fan says:

    I L.O.V.E them because they are so good to relate to and the characters are SO realistic!!!!!! I LOVE THEM ALL SOOOOO MUCH!!! I wish I could be in a story that would be a dream come true!!!:):):):) LOVE YOU KELLY AND LUCY AND JULES AND TILDA AND ALL THE GANG:):):):):):):):)

  432. xbeccastarx says:

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    :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

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    friends forever and i did not read it. I so cant wait to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  436. Ava says:

    The books have girly stuff fashion makeup and hair lots of sparkle I love it sooooooo much I am your biggest fan :)

  437. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! Thanks for your fab comments!
    Chloe, great to hear you’ve read all the books – which is your fave?
    Thanks, Safia!
    Hi Kasia, I loved visiting Poland and meeting the Lucy fans there! You girls are so cool!
    Hi Abbie and Maisy! Fab to hear you lurve the books so much. Which is your fave?
    Lauren, I hope you enjoyed BFF. There aren’t going to be any more Lucy books at the mo but I am starting a new comedy journal series now so I’ll keep you posted!
    Love, Kellyx

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    PLEASE write more totally lucy’s
    eli xxx:)

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  443. Brittany says:

    Your books are out of this world with 100% wowness!! Your so talented! Keep writing books like Totally Lucy, there amazing :) xxxxxxx

  444. olivia says:

    hi kelly,

    im reading star struck at the monent and loving every moment of it can’t wait to see what happends to lucy and if she gets the audition [just starting reading the book BTW]im going to read it to night can’t wait to go to bed!

  445. Petrina says:

    Totally lucy is so cool!I like to read the books but they are very hard to find! :)))x

  446. lauren says:

    hey i love tottaly lucy books im reading the last on number 10! em r u going to write any more??? byexx laurenxx

  447. abbie x says:

    hi kelly. i really love the totally lucy series. its just like me and my best friend maisy (she has emailed u to!) we love to shop and we love to design! i have read all of them and they r fabulously fab fab!!!!!

    thanx for writing them they r ace!!!!!

    abbie xoxo

  448. Kasia says:

    Hi Kelly!
    I’m Kasia and i’m from Poland. I collect all Totally Lucy books! You are my favorite writer. Like Lucy, I write my own Diary. I love your books!

  449. SAFIA says:

    please write sum more books i want to write books like yours when im older u give me inspriation kelly im your biggest fan!!

  450. Chloe says:

    Totally Lucy books rock, my best friend recommened them to me. So I went to the library and read, them and ended up reading the whole lot!!!!!

  451. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Beth and Lucky Lucy too!
    Thanks so much for recommending them to your mates, Lucy, what a fab fan!xx

  452. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! Fab messages as usual!
    Chyna – fab idea to have a big party (i’m ALWAYS up for a party!) I will think about how this could work!
    Julie – cool! Hope you get to read Style School and Makeover Magic. I think Style School is my fave of all! What’s yours?
    Tanya, Klowi, Beth, June, Daisy, Emma – sob sob, yes sadly there are no more Totally Lucy after BFF, BUT i am working on a new comedy journal series so I’ll keep you posted!
    Lilo, so great that Lucy made you laugh so much!
    Kirsty! Welcome to Lucy world! I hope you got hold of some of the books and enjoyed them!
    Lauren – find them in the shops or Amazon, let me know if you have any trouble!

  453. lucky lucy says:


  454. beth...ur biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    hi kelly…i love ur books toatally lucy is awsome.please write more



  455. June says:

    I love the Totally Lucy books so… much that I have read all the books at least twice (I have read Picture Perfect, Style School and Star Struck about 100 times) I just wish that Best Friends Forever wasn’t the last Totally Lucy book… Anyway luv your books!

  456. klowii says:

    I have read all the Totally Lucy books! I love them so much because I love fasion. I wanted to know are you going to release anymore Totally Lucy books?? Love you Kelly! (: xxx

  457. Laurenxx says:

    Hi kelly ive only read the pony camp diaries but id love to read totally lucy where would i get it from ?

  458. kirsty says:

    one of my friends recommended your books and i’m going to go to the librayr and see what ones i can get…from all the comments they sound amazing!!!!
    bye xxx

  459. lilo says:

    totally lucy is very well!! i love you lucy.. Kelly Mckain writes very well… and lucy is very very funny..

  460. Daisy says:

    please write some more I love your book i am doing a reading blog your such a good writer thankyouxxxxx

  461. Abigail says:

    @cHYNA-that would be fuuun!!!

  462. Emma says:

    i think yhoo should write more ,i hav read all of the series xx

  463. julie says:

    hi kelly,
    its so nice to email you again.
    i haven’t read Style School,Makeover Magic and Boy Band Blues!

  464. Tanya says:

    there shoul be a mvie of it!
    and are there anymore books after best friends forever

  465. julie says:

    Hi kelly,
    I love your totally Lucy books that i can not stand waiting for a totally lucy book to arrive in the library at out school.:)

  466. julie says:

    Hi kelly,
    My friend who already emailed you is Nhi.
    Nhi ani I were the first girls in year 4 in our school to read Totally Lucy books.

  467. julie says:

    Hi kelly again,
    Lucy is so similar to me!
    But i like it.
    At school we have Totally lucy books so i read it all the time!
    The books i haven’t read is Style School and Makeover Magic.
    Best Friends Forever is my fav!

  468. julie says:

    Hi Kelly,
    Totally Lucy rocks!
    I always wanted to be a fashion designer before i even read the series.
    I hope you write more Totally Lucy books!

  469. cHYNA says:

    i wish you could do a huge party for all the totally lucy fan’s.

  470. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi Girls! Thanks for all your fab new messages! Wow, Brittany you are SUCH a fast reader! Nki I really hope you LURVE Boy Band Blues as much as the other Lucy books. I read it again recently and I was laughing all the way through, I think it’s one of my faves! Naomi, how cool that Lucy is similar to you! Have fun going back to school girls and write in again soon! Kellyxxx

  471. CCZM says:

    Lucy is so funny and I loooovve how determind she is. LOL!!!!
    (: ***** :)

  472. Nhi says:

    Dear Lucy/ Kelly
    thanks for writing Totally Lucy books they rule I have read them all except for BOY BAND BLUES I`m so excited to read it can`t wait.

  473. Brittany says:

    Hi, back again!
    i started reading the books 6 days ago, and read 5 in 6 days!! The books are amazing and the best i have ever read! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write more. They are the best!
    Love, Brittany <3 :) xx

  474. naomi says:

    i lurv lucy
    she is so simalar 2 me its scary
    i luv u kelly

  475. Kelly McKain says:

    Hi girls! Thanks so much for all your fab comments about Totally Lucy. It makes me SOOOOO happy that you LURVE them so much! Doesn’t look like I’ll be able to write another one at the mo, cos my publisher’s not that keen, but you never know! I’ll let you know if that changes!!! Thanks for being such fab girls and I’ll write more soon!
    Love, Kellyx

  476. noon says:

    i love you you are my rolemodel i love how you think from your no1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fan!11!1111!!1111

  477. Brittany says:

    These series of books are the best i’ve EVER read! I love them, they are so funny and you should write more!! :D ;)

  478. laura says:

    i love the whole series i always beg my mum to buy me some more i get them for birthdays christmas everything. i love lucy i wish i had her every day life. i also wanna be a writter like you got any good tips ps how do you get the amazing ideas :)

  479. blue sky says:

    Hi I totally love lucy’s
    and her bffs adventers.
    Please write more thEy
    are fab and when I read
    them I feel like she is
    of my bffs lol bluesky

  480. Chloe says:

    I luvvvvvvvvv totally lucy books i’ve read loads of the books and there all great!!

  481. Kate says:

    I have got all the lucy books and they are sooo totally amazzzzzing! I love themmmm! Thanks Kelly :)

  482. Georgia says:

    Lol lucy!! xx We are blesseddd ;)

  483. coolgirl1 says:

    THE BEST BOOKS BY FAR…. E.V.E.R!!!! Lucy is soooo likeable.

  484. Lucy says:

    Sooo glad that we have been blessed with such awesome books!! :) THANK YOU KELLY!!

  485. Georgia says:

    YOUR BOOKS ARE AMAZING!! There is no doubt about it!! I love the way lucy is exactly like a normal everyday person and i like jules and tilda too. They all have great story lines and I LOVE THEM!! :)

  486. Totally Lucy Fan says:

    Totally Lucy books are great! My favourite books are Totally Lucy.. Lucy is very fun.. I’m Turkish, T.I.K.Y. is translated Turkish.

    Note: T.I.K.Y. is Turkiye Is Bankasi Kultur Yayinlari

  487. Imogen says:

    hey kelly! lucy books are the BEST books in the world please please PLEASE can you write some more??? xxx

  488. rebecca says:

    they are so cool i sooooooooo wish you could write more

  489. lucy says:

    They are so hillarious and easy to understand its like a normal everyday life but with really funny opinions! Also her friends are funny too the books rock especially for 8+

  490. Nandita says:

    I love your totally lucy books I think they are fab I wish you could wright more.

  491. Kirah says:

    Totally Lucy is the best series of books i have ever read!!! Lucy is so easy to be like that is why i love her. Thank you kelly for writing them!!xoxoxo

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